The Lexington B&B – Ch. 3

The Lexington Bed & Breakfast (by Mafisto)

Chapter 3

[Please take the time to comment, it fuels my writing. Fantasy Casting: Caspar Oechsler as Casey Cooper, Simon Nessman as Simon Stewart, Trevor Mahon as Travis Murphy, Yoav Reuveni as Seth Rivera, Alex Lago as Andrew Lewis, unknown iStock model as Justin Parker, Patrick Dempsey as Derek Murphy]

Revised: I tweaked Travis’ behavior in this version.

Standing in Howard’s bedroom in front of the now-closed door, Travis yawned and nonchalantly pulled a handful of his disheveled hair, squinting his eyes at Howard. He recoiled slightly when he saw that Howard was wearing only gray boxerbriefs.

“Sorry sir,” he said. “I’ve no idea why I’m here.” Looking down he added: “In my boxers… Anyway, I’m going back to bed.” He turned around and grabbed the doorknob.

“Wait!” said Howard. In anticipation of Travis’ visit, he had the black satin bag in hand. “Look at this, it will remind you.” He slid the witch ball out of the bag and raised it to meet Travis’ gaze.

“Hey, I’ve seen that before,” Travis said, staring at the bewitching ball until his eyes glazed over and his jaw slackened.

Loud voices came from behind the door, followed by high-pitched snickers and frantic shushes. Howard gave Travis the ball to hold before his eyes, then moved to the door and half-opened it. The two students, Simon and Casey, staggered at the foot of the staircase, along with two giggly girls. All four were visibly very drunk.

“Sorry, sir,” loudly whispered Casey as he saw Howard. He put a finger on his mouth and shushed. “We’ll try to be quiet.”

Simon extended his hand towards Howard and barked: “Ladies, I present to you our faggy innkeeper in underwear. Just look at that big bulge! He must be sooo happy to see Casey and me.”

The girls erupted in a fit of giggles; Simon chortled and even Casey chuckled nervously. Without a word, Howard closed the door. Although he did sport a semi, it wasn’t at the sight of the drunk students, but because Travis was standing next to him almost naked. He’d make Simon pay for his rudeness later.

Standing again before Travis, he looked at the motionless boy, careful not to set his own eyes on the witch ball. He felt the downy skin of his arm, smelled the lingering cheap body spray on his neck. “What to do with you?” he muttered. The teenager’s trustingness and insouciance, combined with the current vulnerability of his exposed body and entranced mind gave him a sort of angelic quality.

As much as he wanted to defile his body, Howard could not bring himself to defile his mind with shame or guilt — he’d keep Travis mentally pure.

“You will obey everything I ask you to do,” he said musingly. “It will make perfect sense for you to do so. Anything you initially perceive as inappropriate, suspicious or repulsive, you will reinterpret as completely ordinary and acceptable. You will lose all inhibitions, taboos, shame or guilt associated with sex and you will get extremely aroused sexually at my touch. I’m your friend and you fully trust me. Repeat these instructions.”

“I will obey everything you ask me to do…” The young angel in white boxerbriefs droned on, as Howard caressed his cherubic skin. After Howard put the witch ball back in its bag, Travis stirred awake. He smiled awkwardly at Howard.

“I must have dozed off,” he said, “I’ve lost my train of thought.” He yawned. “I’m really tired, I’ll just go back to our room and let you…” He looked up and down at Howard in his boxerbriefs, “… go back to bed as well.”

“Why don’t you sleep here with me?” asked Howard, moving close to his entranced angel. He kissed the boy on the neck as he moved his hands all over his unblemished chest and back.

“That’s a great idea!” said Travis with a beaming face. He paid no attention to Howard fondling his shoulders and fingering his belly button. “We’re friends, a little sleepover will be fun. I should tell my folks though so they won’t worry.”

“They’re asleep,” said Howard, before starting to tease the student’s cherry-like nipples with his tongue. Travis gave a deep sigh and closed his eyes to enjoy the sensation. Then he snapped back to reality. “Right,” he said, “they can’t worry in their sleep, can they?” He scanned the room. “Do you have a blanket? I could sleep on that sofa.”

“No need,” said Howard, now stroking the student’s arms, feeling the bristle of his fine hair with his fingertips. “You’ll sleep with me in my bed, it’s queen-sized, lots of room.”

“That’ll be much more comfortable, thanks sir,” said Travis, quivering at Howard’s attentions. “I just wanna say, sir… I really enjoy it when you’re touching me like this. I don’t know why, but it’s turning me on. I think my cock is getting hard.”

Howard pulled the white boxers waistband forward, getting a full view of Travis’ trimmed pubes and semi-hard cock. “Yeah, it does look like it is getting hard.”

“It never happened with a man before. Weird.” He went to sit on the bed. “So, can I use this side? I’m really tired.”

Howard sat beside the horny boy. “Not right away. First, you must suck my cock.”

Travis gasped and his eyes bulged upon hearing the command. Then Howard watched with fascination as the shock faded into a smile when the boy’s mind adapted to the request.

“Sure, I can suck your dick before we go to sleep. I never sucked a cock before though. Let me take your underwear off.”

He stretched out on the bed on his belly, his head close to Howard’s crotch, then pulled down the gray boxerbriefs until the innkeeper’s hard-on sprang up. It struck the boy’s cheek, smearing it with pre-cum. The student wiped it with his finger.

“Lick it,” said Howard.

Travis licked his fingers clean. “Salty…” he said. The near-naked student, lying on his belly on the bed, started to give slow meticulous licks to the glans of Howard’s cock. The innkeeper squirmed and moaned as the boy eagerly put more and more of his cock in his heavenly mouth, zealously suckling on and slobbering over it.

Howard lay down on his side to be parallel with Travis’ body. He rested his head on his elbow right next to Travis’ butt. With his free hand, he slid Travis’ boxers, on one side then the other, gradually down his hips, until he had completely uncovered the pristine teenage butt. He proceeded to knead the cheeks, repeatedly flashing the halo of the pink anus between them. Soon after, he licked his finger and promptly used it to violate the boy’s virgin ass.

Travis paused just a moment to say: “Whatever you’re doing to my butt… that’s pure ecstasy, wow…”

For a few minutes, Howard loosened the boy’s ass with one, then two, then three wet fingers as he enjoyed Travis diligently sucking his cock with eager lips and tongue.

“Stand up,” he then suddenly ordered.

Travis slid his body off the bed, then stood next to it. His boxerbriefs had slid down his legs and he kicked them off to the side. The angelic teenager stood fully naked with a lengthy erection pointing forward.

“I’m going to suck your hard cock Travis,” said Howard lasciviously. “It will drive you wild.”

Once again, after a brief shock, Travis relaxed and said: “Sure, suck my hard cock, sir. Looking forward to it.”

Howard immediately grabbed the boy’s butt firmly with both hands and engulfed the boy’s hard on, wrapping his lips as close to the root as he could. As he frantically moved his tongue all over the silky stiffness inside his mouth. Travis gasped and started to writhe and moan. “It is driving me wild,” he said, followed by a vulgar groan. He clutched Howard’s shoulders with trembling hands.

Howard enjoyed making young Travis squirm in pleasure, the taste of each drop of salty precum a reward for his hard work.

“What the fuck is going on here?” said a loud deep voice from a few feet away.

Howard jumped backwards on the bed, freeing the boy’s cock. A middle-age man stood shirtless in pajama bottoms beside the now open bedroom door.

Travis turned and said “Hi Dad,” as he innocently brandished his erection at his father.

“Oh my god! Travis, put your clothes back on.” Mr. Murphy was trying not to look at his son’s hard-on, which was still drenched in Howard’s saliva. “I was looking for you everywhere. I thought I heard your voice through the door, it sounded like you were in pain.”

The enraged man glared at Howard: “How the hell did you get my son to have sex with you, you sick pervert? Did you threaten to harm him?”

Howard snuck a look at the black satin bag on the side table near the door, then leaped out of the bed to rush and grab it, but Nr. Murphy was faster than he was and snatched the bag first.

“What is this?” he said, shaking the bag. “Some kind of ball? I don’t understand. Tell me what’s in there, weirdo!”

“Dad, relax,” said Travis. “We were just having a sleepover. It turns out even though he’s an old guy, when he touches me he lights my whole body on fire. I’m like, so horny right now.”

Mr. Murphy looked at his son in utter disbelief. “Did you give drugs to my son?” he asked. “Is that what’s in there?”

“Don’t open the bag!” said Howard, pleadingly. “Please!”

“I’m not taking orders from you, you fucking degenerate! I want to see what’s so precious to you.” He took out the witch ball while Howard averted his eyes from it. “It’s just some kind of Christmas b…”

The father slipped into a deep trance, his hazy eyes fixated on the ball. Travis was also entranced, staring at it.

Howard sighed with relief. “I think you will take orders from me from now on,” he said to the statue-like daddy.

He had not really noticed Travis’ dad before, but in this instant, barefoot, without glasses, his fit hairy torso exposed over light blue pajama bottoms, he struck Howard as quite the DILF. He wasn’t wearing any underwear under his thin, almost see-thru pajama pants — they snuggly hugged his lower body, outlining the shape of his genitals.

To see that handsome man completely under his control, his son naked and hard right next to him, turned Howard madly on. He started to jerk off, horny as hell, then approached the frozen Derek Murphy. He fondled the dad’s genitals through the thin pajamas, traced the length of his soft dick with a finger, then cupped his hefty balls. He then moved behind the hunky dad. Wow. His butt filled the pajamas so well it was perfectly outlined, including the cleft. He hugged Travis’s dad from behind and hungrily rubbed his hard cock all over the man’s ass through the thin fabric, smearing it with pre-cum.

“So, you call me pervert and degenerate, Derek?” he whispered in the man’s ear. He took a breath of his musky and sweaty smell. The daddy felt warm in his embrace; his steady heartbeat soothed Howard.

“Let’s turn the tables, shall we? From now on, no matter what I say or do, you will find me the most noble and trustworthy person you have ever met. It will be impossible for you to see me, or anything I do, in a negative light. Your admiration for me will be boundless and you will find that everything I say makes sense. You will also be extremely attracted to me sexually.”

Howard paused. It was all the instructions he intended to give Derek. But something about the disgust he had sensed from the noble dad gnawed at him deeply. Anger suddenly filled his veins like lava, prompting him to add:

“You will also be attracted to your own son sexually. Seeing him in sexual situations will really turn you on, the more perverted the situation, the more horny you’ll get. Your sexual desires for him and me will make you feel guilty and ashamed, but you won’t be able to stop or control them.”

Howard took the ball from Derek’s hands and slipped it in the satin bag. Both father and son snapped back to consciousness.

“So Dad,” asked Travis. “Can I stay here with Howard tonight?”

Derek was looking away from the nakedness of both his son and Howard, but was giving sneaky lustful glances at either of them as discreetly as he could.

“Travis, for God’s sake, get dressed. I’m your father, I’m not supposed to see you naked like that. Let’s go back to our room. And please, sir,” he said to Howard. “I would be grateful if you put on some clothes as well. I’m married you know.”

Travis said: “Sure Dad,” and looked for his boxerbriefs on the floor.

“Wait Travis,“ said Howard. “Derek, we’re in my bedroom, between men. Being naked here is no big deal. Studies show that sleeping in the nude improves health. Unless… You’re not turned on by seeing your son or me naked, are you?”

“NO!” said Derek. “Absolutely not. All right, stay naked if you want, I guess it’s similar to being in a locker room. But you both have boners, and you were sucking my son’s cock. It makes me uncomfortable… The temptation… We have to go back to our room.”

Howard relished that Derek now only objected to the sexual activity because he was afraid of enjoying it too much.

“But,” Howard continued, “Travis wants to spend the night here, and I happen to find him very fuckable. Don’t you think Travis is fuckable?”

Derek, astonished, stared at his nude son. “Yeah, very much so… I mean, I can understand how someone could see him as fuck… that way… But I can’t let you have sex with my son. He’s only eighteen and he’s not even gay. The thought of you fucking my son… I’m rather conflicted about that…”

Derek’s cock started to rise and stretch his pajamas. He immediately moved his hands to try to hide it.

“I understand how you feel, Derek,” said Howard. “How about if you stay and watch? Parental supervision? Do you want to watch as I fuck your son’s virgin ass until I shoot my load all over him? How would it make you feel to see that?”

Derek licked his lips. “It’d make me feel…” He took a deep breath. He started to rub his chest with one hand, inserting the other in his pajamas to grab his now huge erection. “Reassured… It’d make me feel really good to see… Your hard dick… Sliding into my son’s anus… I mean, I prefer to supervise the whole thing of course instead of you doing it in secret.”

Watching the uppity dad fight against his implanted perverse and incestuous desires almost made Howard cum right there on the spot. “Sure,” he said, taking a deep breath for control. “Travis, bend over and put your hands on the bed.”

As Travis enthusiastically assumed the position, Howard walked up to Derek, who was staring at his son’s bare immaculate backside. “Maybe I shouldn’t take advantage of your son sexually like that…” he said playfully. “Do you think I should?”

“Oh god yes,” said Derek, frantically stroking himself in his pajamas. “Please fuck Travis while I watch. I’m so ashamed but I can’t control myself. It turns me on so much.”

Howard suddenly pulled down Derek’s pajamas, exposing the obscene hard-on the dad was pumping and his plump butt.

“Hey!” objected Derek. “I don’t want you or Travis to see me naked.” But he just continued to stare at Travis’ perky butt while jerking off.

Howard squeezed his butt cheek and said: “I think you like it.” He moved closer to Derek, so close he was feeling the heat of the dad’s quivering body. “Kiss me, Derek,” he said.

The DILF turned to stare at him with teary blue eyes. “I can’t, I have a wife… I’m so attracted to you… But I just can’t…” Unable to control himself any longer, he kissed Howard with a passion that took the innkeeper by surprise. His mouth tasted like whisky. In his tight embrace, their hard dicks rubbed against each other, and Derek’s hands wandered down to firmly grab Howard’s ass.

After taking his fill of the moment, Howard whispered: “Time for me to fuck your son.”

Derek simply nodded. He took a step back and started to jerk off again, his eyes returning to Travis.

Howard squatted behind Travis and parted the boy’s butt cheeks. He started licking the virgin asshole with the tip of his tongue. Travis, his arousal at the touch increased by previous suggestions, immediately started to moan and squirm in place. “My butthole,” he said, “it’s sending like, these waves of pleasure inside me, sir. It feels fantastic.”

After rimming the teenager for a minute or two, Howard went looking for lube in his night table. He had bought some Colt Slick two years ago and had never used it. He applied the lube freely around and in Travis’ butt. He then pushed his hard cock inside the young man, who twisted his hips and groaned in pain. “It hurts, sir…” Travis said.

“Make him squeal!” yelled Derek, completely overwhelmed by his perverted desires. “Oh god, son, I’m so sorry I said that.”

Howard fucked Travis for several minutes. The boy eventually stopped complaining about the pain and started to enjoy the pleasure. Apart from the physical ecstasy of sliding his cock in and out of that firm young ass, Howard reveled in the violation of this angelic body while his noble dad watched on, unable to control the depraved urgings Howard had instilled in him.

Travis came first, from the prostate stimulation, his arousal amplified by Howard’s suggestions. Howard then came all over his back, which in turn triggered Derek’s orgasm.

Howard, completely exhausted, had the Murphys’ clean up, get dressed and return to their room. They’d wake up the next day with no memory of that heavenly incestuous night.

When Howard woke up in the morning, he realized he had overslept by more than an hour. He’d have to rush the breakfasts and deliver them a bit late. As he got dressed, he noticed the half-dry puddle of Derek Smith’s cum on his bedroom floor, and the memories of the wild day before came flooding back. He could scarcely believe all that unbelievable action had occurred just within a single day, starting and ending with Travis.

As he came out of his bedroom, he caught a glimpse of the two girls Casey and Simon had brought in the night before as they crept out of the house. He did his morning round of opening all the curtains on the ground floor. He could not spot one cloud in the sky on this great Sunday. It was hot but not overwhelmingly so.

He delivered breakfasts to Justin’s and Andrew’s rooms. The Murphys had gone out — he remembered them having asked for a recommendation for Sunday brunch when they had arrived. He briefly wondered about how much damage he might have done to that family just to satisfy his urges. Then he realized he didn’t care. The level of control he had exerted on them had been such a rush! He now felt invincible.

When Howard climbed the stairs again to deliver Mr. Rivera’s breakfast, he crossed paths with a furious Cynthia rushing down. He smiled — he had suggested to Andrew yesterday to assert himself more with her. She probably didn’t like it.

He knocked on Room 5 and heard Rivera yell: “Just a minute.” The journalist opened the door a moment later wearing only a pair of jeans low on his hips and no underwear, exactly like the day before. At the sight, Howard’s lust kicked in anew for the day.

“What happened last night?” Rivera asked with annoyance as Howard placed the tray on the desk. “I couldn’t sleep for hours because of all that noise.”

Justin and Cynthia had also briefly mentioned some noise earlier. Howard wondered if his antics with the Murphys had been so loud that the other guests had heard them from the upper floor.

“Some guests told me about that,” he said, “but I have no idea where the noise came from.”

“Oh I know where it came from,” said the journalist. “It came from next door. The boys in Room 4 were having very loud sex.”

Heat suddenly flushed through Howard’s body. This wasn’t some seedy motel, it was a bed and breakfast. Those rooms were not meant for extra overnight guests.

“I apologize,” he said, curtly. “I’ll take care of it.”

For some reason, the anger seemed to amplify his horniness and he found himself admiring the sexiness naturally oozing from Rivera’s lithe muscles. Howard was curious about how long the post-hypnotic suggestions he had given the journalist yesterday would last. He had made him forget the events, but the instructions to do exactly as he asked and to be extremely sensitive to his touch could still linger there.

“It’s such a nice day out,” he said as casually as he could. “You’ll want to take off those jeans and put on shorts.”

“Oh, I just put those to answer the door,” Rivera said. But he immediately started to unbutton and unzip his jeans, then let them slide down his bare legs, exposing himself to Howard in full frontal nudity.

“Whoa!” he said, blushing. “I certainly wasted no time in following your advice. Sorry.” Completely humiliated, he walked over to the bed to hunt for some shorts in his suitcase while Howard took in the sight of his fit bare backside.

“Could you sign the bill right now?” said Howard impatiently. “Wait for me to be gone before getting dressed, please. I’m in a hurry this morning.”

“Right,” Rivera said, dropping the clothes in his hands on the bed. He was forced to walk up to Howard still completely naked, his soft dick and thick ball sack bouncing freely.

After he signed, Howard said “Thanks!” and offered him his hand. As Rivera shook it, he started to contort, squirm and moan with pleasure. “Oooohhh shit,” he said, as he sprung an instant boner. “I don’t know what’s going on with me.”

“That’s a bit inappropriate,” said Howard with mock indignation, pointing to his hard-on. “Please turn around.”

Rivera pivoted on one leg and Howard started to massage his shoulders. “You seem tense,” he said. Under his touch, the journalist almost melted — he writhed and groaned. “Oooh God, this is so fucking great. I’m so turned on right now. Please don’t stop…”

Howard cruelly took his hands off Rivera’s body. “I’m not a masseur, Mr. Rivera, but I can give you the phone numbers of a few excellent ones in the area. Some can even take care of that,” he added, stroking the length of Rivera’s erection with the tip of his finger, “for you.”

The contact was enough to make Rivera convulse frenetically and yell: “Fuck, I’m coming”. Thick white cum spurted from his cock and all over his breakfast.

“Make sure you eat all that,” said Howard pointing to the spunk-covered food as Rivera panted, his nude body gleaming in sweat. “Most important meal of the day.”

An hour later, Mr. Rivera left the Lexington, unable to look Howard in the eyes. Howard decided to check on Andrew and Justin, who were outside by the pool. He brought them a tray with some lemonade and eggs sandwiches.

The sun shone bright and rather hot. Justin, barefoot in a blue-gray T-shirt and khaki shorts, was reading, pen in hand, and didn’t even look up. Andrew, wearing a thick black swimsuit with a white waistband, was pacing around the pool, as if deciding whether or not to go in. Howard placed the tray on one of the wrought iron patio tables.

“Great!” Andrew said when he saw the food. He poured himself a glass of lemonade and picked up one of the sandwiches. “I was starting to get hungry.”

“You’re not at the beach on this beautiful day?” asked Howard, trying to stare at his eyes and not at his firm, fuzzy, chest.

“Nah,” the blue-eyed beauty said, “she’s at the beach. I’m kinda hiding here… We had a fight.”

“She seems quite bossy,” said Howard. “If you don’t mind my saying so.”

“She is,” he said, empathically. “You were right when you told me I should assert myself more.”

Howard nodded knowingly.

Andrew finished his sandwich. “Hey,” he said, “we didn’t take pictures of the backyard and the pool. Wanna take some now?”

The eagerness in his voice puzzled Howard. Was he just trying to pass the time or were yesterday’s instructions still lingering in his mind like the ones in Seth Rivera’s?

“Sure,” said Howard, taking out his phone. “Why don’t you stand at the corner of the pool there and take a sexy pose?”

“Right away boss,” said Andrew. He posed at an angle, one hand behind his head, elbow high, tensing his muscles to put his defined chest fully on display. After Howard took the picture, Andrew lowered his swimsuit down his hips, fully revealing his chiseled v-abs and the fringe of his pubes.

Justin looked up, narrowed his eyes and frowned, then returned to his book.

Howard was pleased. Like Rivera earlier, Andrew was following yesterday’s implanted instructions, in his case to pose for Howard without inhibitions. He took a few pictures in various poses — after each one, Andrew lowered his suit a little more, until half his ass crack was visible in the back, and his full pubes and the root of his dick were visible in the front.

Justin looked up again. He stared in disbelief at Andrew’s crotch. Howard saw why — Andrew was rapidly getting an erection in his swimsuit.

“Sorry guys,” said Justin, “but this is getting indecent. I’m trying to study here.”

Andrew shook his head in annoyance but didn’t say anything.

“Of course,” said Howard, to defuse the situation. “We want the pictures to be edgy, but not indecent. I apologize Mr. Parker, you can go back to THE LAW.”

“Thanks,” said Justin as he pulled his T-shirt off and sat back on his chair, shirtless and eyes back on his book.

Howard smiled. So Justin was still obeying his triggers too.

“So, Mr. Parker,” asked Howard mischievously, “not too tired of THE LAW by now?”

Justin lay his book face down on his chair and stood up. “A little, yes,” he said, as he unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts. “But I really want to be a lawyer, so I can’t avoid it.” He let his shorts drop to his feet and stepped out of them.

Andrew stared at the law student, who stood there in tight white Clavin Klein briefs that clearly outlined the package within, and snorted.

“What?” snapped Justin. “Oh… I’ve no idea why I just did that,” he said, his face rapidly flushing. “God, this is so embarrassing.” He was fidgeting in place, incapable of the simple act of hiding himself or putting his shorts back on.

“A little distraction is all you need,” said Howard, devilishly. “I’m sure your left thumb is DELICIOUS.”

Justin licked his thumb lustily, then started to suck on it. He was getting visibly aroused.

“What the hell is wrong with this guy?” said Andrew, giggling. “Not a minute ago, he thought what we were doing indecent.”

“Do you think what we were doing was indecent, Andrew?” asked Howard with a smirk.

“Just a little,” the lithe raven-haired hottie said with a wide grin. “Not enough.”

“Let me take a video of you diving in the pool, then coming out at the other end and lying down on your towel.”

“Sure thing boss,” said Andrew. He slowly walked toward the pool, his shorts inching downwards as he walked. He dove in, but his swim suit slid out of his legs and floated to the top of the pool. He emerged on the other side, completely nude, and walked to his towel, his backside fully on display. He lay down on his towel on his belly, bare butt perched up. He turned his head towards Howard and asked: “Is that ok, boss?”

Howard, who had filmed the whole thing, put the camera on the table to be able to rub himself through his jeans. His boxers were drenched in pre-cum. He walked up to Andrew and sat on a chair next to him, admiring the sexy lean man’s shapely backside. Andrew smiled and said: “I think I’m turning you on, boss. I like that.”

Howard took off his T-shirt and lowered his jeans and boxers. He jerked off openly, alternating between watching Andrew’s nude backside and watching Justin in his tented tighty-whities suckling on his thumb.

“Justin,” he eventually said. “It’s time to forget about THE LAW for a moment. You see, my cock is DELICIOUS.”

The law student, who a moment ago was offended at public displays of a sexual nature, slid his underwear down his strong legs, freeing his long erection, and ran up to Howard. He knelt before the innkeeper and hungrily put his cock in his mouth, sucking on it as he jerked himself off. Howard guided his head to the proper rhythm.

Later, Howard said to Andrew: “I’d like to take some pictures of Justin eating your ass, it would be so sexy.”

Andrew frowned. “I’d much prefer for you to eat my ass instead of that random guy. But if it turns you on…”

Howard, who was getting frightfully close to an orgasm, hurriedly said: “Justin, Andrew’s ass is DELICIOUS.”

Justin immediately released Howard’s cock and went to kneel behind Andrew. Without any hesitation, he parted his buns and dug in with his mouth and tongue, slobbering all over the anus of that complete stranger. Andrew was squirming from the attention, giving deep sighs.

Howard took his clothes fully off and moved behind Justin. He lifted the law student’s butt and spread his butt cheeks in turn. He rimmed his ass for a minute or two as the law student’s was rimming Andrew’s. He then fingered him, with one, then two fingers.

“Don’t” he suddenly heard Justin say, firmly, before going back to licking Andrew’s asshole.

“Don’t what?” asked Howard.

Justin found the willpower to stop himself again long enough to firmly say: “Don’t fuck me or I’m gonna kill you!”

Howard ignored him. He slowly penetrated the law student’s ass with his erect cock, making him squeal in pain.

It was then that he saw Simon watching in horror at the scene from his bedroom window.

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