Almost 12 Years

Hi guys!

I haven’t published a story online since the third part of The Berries, in August 2002. I have fought a major illness during that time, but now that I survived, I got that bug again. I made this whole new site in the modern way, quite a change from the old Mafisto’s Web Manor… I have lots of story fragments as well as fresh new ideas. I hope I will be able to write often. I have included all my stories and my collages in here, and dated the posts by the time the story or chapter was first submitted. I miss your feedback and encouragement more than ever. I’m trying a new thing with occasionally becoming an affiliate of the source of the pictures for a particular story. Go check these sites out, especially to find videos and pictures of the models used or similar models. Consider that if you become a member of those sites, you’ll be making a contribution to my work.