The Lexington B&B – Ch. 1

The Lexington Bed & Breakfast (by Mafisto)

Chapter 1

[Comments welcome and appreciated. Fantasy Casting: Caspar Oechsler as Casey Cooper, Simon Nessman as Simon Stewart, Trevor Mahon as Travis Murphy, Yoav Reuveni as Seth Rivera, Alex Lago as Andrew Lewis, iStock model as Justin Parker.]

The two young men with backpacks sauntered to the front desk, wheeling their compact suitcases beside them. “Welcome to the Lexington,” said Howard. “What name is your reservation under?”

The high-cheekboned hottie with unkempt umber hair smirked. “It’s under mine, Simon Stewart.”

Howard scanned the brief list of names on the computer. “Gotcha right here, Mr. Stewart, for a double with two twins. You’ll be with us for a week, I see. I need your signature here and your credit card for the deposit.”

While Howard waited for the card to be authorized, he studied his new guests. Simon was rocking back and forth on his heels, while his friend hummed quietly.

“Can I have your name as well, sir?” Howard asked the hummer.

“Absolutely,” he said, his forest green eyes sparkling with eagerness. “I’m Casey Cooper.”

Casey wore a royal blue polo. His face was gently freckled and his gelled reddish-brown hair was neatly parted on the side.

“Here you go: two keys for room 4, down the hall, up the stairs, then on your left. Have a nice stay!”

“Thanks,” said Casey. Simon kept silent. The two guests headed towards the stairs.

Howard figured they were college students, here for the beach like most of his guests, this being the high season in Cape Cod. He loved this time of the year, when the Lexington filled up with good-looking guys in beach attire. Lots of options for his wanking fantasies. No harm if it was only in his head, no?

The Lexington Bed & Breakfast had been housing guests for almost a hundred and fifty years. When Howard and his older sister Mary had bought the place, ten years before, they had invested considerably in its restoration. Located on Sea Street, two blocks from the beach, the Lexington was a homely house with blue-gray clapboard siding, burgundy shutters, a high gabled roof and a hospitable porch. White bricks covered the wide parking area beside the house. Tall bushy trees isolated its grounds, which were generously overlayed with vibrant flowerbeds tended by Mary, including the modest in-ground swimming pool.

“You two have fun in Bermuda,” said Howard to Mary and her boyfriend. On that early evening, a Friday in May, they stood on the porch with their luggage, waiting for a cab.

“You really should hire someone to help you this week,” said Mary. All the rooms are rented this weekend.“ She briefly turned her attention to a handsome man with a two-day beard who was walking out of the house. “Have a nice evening, Mr. Rivera,” she said.

“I will, and you have a nice trip.” Seth Rivera, a travel writer who stayed in room 5, was wearing jeans and a thin white shirt with stripes.

Howard stared at Mr. Rivera’s butt until it was out of sight. “I’ll be fine,” he then said. “I don’t mind being more busy than usual.”

Mary sighed. They were silent for a few minutes, then the Murphys, a couple with their teenage son and daughter, came out on the porch. They were staying in room 2, a full suite with two bedrooms.

“Hey, Ms. Lexington,” said Travis, the son. He had just finished high school, and his sister was two years younger. Howard had discovered these last few days that he was turned on by the cute boy next door’s naïveté.

“All set for Bermuda?” Travis asked.

“Oh God yes,” said Mary. “So the whole family’s going out for dinner.”

“Yeah, at La Scala,” said Emily, Travis’s sister.

As the Murphys headed onto the street, Mary’s cab pulled in. Howard helped the driver with the luggage and waved his sister goodbye. They had rarely been apart, but he looked forward to spending time on his own.

As he came back inside, he saw Justin Parker, a dark blond law student with glasses who was staying in room 3. He rarely went out, as he was studying for a crucial exam at BSU three days from then.

“Hey,” he said. “Would you mind ordering me a pizza from the Royal? A large cheese and pepperoni would be great.”

“No problem,” said Howard. “I’ll bring it to your room when it gets here.” Howard enjoyed entering the rooms of his attractive guests, whether they were in or not. He wouldn’t bring himself to snoop, but whenever he saw anything private laying around, like discarded boxers, it gave him some voyeuristic pleasure.

After calling the restaurant, Howard went down to the basement, where they had recently decided to add two extra rooms before the end of the year. However, a succession of previous owners had hoarded an impressive quantity of junk in there over the years. Everything had to go — Howard had been packing for weeks. A large part of the clutter was discarded furniture that Howard tried to all move to one corner.

He emptied an antique writing desk of its mostly useless content, which he put into boxes. He then lifted the desk to put one side of it on a small dolly, then grabbed the other side to roll the desk to the corner where he stowed the furniture. The desk was quite heavy: he ended up dropping it abruptly with a loud bang. Although nothing appeared to be broken, he noticed that the crash had opened a secret compartment on the side.

From the cavity, Howard grabbed a square wooden box, each side about 6 inches. Intrigued, he opened the box. It contained a black satin bag, itself containing in turn a sphere of aquamarine glass. Judging by the weight, it was hollow, with a short neck sealed by a stopper. Inside the colorful sphere, mirror-like strands caught the light and shone with mesmerizing swirls. Howard could not stop staring at it.

The front desk bell impatiently rang a few times, and Howard snapped out of his reverie. He hurried upstairs. Room 1’s occupants, Andrew Lewis and his blond girlfriend, were at the desk. As Howard approached, Andrew, a tall lean sexy twenty-something, peered at him with piercing cobalt eyes. He had soft spikes of black hair, with sideburns and a two-day beard.

Howard gave them the extra towels they asked for, then noticed how dark it was outside. Checking his watch, he realized he must have been staring at that glass ball for over an hour. Confused, he went back to the basement. He put the ball back in its bag, careful not to look at it. He discovered a small journal at the bottom of the box. Nothing in the box or journal identified the writer. Howard brought the box and its contents to his bedroom, where he started to read the anonymous writings.

According to the journal, the captivating ball was a witch ball, believed to ward off evil spirits. Its bright blue swirls were meant to entice evil spirits and capture them inside. A few pages later, it was mentioned that a powerful charming spirit had been captured in that very ball. The journal’s author had discovered that anyone gazing at the ball became entranced by the spirit inside. The entranced’s conscious self would be completely overwhelmed in the fight to look away, leaving their subconscious completely vulnerable, as if in a deep state of hypnosis. However, a loud noise or the removal of the ball from their sight would awaken them from that state. The journal went on about how its author used it to “convince” people to give him money and a woman he loved to marry him, then the entries stopped abruptly.

Was that what had happened to him earlier? Had he been entranced by the spirit in the ball, fighting it to free his mind for over an hour, until the sound of the bell woke him?

Howard was not gullible, but he did believe in the possibility of the supernatural. He remembered the whole experience, the intensity of the pull he had felt from that ball, how swiftly it had totally engrossed him, as eerily unnatural. He reread the journal attentively, determined to fully explore the witch ball’s alleged powers.

The next morning, as Howard swept the corridor on the first floor, he looked out the window and saw Travis, the Murphys’ son, alone in the backyard. None of the guests were up by then, as the first breakfasts to serve were only scheduled for more than an hour later.

Howard continued with his sweeping, but would often pause to look at Travis. He suddenly realized he had a partial erection. A strong urge to entice the high school graduate grew in him, an urge which felt out of character for him. He found himself heading to his room to fetch the witch ball.

When Howard entered the backyard, he stared at the cute Travis, at his longish brown hair, thick eyebrows, naive eyes. The student slumped against a tree, arms folded. Mornings were still a bit chilly. Travis wore a royal blue T-shirt with white print.

“Hi!” the student said. “I woke up an hour ago and couldn’t go back to sleep. Quiet morning.”

“Yes, it is quiet,” said Howard. “So your family’s still asleep?”

“Oh yeah. My dad was snoring when I snuck out. I checked the pool, the water is too cold. Maybe this afternoon… Although we’ll probably be at the beach.”

“It’ll be okay this afternoon.” Howard waited a moment, then took out the satin bag. “Let me show you what I found in the basement last night.”

He took the witch ball out and lay it on one of the round patio tables, careful not to look directly at it.

“Cool!” said Travis. “Is it some sort of Christmas ball? It’s bigger than… There’s light swirling in it… I…”

The young man stopped moving, his mouth slightly agape, his eyes vacant vaguely looking at the ball.

“Travis?” asked Howard, “can you hear me?”

Travis’s mouth slowly opened. “Yesss…” he said quietly, almost in a whisper.

At the sight of the helpless student, Howard felt an unexpected and intense satisfaction. For a moment, he could not tell if the feeling was his own.

“Listen to me carefully,” he said. He had been curious about hypnosis a few years ago, and had read a few books, enough to know how to formulate suggestions. He gave Travis a few deepening inductions, but they hardly seemed necessary — the trance was already surprisingly deep.

Howard felt a rush of lust inside. It frightened him.

“When you wake up,” Howard commanded, “you will feel very hot. The sun will be burning. There will be only one thing on your mind: cooling down. You will realize that you are wearing your swim trunks under your jeans. You won’t be able to resist stripping down to your swim trunks and jump in the pool. You’ll find the water warm and nice.”

Howard made the youth repeat everything twice. He was astonished as to how well Travis responded to the suggestions. He then proceeded to put the ball back in the bag. A few seconds later, Travis snapped out of his trance.

“Whoa,” he said. “I think I dozed off for a second. Anyway, that thing was beautiful, what was it?”

“A witch ball, they call it,” Howard said, noticing how uncomfortable Travis started to look. “It was used to ward evil spirits.”

“Oh.. OK. Gee, it’s really hot all of a sudden.” The boy was starting to glisten with sweat. “I can’t believe how hot it is!”

Howard could not believe his suggestions were working. Despite the morning chill, Travis felt intense heat and started to pull his T-shirt off. His smooth and tight torso sparkled with sweat beads. He then took off his sneakers and ankle socks, standing barefoot in the grass.

“So hot!” he said, completely focused on the imagined heat, almost oblivious to Howard’s presence. “I have to cool down. I think I’ll take a quick dip in the pool, if you don’t mind.”

Howard was too fascinated to answer, but Travis didn’t expect one. He proceeded to detach his belt, unzip his jeans, let them drop and then step out of them. A pair of white boxerbriefs with a gray waistband hugged his hips.

“Nice swim trunks,” said Howard, smiling.

“Thanks,” Travis said, reflexively. “OK, I’m jumping in…”

He ran to the edge of the pool and dove in the cold water. Howard walked to the pool’s edge and watched the boy do a few laps in his white boxers.

“The water’s just right!” said Travis, excited.

He climbed out of the pool, his wet underwear now translucent and clinging to his skin, showing the contours of a soft six-inch cut dick, and, as the young man turned around to turn back in, the shape of a firm bubble butt.

Howard got an instant hard-on. He realized he relished the power he had over the young man, he could make him do anything he wanted. What was going on? Why did he feel that way? He had felt some attraction toward the student, but this was pure and intense lust, mixed in with a desire to dominate.

Howard panicked. He took out the witch ball again. As Travis climbed out of the pool a second time, his eyes fell on it.

The young man stood still, his hands on his waist, elbows out. His boxers had slid a bit down his waist, exposing his pubes, the root of his dick, and a good inch of his ass crack in the back. He stood motionless, completely unaware of his state.

“Travis, when you wake up, you will get dressed and return to your room. You’ll forget everything about the heat and about taking a swim.”

A few seconds after Howard slipped the ball back in the bag, Travis used a towel on a rack beside the pool to dry himself, then put his jeans back on. He put on the rest of his clothes, then quietly headed back inside the Lexington.

Howard sat down, completely overwhelmed by what had just happened. Overwhelmed by how powerful the witch ball was, allowing him to make Travis do things the high school senior would never have done willingly. But also overwhelmed by his own actions and reactions to the whole situation. He did not recognize himself in them and it scared him.

At 10 AM, he delivered room 3’s breakfast. All the other guests had already eaten and left the B&B by then. Travis hadn’t acted out of the ordinary, even giving him a small nod as he’d passed by the front desk with his sister. Howard was relieved.

“Come in!” said Justin.

The law student was seated in the armchair, in khaki shorts and a blue-gray sweater, a book on his lap. He was reading his book attentively, holding the tip of a pen on his temple. It gave Howard a chance to check him out. His mop of dark blond hair had obviously not been combed or brushed since he got out of bed, and Howard found this insouciance about his looks arousing.

As Howard placed the breakfast tray on the desk, he was startled to see the witch ball on the tray in its satin bag. He didn’t remember having put it there. Why had he done this? Looking back at the law student, he found himself staring at his exposed lower legs, lean and sparsely covered in blond hair. Howard had once jerked off to Justin earlier in the week, but now this casual attraction was growing rapidly into full blown desire. He took out the witch ball from its bag and placed it next to the tray.

“Thank you,” said Justin, closing his book. He stood up and approached the desk. “What’s this?” The moment his eyes fell on the swirls of the witch ball, they stayed fixed on it. “Some kind of globe,” he mumbled. “It’s fascinating, all those bright shades of blue, green, what…”

He stopped talking and stood, immobile, gently rocking back and forth, his eyes locked onto the ball.

“Mr. Parker… Justin… Can you hear me?”

Justin took a long breath, then whispered, with some effort: “Yesss…”

“While you are in this deep trance, you will listen to everything I tell you. You will follow my instructions once you are awake, without knowing why you do so or finding it strange. Repeat what I just said.”

“Listen to everything… Follow instructions… Won’t know why… Won’t find it strange…”

Looking at him standing there, so vulnerable, ready to obey him, gave Howard a rush of confidence. He realized the law student made him feel inferior, because of his better looks and his better education. But now he was completely under his spell and Howard wanted his turn at feeling superior.

“Listen carefully to me, Justin,” said Howard in a clear authoritative voice. “When you wake up, every time you hear me say the words THE LAW, you will immediately take off an article of clothing, and will not try to put it back on. You will react normally to your state of undress, but you won’t be able to stop stripping. You will not find it strange that you are doing this, and you will not ask me to look away or get out of the room.”

Howard made sure all these suggestions were deeply understood by Justin, then put the ball back in the bag. After a few seconds of confusion, Justin blinked a few times and said: “Sorry, I can’t remember what I was talking about. Brain fart. Anyway, thanks for the breakfast, it looks delicious. However, I did ask for my eggs yolk to be over well, but that’s ok.”

He sat down in front of the desk, ready to eat.

“Mr. Parker, when did you start being interested in THE LAW?”

Justin put down the fork he had just grabbed and lifted his sweater up, flashing his defined abs. “I guess it was when I was in high school, when my parents sued our insurance company.” He pulled the sweater above his head and let it drop next to the chair. “We won the case, and I became fascinated by how powerful lawyers are.”

He seemed to realize he was shirtless, and looked uncomfortable. “I have no idea why I just took off my sweater,” he said with a nervous laugh. “I feel a bit exposed here.” Yet, he did nothing to remedy the situation, grabbed his fork again and took a bite of pancakes. Howard stared at the firm, almost hairless chest with its dark nipples the size of quarters.

Howard pointed to his chest and said: “You must do some kind of sport to have such a nice chest.” Justin seemed embarrassed that his bare chest was the subject of conversation, but he said: “Yeah, I’m part of the rowing team.”

“You manage to do that while studying THE LAW,” said Howard. “That’s impressive.”

Justin once again put down his fork and proceeded to remove his socks. “I guess, it’s not always easy,” he said, “but keeping in shape makes my mind sharper.”

Howard looked at Justin’s tanned, well-formed feet. “Your feet are warm?” he said. Justin raised his eyebrows. “I guess!” he said, before returning to his breakfast.

Howard waited for Justin to finish his breakfast, then said: “But isn’t THE LAW very complex to learn?”

Justin immediately stood up and detached the top of his khaki shorts. “Yeah, it’s really complex, for sure.” He unzipped his shorts and let them drop on the floor. “But I have a great memory,” he said, stepping out of the shorts.

He was now wearing only a pair of tighty whities, with a pretty obvious bulge at the front. “By the way, breakfast was good. But I’m still hungry, I could’t eat the eggs, I hate runny yolk.”

In any other circumstances, Howard would have brought him another plate of eggs cooked as he wanted, but he couldn’t care less at this moment.

Justin suddenly noticed his state of undress. He immediately blushed and tried to hide his crotch with his hands.

“Sorry…” he said, awkwardly.

“For what?” asked Howard, as if he didn’t know.

“Euh… For just being in my underwear. I can’t seem to keep my clothes on this morning, I don’t know why.” He gave another nervous laugh. “I’m a bit prude about my body, I find it embarrassing.”

“Don’t worry, I don’t mind,” said Howard, which was the truth.

“Anyway,” Justin said emphatically, “I think I must go back to my studying.”

He was obviously trying to communicate to Howard that he wanted him to leave, but could not say so directly because of the suggestions. He turned around to face the armchair, giving Howard a good look of the shape of his toned rower butt.

Howard’s lust was growing like a fever. He had never felt so aggressively horny in his life. He didn’t care about Justin’s feelings, or about the risk of harassing a guest, he just wanted to dominate the smug law student.

“What part of THE LAW are you studying now?” he said, anxiously awaiting the uncovering that was to come.

Justin started to shake a bit, as if he was trying to resist. But despite himself, his hands went to his waist and his thumbs slid under his white briefs waistband.

“Civil law,” he said, sliding the white fabric down his firm legs. “Civil law in general,” he said, kicking the underwear away.

He had now exposed his entire backside to Howard, who could only stare ravenously at the student’s luscious bare butt.

“What the fuck!” said Justin. “I have no idea why I just did that! Taking my boxers off… I’m completely naked!”

“Don’t be shy,” said Howard. “You’re really attractive.” He took out the witch ball from its bag and placed it next to the check on the table. “Now you just have to sign the receipt and I’ll be on my way.”

“What?” said Justin in a panic. He hesitated, then grabbed his law book. He turned around, holding the book over his crotch. He walked to the table, completely discomfited, blushing and avoiding Howard’s gaze. As he bent to sign the check, his eyes caught the witch ball and locked on it.

“Hey, I remember seeing that before… Those colors… Can’t look away…”

Justin, silent and motionless once more, lost all tension in his body. His law book fell at his feet with a loud thud, revealing his trimmed pubes and his soft uncut dick the length of the pen he had been holding earlier, but about an inch in girth.

Howard started to take his own clothes off, relishing the sight of the naked future lawyer completely at his mercy. “So, tell me Justin, you are still hungry, aren’t you?”

The naked college student, eyes still fixated on the witch ball, struggled to whisper: “Yessss.”

Now just wearing boxers barely covering his erection, Howard said, mischievously, “I’ll certainly help you with that. When you awake, you will still react normally, except you won’t be able to get dressed again or cover yourself. You won’t want me to leave the room or stop looking at you even though it embarrasses you. Nothing I do will seem strange to you. You will be convinced I have nothing to do with what is happening to you, that it is all your own doing. Now, listen carefully, when I mention that something is DELICIOUS, you will feel a ravenous hunger to lick and suck and swallow that thing, and that hunger will be uncontrollable. That hunger will be sexual and extremely arousing. You’ll never bite though.”

After making sure that Justin remembered all those suggestions, Howard put the witch ball back in its bag, which immediately woke Justin up.

“Whoa!” the lawyer said. “I’m still naked. Why the hell did I strip naked?” He looked at Howard, erect in his boxers. “And you have a hard-on… Because you can see my cock, makes sense, I knew you were gay… It’s still humiliating to know you’re hard from looking at me naked.”

“Oh, don’t worry,” said Howard. “This is the least humiliating thing that is about to happen to you.”

Justin gave a frightened look to Howard. “What do you mean?” he asked.

Howard pointed at the breakfast plate with the eggs untouched and cold. “These eggs are DELICIOUS, aren’t they Justin?”

“What? No, I hate runny yolks, it’s all slimy and…” Howard could see Justin’s cock slowly stiffening and rising. “Slimy and the texture is so sensual, I just have to eat them.”

He fell to his knees and started to lick the surface of the eggs, then sucked them into his mouth without using his teeth. He was moaning and jerking off with one hand. The yellow yolk started to drool down his mouth, and he wiped it with his fingers and licked every drop. He then licked the plate clean.

Howard was playing with his hard dick in his boxers watching the law student debase himself. Once there were no trace of the eggs anywhere, Howard said: “I think you’ll find my fingers delicious, Justin.”

He held his fingers in the air and Justin jumped back to his feet and immediately grabbed them and started licking them with alacrity. He was moaning and rubbing his chest with his left hand. He mumbled: “I’m so horny,” never taking his tongue off of Howard’s fingers.

Howard maneuvered behind Justin the tongue-machine, and managed to lower his boxers with his remaining hand. He grabbed the law student’s butt with that hand, squeezing and spreading his cheeks, then he hugged his body from behind, his erection cradling the length of Justin crack. He rubbed it up and down rhythmically. The warmth of Justin’s butt on his cock felt magnificent.

“By the way, Justin,” said Howard. “My mouth is DELICIOUS.”

Justin immediately whirled around in Howard’s arms, his hard cock rubbing against Howard’s. He entered Howard’s mouth with his moist tongue, and kissed Howard with an intense need. He was so aroused by now that he welcomed Howard’s naked body around his. Howard’s hands now both free, he used them to feel every curve of the law student’s body. He palmed his ball sack and gave a few strokes to his impressive hard-on.

After two or three minutes of intense kissing and fondling, Howard forced Justin’s head away from his mouth long enough to breathe: “My chest is DELICIOUS” is Justin’s ear.

Justin, continuing to jerk off frantically with one hand, started to brush his tongue across Howard’s upper chest. Howard was also jerking off, enjoying the attention. The moist spongy beast then circled around Howard’s nipples, teasing them erect. He seductively licked down Howard’s stomach, stopping to poke inside his belly button.

Grabbing Justin’s head firmly with both hands, Howard said: “my hard cock is DELICIOUS Justin. What do you want to do to it?”

Justin shook his head wildly, trying to break free of Howard’s hold. He shouted: “I want to lick it, I want to suck it, I want to swallow it.” Howard released the ravenous student’s head and Justin immediately dropped to his knees and started licking Howard’s cock up and down, before wrapping his mouth around it and suckling on it slowly.

Howard guided Justin’s rhythm with his hand on his head, while Justin’s hands were all over Howard’s ass, clenching tight.

When he was close to threshold, Howard said: “Justin, you won’t believe how much my butthole is DELICIOUS.”

Justin let Howard’s cock fall out of his mouth and almost begged: “please, I’d be so ashamed of eating a man’s butt, please I don’t want it to be delicious…”

“But my butthole is DELICIOUS Justin,” said Howard, surprised at his own callousness. “But I won’t allow you to eat it unless you beg for it.”

Justin acted like a complete addict. He was writhing in pain, “Sir, I just have to lick your butthole, it’s like torture, I beg you to let me eat your delicious anus, please!”

Howard turned around and bent over. Justin was immediately all over him, spreading his butt cheeks apart and burying his face in. His slippery serpentine tongue prodded, scraped and assaulted Howard’s butthole. The B&B owner did enjoy the sensations, but having reduced the smug sexy law student to service his hole gave him ten times as much pleasure. After five minutes of wet warm anal probing, Howard came, spurting a puddle of fresh cum on Justin’s law book.

“Justin, both my cum and your cum are the most DELICIOUS substances you’ll ever put in your mouth.”

Justin immediately crawled like a dog towards his law book and lapped all of Howard’s cum from it. Then he used his finger to wipe the pre-cum on his dick and lick it. He then said: “I want more cum, I have to cum,” and he lay down on his back. One jerk and thick strings of thick white cum streamed all over his cock and abs. He used his fingers to bring all of it to his hungry mouth like it was the most precious liquid in the world.

When he finally looked up, Howard was waiting for him with the witch ball in hand. Five minutes later, Howard came out of room 3 while Justin was in the shower, not remembering anything of Howard’s visit except that his breakfast had been fucking DELICIOUS.

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