Domination Ch. 1

Domination (by Mafisto)

Chapter 1: The Blue Sparrow Motel

Gary Bloom, a reserved 35 year-old bookstore owner, was on vacation in Fort Lauderdale, enjoying the first trip of his life outside Massachusetts. The extravagance thrilled him, but he could not shake his thrifty nature off, and so he had carefully planned for the trip by studying half a dozen travel books beforehand, and selecting a place to stay that offered the best for the least. This proved to be room 32 at the Blue Sparrow Motel, $40 a night, a quarter of a mile from the beach and featuring a pool, a hot tub and a sauna. It was located close to Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, a bit in retreat from the busy areas, something Gary appreciated because of his natural shyness. He had never come out of the closet and he was mostly attracted to straight men in their late teens to their early twenties – two facts that had condemned him to a rather insignificant sex life.

That week in April, there were, coincidentally, two large conventions in town: the Engineering Students of America Conference at the Broward County Convention Center and the National Male Athletics Gathering at the Nova Southeastern University. The Blue Sparrow offered even better rates for these types of events and also offered free shuttle bus rides to the sites to compensate for its distance from them, making it popular with the schools’ event coordinators. The motel was thus overflowing with ambitious male students and athletes, packed in groups of four per room. The male to female ratio had been a pleasant surprise for Gary, and he spent the first day of his vacation ogling at the motel’s guests, either from his third floor balcony, or from a worn-out beach chair next to the pool.

That first night, around 11 PM, he decided to take a walk on the beach before going to bed. As he came out of his room, he saw three of his neighbors from room 31, engineering students, unlocking their door. “Good evening,” he said, politely, but they did not bother to respond, only one of them, with a tuft of disheveled blond hair, nodded to him. Gary stood there until they were inside, waiting for something that would obviously not come, and focusing on the smallest details about them: a pair of sunglasses, a smug smile, rough shoulders, a belly button, a boxers waistband briefly showing… When he turned around to go on his way, he bumped into the fourth of them. He had dark matted hair, and wore a simple white T-shirt and jeans.

“Watch where you’re going, man!” the student said.


The boy walked to his door, but before he entered he told Gary: “I’ve seen you watching us, man. We ain’t for you. We’re all into girls, y’know.”

“I’m not… I mean… It’s not that…”

“Don’t waste your breath.”

Gary was in shock. Had he been that obvious? He felt his body become limp and his jaw loosen, useless, as he watched the student enter his room, eyeing him with disgust.

A few minutes later, Gary was down on the beach, strolling leisurely in the direction of a large mansion half a mile away. The public beach ended there with a metal fence separating it from the mansion’s private beach. To Gary’s right were small palm-tree-covered hills, blocking direct access from the street – it helped make that part of the beach unfrequented, much to Gary’s liking; to his left, waves were crashing — their recurrent sound relaxed him: it numbed the pain he had felt at the earlier comments from that cute but insolent student. It had always been hard for him, this constant rejection, and had become even harder as he grew older.

A man came out of the mansion through the fence, then walked towards Gary, tottering as if drunk. As they got closer to each other, Gary could discern some details about him: salt-and-pepper hair, a dark green suit, blood on his white shirt…

Blood? Gary started to run towards him. The man had fallen headlong in the sand when Gary reached him. Gary knelt next to the man’s chest, and turned him around on his back, focusing his attention on his face and away from the blood.

“What happened to you, sir?”

“They’re dead,” the man said, breathing with difficulty, “but I’m dead too. Keep the drug, there’s only this much remaining. Contact Domination. 165. 34. 54. 100.”

“What drug?” asked Gary. Then the man opened his hand. He held a thumb-sized glass flask filled with a fine powder, cobalt blue in color.

“Works… in water… contact with the skin. Subjects become instantly controllable.”

“What do you mean?” Gary looked towards the road. “There’s a phone over there. I’ll go call 911.”

“NO!” the man said, then started coughing blood. It took him a few seconds to continue. “Keep away from the police. If they know you had contact with me, they’ll try to get the drug. Run. Hide. Make sure no one knows you were with me. Use the drug if necessary. Tell Domination that the mages are onto us. It’d be dis…”

He drew a long rough breath, then abruptly stopped. He was dead. Gary had never seen a man die. He watched the ocean, trying to imagine the man’s soul floating away towards the horizon. What was he to make of all this? He had an urge to run to a phone and call the police. That’s the kind of man he was. That’s the kind of man he had always been. Yet, there was something about this trip, something about being away from his typical surroundings, that tempted him into being a different man, just for a while. It would be an adventure, and that appealed to him. What had his years of doing the right thing brought him? Rejection. Pain. A boring life.

With amazing determination, he snatched the flask from the corpse’s fingers and ran back to the motel as fast as he could. He was almost certain that no one had seen him.

Gary was back in his room, sprawled on his bed, studying the flask while trying to make sense of it all. A dying man. A drug. A name: Domination. A phone number, 165. 34. 54. 100, which he had written down from memory on Blue Sparrow Motel stationery. Water. Contact with the skin. Mages. Control. He was inside a spy or sci-fi novel.

He just needed to try it. He needed to make sure the man had been delirious, or joking. He got up, went inside the bathroom, removed the wrapping paper from one of the glasses, which he filled halfway with water. He opened the flask. How much powder was needed? There was no way of knowing except by trial and error. He filled the tiny cap with blue powder, careful not to touch or spill any, and emptied the cap’s contents in the glass. There was an alka-seltzer-like reaction, and the water turned deep blue. The color faded quickly, and within five seconds, the water was clear again.

He walked out of his room, holding the glass, not knowing where to go. He felt rather foolish walking around with a glass of water at midnight. It was certainly not what he had planned for his first night of vacation. He roamed around the motel grounds, which were rather noisy tonight, with music, screams, and general partying. There was also a lot of traffic, small groups of overexcited students crossing his path. Potential victims perhaps, but Gary wanted to be low profile.

The door to the sauna was opened and there was a light beyond. It seemed strange to Gary — the sauna supposedly closed at midnight, and it was well after 1 AM. Who could it be? He wandered in silently, holding the glass as inconspicuously as he could. Someone was definitely within.

He recognized Todd, the janitor, a tall lanky twenty-something dressed in a plaid cotton shirt and jeans. He had his back to Gary, and was washing the floor with a mop. Before Todd noticed him, Gary emptied the drugged water from his glass inside the janitor’s pail, then waited.

Todd soon turned around and saw him. After an initial startle, he said: “I’m sorry, sir, but the sauna’s closed for the night.”

“I know,” Gary said. “But I just need to use the bathroom, if you don’t mind.”

“Oh, that’s alright. You know where it is? Down there on the left?”

“Yeah, thanks.” Gary walked to the bathroom, and as he entered, he saw Todd plunge his mop in the pail.

He waited in the bathroom for a minute or two, then peeked out again. Todd was squeezing the excess water from his mop with his bare hands. Good. The drug had a chance of coming in contact with his skin. Would it be enough? There was only a tiny amount of drug for the whole pail. What was the right dosage?

More to the point, what did it do exactly? ‘The subject becomes instantly controllable.’ But how was he to be controlled? By giving him orders? What if it didn’t work? He needed to try something that could be explained away if it failed.



“Go close and lock the outside door.”

There was an uneasy pause, where Todd appeared confused and Gary held his breath, but finally Todd said, “Yeah,” and headed towards the door.

Gary breathed in relief. He would have looked foolish if it hadn’t work. But wait! It had worked! It was incredible! Gary’s heart was trying to beat itself out of his chest.

Todd resumed his mopping, but he was eyeing Gary suspiciously. He seemed troubled.

“You know the sauna’s closed,” he finally said. “You’re gonna have to leave.”

Maybe it hadn’t worked. Maybe Todd had just closed the door by sheer habit of following orders. Gary would need to try something more definite.

“But I’m allowed to stay here, Todd,” he said gently. “Aren’t I?”

Todd’s eyes went blank for a second. “Yeah, that’s right. You’re allowed to stay here… Sorry.”

This was the proof that Gary needed. The drug was certainly working beyond Gary’s expectations – not only could he control Todd’s actions, but also his thoughts, maybe his emotions. So, now he had his proof. He could leave. Run. Hide. Calling Domination as the man in green had asked.

Yet, he was watching Todd – the short brown hair with a touch of red. The sinewy arms. The rough unshaven face, long and stern. Gary realized he was attracted to him. And now that Todd was doing everything Gary asked him to do, it was certainly hard to resist the temptation.

“Todd, unbutton your shirt,” he said, before he could stop himself.

Todd did not even take time to absorb the order this time. He simply set his mop against the wall and complied, pulling out his shirt from his jeans. The muscles of his chest were sharply delineated, but in a rugged way, from manual labor and not from a strict gym regimen.

“Like this?” he asked Gary, who just nodded approvingly.

Having obeyed Gary’s order, Todd took his pail and mop and walked towards the sauna room. Gary followed. The janitor started to clean the sauna benches, using a sponge from within the pail, his hands dripping with drugged water.

“Todd, you’re getting sexually excited,” Gary said, boldly. “You can’t fight it. The more you want to do your job, the more you are thinking about sex. You don’t even care that I’m here. You want to jerk off real bad.”

Todd continued to wipe the benches, but started rubbing his crotch with his free hand. He stood up, and Gary saw a long bulge along his leg. He smiled uneasily at Gary.

“You’re right. I don’t know what’s comin’ over me,” he said. “I can’t concentrate. I’m feelin’ real horny. Real fuckin’ horny.”

Todd undid his jeans top button, unzipped them, but kept them up, all the while rubbing his hard dick through the denim. He did not wear any underwear, and his pubic hair was visible. He started washing the benches again, fighting to do his job despite his arousal.

Then he let his jeans slide down to his ankles, his open shirt hanging low over his ass. He was still wiping, but with his left hand he began to stroke his eight-inch dick slowly, as if it was part of the cleaning routine. He moaned, deeply but quietly.

“Take off the shirt now Todd. And the jeans. You don’t care about cleaning anymore. You just want to jerk off.”

“That’s right,” Todd said. “Fuck this.”

He threw the sponge away and removed his shirt. Gary got a great look at his slightly bony ass. As Todd sat on a bench, he removed his jeans, but kept his work boots on. Then he spread himself down over the bench, on his back, naked except for his footwear, his hard dick pointing to the ceiling. One hand jerked it more quickly now, while the other was stroking his chest. The moans were louder now, and his eyes were closed. He was lost in lustland, oblivious to the world.

Gary had never been so aroused in his life. His dick pushed so hard against his pants it was hurting. Once Todd’s eyes were closed, Gary felt courageous enough to lower his own pants and boxers. He sat on a bench one step lower than Todd had, close to Todd’s legs. He started to jerk off too, while massaging Todd’s legs and thighs with his free hand. Then, he cupped Todd’s balls, and Todd moaned loudly this time: “Oooooaaaaaaahh” increasing his jerking off rhythm.

Both of them came simultaneously, Todd pumping loads of hot sperm on his chest, while Gary’s cum jetted out over the bench.

There was a long moment of silence. Todd sat up and started to wipe his hands with his shirt. He was about to wipe away the cum from his chest, when he suddenly froze.

“What happened?” he said, in a sudden panic. “What are you doing here?” He got up quickly, the cum oozing down his stomach.

Gary was startled by the sudden change in reaction. He stood up as well, pulled his boxers and pants back up, and paced the room nervously. “Hmmm… I don’t know…Sit down.”

“The hell I will! You were asking me to do these things,” Todd said, furious, “and I could not help but do them. How? … And you… you touched me. What kind of pervert are you? If you think you’re gonna get away with this…”

His face flushed with rage, he made a sudden move to hit Gary…

Domination Ch. 2

Domination (by Mafisto)

Chapter 2: Room 31

The janitor, blind in his fury, did not notice of course the pail that stood between him and Gary. He inadvertently knocked it over, which made him stumble and fall to his knees in a rapidly forming puddle of water.

“Shit!” he said, as he was quickly getting back on his feet.

Gary looked at the enraged naked janitor with abject terror. What had he done? And what would Todd do now?

“Please don’t hurt me,” Gary said. His voice was child-like, and he remembered having said these words before, long ago, in that same voice, to an abusing father. “Please let me go.”

He shut his eyes, as if not seeing what was to come would make it less painful.

“I won’t hurt you,” said Todd, unexpectedly. “You can go.”

Gary opened his eyes. Todd was still obviously enraged, but he somehow had changed his mind. Was it the pleading? Then Gary noticed that Todd’s legs and hands were wet with drugged water. He was back under Gary’s control! Maybe a little change in emotion was in order.

“Todd, you’re not mad at me at all. In fact, you feel extremely grateful that I allowed you to have a little fun on the job.”

The change on Todd’s face was remarkably swift. He broke into a wide, dumb smile as if he had just won the lottery.

“That’s true,” he said, as he stood there, naked and gooey. “I can’t thank you enough for letting me do this. This job can be so boring at times. It was sure fun: look at me! I’ve got to clean myself up.”

He looked around for the sponge. Todd dared not push his luck. There was no way of knowing how long this would last. “Good, Todd. Clean yourself up and get dressed,” he hurried to say.


He had found the sponge and was wiping the cum off his belly.

“When you’re dressed, you’ll continue to do your job as usual and you will forget everything that happened here with me. You will forget you even saw me tonight.”

“Yeah, I will. I sure will.”

Gary savored for the last time the sight of Todd’s naked body, and of his softening cock. Then he sighed, walked out of the sauna as Todd was pulling his jeans up, and hurried back to his room.

It was a nice night out, and he felt more alive than he could remember ever having been. A group of nonchalant students passed him by, and he heard them snicker behind his back. If they only knew his power, maybe they’d be groveling at his feet, begging for mercy.

Thinking like that suddenly made him anxious. It was a side of him he did not know he had, and it was a little scary. What was also beginning to scare him was the growing awareness that if the drug was genuine, then the threat the green man had warned about was almost certainly genuine as well. ‘Run. Hide. Contact Domination. Tell them the mages are onto us.’ Remembering the words made him shudder. The green man was dead because of that drug. Would that be Gary’s fate as well?

He had a sudden impression of being watched. Was it the man who had just passed by him? He turned around and looked. No one was looking at him; no one was even there. The man was gone. There was no way he could have disappeared like that. This was definitely weird.

He climbed the stairs to his floor two by two, his earlier excitement having changed into a vague fear. He deserved a good night sleep after these events. Unfortunately, there still was a lot of noise out and — he realized as he got closer to his room — the students next door were responsible for most of it. As he reached his door, some girl in room 31 managed to wail and laugh louder than the Pearl Jam that was blaring out.

Emboldened by the earlier events, he knocked loudly on the students’ door. He regretted his move as soon as a blond student opened it, smelling like cheap beer. It wasn’t the blond who had nodded to him earlier: this one was younger, plainer, and with shorter hair.


“Do you think you could turn the music down? It’s almost 2 AM.”

The boy turned around and yelled: “It’s the pervert from next door. He wants us to turn the music down so he can jerk off in silence.”

They laughed inside, all except the other blond who was busy french-kissing a little bitch with her top off. The room was a mess! Beer bottles everywhere. There was a laptop computer on the desk, playing a porno through the Internet. The boy who had opened the door went back in; two others came at the door, the one with dark matted hair who had talked to him before his walk, and the one with the rough shoulders wearing a black tank top and sunglasses.

“Get out of here!” the black-tank-top guy said. Gary noticed a tattoo on his left arm triceps. “This is a party. We’re on vacation. Put on some earplugs or somethin’!”

“Yeah,” the other said. “If you have a problem, we can take care of it, if you know what I mean…”

Gary was about to respond sheepishly when he heard someone behind him say: “You’d have to care of me first.”

The two boys blanched. Gary turned around and saw a hunk of a man who stood behind him, angry, and wearing only a pair of jeans. He recognized him as being the coach of the athletes in room 33, his other neighbors. The man did not pay any attention to him; his eyes were focused on the students.

“Turn the fucking music down,” he said. “We’re trying to sleep next door. We have to get up at 6:00 AM for practice tomorrow.”

“Why the fuck should we care?”

“You’ll care because if the four of us have to come out of our room, you’ll all be dead silent for the next year!”

“OK, OK, we’ll be more quiet.”

“Thank you. And fuck you.”

The man returned to his room, ignoring Gary. He smelled of subtly spicy cologne, and had a smooth athletic chest and back.

Gary entered his room as the racket from next door turned into whispers. Ten minutes later, he heard female voices outside. “Sorry guys,” one said. “You can’t even stand up to party poopers. Call us when you’re ready to act like real men.”

“You’re just a bunch of teasing bitches.”

“Well, fuck you. Maybe the athletes will like a little company tomorrow after their big competition…”

The door slammed. Gary hit the sack, his mind racing with the day’s events. He rolled the flask against his fingers with his thumb. What was it the man in the dark green suit had asked? To contact Domination? He picked up the sheet with the numbers. 165. 34. 54. 100. It looked like an international phone number. Did he want to do this just now? It was the right thing to do. He did not deserve this much power. He picked up the phone, and dialed 0.


“I have an international phone call to make, but I’ve never done it before. I only have the following numbers: 1 6 5 3 4 5 4 1 0 0.”

“The last seven numbers should be the phone number, 345-4100. The prefix would be the country and city codes: 65 is Singapore, and there’s no city code. The 1 should be 011, the international prefix. Do you want me to dial it for you?”

“Please.” Singapore? This was getting really weird. With the time zone difference it would be the afternoon over there. The phone was ringing at the other end. A man picked up and said something Chinese-like.

“Is this Domination?” Gary asked.

The man started to speak really fast, but it all sounded like gibberish to Gary. The line was cut.

Was it the right number? Gary had a good memory, but there had been a long delay between the time the green-suited man had told him the number and the time he had written it down. If it was the wrong number, there was no way he could find the right one! He would be stuck with the drug. One thing was clear though: he shouldn’t use the drug anymore — it was wrong to take control of people like that.

Gary got up and walked to the bathroom with the flask. He stood before the toilet, and unscrewed the flask’s cap. He started to flip it over, then paused in mid-air. Why couldn’t he do it? He sighed. Maybe because it seemed like such a waste. What if he turned it to the local authorities? Nah. Could he trust that it wouldn’t be used wrongly? There was so much power in that little flask. And what if he used it to help people? If he was careful not to abuse of it, he could become some kind of secret hero. What about using it to punish bad people, not criminals, but bullies and obnoxious people? Or use it to make the rich give to the poor? Or maybe…

He heard laughs. They were coming out of the small bathroom window at the top of the outside wall, just above the showerhead. It was his neighbors from room 31. Their bathroom was just next to his.

Gary walked out of his bathroom, then opened the fire escape door at the back of his room. It gave on a narrow metal landing and staircase. There was a huge empty field beyond. The laughs were louder now. As he had suspected, he shared the landing with room 31. And in between their two fire escape doors were his bathroom window and theirs. Both were open. He climbed the wall a few feet up using a fixture, and peeked discreetly through their bathroom window.

Their bathroom was a mirror image of his, and the window was also located above their showerhead. The older blond guy and the dark-haired one were standing in the doorway, talking and drinking beer.

“I tell you,” the dark-haired one said, “these bitches will regret what they did tonight.”

“Yeah. Fuck them.” The blond one yawned. “I guess the party’s over.”

“Did Gigi make you forget all about Melissa?”

“Not really,” the blond one said, pensive. “I guess I wanted her to, but I can’t keep Melissa out of my mind.”

His curiosity satisfied, Gary climbed down. He realized he enjoyed having gotten a peek at them without their knowing about it. Did it mean he was a voyeur? Not really, he thought as he went back inside his room, it was nothing pervert or anything. It was a strange feeling of intimacy: being witness to a side of them they would not show him in other circumstances.

He was soon in bed and asleep.

He woke up early, rolling around within the sheets, trying to figure out if last night had been all a dream. But the flask was there, on the night table, next to the complimentary bible. What a contrast! He got up and took a shower. As soon as the soothing water splashed against his chest, an idea came to him. He tried to reason it away, but it soon became an urge too hard to resist.

A few minutes later, he was outside, unscrewing the showerhead of room 31’s bathroom through the small window, cursing himself for not being able to resist that urge. It was a simple matter to insert a small amount of drug wrapped inside a tissue inside the showerhead, and screw it back on. The tissue would prevent the drug from being wasted in the first few seconds of use, and would distribute it evenly throughout the shower, Gary hoped. He squatted down and waited, two glasses of drugged water at his side.

It took about an hour before he heard someone coming in the bathroom. After a long piss, the early bird started showering. Gary waited anxiously. Then the shower ended. Was he drugged? There was only one way to find out.

“Get out immediately and go through the fire escape door,” he said, just loud enough to be heard from within.

“Who is this?”

He stayed silent, his heart beating wildly. The door opened. What if it didn’t work? How would he explain?

A wet naked student came onto the railing, holding a towel before him. It was the blond boy who had answered the door last night. He was 5’10” with short dirty blond hair. His body was wet and smooth.

“What the fuck are you doing there?” he asked.

“Drop the towel, get on your knees, and don’t move,” said Gary, daringly. If the boy wasn’t drugged, he’d be spending some time explaining himself. He did not like his own tone of voice; it was too aggressive for him somehow.

The student’s eyes went blank, as the janitor’s had the night before. The towel dropped, exposing a patch of blond pubic hair and a soft uncut 6-inch cock. The boy fell to his knees on the towel.

“Why… How the fuck did you do that?”

“Are any of the others awake?” Gary asked, towering above the nude boy, his crotch almost in his face.

“Yeah, Sean is waiting for me to finish.”

Damn. “Go back in, and tell him you’re finished. Then, when he’s inside the bathroom, come back outside. Do not mention my presence in any way.”

The student went back in, leaving the towel on the landing. Gary stared at his sleek ass, with just a touch of blond hair above his crack. He heard some whispers, then someone entering the bathroom. Again, a long piss. Then, the shower came on. The naked blond came back out.

Gary handed him one glass of water. “Take this and follow me inside. We’ll wake your other friends. What’s your name?”


“Ok, Jeff, let’s go.”

They went inside. He felt exhilarated. There was no turning back now.

Domination Ch. 3

Domination (by Mafisto)

Chapter 3: Awakenings

The room was dark and filled with the sound of the running shower and the breathing of the two sleeping students. It was still a mess, and Gary had to be careful to avoid the beer bottles, pizza boxes, running shoes, and discarded clothing that were strewn about like land mines. The computer had been turned off.

“Why am I doing everything you ask?” asked Jeff from behind him.

Gary ignored the question and went beside the french-kissing blond. How vulnerable he looked, asleep like that! He had short hair on the sides and the back of his head, but a mass of long wavy dirty blond hair on top, parted on the left. He looked like an angel. Gary positioned his glass over him.

“What’s his name?” he whispered to Jeff.

“John,” Jeff said, out loud.

John became agitated at the mention of his name. Gary motioned for Jeff to go to the other student, the tattooed one. “Shut up and splash him!” he said.

“Sorry about this Paul,” Jeff said, “but I can’t help myself!”

He threw the water all over the boy’s body. Gary turned the glass over the blond; the water flowed down his face and chest. Both students sprung wide awake, sitting up in their beds.

“Shit! What’s this?” Paul said, staring at his wet, hairless chest. His hair was shaven all around his head, but was a thick dark brown bush on top. “Jeff, why the hell are you naked? I’m gonna kill you for this.”

“It’s the guy from next door,” said the naked Jeff, pointing to Gary. “The jerk who keeps looking at us.”

“What are you doing here?” John asked, too confused to be angry. He was more disheveled than ever.

Both students threw their bed covers away. They were each wearing a pair of classic white cotton briefs. Gary had not noticed before, but John was better built than Paul was, even if the latter was taller by an inch or two — almost 6’2″.

“What’s this, why am I all wet?” asked John, slowly getting awake.

“Anticipation, I guess,” Gary joked. He felt cool and in control.

“Get the fuck out of here!” said Paul, standing up and coming closer to him.

Gary was taken aback by the anger, and he almost headed out the room, by reflex. There were three of them, and it made him a bit scared. Suddenly, his idea seemed not too bright. How would he control all of them? What if they found a way to bypass his orders while he wasn’t looking?

Maybe he could try altering their emotions, like he had done to Todd.

“Listen, all of you. You are nice to me, because I’m a person you admire and respect. In fact, you always call me sir. You are glad to see me, and want to do everything in your power to make me happy. Isn’t that right?”

There was a moment of blank stares, then:

“Yes, sir,” said Jeff. “It’s real nice to have you with us.”

“Yes, sir,” said Paul, scratching his morning beard. “I’m sorry I was rude. Do you want a beer?” He headed towards the small fridge tucked between his bed and the one next to it.

“No, thank you, Paul.” Seeing that Paul had already grabbed one from the fridge, Gary added: “And you don’t want one either, it’s too early.”

“Yeah, that’s right, I don’t want one,” said Paul, putting the beer back and closing the fridge door.

“I guess you took us by surprise,” said John, “with that water and all. But what did you do to us? Why do we do as you say?”

Gary smiled. “It will be my little secret, I fear. But don’t worry, you are happy to obey me.”

“Yeah, that’s true,” said Jeff, absent-mindedly feeling his balls.

Gary sat on the bed next to John. “Hello, John.” John had been his favorite from the start. An all-American boy with great looks, and a touch of innocence that made him endearing.

“Hello, sir,” John said, slightly uneasy.

Gary moved closer to him, and got an instant erection just by the warmth he felt from John’s body. The others watched them, perplexed.

“John, do you love women?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Well, you love me even more than you love women. You don’t know why, but you are very attracted to me. In fact, you are completely in love with me, aren’t you?”

“Yes, sir,” said John, looking down. “How did you know?”

Suddenly, John stared right at Gary, wide-eyed like an adoring puppy. Gary soflty asked him, “Admit it to your friends.”

Paul and Jeff were staring at them, completely shocked. John looked in their general direction, but was too embarrassed to look them directly in the eyes. “It’s true, guys. I can’t explain it, but I’m in love with this guy. Fuck, I don’t even know his name!”

“But what about Melissa?” asked Jeff.

“Melissa…” he said, thinking. “Oh, yeah. I guess I love her, but it doesn’t compare to what I feel for…”


“Gary. It doesn’t compare to what I feel for Gary.”

“Are you telling us you’re a fucking faggot?” said Paul. “You’ve slept with more women than the two of us combined!”

He was pacing around the room, his world completely shattered.

“No, I’m not a faggot,” protested John. “It’s nothing like that. I just can’t explain it.”

“Look, he’s even got a fucking hard-on,” said Paul.

All eyes focused on John’s groin, including Gary’s. It was true: there was a huge bulge in John’s briefs, which he was now trying to hide with his hands. What an unexpected development! Gary was ecstatic.

“That’s just a morning thing,” John said, humiliated.

“Well, Paul,” said Gary, “I wouldn’t talk too much if I were you. You are getting one too, because you never noticed it before, but the sight of a naked man makes you sexually aroused. So much that you cannot think of anything else, and the more you look at one, the more you lose control over yourself, and try to find ways to touch him.”

“What?” said Paul. “I don’t believe…”

But his eyes strayed towards Jeff. He did not even finish his sentence, as he became completely absorbed in watching Jeff’s nude body. His hard cock began to peek out at the top of his stretched-out briefs. It looked like quite a monster.

“What the fuck, man!” Jeff reached for a bed sheet, and covered himself.

Paul was flabbergasted. “Sorry Jeff, I sure don’t know what came over me. Come on! You know I’ve seen you naked lots of times before, and I never got all excited or anythin’. This is some crazy morning!”

He sat on the edge of the bed, drawing a sheet over his lower body.

Gary turned his attention on John, who kept staring at him. He studied John’s righteous jaw, his full moist lips, his unruly hair; then he focused on the eyes, electric blue, full of passion. He was melting under the boy’s powerful gaze.

“You really want to kiss me, John, don’t you? Do it. Kiss me as passionately as you can.”

John was suddenly all over him, locking his lips over Gary’s. Gary closed his eyes and let John invade his mouth with his frantic tongue. It was paradise. Their bodies were wrapped together; John’s body felt warm and cozy like the heat from a fireplace. He smelled like teen cologne, mixed with some earthy, slightly alkaline, otherwise undefinable odor.

“I love you,” whispered John in his ear, then he licked his lobe.

Gary’s hands stroked John’s thighs, and then they crept up towards his crotch. John moved back instantly, troubled. “Not here, sir, please, not in front of my friends.”

“We can leave you two love birds alone if you want,” offered Paul bitterly. “With all due respect, John, you can do what you want, but I personally find that disgustin’, kissin’ a guy…an old guy… like this.”

“I agree,” said Jeff.

Gary looked at the two of them, wrapped in their sheets, passing judgement like a couple of togaed gods. John was looking down, too embarrassed to say anything.

“You’re saying this,” Gary told them, smiling devilishly, “but you don’t mean it. Both of you have secretly wanted to kiss each other for a long time. In fact, you’re glad that John and I are so open with you, because it allows you two to be open too. Don’t be shy! Take off these sheets and kiss each other!”

Paul and Jeff looked at each other, their eyes briefly confirming these new fabricated feelings to each other. Then Paul jumped off the bed and into Jeff’s arms. The sheets fell. Their heads met. They awkwardly kissed. Paul, whose dick had had time to soften, grew hard again at the presence of Jeff’s naked body so close to him. He started to rub his erection against Jeff, his hands all over Jeff’s backside. It unsettled Jeff, who said, “Ok, Paul, that’s enough. We kissed. That’s it. Stop.”

But Paul didn’t. They both fell on Jeff’s bed, where Paul pinned him down. Jeff kept protesting, but Paul was strong. “I can’t resist…” he said. “You’re naked… I must touch you… Can’t control…”

As interesting as this sight was, it was John that Gary wanted. Right now. But Paul and Jeff’s struggle was getting a little out of hand. Gar y sighed and said:

“Paul, go back on your bed and jerk it off. Leave Jeff alone for now.”

Paul let go of Jeff and spread his back on the bed. He began to quickly stroke his huge hard cock. Jeff was wiping his body with a sheet, his face almost in tears.

“For two easily disgusted persons, they’re not exactly discreet,” said Gary to John.

“I guess so, sir,” said John, looking up at him.

“There’s no need for you to be shy either, is there?”

“I guess not, sir,” said John, his gaze growing more intense.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Stand up and take off these briefs. You’ve been wanting to show me your cock for a long time.”

“Yes, sir. That’s right, sir.”

John stood up in front of Gary and pulled his briefs down, a pleased look on his face. His cock hung loose, inviting, long and thin, below a patch of dark blond hair similar to the one that covered his legs with light fuzz.

Gary was hesitating now. This was the forbidden fruit. Gary knew that once he had his mouth wrapped around it, he would lose all his willpower to play hero with the drug. He would fall into the depths of addiction.

“Do you like it?” asked John innocently. “I’ve been looking forward to show it to you.”

“Yes, John,’ said Gary, breathing deeply. “I really do like it. I like it a lot.”

Gary looked up at John’s face. Yesterday, that angel had barely nodded to him, had ignored him, had been french-kissing a girl. Now, he was standing there, nude, smiling, seeking Gary’s approval of his cock. All because of some blue powder.

Gary moved his hand towards John’s balls. But before he grabbed them, the bathroom door opened, and Sean came out, his torso bare and wearing a pair of jeans. When he saw the scene before him, he froze instantly, in a state of shock.

“What are you all doing?” he said, stuttering.

Gary had totally forgotten about him! But it didn’t matter: he would make a welcome addition to the group, wouldn’t he? The drug in the showerhead would make sure of that. Gary was looking forward to have some fun with Sean, who had been so rude to him yesterday.

“Sean, take off your jeans and join us,” he said invitingly.

“What are you, nuts? Are you the one responsible for this? A little orgy? I can’t believe you guys went along with this…”

Gary, startled, started to get nervous. For some reason, Sean was not drugged. The two glasses were empty now, their contents still glistening over John and Paul’s chests. There was no way to get him drugged now; the flask was in Gary’s room!

Then, without warning, someone punched him.

“He,” said John, “what the fuck did you do that for?”

It was Jeff who had struck Gary, defiant despite his nakedness.

“I’m sorry, you fucking pervert, but whatever hold you had on me is gone.”