Domination – The Academy Ch. 1

Domination: The Academy (by Mafisto)

Chapter 1
[Fantasy Casting: Jonathan Brandis as Jon Brandon, Sean Astin as Sean Austin, Josh Charles as Josh Carlton, Ethan Hawke as Ethan Hawking, Scott Bairstow as Scott Barry.]

When Mr. Richard Bloom, Headmaster of the Salem Christian Academy, stomped through the sterile hallway to greet Sebastian Mys, the dozen of uniformed young men in the vicinity immediately stood up, or straight, and watched the tall, austere-looking principal. Their eyes followed his progression, and when Mr. Bloom stood but a few feet away from Sebastian, and all were looking at both, what the newly arrived student saw in those unwavering stares shocked him: a manifest awe much beyond the mere respect he would have expected. Sebastian shivered at the realization that either these were not typical students or this was no typical Headmaster.

“Mr. Mys,” said the imposing man, vigorously extending a huge hand and warming up his face with a captivating smile. Sebastian let his hand be swallowed in his for a brief, but strong shake. “I was anxious for your arrival. Come join me in my office.”

Sebastian followed Mr. Bloom’s snowstorm of white hair to a room as lavishly garnished as the rest of the building was barren. As he sat in a plush but worn armchair, he noticed that probably not one of the objects in this abundance dated from this century, and that there was a preponderance of metallic items: ornamented silver boxes, golden tree leaves and wolves, and a full suit of armor in copper or brass. A wall was completely covered with ancient books. Of course, there were also crucifixes, all metallic, and a bookstand in a corner, upon which a Bible lay open.

“Now, I talked with your parents, and I am perfectly acquainted with the details of the events that occurred at your previous high school. I know you had no part in them, but the story of this Miss Franklin and the photographs she took disturbs me, and I am more than concerned for the younger sister. Those events, I think, are related with what happened to you and your brother this summer at Lake Mershims. In the two cases, there was an escalating loss of common decency in otherwise respectable young men. I must tell you that I suspect supernatural causes.”

“Are you talking about demons?” asked Sebastian, faking naïve curiosity.

“No. I’m talking about their agents, agents with powers.”

He crossed himself resolutely, as a wise precautionary measure against those ‘agents’.

“There is also another matter,” he said, his tone now one of restrained repugnance. “This Academy doubles as the headquarters for the Free White Christians, an organization I founded to fight against these agents I just mentioned. Now, your parents assured me that your behavior this summer was completely white, even though your brother’s and his friends’ actions could be considered, let’s say… pinkish? Sebastian, the main reason your parents sent you here is to keep you white.”

There was a long pause while Sebastian realized, first, how misinformed Mr. Bloom had been about Lake Mershims, and second, what code he was using. He finally understood that the White in Free White Christians was not a reference to race, but to sexual orientation: a euphemism for heterosexual, and maybe even for virginity. It was hard to keep any hint of a grin from appearing on his face.

“Of course, sir. You have nothing to worry about. I’m as white as the academy’s uniform shirts.”

His lie had come out with pristine sincerity. Maybe he wasn’t as ‘white’ as Mr. Bloom thought, but he’d make sure no one here, especially the prude headmaster, would know about it.

“Excellent. We have strict rules to keep things that way. All showers here are private, and it is strictly forbidden to expose your bare chest or your underwear to your fellow classmates. Boys showering together in the nude can only encourage pink behavior. In fact, a few penitentiaries have considered adopting my system. Pajamas and bathrobes are an essential part of the academy’s uniform.”

Private showers? No bare chests or underwear? Sebastian felt his huge disappointment magnetize the air around him. Before he could contain it, his power leak made Mr. Bloom’s white hair stand on end in a huge white halo around his head.

Mr. Bloom’s brow furrowed as he obviously sensed the prickling in the air. He surveyed the room, mobilized against the unseen source of this phenomenon. He had lost all interest in the conversation and concluded his talk distractedly, unaware of how ridiculous his hair now looked. “Now, it is time to bring your things to your room. You were assigned Room 12 in the dormitory, which you will share with Jon Brandon, Sean Austin, and Ethan Hawking.”

Sebastian left the office trying not to let his frustration show. So all his struggles to make sure the blame for Lake Mershims would fall on anyone but him had only amounted to this? A yearlong punishment from his well-meaning overconcerned parents? Too upset to go directly to his room, he wandered around the building to get a feel for the place where he’d spend that painful year.

No one could get lost in this Academy. There was a clear place for everything in here.

The basement was for the gym, the pool, a student lounge and the cafeteria. The gym had a locker room, but it was forbidden to actually change clothes there. Mr. Bloom had added a dozen small changing rooms as one would find in a clothing store, six of them lined up on each of the narrowest ends of the room. The locker room opened into the gym and the pool on one of the widest ends, and into a bathroom and a shower room on the opposite end. The shower stalls were all private. The whole gym complex, freshly painted a sanitary light green, was spotless to the point of sterilization and completely unadorned except for metallic crucifixes, silver, gold and copper, everywhere.

As he passed by the lounge, several students, dressed impeccably in dark blue suits and black ties, nodded at him. Several of them caught his eye. The Academy’s student population mixed young masculine charms with strict unavailability. For Sebastian, hell could be not be worse than that.

The first floor contained administrative offices, including Mr. Bloom’s, the teachers’ lounge, a chemistry lab, and a computer room. Sebastian walked the whole length of its drab main hallway to reach the opposite set of stairs, which he climbed to reach the second floor, where the actual classrooms were. He crossed that floor’s main corridor, lined with book lockers, and located his own locker next to the intersecting hallway leading to the school’s auditorium. It was already tagged with a ‘Sebastian Mys’ nameplate. Before reaching the stairs, he also passed by the glass-stained-windowed door of a chapel.

Upon reaching the third floor, the dormitory, he was glad to see some life signs in this otherwise calm place. That’s where most of the students were gathered at this time, settling in before the first day of class the next day. He heard talking, and laughter, and Christian rock music, and even two students chasing each other playfully down the hallway. Sebastian breathed a long sigh of relief.

As he entered Room 12, he saw that all his roommates had already settled in, and that he was stuck with the bed closest to the door and without a view of the window. The only advantage was that he was in a sort of private alcove with all three other beds facing him. A blond guy was sprawled on the bed diametrically opposed to his, his tie loose and his shirt out of his pants. He was repeatedly throwing a water polo ball at the wall in front of him, often hitting the window frame and rattling the glass. Suddenly he threw the ball directly at Sebastian’s face. Sebastian ducked just in time; the ball flew right through the door. Someone in the hallway howled and kicked the ball back in the room.

“What did you do that for?” asked Sebastian, more stunned than angry.

“Because you didn’t expect it. I’m Jon Brandon,” the guy said as he got up.

“Okay… Well, hi…” said Sebastian. “I’m Sebastian Mys. Where are the others?”

“Ethan’s outside. Sean’s in the shower,” Jon answered, pointing to the students’ respective beds.

Ethan had placed two paintings on the wall behind his: abstracts, one a wild explosion of colors and shapes, the other a peaceful texture of blues and greens, with a thin, ragged red crack in the center. The bed directly in front of Sebastian’s was Sean’s; the shelf above it was loaded with books, half of them about Christianity and theology, the rest an encyclopedia in ten volumes.

Sebastian placed his bags on his bed and went in search of the bathroom. As he passed the showers, he heard one of them running. Sean. When Sebastian came back from the bathroom, the shower had stopped. Sebastian entered the room discreetly, hoping that his first sight of Sean would be more revealing than anticipated. But when Sean came out of the stall, his hair wet, he was already in uniform except for his belt, jacket and tie. Sebastian silently cursed Mr. Bloom. These conditions were supposed to decrease temptation? Not for Sebastian, who now had the urge to tear the clothes right off Sean’s body.

Sean had not noticed him yet, and the shower room doors were closed. The opportunity made Sebastian’s urge grow beyond his self-control. Still clumsy with his powers, he could only risk a simple trick. He waved his fingers in a crude pattern, and a burst of invisible purple energy struck Sean. It inverted two actions in his kinetic memory: putting clothes on, and taking clothes off. So, instead of knotting his tie, Sean started to unbutton his shirt. Gradually, he exposed his chest, thinly veiled by a light fur. His shirt dropped to the floor. Then, instead of putting on his belt, Sean unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. When Sean’s pants abruptly slipped down his legs and exposed his white boxerbriefs and bare legs, he suddenly saw Sebastian, and realized what he had done. He snatched his pants back up.

“Sorry,” he said, in a panic. “I was confused for a moment… Please don’t tell.”

Sebastian turned and left without a word, leaving Sean to worry. With so much modesty around, the simple sight of the flushed religious student in boxerbriefs had almost made Sebastian cum.

As he walked back to his room, an older student, obviously in a hurry, ran into him. Sebastian did not see his face for long, but his charms made an impression on him: a determined forehead, a broad nose, pampered buff skin and mousy brown hair. The student groaned something exactly between an apology and a snarl, and then drummed down the stairs. When Sebastian resumed his trip to room 12, he saw Jon in the doorway, almost smiling.

“Too much in a hurry to apologize, I guess,” Sebastian told him as he reentered the room.

“He doesn’t have to. That’s Josh Carlton, a senior. The Carltons finance the school so to speak. Mr. Bloom is often tempted to look the other way with their son, yet he surprisingly holds his own.”

“Impressive. That Mr. Bloom doesn’t seem easily intimidated.”

When Jon didn’t care to comment, Sebastian started to unpack and settle in. A few minutes later, Sean came in, all dry and trimly dressed in his school uniform, his thick auburn hair neatly set with gel. He jumped at the sight of Sebastian. “So you’re the fourth roommate?”

“I guess so. But don’t worry,” added Sebastian with a wink. “You have nothing to fear from me.”

Jon was listening with curiosity. Sean relaxed, but did not make eye contact. “I’m Sean Austin.”

“And I’m Sebastian Mys. This is a strict place, isn’t it?”

“It has to be,” answered Sean, seriously. “‘He hath mercy on them that receive discipline, and that diligently seek after his judgments.'”

Great. A Bible quoter. “Sure… But isn’t M. Bloom overreacting a bit with modesty?”

Sean simply quoted the bible again: “‘And thou shalt make them linen breeches to cover their nakedness; from the loins even unto the thighs they shall reach.'”

Oh boy. This guy sure knew his Bible. “Okay, I give up.”

Sean smiled. “You know, a lot of psychological evidence support the ancient nudity taboo.”

“Boring….” said Jon, wincing in disgust. “I’m getting out of here.” He left the room with a sigh.

“You seem to read a lot,” said Sebastian, trying move the subject away from Christian pseudo-science. “Apart from this religious stuff, what do you like?”

“History. Literature. Science. Everything. I won $12 000 this summer on Jeopardy!”

Sebastian could not help being impressed. “Hey, how about a look around the school grounds?” he proposed. “I visited the inside of the building, but I’d like to see what surrounds it.”

“Great idea.”

At one point, as they were walking towards the main entrance of the Academy building, Sebastian stopped paying attention to Sean’s never-ending trivia. He distracted himself by playing tricks with his powers. One redhead felt a sudden pinch on his ass and didn’t dare confront the teacher behind him whom he thought was responsible. A tall blond boy started rubbing his nipples through his shirt; it shocked the students around him, especially since his nipples were not the only part of him that got erect. Sebastian had only reawakened one of his kinetic memories: so the blond boy had done this before…

As they started strolling on a path through the garden, Sebastian realized that he might actually have some fun around here, thanks to his powers. If he could make the prude Sean expose almost all of his body to him, anything was possible. He could make some changes here. Climb to the top, fast.

An unkempt young man was trimming a bush of roses, all of the same luscious red. He was dressed in dirty gray, and his hair looked like it had gone wild from a once military-like crop. Something about this gardener stirred Sebastian up; it evoked in him mixed feelings of unease and sexual arousal. Against his will, Sebastian sent a burst of purple energy towards the man, who let out a loud and crude sexual moan. Sean expressed his amazement at the gardener’s behavior, and then the man stared directly at Sebastian, with an intense and disturbing look that made Sebastian shiver.

“It’s almost dinner time,” said Sean. “We should head back.”

“I’ll be right behind you,” said Sebastian. “I want to see a bit more.”

After Sean was gone, Sebastian reached the basketball court, and he saw, to his surprise, Jon throwing some hoops with Josh Carlton, the rich senior who had run into him in the hallway. Sebastian discreetly approached the court, and hid from the two players.

“I didn’t notice you last year,” said Josh to Jon, as he dribbled. “You act very mature for a junior.”

“Thanks,” said Jon, jumping in front of Josh to disturb his throw. “The juniors are so boring. They want to impress Mr. Bloom by following his rules to the letter. I don’t care much about rules.”

“I don’t want to disappoint you,” said Josh, wincing at his missed hoop, “but most seniors are just as bad. I just stay away from all that crap. Do my own thing.”

“Same here,” said Jon, as the shot and scored. He looked back at Josh with a wide smile.

His curiosity satisfied, Sebastian turned around to go back inside, and saw the gardener a few feet behind him. He had been watching him, as he himself had watched the two new best friends.

The young gardener eventually looked back towards his flowers and, spotting a student who had snapped off a few roses, he ran towards him in a fury.

“You fucking prick,” he yelled. “I spent months growing these, and you think you can take them just like that. You want to impress some girl, is that it?”

His outburst had petrified the boyish student, who stood there, agape, the flowers hanging from his left hand. There was an endearing air of fragility and shyness about him.

“I… I… found them so… beautiful… The color… I wanted to capture the reds… the texture…”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“He’s an artist,” said Sebastian, stepping in the student’s defense. “You’re Ethan, right?”

“How did you… how did you know?”

“I’m your new roommate, Sebastian Mys. I saw the abstracts on your wall. Fantastic.”

Ethan’s face brightened up with joy, forgetting all about the angry gardener.

“You… You liked… liked them?”

Sebastian turned toward the gardener and said: “I’m sure he meant no harm. They’ll serve art.”

The gardener spat just in front of Sebastian. “I don’t care about art. He took them for himself.”

“Ah, come on. He won’t do it again. I’m Sebastian.” Sebastian held his hand forward.

The gardener hesitated, then sighed and shook it quickly. “Scott Barry. It’s all right this time. I don’t mix with students, so stay away.” With this, he turned around and left the two students alone.

“Thanks,” said Ethan. “I don’t react well to hostility. In fact, I don’t react at all, as you can see. I didn’t want to upset him. These are extraordinary — they look like something inside of me, a wound…”

He had spoken without stuttering, all in one breath.

“Come on,” said Sebastian. “Dinner is in five minutes.”

Dinner was a semi-formal affair, during which Sebastian got ample confirmation that most of the students at the Academy worshipped Mr. Bloom. The man, who had recoiffed his white hair, sat at the central table, smiling charismatically and patronizingly at the group.

That night, Sebastian tossed and turned in his bed. He was wearing the school’s sleeping uniform, a white T-shirt and navy blue sweatpants, as were Jon, Ethan and Sean, asleep in their respective beds. He had rarely shared a room with other guys, except with his friend Buzz half a dozen times. The presence of these three young men, in vulnerable slumber a few feet from him, stirred mixed feelings of pleasant comfort and restless desire in him. He opened his eyes and looked at Sean in the opposite bed.

As he watched the devout Christian sleep like an angel, Sebastian started to masturbate, and immediately the power in him struggled to be let out. He started to sweat. He had more control over it now, hadn’t he? Sean was asleep, there would be no harm done in playing with him a bit, would it?

He did not need much convincing. The air in the room charged up, and tendrils of purple force, invisible to all but him, linked him physically with the sleeping Sean. Once the link was established, the tendrils vanished, and Sean became like a puppet over which Sebastian had some clumsy control.

Under this control, Sean, sleeping on his back, pushed his bed sheets gradually at his feet, until he was completely uncovered. He then moved his hand to his groin over his sweatpants, and slowly stroked his covered package, until it was stiff and bulging. He was breathing more deeply now. His other hand went under his T-shirt to rub his belly, and as it moved slowly up, it uncovered more and more of his chest. His bare skin glistened in the sensual glow of the moonlight coming from the window.

Sebastian let out a bit more power, and Sean briefly sat up, still asleep, to strip from his T-shirt. Some light fur sparkled on his chest. He lay back down, but this time, while one hand was rubbing his pecs and fingering his nipples, the other went right between his sweatpants and his underwear. He started to moan faintly as he fondled himself. Another little burst of power made his two hands pull down his pants. He took them off completely, as well as his socks, and lay on his back again. Moonlight gave the white of his boxerbriefs a bluish cast, and revealed a few wet spots. He started to roll the tip of his clothed hard-on inside his three middle fingers. At that sight, Sebastian focused all his will not to cum right then, and some power took that opportunity to leak out. It invaded Sean and made him writhe with pleasure. He turned around on his belly, and rubbed his erection on the bed, his ass going up and down.

Sebastian tried to regain control, but the tendrils he had created were free from him now and acted on their own. Sean slid his boxers off, and raised his bare ass, sprinkled with fine hairs, in the air, mooning Sebastian as if in contempt. He turned around on his back again, this time madly jerking his exposed cock. He let out a loud moan and his jism erupted suddenly, splattering his chest and his sheets. The orgasm woke him up, and he looked around in confusion. Sebastian hastily feigned being asleep.

Moments later, Sebastian heard the door to the room open. Sebastian was devastated to have put his new friend Sean in trouble. But when Mr. Bloom’s voice resounded within the room, it was not Sean that it addressed. “Jon Brandon, this is unacceptable. Come with me to my office right away.”

Astonished, Sebastian opened his eyes and surveyed the room again. Sean was back under his covers, seemingly fast asleep, while Ethan’s eyes were fluttering with sudden wakefulness. Jon, however, was hurriedly pulling his sweatpants back up. The blond rebel followed Mr. Bloom out of the room, his face flushed, without looking at anyone else.

How could it be? Had Sebastian dreamed the whole Sean experience? Then he saw a few drops of cum on the floor next to Sean’s bed. No, the whole thing had been real, and Sean had just been quick enough to cover the evidence. What about Jon then? Had he been enjoying Sean’s show as well? Sebastian had been so focused on controlling Sean that he had not looked at the two others in the room. What if Jon had realized that it was Sebastian who was directing the show?

“What’s going on?” whispered Ethan to Sebastian. Sean continued to fake sleep.

“I’m going to find out,” said Sebastian. He jumped out of bed, and headed out of the room.

“Don’t!” said Ethan, in a panic. “You’re gonna get caught and he’s gonna be real mad!”

Sebastian was too curious. He followed the pair discreetly to Mr. Bloom’s office. The care he had to take to limit the creaking of the floors and stairs delayed him a bit, but at least when he got there, he had the satisfaction that the office door was cracked open enough to see Jon standing there in shame.

“Mr. Brandon, public masturbation is a serious offence here.”

Jon looked defiantly exasperated. “Sir… It’s Sean Austin you should talk to then, he was the one putting on quite a show in our room.”

Mr. Bloom rudely slapped Jon in the face. Jon stared back at him with tears in his eyes.

“Blaming your fellow classmates will not get you out of trouble. Mr. Austin was fast asleep in his bed when I got in. It was you who were playing with yourself. That’s a filthy habit that we’ll get out of your system, Mr. Brandon. I know how to do it. Strip from your clothes, right now.”

Jon looked at Mr. Bloom, bewildered. “Sir, this is against your own rules.”

“I made these rules and I know when they can be broken. Do you think I am as weak-willed as a young student? Do you think I can be the slightest bit affected by your nudity? You’re insulting me with the very thought. Now, take these clothes off.”

Jon hesitated for a moment, and then resigned himself to take off the T-shirt. His face had lost all defiance. Sebastian could only see the bare-chested Jon; Mr. Bloom was probably behind his desk.

“Come on, I don’t have all night.”

Jon flinched, but then fumbled with the laces of his sweatpants, which he slipped slowly off his legs. Sebastian could not believe that on his first day at this excessively prude place, he was already looking at a second student stripping, and that this time, he had nothing to do with it. Jon stood in a loose pair of light blue boxers, arms folded defiantly, but unable to keep from crying.

“All the way,” shouted Mr. Bloom.

“No,” yelled Jon, shaking his head, sobbing pathetically.

This irritated Mr. Bloom, who snatched the student’s underwear and tore it off forcefully. He threw the tattered remains to the floor and stared up and down at the nude student before him. Jon appeared completely shocked at Mr. Bloom’s latest action.

Mr. Bloom pointed to the portrait of a man on his wall. “You see this man?” he asked Jon. “This is my son Gary. He was a no good pink little jerk like you when he was a teenager. It took a lot of patience and hard work on my part, but now all the pink from him is gone. He is as white as an angel’s wing, now. He owns a bookstore, and will soon find the right girl for him.”

“Sir,” said Jon, in a surprisingly audacious tone for a guy in his position, “why exactly did you need for me to be naked to listen to this little speech about your son?”

“I’ll beat the insolence out of you,” said Mr. Bloom, enraged. Jon recoiled towards the wall, and for a moment, both he and Sebastian thought the Headmaster would strike him again. But when Mr. Bloom spoke again, it was with complete serenity.

“First things first. We have to get this filthy habit out of your system, and I know just the way. Mr. Brandon, I want you to masturbate, right here, right now. In fact, I’m going to sit here, in my chair, and I’m going to watch you masturbate. And then, Mr. Brandon, after your puny climax, you will continue to masturbate. And I will continue to watch you do it. This will go on all night. Climax after climax. After tonight, Mr. Brandon, you will be so disgusted with masturbation that you’ll puke at the thought of it. “

Sebastian, in shock, took a last look at Jon’s smooth bare backside while Mr. Bloom closed the office door. He returned to his room and bed, trembling, and could not even say a word to Ethan and Sean, who were bombarding him with questions about what he had seen.

Domination – The Academy Ch. 2

Domination – The Academy (by Mafisto)

Chapter 2
[Fantasy Casting: Jonathan Brandis as Jon Brandon, Sean Astin as Sean Austin, Josh Charles as Josh Carlton, Ethan Hawke as Ethan Hawking, Scott Bairstow as Scott Barry, Robert Sean Leonard as Robert Leonardo, Nicky Katt as Mr. Nick Nate.]

In room 12, Ethan, Sean and Sebastian eventually surrendered to sleep before Jon returned to their room, and when the 6 AM bell rang, they saw that Jon was back in bed and oblivious to the din. The three lined up for the showers; they yawned as the seniors shamelessly cut line. Jon was still sleeping when they came back, so they shook him and yelled at him. Sebastian accompanied him to the showers, pushed him in a stall, and talked to him to keep him awake while the other students walked to the cafeteria.

“I didn’t deserve the punishment I got last night,” eventually said Jon, loud enough for Sebastian to hear him over the hiss of the running water. “Sean did. Did you see him, stripping and rubbing himself? I couldn’t see you in the shadows. He creamed himself and the sheets. Disgusting…”

Sebastian found the absence of a window near his bed very convenient. To see without being seen.

“I heard him yell, but when I looked, he was under his covers, and didn’t move.”

“What a great way to start the year! Now I have Bloom on my case, the one guy in whose radar you don’t want to be. I disappointed him a lot. Maybe Josh can help me get back into his favors.”

“Why do you want to please him so much?” Sebastian did not clearly understand the overall fascination all students in the Academy had with Bloom. The shower stopped. There was a long silence.

“He’s a great man,” Jon finally said. “A tough man, but a real leader. This guy will be in the history books. He doesn’t talk, he inspires. It was Sean who let him down, not me. I’m gonna get my revenge.”

“I wouldn’t do that, Jon,” said Sebastian. “Concentrate on Bloom, not Sean. Why did Bloom target you, anyway? What were you doing? I saw you pulling your sweats up. Were you jerking off?”

Jon came out of the stall, sloppily dressed in his uniform, his blond hair wet and dark. He glared at Sebastian with red eyes. “If you’re saying Sean’s show might’ve had an effect on me… I’m no queer.”

Without another word, Jon headed for the cafeteria. Sebastian was about to follow him when a yawning guy entered the showers, dressed in a worn khaki bathrobe. It was Scott, the gardener.

“Sorry,” he said in a hoarse voice. “You should be in the cafeteria. Mr. Bloom will be mad.”

“I was just about to go. Sorry for the roses Ethan picked up yesterday.”

Scott sighed. “Look, I apologize for being so rude. I overreacted. If you ever need anything…”

“No sweat. Have a nice shower.” Sebastian wanted to leave, but his feet refused to move; they were held in place by the raw sexiness of Scott’s wild looks, untamed manner and mass-of-tangles hair.

Scott was obviously waiting for him to go. “What?” he asked, back to his typical rudeness.

Sebastian blinked. His eyes shot thin purple beams at Scott’s eyes and made them blink in response; instantly, he disappeared from Scott’s sight, even though he still stood right in front of him.

Scott rubbed his eyes, then shrugged. Meanwhile, Sebastian established a link with Scott’s body. It was far more tricky to control someone awake than someone asleep, so Sebastian kept his link secondary, leaving Scott in primary control. So before Scott could turn around to head for a stall, Sebastian made him shrug off his bathrobe in a sudden impulse. Scott’s own move surprised him, and he paused, suspicious, in front of Sebastian, his bathrobe on the floor around his bare feet. He wore only a pair of antique white briefs and filled them quite nicely. Sebastian examined Scott’s rugged body, from the blurred definition of muscles all over the chest — from which Sebastian deduced that Scott had once been in excellent shape — to the small tattoo of a rose right above the navel. He had little body hair, and his legs were stout. Sebastian wanted to see more, and made Scott play with his briefs waistband, but then Scott regained control, turned around and walked inside a stall in Sebastian’s line of sight. Scott then stripped from his briefs but did not turn towards Sebastian, who could only see his bare ass. When Scott made a move to close the stall door, Sebastian interrupted it. Scott then entered the shower under Sebastian’s stare.

“Sebastian,” he heard Sean ask from the hall, “Where are you? Mr Bloom is asking questions.”

Sebastian turned towards the source of the sound, and felt his link with Scott snap. When he turned around again, Scott had closed the stall’s door. Damn! At least, he had seen the guy’s dimpled ass. He took a whiff of the bathrobe at his feet, then headed out of the showers.

Sebastian followed Sean quietly to the cafeteria, then fetched cold, dry eggs and hard toasts, all the while sensing Mr. Bloom’s and the rest of the students’ eyes on him. He sat in front of Ethan, Jon and Sean, who had finished eating. Sean was avoiding Jon’s stare. Mr. Bloom, in the center, had some creases between his eyes Sebastian had not seen before, and he looked quite serious as he talked with some teacher. Yet nothing betrayed he had stayed up most of the night watching Jon masturbate.

“Where were you?” whispered Ethan. “Mr. Bloom was asking about you.”

Nick Nate, the teacher of Sebastian’s very first class at the Academy, turned out to be the one to whom Mr. Bloom was talking earlier in the cafeteria. Mr. Nate, in his mid-twenties, had short black hair and a sleek, impish quality that made him mysteriously sexy. He introduced himself by telling his class that he had been a punk in his teens, had even gone to prison once or twice, and had been rescued from self-destruction by none other than Mr. Bloom. In a royal blue suit, light blue shirt and sleek purple tie, Mr. Nate now looked like quite the gentleman, but there still was that impish smile…

“Mr. Bloom told me this morning,” he continued, perched on one corner of his desk, “that he was concerned with the general unrest he sensed among the students this year. I gave him this look…” He contorted his face into an hilarious what-are-you-talking-about look, which earned him a few giggles. “… but the more he tried to be precise, the vaguer he got.” More giggles. “Now, as your humanities teacher, if you’re feeling unrest, I want to know about it. You know why? Because defining and conquering unrest is what makes us human. Can any of you define that feeling of unrest more clearly? Think about it.”

This being this first class of the year, the students were probably more
attentive than they’d ever be for the next eight months. Sean looked
annoyed; Jon, slouching in his chair, expressed his boredom as openly as he
could; Ethan stared at Mr. Nate without blinking, completely involved. An
attractive dark-haired student, with thick eyebrows and sparkly fawn eyes,
looked around the silent class and was about to raise his hand when Sean
said, abruptly and without raising his hand: “I don’t believe that’s

“What?” asked Mr. Nate, acting intrigued. “That Mr. Bloom was concerned about student unrest this morning? That I want to know about that unrest? That defining unrest makes us human? Be precise.”

The class snickered, which annoyed Sean. “I don’t believe there is a general unrest among the students this year,” he said. “I believe that to be nervous is normal for students at the start of the year.”

“Interesting choice of words… Sean, isn’t it?” said Mr. Nate, his smile more impish than ever. “Sean just told us what he ‘believes’ is ‘normal’ ‘nervousness’. Now, can someone define for me the ‘unrest’ that he ‘thinks’ would be ‘abnormal’ enough for Mr. Bloom to emphasize it in a conversation?”

“Everyone’s frustrated because they can’t get laid!” yelled Jon, goading the class to laugh heartily.

“That’s a start,” said Mr. Nate, also laughing. “You think the unrest could originate from sexual frustration. Why this year then? Why wasn’t it there last year? I don’t think you all got laid last year. The school wasn’t exactly crawling with debutante female students waiting for you in your beds every night.”

“I wish,” said Jon. Smiles came across the students’ faces as they imagined finding debutante female students in their beds. Ethan’s jaw dropped as if he could truly see them.

Sebastian enjoyed how Mr. Nate cut his students a little slack. This was the first time since he’d arrived at the academy that he saw his new friends and fellows so relaxed and open, and it felt great.

“Jon is right,” said the student with the fawn eyes. “All the rules trying to make us think less about sex are actually making us think more about it. I truly and sincerely long to make love to my girlfriend because she’s a beautiful woman whom I love deeply and passionately. It’s driving me crazy.”

The students mocked him with theatrical sappy exclamations and kissing noises.

“That can certainly cause unrest, Robert,” said Mr. Nate. “But what’s different this year?”

Sebastian felt a drastic change in the atmosphere. The unrest became sharp and real to him, and he was suddenly aware of the sexual nature of everyone in the classroom: Sean who forced himself to believe religious pseudo-science to get control over his sexual urges; Ethan who sublimated them into a passion for beauty and art; Robert who contemplated his purely animal lust through a romantic soft focus; Jon whose resentment was transforming into a strong desire to humiliate others; and Mr. Nate who exuded a natural, playful sexiness. Sebastian hard-on pulsed with delight as he fell into a light trance.

“This year,” he half-heard Robert say bleakly, “something will make our repressed sexual feelings explode into a chaos that Mr. Bloom will not be able to control. Mr. Bloom knows. He is scared as hell.”

Sebastian’s trance lifted. The other students were also waking up as if from wet dreams, immediately proceeding to conceal their hard-ons. Mr. Nate quickly moved behind his desk, but Sebastian glimpsed the obvious bulge in his pants. The teacher flushed when he realized he had been spotted, but then he stared at Robert, as did everyone else in the class, remembering his last words.

“What?” Robert said. “No one here wants to make love to a beautiful woman?”

“I think it’s what you said about Mr. Bloom that surprised us a bit,” said Mr. Nate.

Robert looked at Mr. Nate with a confused look. “I don’t understand.”

“Join the rest of the class,” said Sean. “If you don’t understand your own words, how can we?”

Sebastian was trembling, his arms and legs covered with goose bumps. How the hell did his power grow so strong as to be able to affect everyone in the classroom, even Robert the dark-haired hero and Mr. Nate? Another, more frightening question came to his mind though. He had not been aware at all that his power had been active. Was it slipping away from his control, now it was stronger than ever?

Ethan had been extremely shaken up by the incident. He was not in the same class as Sebastian for the next period, and despite all of Sebastian’s efforts before and after that class, Ethan utterly refused to say even one word, shaking his head negatively as if in the throes of a deep trauma. During their third period Chemistry class with Prof. Vilmen, Ethan spoke at least, although only to say: “I can’t talk about it.” After lunch, before their first afternoon class, they both took a stroll outside. It was a hot September day, the last vestige of summer, and their brows pearled with sweat. Ethan took a deep breath.

“I’m scared,” he finally said, so sincerely Sebastian could almost feel his fear. “I’m more sensitive to things like that than others. There were some weird vibes in that classroom.”

“I felt them too,” admitted Sebastian. How could he deny what a whole classroom had felt?

“You did?” Ethan said, surprised but excited. “Mr. Bloom felt them first, of course. He’s so wise!”

“I guess,” sighed Sebastian. Why should he care if Bloom detected the ‘vibes’ sooner than he had?

They were walking through a path in a wooded area. It led to a small lake, and Sebastian wondered if they had chosen this path because they were both so hot. They could hear voices ahead. Ethan had not said everything he wanted to say; he was obviously trying to find a way and an occasion to do so. Sebastian squeezed his shoulder a bit in encouragement, and Ethan smiled earnestly in return.

“Did you also notice that…” He stopped abruptly, staring ahead. They could see Jon and Josh, the rich jock, lying on the grass ahead, jackets off, ties loosened, talking and looking out at the lake.

“Why do you care so much?” Josh had asked Jon. Neither of them had seen Ethan or Sebastian yet.

“I don’t know,” said Jon. “I guess I wanted Bloom to be impressed with me, but because of that perverted religious fool Sean, I got on his wrong side. I want some sort of revenge.”

How could Jon still venerate Mr. Bloom after what he had endured the night before?

“Well, I want no part of that,” said Josh. “I got enough trouble with my parents who cut my allowance. I can’t even drive my Porsche while I stay here and I’d really feel like getting away in it.”

“I’d love to have a Porsche,” said Jon. “Fuck, I’d love to have a car, period.” The seriousness of his tone made Sebastian shiver; it was as if Jon had said, instead: “I’ll get a Porsche no matter what.”

“It’s so hot today,” said Josh, squinting at Jon. “I wish we could jump in that lake.”

“Why couldn’t we?” asked Jon, maliciously. “No one would know.”

Ethan was about to make their presence known, but Sebastian shushed him.

“No bathing suit for starters, and you know how Bloom hates any student flesh on display.”

Jon stood up and stripped from his tie and shirts. “Let’s go. Our next class’s in twenty minutes.”

Josh looked at him with disgust. “Look, I’m not about to play with you half-naked in the water.”

Jon was obviously hurt, but just said: “Suit yourself.” He stripped from his footwear and pants, and tiptoed into the lake in tiny white boxerbriefs. “It’s not too cold,” he said while wading his way.

“Come on, Jon, we’re gonna get caught,” said Josh. “I don’t want my dad to think I’m queer.”

Sebastian discreetly sent a tendril of purple force — invisible to all but him — to Josh. Josh erupted into sweat; it ran down his face in thick tears. His shirt was soon drenched and clung to his body.

“Fuck it’s hot…” he said. “OK, you win.” He started to strip, checking around to see if anyone was there. Sebastian and Ethan ducked out of sight, Ethan alarmingly uncomfortable.

Once he was wearing only a tight pair of black briefs, Josh ran down to the lake and hurried in.

Sebastian enjoyed watching the two rebels “play half-naked in the water”. He also wanted to test what control he still had over his powers. He concentrated with some intensity and established a secondary link with both their bodies. Ethan was scrutinizing him; he’d have to find some explanation later. With a satisfying finesse in skill, Sebastian made the boys slide off their underwear and let them sink to the bottom. Realizing what they had done, the boys started to dive frantically in search of their discarded clothes. Jon’s bare ass flashed and mooned them twice. The water was too muddy.

“I lost my briefs,” finally admitted Josh to Jon. “Could you bring me my pants?”

“Well, I lost my boxers,” said Jon. “How did that happen? Anyway, no one’s there. Hurry!”

They splashed towards the shore. When they were down to their knees in water, Sebastian walked towards them, dragging Ethan along. “Hi guys! Ready for class? Woah! Are we interrupting anything?”

Josh and Jon stood in full frontal nudity, their mouths open in shock. They flushed with embarassment and squatted back down. “Can you throw us our pants?” yelled Josh.

“Do you really want them wet for class? Just come dress over here, we won’t tell.”

The two boys reluctantly came out of the water, hiding their privates as best they could with their hands. They grabbed their pants and quickly got dressed. “You didn’t have to watch,” sneered Jon.

“Just don’t tell anyone,” said Josh, more ashamed than anything. “We’re both in enough trouble.”

“Don’t worry,” said Sebastian, compassionately. “What happened to your underwear, by the way?”

Josh stared at the ground; Jon glared at them. Ethan looked away, too fragile for this kind of anger.

The four of them silently walked back to the academy. Sebastian wondered why Ethan was so sullen again. Of course, the sight of Jon and Josh naked might not be his thing, but didn’t he appreciate the irony and the humiliation? He took him aside and said: “Ethan, the whole thing is supposed to be funny. We caught those two pretentious students swimming naked in the lake.”

“I know, and it would have been hilarious if it had been a natural thing.”

“What do you mean?” asked Sebastian, somewhat on guard.

“I sensed those weird vibes again. Something unnatural made them strip from their underwear.”

Did he suspect Sebastian was the cause? Not likely. He was speaking too earnestly.

“You’re oversensitive to what we felt earlier,” Sebastian said. “It was a perfectly innocent swim, that just happened to be outside the rules of this academy. They just got carried away once in the lake.”

“I guess you’re right,” Ethan said, relieved. “I must admit it was kind of ironic.”

He started to laugh nervously, as if he could not restrain himself and his laughter escaped in small bursts. Fortunately, Jon and Josh were already far ahead of them. Sebastian also started to laugh, and soon they had both exploded into a powerful fit of laughter, one that they could not shake off until they entered the classroom for their next class, once again to be taught by Prof. Nate.

Half-way into the class, Mr. Bloom’s fluffy white hair appeared in the door window. When Mr. Nate invited him in, Mr. Bloom walked straight to the middle of the classroom to address the students:

“I’m sorry to disturb you all in the middle of Mr. Nate’s class,” he said, “but this is important.” He took a deep breath. “We often talk of demons, or their agents, but always in the abstract, as if they only exist in stories or in dreams. I just got proof that a demonic force has invaded this academy.”

The students all looked at each other, shocked and confused. Sean was looking out the window, his face flushed. Mr. Nate, alarmed, asked: “What happened, Richard?”

“I cannot tell all the details. When I became aware of unacceptable behavior from one of our most faithful students, I confronted him with it. He confessed that an evil force had taken control of him.”

Mr. Nate looked perplexed. Sean was still looking out, his face even darker, which convinced Sebastian that Sean was the faithful student in question. What behavior could Mr. Bloom have become aware of? He had not been present yesterday when Sean had stripped in the shower room or later in the bedroom. Was it something new? If so, was Sebastian’s power acting on its own again?

“Are you serious,” Jonathan bitterly said, his eyes on Sean, “when you say you believed that student’s bullshit? It’s obvious that he invented the whole thing to avoid the punishment he deserved.”

Jonathan’s gaze snapped back towards Mr. Bloom, who was approaching him with narrow eyes; Jonathan unconsciously shrank from the white-haired man. Sebastian felt a shiver down his spine.

“Mr. Brandon, are you doubting my ability to distinguish between someone who tells me the truth and someone who lies? Is that what you are doing? Because your tone of voice is particularly offensive…”

Jon’s attitude melted away. “No, sir. I apologize if I gave you that impression. Of course you can tell when someone is lying to you. I don’t doubt that at all. It’s just so incredible, this whole thing.”

“Isn’t it?” Mr. Bloom said. He turned towards the rest of the class. “I want you all to be particularly careful. Any odd behavior from yourself or from any other student must be reported to me immediately.”

Ethan fished for Sebastian’s approval to tell about the lake, but Sebastian shook his head.

After Mr. Bloom was gone, whispers erupted from everywhere in the classroom, and it took a while for Mr. Nate to impose silence. He seemed rather shaken by what Mr. Bloom had said. “Jonathan,” he asked. “Could I see you after class?” Everyone looked at Jonathan, who rolled his eyes in exasperation.

After class, Sebastian, curious, stayed seated and started recopying his notes. Jonathan went to stand beside Mr. Nate, waiting for all other students to be gone. Mr. Nate gave a glance in Sebastian’s direction; satisfied that Sebastian was busy, he started to talk.

“Jonathan, I’m glad that you expressed your opinion to Mr. Bloom in class today. It was brave.”

Jonathan was stunned. “Well… Thanks. I think he didn’t like it.”

“He probably didn’t. But I did. Students have to learn to think for themselves. You, Jonathan, long for the truth, and that’s a noble longing. To be really honest, and I trust you to keep the confidence, I agree with you. I don’t believe in demonic forces that can control someone. That’s just bullshit to avoid responsibility for your actions. I respect that Mr. Bloom believes it, but I don’t, and he knows.”

Sebastian left discreetly while they continued talking. He was glad in a way that Jonathan had finally found someone on his side for a change. What bothered him was that Mr. Bloom was right about the supernatural forces, despite what Jon and Mr. Nate believed. And Sebastian didn’t like the attention.

He spent the rest of that afternoon only dimly aware of the people around him. He barely listened to his biology teacher as he revealed all about mollusks; he refused to acknowledge that Ethan had shrunk back into his shell once more; he avoided Sean during the brief moments Sean was not avoiding him; and he suffered silently as Jonathan ranted about how great Mr. Nate was. A multi-faceted fear was building up inside him: a fear of being exposed as the demonic agent Mr. Bloom had denounced so vehemently, a fear of being uncovered as gay and rejected by his newly made friends, a fear that his powers would act on their own with disastrous consequences for which he would be responsible.

He thought about stopping to use his powers altogether. Wouldn’t that prevent a potential slip proving his guilt? Wouldn’t that lull his powers to sleep and avoid their acting on their own? Yet he knew he would not be able to restrain himself. Using his powers was his own special way to deal with stress. Wasn’t it healthier than smoking or overeating? Besides, he suspected that the power needed to flow. By bottling it up, the pressure would increase graduallly until it would burst out in total chaos. Better to make it leak away at a constant pace, and use it to, for example, make that cute red-hair senior in the hallway absent-mindedly slide his hand inside the front of his pants and fondle himself. To watch him blush as he realizes everyone in the hallway saw him do it, now that’s a tension release. It would do nothing but confirm the rumors about the demonic invasion, but it was too satisfying a habit to stop.

During dinner, Sean kept his eyes on his food and barely looked at or talked to them; Ethan, more taciturn than ever, struggled to contain his anxiety. Jonathan, usually the sullen one, was going on and on about how people, if they were only willing to dig a little, would be well rewarded by his inner qualities.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to control minds?” Jonathan asked, suddenly.

Sebastian nearly choked on his mashed potatoes. Sean and Ethan were immediately interested.

“Not for the ones whose minds would be controlled,” said Sean dryly.

“Where did that idea come from?” asked Ethan.

“I don’t believe it would be possible,” Jonathan explained, “but Mr. Bloom seems to think so, and I’m just trying to imagine what it would be like to have that kind of power.”

“You mean what it would be like to associate with demons?” said Sean. “It would be like making sure you’d burn in hell for all eternity.”

They all rolled their eyes.

Sebastian offered: “I guess it would take a lot of training to use it properly. Nothing comes easy.”

“Maybe you’re right,” said Jonathan, his eyes sparkling mysteriously. “But imagine how…” He was interrupted by Robert, the romantic hero from Mr. Nate’s class, as he sat next to them.

“Hey guys! Aren’t you curious about the ‘forces of evil’ invading our quiet little Christian school?”

“Not particularly,” said Sebastian. His three roommates, however, had said “Sure!” in sync.

“How about we make our own investigation into the matter? For starters, I’d be quite interested to know who was controlled by those forces and spoke to Mr. Bloom… Any thoughts?” Sean looked away, then Robert added: “By the way, Jonathan, what happened last night in Mr. Bloom’s office?”

“None of your damn business, but I got a punishment I didn’t deserve as much as some others.”

Sebastian didn’t like the idea of his friends nosing around with this new wanna-be-detective.

“We’re not interested,” he said strongly. “We have more important things to do than investigate Mr. Bloom’s fantasies. Why amplify the whole thing? We don’t want to start chasing witches…”

He stopped when he saw Sean’s eyes widen, and turned towards the cafeteria doorway. The noisy room became instantly quiet as everyone stared at Josh Carlton, the rich jock, who had just come in wearing only a jiggling jockstrap. Josh’s usually determined forehead was relaxed, his usually disdainful eyes blank and purposeless. His bare athletic chest expanded and contracted as he breathed deep, slow breaths. He walked directly towards a shocked Mr. Bloom, his package flip-flopping along in its cotton wrapping, his tanned, tastefully hairy legs exposed. He passed Sebastian and his friends, who followed the progression of his jock-framed ass. This total disregard for Mr. Bloom’s rules was so blatant, that all students expected the strongheaded headmaster to go into one of his rages. But he just sat still, horrified. When Josh stood right in front of Mr. Bloom, he slipped the jockstrap down his legs, and displayed his thick cut piece of meat to the headmaster. Everyone in the cafeteria was paralyzed unnaturally; no one even tried to stop Josh as he started to finger his cock until it was hard and pointing straight at Mr. Bloom. “Get out of here Mr. Carlton,” finally yelled Mr. Bloom hysterically. Yet, he could not muster the will to move from his seat as Josh fondled his nipples with one hand and stroked his cock with the other. Sebastian, who had become erect long before that moment, realized that everyone in the cafeteria was aroused in sync with Josh. Their eyes half-closed, they whispered and moaned softly. And when finally Josh sprayed thick, white globs of cum all over Mr. Bloom’s plate, a loud massive yell erupted from the cafeteria as students and teachers alike ejaculated in their pants together in perfect harmony.