The Deal – Ch. 1

The Deal (by Mafisto)

Chapter 1 (Revised)

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In his 60th floor luxurious suite of the Mandarin Asia Hotel in New York City, Daryl Homstader sat at the marble conference table to scan through the outrageous contract he wanted to sign today with Bayshore College’s athletics department. For a modest investment in renovating and improving the Long Island-based facilities, he would gain a humongous 85% of all profits derived from ticketing and merchandising revenue.

Daryl knew there was no way Gregory Dolham, the young hot shot lawyer representing the college, would agree to that, but it hadn’t stopped Daryl from inviting the lawyer, the football coach and his assistant, and five of the department’s top athletes for an all-expenses-paid luxury weekend in Manhattan. Daryl fully intended to sign the contract within the hour, and have a great deal of pleasure the entire weekend.

Hearing the subdued knock at the suite’s door, Daryl opened the door to a stunningly handsome man. The dark-haired attorney wore a silver grey three-piece power suit. With a faint smile that was almost a smirk, he shook Daryl’s hand firmly. Daryl caught a whiff of his spiced cologne.

“I trust my athletes are having fun watching the Wicked matinee?” asked Daryl.

Your athletes?” said Gregory. “That’s a bit presumptuous of you.” He gave an insincere laugh. “In any case, they all appreciate your generosity, and see it as a good opportunity to broaden their cultural horizons.”

They sat at the table, Daryl at the head and Gregory two seats away from him. “We’re in for a long afternoon,” said Daryl. “Why don’t you take off your jacket, Mr Dolham?”

“I’m comfortable as I am,” said the lawyer, impatiently. “The college gave me power of attorney regarding this matter, so I fully represent them and I’m authorized to sign in their behalf.”

“They place a great deal of trust in you, I see.”

“I earned that trust, believe me. Now, can we discuss the specifics of the contract before I read it in detail?”


As Daryl summarized the contract, Gregory became more and more uneasy. By the end, he looked both stupefied and a little angry. He brazenly laughed and said: “I mean no disrespect, but is this a joke?”

“No,” said Daryl firmly. “This is a fantastic deal for Bayshore College Athletics, Mr. Dolham.”

“Well, we’ll have to agree to disagree then.” The young attorney stood up. “No matter how much we negotiate, I don’t see this getting anywhere. As soon as the guys are back from Wicked, I’ll tell them to pack their things. I don’t want to further impose on you.”

He offered Daryl his hand. “I’m truly sorry for the misunderstanding. I thank you again for your generosity.”

Discretely, Daryl turned a dial under the marble table up a notch. Immediately, Gregory winced and moved the offered hand to his forehead. Daryl remained unaffected thanks to a special implant at the back of his neck.

Gregory contorted his face for a few seconds. ”Sorry,” he then said, “my head was buzzing for a moment. I guess I shouldn’t have skipped breakfast. Where were we?”

He tried to rally his thoughts. “Oh yes, I was about to leave. Now if there’s nothing else, Mr. Homstader?”

“Take off your jacket and sit down, Gregory,” said Daryl. “We have to find a way to make this work.”

The attorney appeared utterly confused, then frowned. “I’m afraid not, Mr. Homstader. Also I’d prefer if you didn’t call me by my first name.”

He then became distracted. “Why is my head still buzzing like that?” He shook his head, then looked at Daryl abstractedly. “Where was I? … Oh yes. Find a way to make this work. Well I guess we could at least negotiate a little.”

He took off his jacket and sat back down. “My head is still buzzing but it’s fading… Sorry about that. Ok, you want 85%, but based on the value of what you’re offering in exchange, we cannot offer you more than 20% at best.”

“Why did you skip breakfast this morning, Gregory?”

The attorney scrutinized Daryl’s face in shock. “What? Why… I’m trying to lose a bit of weight.”

“So under that vest, you’re hiding a bit of belly fat?”

“Can we please return to the contract?” Gregory snapped. “I’m not here to answer personal questions. you’re being rude. And don’t call me Gregory, please.”

He winced again, then put his palms on each side of his face, squeezing. “The buzz is fading but my thoughts are all mixed up…” After a few seconds, he started to relax, and looked at Daryl with a serene face. “I think I’m fine now. Where was I?”

“Take off the vest, Gregory, I want to establish if you really need to skip breakfast in the morning.”

The lawyer twisted his mouth, then after a moment said: “Sure. Why not? Might be a good idea to get someone’s input on this.”

He unbuttoned the vest and took it off. His white designer shirt hung snugly on what Daryl could estimate to be a tight stomach. There was no evidence of extra fat except in the perfectionist attorney’s mind. “So, what do you think?” he asked eagerly, opening his arms.

“I think that offering me 20% is an insult, Greg! And please call me sir from now on. I’m a VIP.”

Gregory’s mouth gaped. “Sorry sir, I didn’t mean to insult you. I may have been too drastic, I could certainly make a case for 28%, sir.”

“Hmm, you really want my opinion on if you should lose weight, Greg? You do, don’t you, want the opinion of a big shot like me.”

“I…” Gregory hesitated for a moment. He looked suspicious, seemingly aware that something was out of the ordinary. Yet he eventually capitulated: “Yes, sir. I do want your opinion.”

“All right, let me tell you my opinion of your upper body. Take that tie off and stand up.”

“Yes sir. Thank you sir,” Gregory said, eagerly fumbling with his tie. He discarded it to the floor and stood up. Daryl stood up as well and scanned him from head to toe. He then moved behind the uncomfortable attorney and started to massage his shoulders. Gregory recoiled, twisting himself from under Daryl’s grasp.

“Don’t! I mean… Do you seriously need to touch me for that?”

“Greg, let me put it this way,” said Daryl in a convincing tone. “It’s an honor for you to get the attention of someone as powerful as me. You feel grateful I consider your body worthy of my touch.”

“I don’t know about that…” said Gregory as he calmed down. He did nothing to prevent Daryl from resuming his massage, then moving his hands up and down to stroke his frame through the fabric of his dress shirt.

Daryl kissed the attorney on the cheek from behind, moving one hand through the luscious black hair. Gregory’s only reaction was a deep sigh. Daryl then licked the young attorney’s neck and whispered in his ear: “The buzz you can still perceive is a magnetic field gradually making you more and more obedient and open to my suggestions.”

“What? said Gregory, alarmed. “Turn it off right now…” He asked, unable to resist adding “… sir. I don’t want to…“

Daryl snorted. “Greggy-boy, I’m the one who decides what you want from now on. Ask me to remove your shirt.”

“What? No way…” said Gregory, astonished. “This is a business meeting. You can’t…”


“Please remove my shirt, sir,” Gregory said, resigned.

“I thought you’d never ask,” said Daryl, giving a squeeze to the helpless attorney’s butt through his suit pants. “Turn around!”

Gregory whirled around immediately to face Daryl, who grabbed both sides of the collar of his expensive dress shirt and pulled them firmly away from each other, making each button pop out and onto the floor while exposing more and more of Gregory’s vigorous chest. His pecs and abs were sharply defined — not a trace of extra body fat for sure.

Daryl then started playing around with Gregory’s taut nipples with one hand while moving the other one all over the curves of his healthy stomach. “Get rid of that,” he said, pulling on the shirt, and Gregory slid his arms out of the material, letting it drop at his feet.

All of a sudden, Gregory seemed to muster enough resistance to push Daryl away. “Get off me you pervert!” he yelled, and it seemed to boost his morale. He grabbed his jacket on the chair and ran towards the door. “I’m calling the police,” he said, taking his phone out of his pants pocket.

Daryl moved back to the head of the table. He then simply turned the dial under the table up one notch. Gregory immediately dropped jacket and phone to grab his head, grimacing in pain. The wave passed in seconds, and he let go of his face as it relaxed into a goofy grin.

“How are you feeling, Greggy-boy?”

“Soooo relaxed, sir,” the shirtless attorney said. “Soooo happy, sir.”

“Good,” said Daryl, walking up to him. He grabbed the phone from the floor.

“Hey, that’s my phone,” Gregory said, still grinning. “I wanted to call someone…”

“Forget about that call,” said Daryl forcefully. “What you want is negotiate this deal with me to my satisfaction.”

“No no no…” Gregory said, wagging a finger at Daryl. “To my client‘s satisfaction.”

“There won’t be any deal if I’m not satisfied, and you really want that deal for your clients. It is such a great opportunity for them. You want that deal at any cost.”

Daryl watched as Gregory’s newly opened mind absorbed the suggestions. “Great opportunity… At any cost…”

“Let’s look at the contract again, sir,” he said, suddenly snapping back to his role of attorney. He looked down at himself. “I guess I should put my shirt back on,” he said, giving a nervous laugh. He walked back to the table and grabbed the shirt from the floor.

“Stop!” said Daryl, making the lawyer pause. “You came on too aggressively, Greggy-Boy, with that fancy suit and that arrogant attitude. The only way you’re going to get this deal is with some humility and with a compliant attitude.”

Gregory looked puzzled. “What do you mean, sir?”

“To be able to trust you, I want you in a position of complete vulnerability. Take off the rest of your clothes except for your underwear.”

“What the f…? Are you insane?” said Gregory, enraged.

“If you think about it, Greggy-Boy, it makes enormous sense. Think about how much better I can trust you if you agree to expose yourself like that. You want to build trust, you want to show how transparent you can be, so that you can make a great deal, don’t you?”

“This doesn’t make any…” Gregory started to protest, but as the now stronger field continued to mollify his resistance, he appeared to consider it. “I guess… This is highly unusual and inappropriate…”

“Great lawyers think outside the box, Greggy-Boy.”

Gregory sighed. He kicked off his shoes and pulled away his socks, standing barefoot. “I can’t believe I’m gonna negotiate a contract in my underwear…” he said, as he detached and unzipped his suit pants and let them drop to his ankles.

As he stepped out of them, Daryl glanced at the attorney’s tight cerulean boxer briefs with the shapely bulge. Daryl noticed the attention and immediately put his hands in front, blushing.

“Ok,” he bitterly said, “if I’m now dressed… or undressed… to your liking, let’s go back to business. Show me the contract.”

He read the contract again, glowering, repeatedly mumbling things like “this is ridiculous!” Then he looked up and said: “This is still a terrible deal. But I need to make a great deal, so I don’t know what to do.”

Daryl licked his lips. It was a terrible deal for the athletics department. It would have no impact on their operations — in fact Daryl wanted the department to succeed so they’d attract hot new athletes every year — but they’d never make extra money, all of it would flow to his own company.

He fetishized screwing business in his deals, it aroused him as much as sex. And when he could get both… Daryl stared at the near-naked attorney, rubbing his hardening cock in his suit pants. He then increased the field’s strength another notch. This time, Gregory only closed his eyes briefly. When he opened them again, his eyes looked glassy and his body collapsed into a completely relaxed posture.

“Greggy-Boy,” said Daryl, “you will now reread the contract once again, but this time it will seem to you like the best deal of all time for your clients. The more you read, the more excited you’ll get, the more sexually aroused you’ll get.”

Gregory tried to frown but couldn’t. “Aroused, sir?”

“Yes, Greggy-boy. By the end of reading it, you’ll have the biggest boner you’ve ever had in your entire life. Now read!”

Gregory’s resistance was melting away by the second, so he snapped back to reading the first page of the contract. This time, as he read, he started to shift uncomfortably on his chair, absent-mindedly playing with his nipples.

By the end of the first page, he gave a little moan and mumbled: “This deal is so good.”

Reading the second page, he was rubbing his thighs and licking his lips. “God, I can’t believe how fantastic this deal is. You were right, I think it’s making me horny, sir. That’s a first.“

When he reached the fifth page, he just backed up his chair and started openly rubbing his crotch with one hand and his chest with the other, sighing and writhing. His boxer briefs were tenting obscenely with a wet spot at the tip.

At some point, he became aware of how he was acting. He cleared his throat and regained a bit of control over himself. He moved his chair forward and sat up straight to continue to read, but continued to sigh and writhe and breathe deeply.

When he finished the last page, he let out a loud deep moan and bit his lower lip, as if struggling against an orgasm.

“Sir, I’m sorry I had not realized how fantastic this contract is! My clients will be ecstatic when I sign it for them.” He then looked embarrassed. “I apologize for my behavior, I just could not control myself. This contract is just too good!”

Daryl stood up and said: “Let’s shake hands on it then.”

Gregory appeared hesitant to stand up. “Sure, I may need a moment though.”

“Nonsense,” said Daryl impatiently. “Get up now!”

Gregory sprang up so suddenly that his chair fell over backwards. He bent over to put it back, his sturdy butt clearly delineated in his cerulean boxer briefs. When he turned to face Daryl, his massive erection pointed up at 45 degrees in his underwear. It stretched them so far there was a wide gap between his waist and the waistband, exposing neatly trimmed black pubes and the root of his penis. A wet spot darkened the material at the tip of his cock.

“Wow,” said Daryl. “This contract really turned you on.“

Gregory was mortified. ”Sir, I truly apologize, this is so unprofessional and inappropriate.”

They shook hands, then Daryl showed his fingers to Gregory. “Hmm, I think you had some… residue on your hand.”

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry. I could not help touching myself and my boxers are wet… Sir, I’m mortified.”

Daryl wiped his hand on Gregory’s boxers, rubbing against the attorney’s erection, which jiggled back into place.

“Well, Greggy-Boy, this won’t do. I can’t sign a contract with a lawyer wearing cum-stained underwear. Take them off and wipe your dick with them, so that we may proceed.”

Gregory looked at Daryl with utter consternation. “What? I’m not stripping naked! I’ll just go take them off in the bathroom and put a towel around my waist.”

“Wait!” said Daryl. He turned the dial under the table up another notch. This time, Gregory just froze in place for about ten seconds. Then he just stood there, swaying with a vague smile.

“Take off your boxers now, Greggy-Boy.”

The lawyer’s eyes lit up in alarm, then all resistance seemed to melt away under the increased power of the field. In resignation, he turned his back to Daryl and slipped down his boxers, exposing his hardy butt. He then turned back slowly towards Daryl, trying to hide his erection with his hands, a difficult task.

Daryl picked up the discarded boxers, then moved Gregory’s hands to his sides, exposing an eight-inch-long hard-on shining with pre-cum at the tip. Daryl grabbed Gregory’s boner and moved it from side to side to inspect it, wiping away the cum with the boxers. “There, there, all cleaned up and ready for business.”

Gregory was in a fog. He mumbled, “I’m naked and hard, sir. It’s not professional… Not appropriate…”

“Nonsense,” said Daryl, absent-mindedly jerking the lawyer’s hard-on. “We’re just mixing business with pleasure. You find my attentions, my touch, extremely arousing, you see.”

At these words, the lawyer immediately threw his head back and started to breathe deeply.

“But you won’t be able to cum until the contract is duly signed by you and me. So you better bend over the table to sign it.”

Gregory sighed: “Yes, sir, anything you want, I’m just so fucking horny.”

He bent slightly over the table. Daryl moved behind him, grabbed his hips to lift his butt up, then parted his ass cheeks, exposing his rosy anus.

“This is going to drive you wild,” said Daryl, as he started to rim Gregory’s butthole vigorously with his tongue. Gregory started to convulse: “Fuck! That’s so fucking hot!… But the contract…”

“Let’s do a little symbolic ritual before we sign…” said Daryl, lifting his face from Gregory’s crack. “Before I screw your client, I will screw you!”

“What do you mean screwing my client?” asked Gregory. Daryl ignored him to go back to his rimming.

After a full two minutes of tonguing the lawyer’s anus, Daryl stopped, spit on his index finger, then started to tease the hole with it. He then poked his index finger inside, then went back and forth to loosen the sphincter while Gregory squirmed in pleasure, moaning and groaning.

Daryl finally grabbed the attorney’s hips and penetrated his butt slowly with his erect cock, using only his spit as lube. “Oooowwww,” yelled Gregory. “Please stop… it’s really painful…”

“You want the pain. You enjoy the pain. It puts you in your place, Greggy-Boy.”

The attorney stopped complaining as Daryl fucked him with long, slow, motions. “Sign the contract now, Greggy-boy.”

Gregory took the pen and started to sign where all the signatures needed to go. Meanwhile, Daryl abruptly increased the rhythm of his fucking.

“Hmmmm, ooooohhhh,” moaned Gregory. “Fuck, I almost scribbled all over the contract.”

“Don’t forget to put your initials on all pages,” said Daryl. Gregory initialed the pages, getting screwed physically and professionally at the same time.

“Nice, nice,” said Daryl when Gregory was finished. He pulled out of his ass, then moved to the table. “Now, just watching me sign this fantastic deal drives you wild with excitement. Go ahead and jerk off while I do so.”

Gregory started to furiously stroke himself, “Yeah sir, sign that contract, sign that fucking great deal…”

After Daryl signed and initialed all pages, he emphatically said: “It’s signed!”

Gregory yelled: “It’s signed! Awwww… oooooh… I’m coming!” His cock immediately spurted rope after rope of thick white cum on the marble table.

Gregory Dolham, attorney at law, stood naked, sweaty, and out of breath, contemplating, with a slowly deflating hard-on, the warm thick puddle of cum he had just shot barely an inch away from the signed contract that would rob his client of a lucrative source of revenue.

“What just happened?” he said, his eyes tearing up.

Daryl grabbed the contract and secured it in his briefcase.

He then moved behind the lawyer, squeezed his firm butt, then hugged him from behind, fondling his smooth chest. He whispered in his ear: “Get on the table on all four and lick your cum off my table.”

By now, Gregory’s brain had marinated in a field of increasing intensities for a full 30 minutes. Without hesitation, he climbed onto the marble table on his hands and knees, and lapped at the puddle like a dog until the table was completely clean.

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