The Lexington B&B – Ch. 2

The Lexington Bed & Breakfast (by Mafisto)

Chapter 2

[Comments welcome and appreciated. Fantasy Casting: Caspar Oechsler as Casey Cooper, Simon Nessman as Simon Stewart, Trevor Mahon as Travis Murphy, Yoav Reuveni as Seth Rivera, Alex Lago as Andrew Lewis, iStock model as Justin Parker.]

The Lexington’s staircase rose half a level then turned ninety degrees right to reach the upper floor. The front desk, made of the same dark-varnished cherry wood as the stairs, extended from the foot of the stairs and perpendicular to them, then curved back towards them in an L-shape. A small office, with a window and a windowed door, hunkered under the higher part of the stairs, just behind the front desk.

It was in that office that Howard, high-strung, retired after his experience with Justin, an experience way beyond any sexual fantasy he had ever imagined. He was terrified by how callous and domineering he had acted, yet he could only think about how to use the witch ball next.

He tried to distract himself and turned on the computer. Chrome was open to the home page of the Lexington’s website. It had long been on his to-do list to improve it. He had taken the photos himself. They accurately conveyed the beauty of the Lexington, yet made it look empty and lifeless.

The front desk bell rang. Howard rose from his seat and saw Andrew’s piercing blue eyes looking at him through the office door’s window. When he opened the door, however, he saw that the one ringing the bell was his girlfriend, Claudia. Or was it Cyndy? Andrew’s lanky frame calmly stood a few steps behind the short energetic blonde.

“Could you whip up a quick lunch for us and bring it to our room?” she asked, miming the actions with her arms for some reason. “We’re a bit tight for time.”

Howard agreed to bring them sandwiches and chips. As they went up the stairs, they passed Justin coming down, his hair still wet from his shower. Howard grew tense — what if he was about to confront him?

“I’m going for a walk,” the law student simply said as he passed the front desk.

“Did you get a lot of study done this morning?” asked Howard.

“Nah, not really, not yet,” said Justin. “I don’t care, I feel fantastic, full of energy! I’m sure it’s because of that delicious breakfast you served me. I should eat like that every morning.”

Howard snickered. Sure, he thought, I’ll serve you a buffet of my cock, butthole and cum every morning if you want. He still could not believe he had gone so far with Justin and that the student had no remembrance of it at all. Surreal.

When he entered room 1 with the food tray, there was a flurry of activity inside.

The girlfriend barely registered Howard’s presence, frantically moving about the room and shuffling stuff around, her blonde hair flipping about. “Do you have your credit card?” she asked Andrew as Howard placed the tray on the desk.

“Yeah, babe, in my pocket,” said Andrew. He wore torn jeans and a black T-shirt with the name of some rock band in white. His lithe demeanor was sexy as hell.

“The tour for Hyannis Port starts in half an hour,” she said, facing the mirror, touching up her makeup. “We’ll have to eat fast.”

Howard’s stomach hardened. Why did that vapid and self-obsessed creature get to spend the day with the stunning Andrew? Or have sex with him for that matter? Unclenching his teeth, he told Andrew: “Could you sign this please?”

While Andrew signed the bill, Howard stared, spellbound, at his vivid cobalt-blue eyes. For some reason though, they were losing their spark. Andrew was frozen, holding the pen on the bill at the end of his signature. Howard looked sideways at the tray — the witch ball, out of the bag, lay next to the sandwiches, Andrew’s eyes locked in on it.

Why had he put it on the tray? When had he taken it out of the bag? He could just move it out of Andrew’s sight and go away. Yet somehow, he just called out to the girlfriend: “Before I leave, could you check if the food is to your satisfaction?”

The blonde sighed, annoyed to have to get away from whatever she was doing. She walked over to stand next to Andrew. “I think it’s signed, Andrew,” she said, taking the bill and the pen out of his hands. “You can move now… What the fuck are you looking at?” She looked at the tray and froze, her eyes vacant.

OK, now what? thought Howard. The frozen couple stood there, completely vulnerable to whatever suggestion he could give them. Andrew looked adorable with his spiky black hair, sideburns and stubble. Howard’s pulse was racing. I have to control myself, he thought. The urge to take advantage of them consumed him — he did not understand why and it made him cautious. Could he take advantage of them without it turning sexual, without the depravity that happened this morning?

“Your plans today have changed,” he told them after a few minutes. “You are very excited to model for me for pictures to advertise the B&B. You will follow my instructions to the letter and be very happy to do so. Come join me on the porch after eating.”

Having said this, he put the witch ball in its bag and hurried out of the room as the couple started to stir. As he came down the stairs, he felt proud of the compromise. He had no money to hire models to liven up the website pictures. To get the couple to pose for free was a way to take advantage of them, wasn’t it? It would satisfy the urge, wouldn’t it?

About fifteen minutes later, the couple came out on the porch.

“Ready, man,” said Andrew. “Cynthia and I are really eager to start.”

“I always wanted to model,” said the girlfriend, whose name Howard had now been reminded of. Cynthia.

At that time of the day, they had the whole house and grounds to themselves. Howard started with pictures on the porch featuring the lovely landscape in the background. He took pictures of the couple in various romantic poses: looking amorously at each other on the swing set, kissing as they stood in front of the house, smelling the flowers with delight…

“OK, guys that’s great,” Howard said after a while. “Now I’ll take a few with just Andrew.”

Cynthia shrugged and sat away. Howard took pictures of Andrew in various sultry poses, then he said: “Take the shirt off.”

Andrew lifted one side of his shirt halfway, then stopped in coy hesitation. Howard looked avidly at the partially exposed tanned torso, taut abs and deep belly button.

“Come on, babe,” encouraged Cynthia. “Show off your work at the gym.”

Andrew pulled off his T-shirt and exposed his lean, tight swimmer’s build. Howard took a picture or two, then approached his model, entranced to follow his instructions.

“Let me harden these for you,” Howard said, and he teased Andrew’s nipples with his finger one after the other, until they were erect.

He then adjusted Andrew’s pose, but in fact it was just an excuse to touch his bare skin all over, his hands lingering over his shoulders, waist, and pecs. He then had Andrew lean against one of the columns on the porch. His jeans hung low on his waist, exposing the sharply defined V of his obliques.

”Put your thumbs under your jeans’ waistband,” he said. Andrew fumbled with his pants, not getting it. Howard walked up to him, inserted his hand between Andrew’s briefs and his groin, and pulled. He could see the man’s pubes and the root of his cock. “Put your thumbs on each side of my hand,” he said. He then took his hand away and placed Andrew’s hands so they made a heart shape, his fingers over his zipper.

Feeling his lust build up and noticing Cynthia’s impatience, Howard took that final shirtless Andrew picture then had him put his shirt back on. They went inside and he took sets of pictures of the fully dressed couple in the lobby, the hallway and the staircase. When they got to their bedroom, he had them clean it up then took a few more pics of the lovebirds there. Having Andrew obey his every instruction however was turning Howard on.

“OK, Andrew,” said Howard, “take off your shirt and undo the bed. I want you to lie down in it at an angle in a relaxed way.”

Once Andrew’s shirt was off and Howard got to see his bare lean torso with its sparse stubble of dark hair, Howard’s lust swiftly grew again. Already half hard, he was struggling to avoid a full boner. Once Andrew was lying half-naked on the bed in a sexy pose, Howard lost the battle and his hard dick bulged in his dress pants. He moved towards the bed and knelt beside Andrew, who was looking lazily at the ceiling.

“I need more casualness,” he said, and proceeded to unbutton Andrew’s jeans and lower them down by about 2 inches, revealing a pair of red briefs. Howard licked his lips and discreetly rubbed his groin on the bed. As he stood up to back away a few steps, he jumped when he saw Cynthia right next to him.

“What about me?” she said. Then she noticed his erection. “What the fuck? Is my boyfriend turning you on? Andrew, put your clothes back on, you’re giving a hard on to this pervert!”

“What?” said Andrew, looking confused, then when he saw Howard’s bulge he gaped at it in shock.

Howard fumbled with the satin bag and almost dropped the witch ball as he got it out. He put the entrancing ball right in front of his crotch, where both of them were still staring, and let out a huge breath of relief when they froze.

He looked at the frozen Cynthia in anger. Why did this cunt fuck it all up? He was able to control the situation until now, but now he just wanted Andrew so bad!

“Cynthia, when you wake up, you’ll see everything that went on in the last hour as perfectly normal and you’ll be very excited that Andrew and you will be part of the Lexington’s website. You’ll decide to take a two-hour walk right away and leave me with Andrew.”

“Andrew, when you wake up, you’ll also see everything that went on in the last hour as perfectly normal. You’ll continue to pose for my photos, and you’ll take any pose I ask of you, with no inhibitions whatsoever. In fact, you’ll find it extremely sexually arousing to follow my instructions, and the more dirty the pose, the more turned on you’ll become. You will feel a strong urge to seduce me to have sex with you.”

Howard made the two repeat his instructions a few times, not wanting anything left to chance. Hearing the words come out of their mouths made him giddy with power.

“Cynthia,” he asked, before waking them up. “Do you have any sex toys?”

“I haaaveee a viiibraaatooor,” drawled Cynthia.

“Give it to me before you leave,” said Howard.

As soon as the witch ball was back in its bag and Cynthia left, her vibrator plainly on the desk, Andrew turned on his side in the bed, his jeans still wide open. “So I guess it’s just you and me now, Howard,” he said, his keen cobalt eyes staring sultrily at Howard. He briefly glanced at the tent in Howard’s pants and just smiled in satisfaction.

Andrews intense eyes were melting Howard into a lust puddle. Howard decided to play coy for fun. “Ahem,” he said, “I’m sorry for the erection, I can’t control it.”

“I like it,” said Andrew. “I like that you find me hot. How do you want me now?” he asked with a malicious grin. “How about you slide my jeans off and take a few pictures of me in my underwear?”

Howard mumbled, “yeah, yeah, that’d be good…” and slowly pulled the jeans off of Andrew’s legs. He also removed Andrew’s ankle socks. His bare feet were huge and gave off a faint earthy aroma. Howard moved back and relished the sight of Andrew posing sexily in the bed in only a pair of red briefs.

He snapped a dozen pictures, noticing how Andrew’s bulge grew slightly into a semi. Andrew took more and more sexy poses, his hand on his crotch, or lowering his briefs just a bit to show his pubes, or on all fours on the bed with his butt in the air.

Howard’s boxers were damp with pre-cum. Andrew stood up and approached him, his vivid eyes staring directly in Howard’s eyes without blinking. The tall lean mouthwatering hunk lifted Howard’s T-shirt off, his hands firmly on Howard’s sides.

“Feels a bit one-sided,” Andrew whispered. “Let me take off your clothes. Once he had stripped Howard down to his boxers, spotted with wet cum stains, he breathed in Howard’s ear: “What next?”

“Move to that wall, we’ll take a few shots of you tearing off your briefs.”

“Sure Howard,” said Andrew. He moved as instructed and pulled away at the only remaining bit of clothing on his body, as Howard snapped snapped snapped away, until the red briefs were in tatters. Andrew turned to show his backside to Howard and dropped the briefs on the ground, exposing his muscular fuzzy butt. He clenched it.

Howard took a picture and then he just had to jerk himself off. Andrew slowly turned to his side, his hand covering the side of his head, and his lengthy plump uncut cock came into view, semi-hard. Howard had a hard time coordinating his picture-taking and jerking off. Finally Andrew turned to offer a full frontal, his hands on each side, his elfin face sporting a hot smile.

“Do you like my cock, Howard?” said Andrew, sensually.

“Yes,” whispered Howard in a sigh as he masturbated frantically.

As soon as Howard approved of Andrew’s cock, it swiftly stiffened even more and turned into a 9-inch hard-on pointing upwards rigidly at 60 degrees.

Andrew laughed. “Well, it’s obvious now that I love that you love my cock, Howard.” He walked to the desk, making sure to rub his body against Howard as he did so, and grabbed the vibrator.

“Would you like me to use Cynthia’s vibrator on my asshole?” he said, turning it on.

“Oh fuck yes,” exclaimed Howard.

He stripped fully naked and sat in the armchair as Andrew lay on his back on the bed and rolled his legs up in the air, spread apart, exposing his asshole. Both were pumping away their hard cocks, Howard watching as Andrew was driving himself wild with the vibrator over, and gradually into, his virgin hole.

Howard managed to take a few snapshots but by now, he no longer cared for souvenirs of this moment. Andrew then stopped jerking off and dropped the vibrator to the floor. Propping himself up on his elbows, he stared directly in Howard’s eyes with eager cobalt blue eyes and said: “Fuck me, Howard! I want your hard cock in my virgin ass!”

After telling Howard to grab the lube in his suitcase, Andrew spat on his right hand’s fingers, then inserted his index in his anus in anticipation. Howard took over with two lubed fingers, loosening Andrew’s hole for a minute, then just lost patience and slid his hard cock in Andrew’s tight ass.

“Oooowww,” Andrew squealed. He winced in pain and bit his lip. Howard grabbed Andrew’s legs and fucked him with sudden deep jerks, while Andrew moaned in both pleasure and pain.

Howard came in the boyfriend’s butt, then pulled out. Andrew finished himself off, cum dripping from his ass. He came with jets of thick translucent cum streaking his chest, neck and face.

After taking a long sensual shower with Andrew, and giving him some follow-up instructions, Howard went down to his own bedroom and changed. He then spent some time in the office uploading and arranging the photos on his computer. The racy ones went directly to his hidden porn folder, the rest were sorted and enhanced for the website. By focusing on this task, he avoided thinking about how his behavior was getting out of control.

Casey and Simon, the backpacking students, came back around 4 PM, chatting about some girls they met on the beach earlier. Howard started to fantasize having them under his control, and when he snapped out of it, he realized he had the witch ball’s bag in his hands half open. He grew nervous — was he becoming addicted?

Seth, the journalist, came back next with a serious look on his face. He wore a button-down business shirt and carried a worn brown satchel. He nodded to Howard in passing.

Cynthia was next, around 4:30 PM. “I had such a nice walk!’ she told Howard as she stepped on the stairs. “But I miss my Andrew… Have you taken good care of him?” she asked.

“Very much so,” answered Howard, with a grin. Oh yeah Cynthia, he thought. I fucked your boyfriend raw and came in his ass, that’s good care in my book.

A few minutes later, a gorgeous UPS guy entered the Lexington, carrying a large yellow envelope. The beige uniform hung tight over his athletic tanned frame. His face was stunning, with high cheekbones, a long nose and a short dark beard over his chin.

“Delivery for Seth Rivera,” he said with a low coarse voice. “Can you sign here?”

“Sure,” said Howard. “While I do, take a look at this.” Howard signed the paper, whispered something in the delivery hunk’s ear, and watched as the man entered his office and closed the shutters on the windows.

“Is the delivery for us?” Howard heard beside him.

Travis and his family stood there, yakking away about where to have dinner that night.

“No, it’s for Mr. Rivera,” said Howard, staring at the cute Travis, remembering him half-naked in the pool that morning. Compared to what happened with Justin and Andrew later, that moment with Travis seemed pretty tame now.

Once the Murphys were up the stairs, Howard went into his office. The UPS hunk sat on the chair, his hands behind his neck, wearing only white boxerbriefs where the shape of an impressive cock and balls hung between his thighs. He stood up when Howard closed the door, his tanned muscular body towering six inches above Howard’s head. “Special delivery,” he said, as he lowered his boxers and grew hard instantly.

After some fooling around with the UPS guy, Howard went up to room 5 to deliver Mr. Rivera’s envelope. After he knocked, the reporter opened the door, shirtless and barefoot.

“What’s this about?” the latin hunk said.

Howard could not help staring at his sultry good looks: his chiseled jaw sporting a half-day beard, his chocolate eyes, his black curls, his defined chest sprinkled with dark fuzz. His jeans hung low on his waist — it looked like he wasn’t wearing any underwear.

Seemingly self-conscious about Howard’s stare, Seth said: “Sorry about that, I was about to take a shower.”

“You received an envelope,” said Howard, handing it to him.

“Thanks,” Seth said. He gave Howard an uneasy look then closed the door behind him.

Howard pretended to dust the furniture in the corridor while actually listening to the sound of the shower in Seth’s room. The two college students, Casey and Simon, passed him by on their way towards the stairs. He nodded to them, but only Casey nodded back, with a shy smile.

When he heard the shower being turned off, Howard waited 30 seconds. After checking that no one was in the hallway, he took out the witch ball and held it just in front of Seth’s door, then knocked.

Seth opened the door, wet, annoyed and wearing only a towel around his waist, which he held with his left hand. “I told you I was taking a shower!” His eyes immediately fell on the witch ball. “What’s this? It’s so… fascinating…”

With Seth now standing still, Howard opened the door fully and came in, holding the ball so that Seth could turn around to keep looking at it. “Close the door, Mr. Rivera,” Howard said.

The hunky journalist obeyed, giving them some privacy. A good thing too, because the sight of the latin beauty, wet and with only a towel to preserve his modesty, had given Howard a huge and obvious hard-on once again.

He took advantage of the journalist’s trance to play with his damp nipples with the tip of his finger. Soon enough, they got erect. He then let his finger slide down to the hunk’s belly button, and lower, tracing the upper edge of his pubes.

He placed the witch ball on the desk and then circled slowly around his prey, his finger tracing the edge of the towel, the contour of the butt cheeks, the tip of his ass crack. Finally, he moved his hand to fondle the bulge in the towel. The hunky journalist did not even flinch.

“Drop the towel, Mr. Rivera,” said Howard.

Seth immediately released his grab and the white towel fell to his feet, leaving him completely nude. He had a tight and lean body, with patches of sparse hair between his pecs, a thick line above and below his belly button, and over his thighs. His pubic hair was intact, maybe just a bit trimmed. His cock was around 5 inches long, soft and uncut.

Howard moved to take a look at the view from behind. “Flex, Mr. Rivera,” he said. The entranced journalist obeyed and also clenched his butt. It was a cute ass, small and firm. Howard could not resist stroking and squeezing it.

Howard moved back to face Seth and said: “Get hard for me, Mr. Rivera.”

With his eyes still vacant but fixed on the ball, the journalist stopped flexing and started to play with his cock, teasing it with his fingers, playing with his balls, stroking it. Within a minute, he was sporting a 9-inch hard-on with a gleam of pre-cum at the tip.

“You will now let me suck your cock and it will feel extremely arousing,” said Howard, who then knelt before the latin hunk. Seth let go of his cock, letting Howard lick the per-cum off the tip. He then grabbed the journalist’s butt tightly and started to lick the length of the erect cock. Seth was moaning softly.

Howard then wrapped his mouth around the cock and immediately felt Seth tense up and tremble, then take a deep breath. He then sucked the hunky latino with abandon, rejoicing in Seth’s obvious signs of arousal. His moans became slightly louder, his body squirmed with delight. After three intense minutes, Howard felt Seth tense up and spurt his warm load in Howard’s mouth. He swallowed it eagerly.

Howard stood up again and looked at the hunk, now back to being as still as a statue, his erection slowly deflating. He was about to pick up the witch ball on the desk when he noticed newspaper clippings, now out of the envelope he had delivered. They were headlines from the late 1990’s about the Lexington and some kind of scandal. Rage was welling up inside him. Was Rivera writing a negative article about the Lexington?

Howard glared at the vulnerable naked journalist. “When you wake up,” he said, “you will find that you have to do everything I tell you to do. You will not be able to move except to obey my orders.”

Howard then put the witch ball back in the bag. After five seconds of confusion, Seth stared at Howard and at his nude body, wide-eyed with disbelief: “What the FUCK!!! What the hell did you do to me? What am I doing naked?”

“Don’t say anything louder than a whisper,” said Howard, concerned about the other guests.

“Are you some fucking pervert?” whispered Seth. “Why can’t I move? Why do I do what you say? I read about this shit but could not believe it!”

“You’re one hell of a sexy man, Mr. Rivera,” said Howard, ignoring him. “I could not let that opportunity pass me by. Lucky I didn’t, or you would have written that article and ruined me.”

“You think I won’t write that article now?” Rivera raged in a low voice. “Everyone will hear about what you did, you obscene pervert!”

“Shut up and give me a deep, passionate kiss, asshole.”

With a look of horror on his face, the enslaved journalist put his arms around Howard, moved his mouth over Howard’s mouth, then kissed him, his tongue slowly teasing Howard’s tongue. His embrace and his mouth were warm. Howard’s hands slid down Seth’s naked backside and he squeezed the hunk’s bare butt cheeks.

After the kiss, Seth whispered: “Get your fucking hands off me! Now I’ll never get the taste of you out of my mouth. I’ll fucking kill you for what you’re doing.”

“As you wish, but first, you will find my touch extremely arousing. So much that you will get addicted to it right away.”

Howard moved his finger over Seth waist, abs and pecs, and the journalist squirmed with delight at the touch.

“Fuck that feels good!” he whispered. Howard then started to finger the latino’s balls, then tease his soft cock. Seth could not refrain himself from moaning and twisting his body. “Oh God!” he whispered, “I’ve never felt so turned on before, this feels so great. What are you doing to me?”

Howard then abruptly stopped. Seth glared at him, but then pitifully whispered: “Don’t stop! Please continue!”

“Who’s the pervert now?” said Howard, and he slid one finger right up Seth’s latin ass. “Aahhhhhh” yelled Seth, before quieting down. He was twisting his body around the tip of Howard’s finger, clenching his butt to maximize the pleasure. By now, he was back to a full erection, which Howard grabbed in his fist.

“God! Yeah, finger my ass good,” whispered Seth, panting. Within minutes of intense pleasuring of both his ass and his cock, the aroused journalist came a second time, this time leaving a small puddle on the hardwood floor.

“I can’t believe how good that felt!” whispered Seth. “I’m still gonna kill you, but God did that feel great. Let me go now, please…”

“So soon?” asked Howard. “Surely you’re willing to reciprocate?”

“What do you mean?” whispered Seth anxiously. “Fuck no!”

“On your knees, Mr. Rivera.”

The nude reporter dropped to his knees, his face inches from Howard’s crotch.

“Now, lower my pants and boxers and release my cock, Mr. Rivera.”

“No, please,” whispered the outraged journalist, even as he was unzipping Howard’s pants. Soon, Howard’s hard-on was free.

“Now, suck my dick the same way you’d want your own dick sucked, Mr. Rivera.”

“Please… Please…” His whispers ceased when he wrapped his mouth around Howard’s cock. He then grabbed Howard’s waist firmly with his rough hands and used his mouth and tongue to stimulate Howard to the fullest.

With all the excitement, it did not take long before Howard felt it was his turn to cum.

“Now, swallow my cum, Mr Rivera,” Howard said, seconds before exploding in the latino’s mouth, who had no choice but to make sure he swallowed every last drop.

“Stand up, Mr Rivera,” said Howard as he took the witch ball out.

The journalist, humiliated, obeyed, avoiding Howard’s gaze.

“Look at the shiny ball now.”

When the Murphy’s came back from their dinner, Howard could not help but be reminded of having left things unfinished with Travis. He walked up to the family, and addressed Travis, who gave him a nice smile.

“Mr. Murphy, you dropped something outside this morning. Come with me to my office.”

“Ok, guys, I’ll be right up,” he said to his family, then followed Howard to the small office.

“What did I drop? I didn’t notice…” His eyes fell on the witch ball that Howard had just uncovered. “That’s not mine… What is it? It’s vaguely familiar somehow… I…”

Howard messed up the entranced cutie’s hair and gave him a peck on the cheek. “Oh, Travis. You’ll be mine now… Say you’re going to suck my cock tonight.”

Travis repeated, in a monotonous voice: “I’m going to suck your cock tonight.”

“Say you want me to fuck your cute innocent ass tonight.”

Travis repeated, in a monotonous voice: “I want you to fuck my cute innocent ass tonight.”

“Good, good, sounds like a plan.” Howard squeezed the boy’s butt in anticipation. “Now, at midnight tonight you will sneak out and come knock at my bedroom door.”

He then took the boy’s wallet from his pocket. “Now, when you wake up, you’ll immediately get an erection without knowing why. You’ll also realize that you have lost your wallet this morning.”

Putting the witch ball out of sight once again made the boy snap out of his trance. “Sorry,” he said, disoriented. “You were about to give me what I dropped outside.”

Howard showed him his wallet.

“My wallet! Now I remember,” said Travis excitedly. He grabbed the wallet and put it back in his pocket. “I was looking all over for…” He then stopped and started blushing. Howard’s eyes fell on the obvious bulge that had formed in the high school graduate’s pants. He turned around, and mumbled: “Thanks for the wallet. I have to go now.”

He left as quickly as he could.

Half an hour later, Seth Rivera came down, fully dressed in a nice shirt and jeans, carrying the envelope. “Thanks for bringing this envelope to my room,” he said, then gave it to Howard.

“I’ll be honest with you, I was researching the Lexington’s past to do a click-bait video about it. But as I was showering, I realized how great this place actually is. So I won’t need these anymore.”

Howard said “Thanks Mr. Rivera,” then offered his hand. The journalist shook it, but as he did so, he let out a loud moan and his eyes rolled back. He trembled excitedly. His pants stretched forward to accommodate his sudden boner.

“I’m sorry,” said Rivera as he dropped Howard’s hand, visibly humiliated. “I had a little accident. I have to go back to my room and change.”

As he hurried up the stairs, Casey and Simon came through the front door, with two girls in tow chit chatting away. As usual, only Casey acknowledged Howard’s presence with a small nod, but his attention immediately snapped back to the whiny redhead girl clinging to his arm.

About four hours later, Howard heard a discreet knock on his door. It was Travis, of course, dressed only in a pair of loose white boxerbriefs.

“Come in Travis,” said Howard. He then closed the door behind the half-naked teen.