The Deal – Ch. 1

The Deal (by Mafisto)

Chapter 1 (Revised)

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In his 60th floor luxurious suite of the Mandarin Asia Hotel in New York City, Daryl Homstader sat at the marble conference table to scan through the outrageous contract he wanted to sign today with Bayshore College’s athletics department. For a modest investment in renovating and improving the Long Island-based facilities, he would gain a humongous 85% of all profits derived from ticketing and merchandising revenue.

Daryl knew there was no way Gregory Dolham, the young hot shot lawyer representing the college, would agree to that, but it hadn’t stopped Daryl from inviting the lawyer, the football coach and his assistant, and five of the department’s top athletes for an all-expenses-paid luxury weekend in Manhattan. Daryl fully intended to sign the contract within the hour, and have a great deal of pleasure the entire weekend.

Hearing the subdued knock at the suite’s door, Daryl opened the door to a stunningly handsome man. The dark-haired attorney wore a silver grey three-piece power suit. With a faint smile that was almost a smirk, he shook Daryl’s hand firmly. Daryl caught a whiff of his spiced cologne.

“I trust my athletes are having fun watching the Wicked matinee?” asked Daryl.

Your athletes?” said Gregory. “That’s a bit presumptuous of you.” He gave an insincere laugh. “In any case, they all appreciate your generosity, and see it as a good opportunity to broaden their cultural horizons.”

They sat at the table, Daryl at the head and Gregory two seats away from him. “We’re in for a long afternoon,” said Daryl. “Why don’t you take off your jacket, Mr Dolham?”

“I’m comfortable as I am,” said the lawyer, impatiently. “The college gave me power of attorney regarding this matter, so I fully represent them and I’m authorized to sign in their behalf.”

“They place a great deal of trust in you, I see.”

“I earned that trust, believe me. Now, can we discuss the specifics of the contract before I read it in detail?”


As Daryl summarized the contract, Gregory became more and more uneasy. By the end, he looked both stupefied and a little angry. He brazenly laughed and said: “I mean no disrespect, but is this a joke?”

“No,” said Daryl firmly. “This is a fantastic deal for Bayshore College Athletics, Mr. Dolham.”

“Well, we’ll have to agree to disagree then.” The young attorney stood up. “No matter how much we negotiate, I don’t see this getting anywhere. As soon as the guys are back from Wicked, I’ll tell them to pack their things. I don’t want to further impose on you.”

He offered Daryl his hand. “I’m truly sorry for the misunderstanding. I thank you again for your generosity.”

Discretely, Daryl turned a dial under the marble table up a notch. Immediately, Gregory winced and moved the offered hand to his forehead. Daryl remained unaffected thanks to a special implant at the back of his neck.

Gregory contorted his face for a few seconds. ”Sorry,” he then said, “my head was buzzing for a moment. I guess I shouldn’t have skipped breakfast. Where were we?”

He tried to rally his thoughts. “Oh yes, I was about to leave. Now if there’s nothing else, Mr. Homstader?”

“Take off your jacket and sit down, Gregory,” said Daryl. “We have to find a way to make this work.”

The attorney appeared utterly confused, then frowned. “I’m afraid not, Mr. Homstader. Also I’d prefer if you didn’t call me by my first name.”

He then became distracted. “Why is my head still buzzing like that?” He shook his head, then looked at Daryl abstractedly. “Where was I? … Oh yes. Find a way to make this work. Well I guess we could at least negotiate a little.”

He took off his jacket and sat back down. “My head is still buzzing but it’s fading… Sorry about that. Ok, you want 85%, but based on the value of what you’re offering in exchange, we cannot offer you more than 20% at best.”

“Why did you skip breakfast this morning, Gregory?”

The attorney scrutinized Daryl’s face in shock. “What? Why… I’m trying to lose a bit of weight.”

“So under that vest, you’re hiding a bit of belly fat?”

“Can we please return to the contract?” Gregory snapped. “I’m not here to answer personal questions. you’re being rude. And don’t call me Gregory, please.”

He winced again, then put his palms on each side of his face, squeezing. “The buzz is fading but my thoughts are all mixed up…” After a few seconds, he started to relax, and looked at Daryl with a serene face. “I think I’m fine now. Where was I?”

“Take off the vest, Gregory, I want to establish if you really need to skip breakfast in the morning.”

The lawyer twisted his mouth, then after a moment said: “Sure. Why not? Might be a good idea to get someone’s input on this.”

He unbuttoned the vest and took it off. His white designer shirt hung snugly on what Daryl could estimate to be a tight stomach. There was no evidence of extra fat except in the perfectionist attorney’s mind. “So, what do you think?” he asked eagerly, opening his arms.

“I think that offering me 20% is an insult, Greg! And please call me sir from now on. I’m a VIP.”

Gregory’s mouth gaped. “Sorry sir, I didn’t mean to insult you. I may have been too drastic, I could certainly make a case for 28%, sir.”

“Hmm, you really want my opinion on if you should lose weight, Greg? You do, don’t you, want the opinion of a big shot like me.”

“I…” Gregory hesitated for a moment. He looked suspicious, seemingly aware that something was out of the ordinary. Yet he eventually capitulated: “Yes, sir. I do want your opinion.”

“All right, let me tell you my opinion of your upper body. Take that tie off and stand up.”

“Yes sir. Thank you sir,” Gregory said, eagerly fumbling with his tie. He discarded it to the floor and stood up. Daryl stood up as well and scanned him from head to toe. He then moved behind the uncomfortable attorney and started to massage his shoulders. Gregory recoiled, twisting himself from under Daryl’s grasp.

“Don’t! I mean… Do you seriously need to touch me for that?”

“Greg, let me put it this way,” said Daryl in a convincing tone. “It’s an honor for you to get the attention of someone as powerful as me. You feel grateful I consider your body worthy of my touch.”

“I don’t know about that…” said Gregory as he calmed down. He did nothing to prevent Daryl from resuming his massage, then moving his hands up and down to stroke his frame through the fabric of his dress shirt.

Daryl kissed the attorney on the cheek from behind, moving one hand through the luscious black hair. Gregory’s only reaction was a deep sigh. Daryl then licked the young attorney’s neck and whispered in his ear: “The buzz you can still perceive is a magnetic field gradually making you more and more obedient and open to my suggestions.”

“What? said Gregory, alarmed. “Turn it off right now…” He asked, unable to resist adding “… sir. I don’t want to…“

Daryl snorted. “Greggy-boy, I’m the one who decides what you want from now on. Ask me to remove your shirt.”

“What? No way…” said Gregory, astonished. “This is a business meeting. You can’t…”


“Please remove my shirt, sir,” Gregory said, resigned.

“I thought you’d never ask,” said Daryl, giving a squeeze to the helpless attorney’s butt through his suit pants. “Turn around!”

Gregory whirled around immediately to face Daryl, who grabbed both sides of the collar of his expensive dress shirt and pulled them firmly away from each other, making each button pop out and onto the floor while exposing more and more of Gregory’s vigorous chest. His pecs and abs were sharply defined — not a trace of extra body fat for sure.

Daryl then started playing around with Gregory’s taut nipples with one hand while moving the other one all over the curves of his healthy stomach. “Get rid of that,” he said, pulling on the shirt, and Gregory slid his arms out of the material, letting it drop at his feet.

All of a sudden, Gregory seemed to muster enough resistance to push Daryl away. “Get off me you pervert!” he yelled, and it seemed to boost his morale. He grabbed his jacket on the chair and ran towards the door. “I’m calling the police,” he said, taking his phone out of his pants pocket.

Daryl moved back to the head of the table. He then simply turned the dial under the table up one notch. Gregory immediately dropped jacket and phone to grab his head, grimacing in pain. The wave passed in seconds, and he let go of his face as it relaxed into a goofy grin.

“How are you feeling, Greggy-boy?”

“Soooo relaxed, sir,” the shirtless attorney said. “Soooo happy, sir.”

“Good,” said Daryl, walking up to him. He grabbed the phone from the floor.

“Hey, that’s my phone,” Gregory said, still grinning. “I wanted to call someone…”

“Forget about that call,” said Daryl forcefully. “What you want is negotiate this deal with me to my satisfaction.”

“No no no…” Gregory said, wagging a finger at Daryl. “To my client‘s satisfaction.”

“There won’t be any deal if I’m not satisfied, and you really want that deal for your clients. It is such a great opportunity for them. You want that deal at any cost.”

Daryl watched as Gregory’s newly opened mind absorbed the suggestions. “Great opportunity… At any cost…”

“Let’s look at the contract again, sir,” he said, suddenly snapping back to his role of attorney. He looked down at himself. “I guess I should put my shirt back on,” he said, giving a nervous laugh. He walked back to the table and grabbed the shirt from the floor.

“Stop!” said Daryl, making the lawyer pause. “You came on too aggressively, Greggy-Boy, with that fancy suit and that arrogant attitude. The only way you’re going to get this deal is with some humility and with a compliant attitude.”

Gregory looked puzzled. “What do you mean, sir?”

“To be able to trust you, I want you in a position of complete vulnerability. Take off the rest of your clothes except for your underwear.”

“What the f…? Are you insane?” said Gregory, enraged.

“If you think about it, Greggy-Boy, it makes enormous sense. Think about how much better I can trust you if you agree to expose yourself like that. You want to build trust, you want to show how transparent you can be, so that you can make a great deal, don’t you?”

“This doesn’t make any…” Gregory started to protest, but as the now stronger field continued to mollify his resistance, he appeared to consider it. “I guess… This is highly unusual and inappropriate…”

“Great lawyers think outside the box, Greggy-Boy.”

Gregory sighed. He kicked off his shoes and pulled away his socks, standing barefoot. “I can’t believe I’m gonna negotiate a contract in my underwear…” he said, as he detached and unzipped his suit pants and let them drop to his ankles.

As he stepped out of them, Daryl glanced at the attorney’s tight cerulean boxer briefs with the shapely bulge. Daryl noticed the attention and immediately put his hands in front, blushing.

“Ok,” he bitterly said, “if I’m now dressed… or undressed… to your liking, let’s go back to business. Show me the contract.”

He read the contract again, glowering, repeatedly mumbling things like “this is ridiculous!” Then he looked up and said: “This is still a terrible deal. But I need to make a great deal, so I don’t know what to do.”

Daryl licked his lips. It was a terrible deal for the athletics department. It would have no impact on their operations — in fact Daryl wanted the department to succeed so they’d attract hot new athletes every year — but they’d never make extra money, all of it would flow to his own company.

He fetishized screwing business in his deals, it aroused him as much as sex. And when he could get both… Daryl stared at the near-naked attorney, rubbing his hardening cock in his suit pants. He then increased the field’s strength another notch. This time, Gregory only closed his eyes briefly. When he opened them again, his eyes looked glassy and his body collapsed into a completely relaxed posture.

“Greggy-Boy,” said Daryl, “you will now reread the contract once again, but this time it will seem to you like the best deal of all time for your clients. The more you read, the more excited you’ll get, the more sexually aroused you’ll get.”

Gregory tried to frown but couldn’t. “Aroused, sir?”

“Yes, Greggy-boy. By the end of reading it, you’ll have the biggest boner you’ve ever had in your entire life. Now read!”

Gregory’s resistance was melting away by the second, so he snapped back to reading the first page of the contract. This time, as he read, he started to shift uncomfortably on his chair, absent-mindedly playing with his nipples.

By the end of the first page, he gave a little moan and mumbled: “This deal is so good.”

Reading the second page, he was rubbing his thighs and licking his lips. “God, I can’t believe how fantastic this deal is. You were right, I think it’s making me horny, sir. That’s a first.“

When he reached the fifth page, he just backed up his chair and started openly rubbing his crotch with one hand and his chest with the other, sighing and writhing. His boxer briefs were tenting obscenely with a wet spot at the tip.

At some point, he became aware of how he was acting. He cleared his throat and regained a bit of control over himself. He moved his chair forward and sat up straight to continue to read, but continued to sigh and writhe and breathe deeply.

When he finished the last page, he let out a loud deep moan and bit his lower lip, as if struggling against an orgasm.

“Sir, I’m sorry I had not realized how fantastic this contract is! My clients will be ecstatic when I sign it for them.” He then looked embarrassed. “I apologize for my behavior, I just could not control myself. This contract is just too good!”

Daryl stood up and said: “Let’s shake hands on it then.”

Gregory appeared hesitant to stand up. “Sure, I may need a moment though.”

“Nonsense,” said Daryl impatiently. “Get up now!”

Gregory sprang up so suddenly that his chair fell over backwards. He bent over to put it back, his sturdy butt clearly delineated in his cerulean boxer briefs. When he turned to face Daryl, his massive erection pointed up at 45 degrees in his underwear. It stretched them so far there was a wide gap between his waist and the waistband, exposing neatly trimmed black pubes and the root of his penis. A wet spot darkened the material at the tip of his cock.

“Wow,” said Daryl. “This contract really turned you on.“

Gregory was mortified. ”Sir, I truly apologize, this is so unprofessional and inappropriate.”

They shook hands, then Daryl showed his fingers to Gregory. “Hmm, I think you had some… residue on your hand.”

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry. I could not help touching myself and my boxers are wet… Sir, I’m mortified.”

Daryl wiped his hand on Gregory’s boxers, rubbing against the attorney’s erection, which jiggled back into place.

“Well, Greggy-Boy, this won’t do. I can’t sign a contract with a lawyer wearing cum-stained underwear. Take them off and wipe your dick with them, so that we may proceed.”

Gregory looked at Daryl with utter consternation. “What? I’m not stripping naked! I’ll just go take them off in the bathroom and put a towel around my waist.”

“Wait!” said Daryl. He turned the dial under the table up another notch. This time, Gregory just froze in place for about ten seconds. Then he just stood there, swaying with a vague smile.

“Take off your boxers now, Greggy-Boy.”

The lawyer’s eyes lit up in alarm, then all resistance seemed to melt away under the increased power of the field. In resignation, he turned his back to Daryl and slipped down his boxers, exposing his hardy butt. He then turned back slowly towards Daryl, trying to hide his erection with his hands, a difficult task.

Daryl picked up the discarded boxers, then moved Gregory’s hands to his sides, exposing an eight-inch-long hard-on shining with pre-cum at the tip. Daryl grabbed Gregory’s boner and moved it from side to side to inspect it, wiping away the cum with the boxers. “There, there, all cleaned up and ready for business.”

Gregory was in a fog. He mumbled, “I’m naked and hard, sir. It’s not professional… Not appropriate…”

“Nonsense,” said Daryl, absent-mindedly jerking the lawyer’s hard-on. “We’re just mixing business with pleasure. You find my attentions, my touch, extremely arousing, you see.”

At these words, the lawyer immediately threw his head back and started to breathe deeply.

“But you won’t be able to cum until the contract is duly signed by you and me. So you better bend over the table to sign it.”

Gregory sighed: “Yes, sir, anything you want, I’m just so fucking horny.”

He bent slightly over the table. Daryl moved behind him, grabbed his hips to lift his butt up, then parted his ass cheeks, exposing his rosy anus.

“This is going to drive you wild,” said Daryl, as he started to rim Gregory’s butthole vigorously with his tongue. Gregory started to convulse: “Fuck! That’s so fucking hot!… But the contract…”

“Let’s do a little symbolic ritual before we sign…” said Daryl, lifting his face from Gregory’s crack. “Before I screw your client, I will screw you!”

“What do you mean screwing my client?” asked Gregory. Daryl ignored him to go back to his rimming.

After a full two minutes of tonguing the lawyer’s anus, Daryl stopped, spit on his index finger, then started to tease the hole with it. He then poked his index finger inside, then went back and forth to loosen the sphincter while Gregory squirmed in pleasure, moaning and groaning.

Daryl finally grabbed the attorney’s hips and penetrated his butt slowly with his erect cock, using only his spit as lube. “Oooowwww,” yelled Gregory. “Please stop… it’s really painful…”

“You want the pain. You enjoy the pain. It puts you in your place, Greggy-Boy.”

The attorney stopped complaining as Daryl fucked him with long, slow, motions. “Sign the contract now, Greggy-boy.”

Gregory took the pen and started to sign where all the signatures needed to go. Meanwhile, Daryl abruptly increased the rhythm of his fucking.

“Hmmmm, ooooohhhh,” moaned Gregory. “Fuck, I almost scribbled all over the contract.”

“Don’t forget to put your initials on all pages,” said Daryl. Gregory initialed the pages, getting screwed physically and professionally at the same time.

“Nice, nice,” said Daryl when Gregory was finished. He pulled out of his ass, then moved to the table. “Now, just watching me sign this fantastic deal drives you wild with excitement. Go ahead and jerk off while I do so.”

Gregory started to furiously stroke himself, “Yeah sir, sign that contract, sign that fucking great deal…”

After Daryl signed and initialed all pages, he emphatically said: “It’s signed!”

Gregory yelled: “It’s signed! Awwww… oooooh… I’m coming!” His cock immediately spurted rope after rope of thick white cum on the marble table.

Gregory Dolham, attorney at law, stood naked, sweaty, and out of breath, contemplating, with a slowly deflating hard-on, the warm thick puddle of cum he had just shot barely an inch away from the signed contract that would rob his client of a lucrative source of revenue.

“What just happened?” he said, his eyes tearing up.

Daryl grabbed the contract and secured it in his briefcase.

He then moved behind the lawyer, squeezed his firm butt, then hugged him from behind, fondling his smooth chest. He whispered in his ear: “Get on the table on all four and lick your cum off my table.”

By now, Gregory’s brain had marinated in a field of increasing intensities for a full 30 minutes. Without hesitation, he climbed onto the marble table on his hands and knees, and lapped at the puddle like a dog until the table was completely clean.

The Deal – Ch. 2

The Deal (by Mafisto)

Chapter 2

[Please take the time to comment, it fuels my writing. Fantasy Casting: Adam Gregory as Gregory Dolham]

The lawyer showered, got dressed and left, back to his normal self except for his being totally enslaved to Daryl. Housekeeping removed all traces of his visit.

An hour later, the room phone rang.

“Hello, sir,” said the man on the phone with a calm, tenor voice. “I’m assistant coach Victor Wagarin. I wanted to let you know that I’m back in my room and so’s our track and field star, Drew Jenkins.”

“That was quick,” Daryl said. “Is Wicked already over?”

“Well, that’s the thing,” said Victor. “Drew doesn’t like musicals and he wanted to explore the city a little so we gave away our tickets to a couple who really wanted to see the show. I know you wanted to see everyone at some point. Do you want us to come to your room?“

Daryl frowned, his pulse speeding. The ungrateful brats! He would make sure they pay for that offense.

“I guess now would be a good time,” he answered, flatly and with a deeper tone. “Could you bring Greggy… the lawyer… Mr. Dolham with you? He’s in room 6004, right next to yours.”

Ten minutes later, Daryl opened the door to the shy blond blue-eyed assistant coach (in a beige jacket and tie), the thin and energetic raven-haired athlete (in jeans and black T-shirt), and the still stunningly handsome lawyer (in his power suit and spiced cologne). The lawyer’s smirk had vanished though, now that he was Daryl’s obedient slave.

“Come in,” Daryl said with a smile. “Sit, sit, sit, I’m so glad to meet you two. Victor, isn’t it? And Drew.”

His guests shuffled their feet forward a few steps, barely making eye contact. The lawyer followed behind the other two. Daryl closed the door behind him, then walked up to the athletes, squeezing Gregory’s butt cheek along the way.

“Sit,” Daryl repeated with insistence. His three guests sat on the gray sofas, while he sat on a beige armchair which he dragged closer to the group.

“You wanted to meet us?” asked Victor, his shiny blue eyes suddenly looking straight at Daryl. “So here we are,” he concluded with a little awkward laugh.

Daryl discreetly turned a dial underneath the right arm of his armchair, similar to the one under the table, but this time he also turned on a switch right next to it. Immediately, the two athletes winced. Drew shook his head, and Victor put his fingers on his temple. Gregory just twitched.

“Everything ok?” asked Daryl innocently.

“Sure,” said Victor. “Just a headache… Probably the excitement.”

“Dude,” said Drew, “my head is pounding… But it’s fading…”

“Good, I’m sure it’ll pass,” said Daryl. “Now did Mr. Dolham explain what was in the contract we just signed earlier?”

Victor moved his hands to his lap and cleared his throat. “Sure,” he said. “You’re donating money to the department.”

“Not exactly, Mr. Wagarin,” said Daryl. “Actually, I bought Bayshore College’s athletics department. In essence, it’s like Drew and you now belong to me.”

Drew turned towards Victor in shock. “What the f…” he said.

“Excuse me,” said Victor, glaring at Daryl with a furrowed brow. “I don’t think that’s…” He looked distracted. “Sorry, my head is still buzzing for some reason.”

“Mine too,” said Drew, wincing. “But what’s all this about belonging to someone? I don’t belong to anyone.”

“It’s just a figure of speech,” offered the lawyer diplomatically. “Still, legally, it’s something like that.”

“Don’t worry about it!” said Daryl with a dismissive hand wave. And just like that, all signs of worry vanished from their faces.

“So,” said Daryl enthusiastically. “I’m eager to know more about you two. Tell me about yourselves!”

“I was quarterback at Bayshore 6 years ago,” said Victor. “I led our team to the regional finals. They hired me last year as assistant coach.”

“Nice,” said Daryl, nodding in approval.

“Drew here is our star sprinter,” Victor continued. “He clocks in not far below the world-record holder in both 200m and 400m. I dare say he’s a likely candidate to represent the US in the next Olympics.”

“We’re still a long way from that,” said Drew. “Still need a lot of training.” He held back his shoulders, smiling in a satisfied way.

“Impressive,” said Daryl. “I probably got a good deal after all, didn’t I, Mr. Durham?”

Everyone’s attention shifted to the lawyer, who said: “I’d say a fair deal,” he said. “Let’s not forget you’ve also been very generous with my clients.”

“Well, I’m about to be even more generous,” said Daryl. As they looked back at him, he noticed their lusterless eyes and subtle lethargy, signs that the magnetic fields had now properly permeated their brains. Time for the fun to begin.

“Drew, I have a little gift for you,” said Daryl with a twinkle in his eyes. He picked up a box on the side of his chair and placed it on the coffee table. “When you open this box, you’ll see it contains the best uniform you could wish for. It’s top of the line. Lycra shorts and top, with aerodynamic tweaks to recuse wind resistance. There’s also socks and a pair of New Balance Men’s 100v3.”

Drew eyes widened and his lips parted slightly. He wrung his hands together and said: “Thanks! I’m so curious! Can I open it now?”

“Sure,” said Daryl.

Drew carefully opened the cardboard box and a wide grin appeared on his face. Victor gasped.

“It’s just perfect,” Drew said, fumbling within the box. “Exactly my size. It’s really mine?”

“Of course,” said Daryl. “One condition — I want you to try it on for me. You see the folding screen over there, in the corner of the room?”

“I didn’t see any screen…” said Drew as he turned his head in the direction Daryl pointed at. “OK, yeah I see it. Kinda hard to miss.”

“Why don’t you change into your uniform in privacy over there and show us how it fits?” said Daryl.

“Sure,” said Drew. He brought the box with him to the corner of the room, ecstatic.

“That’s a fantastic gift, Mr. Homstader,” said Victor. “I’m starting to be really happy you bought our department.”

Daryl flashed his open palm at him and stared eagerly in the corner where Drew stood.

In reality, the box had been empty and there was no screen. The switch he had flipped earlier overlaid a hallucinogenic field over the main compliance field he had previously used. His three guests would see anything he told them was there.

Drew, convinced he was in complete privacy, pulled his t-shirt off. His broad shoulders narrowed into a tight lean torso and quarter-sized cherry nips perked up his defined pecs. After removing his shoes and socks, he detached his jeans. He let them drop from his slender legs. He wore fancy trunk underwear, black with colored shapes and a large pink waistband. As he stepped out of his jeans, Daryl could only stare at the huge bulge barely contained inside the trunks.

Drew proceeded then to put on his imaginary uniform, including his imaginary shoes, He then stepped out from behind the screen, looking at himself appreciatively, then walked back towards the group, smiling, unaware he was almost nude.

“It fits me like a glove,” he said. “I can hardly feel it. I’m sure it can shave 5 seconds at least from my time.”

“Turn around,” said Daryl.

Drew did, presenting his sleek bare back beneath which his tight trunks outlined a shapely butt.

Victor said. “It really is perfect for him. I can’t wait to see how it will affect his performance.”

“I have one for you too,” said Daryl, offering another closed, empty box to Victor. “Inside that box is a complete assistant coach uniform that projects style and leadership. Complete with running shoes and socks. Go try it on.”

Victor accepted the box with astonishment. “There are no words…” he said. “Thanks. Sure, I’ll try it on right away.”

He hurried towards the corner of the room behind the imaginary screen. He took off his beige jacket, then his tie, and then unbuttoned his light blue dress shirt. Daryl stared with lust as the assistant coach gradually exposed his tanned well-defined upper body. Once Victor was barefoot, he detached his dress pants and took them off carefully. After miming putting on the imaginary uniform, he came back towards the group wearing only grey trunks with red trim.

“How do I look?” he asked, nodding in approval.

“Seriously coach, that uniform means respect,” said Drew. “I can’t see anyone giving you attitude while you’re wearing this.”

Daryl took in the fantastic sight of these gorgeous athletes standing before him, completely oblivious they were only in their underwear. The hair on the back of his neck started to stand up. He felt his cock thickening in his pants.

He moved close to them, enough to feel the heat from their bare bodies, to smell the musk of their deodorant, and to see the sheen of sweat on their pecs. He grabbed Victor’s, then Drew’s shoulders; he then stroked Victor’s, then Drew’s sides. He then proceeded to grope them here and there, from chest to thighs.

Having basked in the field at intensity 1 for a little while now, they didn’t show any resistance, treating his touch as the one from a tailor. To them, it looked as if he was adjusting their uniforms: they were not aware he was touching their bare skin.

Daryl was getting really horny though, so he walked back to the armchair and turned the dial up a notch. Victor and Drew’s knees buckled as their faces contorted in pain. Yet, a few seconds later, their bodies relaxed as they stood straight up again with foolish smiles.

“So, Victor and Drew, how do you feel right now?”

“Reaaaaaaalllly good, sir,” said Victor.

“I’m soooooo happy right now,” said Drew. “Soooo chill.”

“I’m glad the uniforms please you. It’s my way of proving I will truly help your entire department shine. In exchange though, our deal gives me a certain authority over you.”

They looked at him, vaguely confused. “Auth… Authi… Authority?” asked Victor.

“For example, I’m allowed to know private things about you two, in case they affect my investment. For instance, Victor, do you have a girlfriend?”

Victor looked a bit confused. “Yeah. Yeah, I do.”

“What’s her private, intimate name for you?”

“Hmm, I’m not really sure I want to… Hmm…,” said Victor, clearly uneasy. He tried to resist, but then started to loosely smile, his eyes getting unfocused. “Wuggles. She calls me Wuggles… Because I like to hug and cuddle.”

He giggled, prompting Drew to giggle as well. The lawyer was just sitting quietly with a placid smile.

“Wuggles?” said Drew. “I never pictured you as a Wuggles, Coach.” He chuckled, moving his hand to hide his mouth.

“Your turn, Drew,” said Daryl.

“Yes, sir…” answered Drew, a bit apprehensive.

“Are you circumcised?”

Both Drew and Victor flashed their eyes in alarm. Then Drew seemed to relax, and said, playfully: “I don’t want to tell you that! It’s really rude asking a question like that. Pervy, even,” he said, then started chuckling again. “Pervy!”

“Mr. Durham, you know why our contract requires him to answer. Please explain it to him.”

Gregory seemed taken aback. “What? Oh… Yes, now that Mr. Homstader owns the Athletics Department, all physical characteristics of its members must be disclosed to him on demand. You have to answer or be expelled.”

“Expelled?” said Drew, slightly upset. “Isn’t that a bit drastic? It’s really private, you know, we’re talking about my… private parts…”

“The two of you will have to accept that you are now my property. Nothing about you can stay private when it comes to me,” said Daryl. He sighed in exasperation. “So Drew, you understand you absolutely must describe to me your private parts in great detail. You just have no choice.”

“I don’t have a choice, do I?” said Drew, slightly slurring his words. “Yeah, I’m circumcised. And my dick is pretty thick and long, like 8 inches. Big balls. Girls are always impressed when they see it. But I’m a shower, not a grower.“

“Good, good, now you accept your situation better.”

“Yeah, but it kinda sucks. I don’t like it,” protested Drew.

“Well, as an athlete, you’re trained to push your limits. I’m sure Coach Wuggles here can agree to that.”

“Yes, that’s right. Push your… Hey!” he suddenly reacted. “Don’t call me Coach Wuggles.”

“Since I own you, I can call you by any name you want,” said Daryl. Victor looked inquisitively at Gregory, who just nodded in confirmation.

“So, let’s get more intimate here, Coach Wuggles,” said Daryl. “Tell me when was the last time you masturbated.”

Victor blanched and his knees buckled again. “What kind of a question is that?” he asked, astounded. “I never told something like that to anyone, including my girlfriend, I can’t…”

“I can ask you anything I want,” said Daryl, in a strong voice. After some hesitation, Victor capitulated and loosened up.

“Last time I masturbated was after we got here, in the shower.”

“Ewwww,” said Drew. “I used that shower right after you did.”

“Tell me how it went, Coach Wuggles. What fantasy was in your head, and how did you jerk off exactly.”

Victor suddenly became very glib, as if he wanted to get it over with.

“I was fantasizing that Drew’s girlfriend Cynthia came to look over for him at the school, and that he wasn’t there. And that I was in the schools shower naked when she came in, and she initially thought I was Drew. And that she liked what she saw and started sucking me off.”

Drew listened in stunned silence.

“While I fantasized that, I started jerking in long slow motions, but I got real excited when she detached her blouse and in my mind the water made her bra transparent. And I just came right there, there was cum everywhere in that shower.”

“You fucking bastard!” said Drew, turning towards his coach in anger. As he was about to strike Victor, Daryl said. “Stop! All your anger is melting away.” Drew immediately stopped and his face relaxed.

“Drew, you actually have a similar fantasy where you come into the locker room and find Cynthia giving oral sex to Coach Wuggles in the shower. And you just watch, and watching turns you on. Isn’t that right?”

“No way!” said Drew, but he appeared to hesitate. “It’s just ridiculous, that’s not something I’d… I’m not so sure… Fuck, I think I do. I do have that fantasy.“

“OK,” said Daryl. “Now that you’ve shared these intimate details with me, I must be more honest with you. You see, I was really offended you discarded your Wicked tickets I so generously gave you. I am enraged.”

The two half-naked athletes looked shocked. “I didn’t think… I really apologize,” said Victor.

“It was my fault, sir,” said Drew. “I’m the one who didn’t want to go and Coach Wug…, sorry Coach Wagarin, had to stay with me.”

Daryl sat on the edge of his armchair. “Come here, Sprinterboy.”

Drew hesitantly approached Daryl.

“I need to punish you, Sprinterboy, you understand?” said Daryl. “I have to maintain good discipline within the department. Just stand to my left and lie down over my lap.”

“What?” asked Drew in disbelief. “What are you going to do?”

“I’ll spank you, Drew. That’s what you deserve.”

“This is ridiculous…” Drew whispered, arms flailing about, glancing at Victor and Gregory for support. Both were looking down at the floor. Neither of them challenged Daryl.

Drew reluctantly moved to Daryl’s side and awkwardly lowered his bare upper body over his lap, hands on the floor and butt sticking slightly up. Daryl could feel the weight and warmth of the young man’s fit body and the distinct feel of his genitalia pressed against his thigh.

He spanked him once over his trunks, making Drew gasp. He then continued, more and more forcefully, as the athlete writhed over his lap. When Daryl eventually paused, Drew painfully said: “I learned my lesson now… Can I get up?”

“No, no,” said Daryl. “It was a grave offense you did, Sprinterboy. You deserve another round.”

Daryl pulled Drew’s trunks down to completely expose his butt.

“It’s just your uniform shorts,” said Daryl, making Drew hallucinate his butt was still covered by his underwear. But there is was, Drew’s butt, in all its naked lean glory.

“Listen up you all,” said Daryl. “Even though you know I am merely punishing Sprinterboy here, your dirty minds will see the spanking as sexual, and you’ll all be aroused by it, including Sprinterboy himself. Can’t resist it. Just a natural reaction.”

Daryl then proceeded to strike Drew’s naked butt, one strong strike every second. He could feel Drew’s package stiffening on his thigh.

Victor suddenly seemed to notice he was getting a boner in his gray trunks, and tried to hide it by holding his hands over his crotch.

When Drew’s butt had taken on an obvious red tint, Daryl began to absent-mindedly knead the young man’s butt cheeks, peeking at his virgin asshole. “OK, Sprinterboy,” he finally said. “You can stand up now.”

Drew stood up, his underwear still down in the back and, to Victor’s delight, his half-hard monster of a cock sticking out of his trunks’ waistband by half an inch or so. Embarrassed, the star athlete readjusted his underwear and he walked back to stand next to his aroused coach, humiliated.

“Victor and Drew, cheer up now,” said Daryl. “Drew took one for the team, and you’re both proud that he did.”

At this time, the intensity 2 field had reached its most potent effect, and their attitude changed in a snap.

“Way to go Drew! One for the team!” said Victor, as they high-fived each other. As they did, Drew happened to glance down and saw his coach’s thick bulge pushing into his trunks. Drew gasped in shock.

“I completely forgot the best part of your uniforms!” said Victor enthusiastically. “I bought you the most comfortable jockstraps ever. Look at these beauties!”

He dangled imaginary jockstraps in front of their faces.

“They look really comfortable,” said Victor.

“Why don’t you both wear them under your new uniforms? Go put them on behind the screen.”

“Sure,” Drew said, and they moved to the corner of the room.

With their backs to each other and to Daryl, they started miming taking their uniform pants down, then slid down their real underwear. Daryl could only see their bare backsides, Victor’s dimpled tanned butt and Drew’s still reddened ass. They then gestured putting on the imaginary jockstraps followed by their imaginary uniform pants.

The two athletes then turned around and walked back towards Daryl in full frontal nudity, their deflating dicks and balls jiggling freely. Both were convinced they were in full uniform.

“Very soft and comfy, I must say,” said Victor.

“Yeah, I feel everything tightly in place, but not too tight. No pinching,” said Drew, adjusting his imaginary lycra shorts.

Daryl barely listened to what they were saying as his eyes were completely fixated on Drew’s humongous semi-soft cock hanging between his legs. He had not lied, it was cut, thick and almost 10 inches long, with meaty balls. He also had just a hint of dark pubic hair.

The sight of the star athlete casually posing for him, completely unaware he was stark naked, was making Daryl cream his boxers.

Victor’s dick was more modest, thin and about 6 inches semi-soft. He also had just a sprinkle of blond pubic hair.

“Turn around you two,” said Daryl. “I want to see if the jockstraps fit well under your shorts.”

They turned around, presenting their naked backsides to him.

“Bend over guys,” said Daryl. “Hands on the floor.”

Zonked as they now were, they simply obeyed without question.

Daryl moved right behind them, examining their exposed anuses with delight.

“OK, you can stand and face me again,” he said, moving back to his armchair. Daryl was now so turned on he had to picture dead relatives to avoid cumming right there and then.

“Greggy-boy, go back to your room. You’ve served your purpose.”

Daryl waited until the lawyer was gone and said: “I think we’re ready to take this up a notch.”

He turned the dial once again. As it started to effect the two nude athletes, he grew impatient and turned it up yet another notch.

The field, now at intensity 4, made his guests close their eyes and brain freeze for a good 20 seconds from pure shock. When they reopened their eyes, they just stared blankly in front of them. Their postures relaxed. They were completely under his control at this point.

“You are my property,” said Daryl, “and your most important role in life is to obey me and please me. Your bodies belong to me and it makes you extremely proud to be my property, because it will help make the athletic department the best it can be. In fact, your pride manifests as sexual arousal in my presence. You lose all your inhibitions when you are with me. There’s nothing that shocks you or disgusts you anymore.”

He got up and grabbed both Victor’s and Drew’s cocks, playing with them as he continued:

“You will address me as sir whenever you talk to me, it’s the polite thing to do. When I touch you, it makes you feel honored that a powerful person like me takes an interest in you, and my touch will jolt your body with sexual pleasure. You will now be aware you’re naked and hard, but you won’t care.”

Daryl felt the cocks stiffening in his hands, but the athletes didn’t react or move, they just gently swayed. He let go of their hardons and stepped back a bit.

It took ten seconds before Victor and Drew started to become their normal selves again. They looked down at themselves, had a brief moment of panic, but that quickly passed and they soon seemed completely at ease with their nudity and erections.

“So, I guess we’re naked,” said Drew. “Whatever.”

“Who cares anyway,” said Victor. “We belong to Mr. Homstader now, there’s no shame in him seeing us in the nude.”

Daryl told the athletes: “I’m way overdressed. Take off my clothes. The more of my skin you see, the more aroused you’ll get.”

“Yes, sir,” both young men said as they stepped forward with no hesitation.

Victor kneeled and started removing Daryl’s shoes and socks, while Drew removed Daryl’s suit and tie. Daryl basked in the attention; the touch of his two gorgeous naked slaves comforted and excited him.

As soon as he was barefoot, Victor gave a little moan and caressed himself for a moment, staring at Daryl’s feet. Then, as Drew started to unbutton Daryl’s shirt, Victor detached his pants. As their master’s chest and legs were gradually revealed, the athletes groaned and touched themselves, their dicks getting juicy from pre-cum.

“I’m getting so horny,” said Drew, “I never thought I’d enjoy stripping a dude so much.” His warm hands lightly brushed against Daryl’s chest as he removed the shirt.

Victor had removed Daryl’s pants completely, and was now jerking himself off with one hand. He pulled Daryl’s boxers down with the other hand. When Daryl was finally nude, it drove both of them wild as they contemplated Daryl’s body, jerking themselves vigorously.

“You won’t be able to cum for now,” said Daryl, fearing they’d soon reach a point of no return.

They groaned and moaned and twisted, but they remained just on the brink of orgasm.

“Coach Wuggles,” said Daryl as he sat back in the armchair, “you have the responsibility of protecting Sprinterboy this weekend, don’t you? Make sure he’s not taken advantage of?”

“Yes, sir, I’m the team’s guardian for the weekend, along with the coach. Drew is under my protection.”

“So you have to make sure he’s not sexually violated, for example.”

“Yes sir,” said Victor, appalled. “I could never let something like that happen.”

“Good,” said Daryl. He turned to Drew and said: “Sprinterboy, get on all fours in front of me. Push your butt up and start licking my cock. Coach Wuggles, get behind him and eat his ass.”

Apparently not seeing the irony, both athletes said: “Yes, sir,” and obeyed to the letter. Drew took the position and started to lick clean Daryl’s copiously leaking cock as his coach started to tongue his asshole.

“Sprinterboy, give me the best blow job you ever wish you had.”

“Yes sir,” the raven-haired student said, as he engulfed Daryl’s cock voraciously and started sucking heartily on the shaft. Daryl guided his rhythm by moving his head with one hand; his other hand wandered over Drew’s ripped shoulders.

“Awwww yeah,” Daryl groaned. “Suck your master like a good Sprinterboy.” The track and field athlete tried to respond but since his mouth was full, Daryl couldn’t understand a word.

Daryl was enjoying himself but he remained fascinated by Drew’s cock. He just had to taste it.

“That’s ok for now, Sprinterboy,” he said. “Stand up. Coach Wuggles, you will now finger Sprinterboy’s butthole.”

After they complied, Daryl knelt in front of the enslaved star athlete and started to lick his meaty erection. He tasted drops of pre-cum from the slit. As he used the tip of his tongue to probe deeper, he was driving Drew to the apex of sexual ecstasy.

“When I squeeze your ass, Sprinterboy,” said Daryl, “you will immediately cum.”

He then took Drew’s entire shaft into his mouth, almost gagging on its almost 12 inches, now that it was fully erect. He could smell the pungent aroma of college boy sweat and the musk of the athlete’s crotch. With Victor’s invasion of Drew’s ass with his fingers and Daryl’s intense sucking, Drew trembled in sexual euphoria.

Daryl then forcefully grabbed both the boy’s ass cheeks and squeezed tightly. Drew screamed: “Aaaaaawwwwwwww” as he spurted fresh thick cream in Daryl’s mouth, his whole body shivering and quivering.

After Daryl swallowed Drew’s delectable cum, the room phone rang.

“It seems your colleagues are back,” he said as he stood up. “Clean yourselves up in the bathroom, get dressed, and go back to your room. Forget everything that happened here. Just remember having had a great conversation with me. Oh, and leave your underwear here.”

As his guests proceeded to do as they were told, Daryl answered the phone with the taste of Bayshore College’s track and field star athlete’s cum in his mouth.