The Power of Marketing

The Power of Marketing (by Mafisto)

[Comments welcome and appreciated. Fantasy casting: Next Door Studios’s model Phoenix as Karl, Sean Cody’s model Allen as Kevin. If you enjoy the sampling of pictures for this story, do visit Next Door Studios and Sean Cody to see more and express your gratitude. I must also credit wickydkewl’s channel on YouTube for this video of Allen]

In the course of the Marketing class I taught at ATG University, I gave a lecture one morning on how easily the media could influence, even control, our actions. I then assigned a small project to the class. Two of the students who had teamed together, Karl Filborn and Kevin Grant, booked some time with me at my office to discuss the assignment. Since I was pretty busy and they had insisted on meeting me quickly, I offered for them to come later at night, at 9 PM. It was not their preferred time, but they reluctantly agreed.

That same afternoon, I received a package from Marvin Darby, a friend of mine working at B____ Inc, in charge of a top secret project. I didn’t have time to open it until after dinner. It was the most recent prototype of the high-tech device they were working on. It was a royal blue box that fit inside the palm of my hand, with USB and HDMI wires, as well as an HDMI out port. The large external monitor in my office had an HDMI wire which I plugged in the device, and I plugged the device’s wires in my desktop computer. It automatically installed an app on the computer which would let me type in messages that the device would then transform into subliminals and superimpose over the monitor signal.

Marvin had asked me to test its efficiency as a marketing tool. I was skeptical, as I had never found any conclusive evidence that subliminals had any impact on the human mind. I could scarcely imagine that just hiding text in the video signal would affect someone’s brain, but Marvin had explained that the words would appear in hypnotic patterns at frequencies that would reach the subconscious directly. In any case, I planned to set up a rigorous testing procedure the next day to see if there was a significant effect, if any.

That evening, I scanned through ads on YouTube to select one for testing purposes. I had just found a 30-second ad about Vibrance Shower Gel that would be perfect to test the device when a knock on my door made me check my watch. 9 PM. Karl and Kevin were right on time. I let them in and asked them to sit down. The shampoo ad was playing on the large monitor on a loop, and they glanced at it.

As I sat down, Karl said, with a cocky smile: “Cool, an HD monitor in your office. You’re watching TV?” He had been in the army the previous year, and was quite the sturdy sol­dier with square features and a fit body. He kept his black hair in a buzz cut, and wore a black T-shirt with a white pattern that was tightly stretched over his square shoulders.

“Makes sense I guess,” said Kevin, “you’re teaching marketing after all.” Kevin had stretched his tall frame over the chair in a leisurely posture. He had once told me he was considering a career as a model. He certainly had the looks for it. Tall, with strong but compact shoulders and a narrow waist, he had the face of a blasé angel. Rust highlights tinted the dark brown hair he wore in a messy but styled fashion. His gray T-shirt was just tight enough to hint at a taut chest.

“Quite right,” I said. “This is for my research. Now, how can I help you two?”

We discussed the assignment and from their questions I realized that they had trouble believing that the media could influence people like them.

“I can see how it would work on weak-minded, naive people,” said Kevin, with a certain arrogance. “But on trained intellectuals like us, with strong minds, I don’t know… We’re aware of all the tricks…”

Karl scoffed. “We just don’t see how it would be possible for an ad to have an effect on our decisions or our actions.”

“So…” continued Kevin, “we wanted to provide a counter-argument for the assignment. Like write about the limitations of marketing on better educated people with strong personalities.”

I cleared my throat. “I see… People like you two, I assume?” I asked. They both nodded. I was not against a counter-argument, but there was something about their attitude that just irritated me. It was snobbish, and they were much too sure of themselves. I felt an urge to bring them down a notch.

“It’s an interesting viewpoint for sure,” I said. “But I like arguments that are backed by some objective data.” They looked at me quizzically. “It turns out I received today the tools that would allow us to do a little experiment. You can use the results in your paper.” They considered the idea, then nodded in approval. “Let me just set something up here.”

To be frank, I was just eager to test the device. I took a moment to think of a relevant subliminal message. They would never see the actual words, so why not have a little fun? I settled with: “When I hear Vibrance Shower Gel, I just want to show my vibrant abs”. Using the app, I entered the message, which would be superimposed in hypnotic patterns over the video signal of the ad.

I pointed at the monitor, which was now blank. “OK guys, I will now play on this monitor that ad you saw when you came in. I want you both to watch it carefully. Try to identify all the ways that it tries to influence your behavior.”

They agreed and moved their chairs to allow them to look straight at the monitor. They seemed to enjoy the challenge, and stared attentively as the commercial played. I did not watch myself, however, so as not to be exposed to the subliminals.

After the commercial was done playing, I barely listened to their amateurish analysis they tried to impress me with. I waited for them to be done, then asked them: “Now, each of you in turns, I want you to stand up and say the name of the product and the first thing that comes to your mind afterwards. Let’s start with Karl.” If he mentioned anything at all related to his chest, it would mean that somehow the subliminals had reached him.

“Ok,” Karl said, standing up. “Vibrance Shower Gel.” He then grabbed the bottom of his T-shirt and lifted it up as he said: “Let me show you my fantastic abs.”

He held the T-shirt just at the height of his pecs, exposing the smooth and tight curves of his tanned stomach. For a second, he looked really proud, then he quickly covered his stomach and sat down again, his face flushed with embarrassment. Kevin was giggling.

“What the hell was that?” the future model asked. “Did you just flash your chest to the teacher?”

“I don’t know,” Karl said, confused. “It’s the first thing that came to my mind, that’s all… I work out a lot…” he mumbled. “It’s a shower gel, I wash my abs with that.”

Kevin stood up, still giggling. He took a moment to calm down. “Ok, let’s do this. Vibrance Show Gel,” he said, looking very sure of himself. He then crossed his arms and grabbed each side of his T-shirt, pulling it up as if to remove it . “Look at my phenomenal abdominals!” he said. He glared at me with defiance. His abs truly were phenomenal. The slim and narrow stretch of skin had a sharply defined six-pack and obliques. Below it and over his faded jeans, the full height of the wide waistband of his Calvin Klein underwear was exposed.

Kevin paused, looking as if he was about to take his shirt off, then abruptly let his shirt drop down. Avoiding our gazes, he sat back down, pulling down on his T-shirt to make sure it covered his entire lower chest. His face had lost all defiance.

It was Karl’s turn to laugh, and he was laughing so hard he almost fell out of his chair. “You just flashed your chest to the teacher too,” he said. “You were even more happy to do so than I was. Phenomenal abdominals? Where did that come from?”

I was in shock. Not just because of their totally unexpected behavior — the brief sight of their bare and fit chests had left me in awe. I was starting to get a hard-on. I had never heard of any subliminal technique that was this powerful. It had been strong enough to make these two self-defined strong-willed students, these two arrogant students, do something they’d never have done without subliminals.

“If you understand marketing techniques correctly, you’ll know how the ad influenced you. You probably just missed it. Let’s watch it again and see if you can find out.”

This time, I entered a subliminal message outrageous enough that I expected it to only have a partial impact. The degree to which they would be influenced by it would help me determine the range of what was possible. The two students watched with rapt attention, determined to find out the trick and not to be ensnared by it again.

Their faces lit up when it ended. They embarked on a contrived argument about how the movements the actor did to wash his chest encouraged a form of exhibitionism, especially in men who were working out and knew they had a great body.

“Now that I understand how it works though,” said Karl, “when I think about the ad, I don’t really think about showing off my chest anymore.”

“Me neither,” said Kevin. “My abs will stay covered, even if they are phenomenal,” he said, with a nervous laugh. “I don’t even understand it could have worked the first time. Nice experiment, Professor. Useful for the assignment.”

I smiled. “Fantastic. I knew you were both too clever to be fooled for long. You don’t feel the urge to show even an inch of skin if I say ‘Vibrance Shower Gel’?”

I could not believe my eyes! Karl and Kevin immediately started to remove their shirts. Not only that, but they did so in a completely casual manner, as if they were in a locker room. They discarded the shirts on the floor.

What really astounded me were their answers to my question. “Not an inch,” said Karl. He wore a silver chain, and had small tattoos on both his shoulders. “Not the slightest urge to give you a peek,” said Kevin proudly. They were completely unaware that they were currently bare-chested.

Being able to see the finely sculpted upper bodies of these hot young men was one thing, but realizing that they were unaware of how exposed they were gave me such a hard-on I was worried my pants would rip. How could simple subliminals have such power? The power to have them not only remove their shirts in the presence of their teacher but remain clueless of their shirtless state?

“So, do you agree to let us write a counter-argument?” asked Kevin, with some impatience.

I did not answer right away. I was lost staring at his wide muscular shoulders, his chiseled pecs and small erect nipples.

“I think so,” I finally said. Karl sighed with relief. I stared at the firm curves of his tanned athletic body with its sharply cleft obliques. “But if you want to make sure to get an A+, I think it would improve your paper if you had a discussion of the exact techniques an ad can use on you and how you specifically can counter them.”

“An A+?” asked Kevin, as his eyes widened for a moment. “I’m liking the sound of that.”

“Let’s watch the video once more, but this time with an eye as to how you are countering its effects. How you so successfully resisted exposing your torsos,” I said, smiling as I once more checked out the two hot bare-chested students.

I was a bit nervous to pursue in that direction. What I had done so far was already completely unethical and could get me fired. Karl and Kevin were likely to become aware of their actions today and would certainly not be happy about it. But I was starting to be so turned on that I didn’t seem to care about all that. My life had been boring and was likely to keep being boring. I couldn’t let the opportunity pass despite the possible, or even likely, consequences.

The next set of subliminals I introduced in the ad really pushed past ethical boundaries. I was curious about how their lack of awareness was achieved — it seemed similar to what people experience in a hypnotic trance. And if so, could other hypnotic trance effects be achieved through subliminals?

Karl and Kevin, baited by the hope of an A+, took their task very seriously. They took out notepads from their backpacks, and watched intently the ad, taking notes. When the video ended, they studied the notes they had taken during it, and started to give me a competent analysis of the techniques used in the video.

I could barely listen to them, eager to know if the subliminals had succeeded. They even asked to watch it a second time, which pleased me as it would deepen their exposure.

“You know what I think?” said Karl suddenly, not realizing I knew because I’m the one who made him think it. “The paper is one thing, but in this era of YouTube, I was thinking we could make a video as well, something we could show the class.”

Kevin gave a sharp clap with his hands and continued eagerly. “Yes, yes, that’s so cool. Let’s show them exactly how the ad did it. In fact, let’s make a similar ad ourselves, and we then explain how it was done.”

“I’m impressed,” I said, not about their idea but about how mine had worked so well. “There’s a webcam on the computer here, I can use it to film you.”

They looked at each other, confused. “You mean right now?” asked Karl. Then I saw a change in his eyes, the subliminals kicking in. He stood up and said: “No time like the present,” lazily popping his sneakers off.

“Let’s do this,” said Kevin, jumping up from his seat and trying to catch up with Karl in the removal of their shoes and socks.

Now barefoot, they paused for a moment, their hands hovering over their waist. Then, once again, I saw in their eyes the subliminals convincing them that they were in a locker room situation. They detached their jeans and removed them completely, in a casual way, then dropped them to the floor and pushed them away with their feet.

Watching my two students casually stripping down to their underwear in my office almost made me cream my boxers. They stood before me wearing only their boxer-briefs, Karl in simple black 2xist and Kevin in white silky fashionable Calvin Klein’s. I could not take my eyes off their muscular bare legs and the tempting bulges in their underwear. They started brainstorming a possible script, completely clueless that they had turned into my personal strippers. I installed the webcam to point at an empty wall.

“We just want to focus on the moves of the actor in the commercial,” said Karl, absent-mindedly scratching his balls through his boxers. “So we don’t need an actual shower or even soap, we’ll just mime the actions.”

“Ok, we’ll start with our backs to the camera as in the commercial, and slowly turn around as we wash ourselves. Are you ready to film, Professor?”

I was so ready… I started recording the video as they stood with their backs to me. Their underwear was tight enough to hug the shape of their butts perfectly. I still could not believe I had managed to get so much control over them that they’d do something like that not only willingly, but with such enthusiasm.

“Ok, we’re ready to start,” said Karl. “Oh wait, our boxers!” He proceeded to slide his boxers down his legs and throw them on the small black couch. Kevin did the same with his boxers. My heart was racing, they were both butt naked and letting me record it on video!

I cleared my throat and said: “You both realize that you are not wearing any clothes right now? Are you comfortable with that?”

“Sure, why would we mind?” asked Karl.

“We don’t wear clothes in the locker room,” said Kevin. “We’re ok with that, don’t worry!”

By then I was so horny I just had to touch myself. What was happening was a miracle, especially considering that those two students were total hunks.

“Ok, let me frame the shot properly,” I said, trembling. “Don’t move.” I made sure the frame was perfect and that I was recording. Then I took advantage that they could not see me, detached my pants and started to jerk off slowly as I scanned the curves of their smooth naked backsides. Karl’s ass was muscular and tight, while Kevin’s was compact and bubble-like.

When I saw some signs of impatience in them, I took my hand out of my pants and said: “Allright, rolling!”

They started to mime washing themselves in the shower, then pivoted to face me in full frontal nudity.

I grabbed the side of my desk and used all of my willpower not to come right there and then. I let them drone on but observed as they rubbed their hands all over their nude bodies. Karl had shaved his pubes completely, his cut penis hung nicely over two plump balls. Kevin’s dark pubes were intact. His dick was uncut, long and slender.

“Professor?” asked Karl.

I could not stop staring at the curves and ridges of their nude bodies.

“Professor?” asked Karl again, worried.

“Did you get all that?” asked Kevin, playing with his left nipple distractedly.

“Yeah, yeah sure, I did,” I said, snapping back to reality. “All recorded.”

I was getting dizzy by the enormity of what I had done. I had two naked students in my office, and I had them on video exposing every inch of their bodies. And yet, despite knowing I had already done enough to get me to jail, I could not bring myself to care. I had become addicted to the power this device gave me. I was just thinking about the next step.

“Can we see it on the HD screen?” asked Karl.

I hurriedly typed some new subliminals in the app. “Sure, just give a me a minute. Sit on the sofa, you’ll be more cozy.”

Still comfortable in their nudity, the two students sat their bare butts on the black sofa, ready to watch the ad and analysis they had made. They were captivated by their performance, laughing at themselves as if it had been a funny home video. Meanwhile, my latest set of diabolical subliminals were making their way into their subconscious.

When it was finished playing, they gave themselves a little bit of applause. “Wow, this is gonna be good,” said Karl. “We just need to edit it. We’ll reframe it, I’m not really comfortable with the whole class seeing my dick, you know…”

“Same,” said Kevin. “We should also discuss the gel in the original ad, and how by emphasizing the texture and color of it they trigger a sensual, almost sexual response…”

“GEL SLAVES,” I suddenly said.

Kevin frowned but continued. “… as if the gel was some kind of aphrodisiac, promising… arousal… an addiction… enslaving…”

Karl and Kevin closed their eyes for a few seconds. When they opened them, they were in a deep trance.

“I’m a gel slave,” said Kevin, mechanically.

“I’m a gel slave,” said Karl in the same monotonous voice.

Then, as I had instructed in the subliminals, they came back to their senses temporarily. After a few seconds of confusion, they became angry and agitated. “What the fuck?” said Karl, looking at himself and realizing he was naked.

“Why the hell did we take our clothes off for a fucking video?” said Kevin, glaring at me.

They both instinctively tried to hide their crotch with their hands, but my instructions prevented them to do so. “How could you let us do that? Are you some kind of pervert?” yelled Karl.

“How did you manage to convince us to take our clothes off?” asked Kevin. “A drug? What?”

“No, not a drug. It was the ad you watched. Do you still believe your minds too strong to be influenced by marketing?”

To be fair, the marketing powers of the ad had been enhanced just a little bit. But they didn’t have to know.

“Doesn’t make any sense,” said Karl. “How could…?”

I stood up and slowly walked close to sofa where my two hot naked students sat. When he saw me come close, Karl cringed away from me. Kevin warned: “Don’t you dare touch me!” Yet, when I placed my hand on his warm and hard skin and started to rub his pecs and abs, he didn’t do anything to stop me.

“Why can’t I stop you?” he said. He started to fidget, aroused by my touch. “Why does it feel good?”

I moved so that I could also caress Karl’s bare chest. He started to breathe deeply and slowly, groaning occasionally. “I’m getting so horny,” he said. “Why is this happening?”

“You both know why. Just say it, and you’ll feel better.”

They both said, at the same time, “Because sex sells. Because we are gel slaves. We obey our Master, and his touch is ecstasy.”

“Good boys,” I said, enjoying the role playing. “Now Kevin, I’ve been dreaming to see your naked butt since I first saw you. Stand up and turn around so I can take a long look at it.”

“No fucking… Yes, Master, right away.” He did as instructed, and I feasted my eyes on his inviting bubble butt.

“Karl, get yourself hard and masturbate for me.”

“You want me to jerk off while you watch?” he said, stunned but with his hand already playing with his dick. “Yes, Master. I’ll get hard for you…” He sat back, his impressive cock starting to point straight up. “…and stroke myself for you,” he continued, getting a solid grip on his cock. He stroked himself slowly and thoroughly.

I moved my hands all over Kevin’s backside, squeezing his firm yet malleable butt cheeks. I opened them up and fingered his puckered anus, delighting in the moan of pleasure that came from the arrogant student. I turned to look at Karl whose dick had turned into a 9-inch flagpole and who was stroking himself with faster and shorter motions, his eyes closed.

“So guys, just checking. Before you watched this ad in my office, how would you have reacted if I told you that I had sexual feelings for you and wanted you to satisfy them?”

Karl opened his eyes and sneered. “I would have been furious and punched you I think, Master.”

“I would have denounced you — oooh your finger in my butt feels so good — to the dean, Master,” said Kevin, bending over and pushing his butt towards me.

“But Karl, I’d really like you to undress me and suck my cock. It would satisfy me very much.”

Karl looked at me with hungry eyes. “Of course Master. Satisfying my Master makes me super horny.” He fumbled with my pants button and zipper and managed to detach them and let them drop. He looked surprised at the sight of the tent in my boxers at eye level, but it made him even more ravenous. He pulled them down so fast he almost tore them. Meanwhile I had unbuttoned and removed my shirt and tie.

I sat back on the sofa, next to the bent Kevin. Karl kneeled next to me and removed the rest of my clothes. Then there was a flash of lust in his eyes as he opened his mouth and started to suck on my cock diligently and hungrily.

While he was doing so, I started to rim Kevin’s ass, while squeezing his balls. “Turn around,” I eventually told him. “Yes, Master,” he said, and he pivoted, almost striking my face with the full 11 inches of his cock. It was lean, and hard as steel. I engulfed it with glee, enjoying how Kevin twisted around in pleasure.

“Karl, stand up next to Kevin,” I said after a little while.

“Sure, Master,” mumbled Karl, as he removed my cock from his mouth.

I had my two students, naked, hard and willing standing before me. I alternated sucking their cocks while they kissed as I had ordered them. It felt fantastic to have such great sex with two young men with phenomenal (to use Kevin’s word) bodies.

Finally, I stood up and said: “Bend over the couch and open up your ass cheeks so I can see your anuses.” They bent over the couch, offering their butts to me. Karl’s butt was slightly hairy, more muscular than Kevin’s. I had a full view of their pink anuses. I slid a wet finger in each of their butts, rubbing their most intimate part to make them ready. They both gasped as I did so, but they let me invade them that way without any protest.

I fucked them both in turn with abandon until I came all over Karl’s back. “Kevin, lick my cum off Karl’s back,” I said.

“Yes Master,” he said. I watched as the proud intellectual took out his tongue to lap up my sperm off his friend’s back.

Then I watched as the two of them sat back on the couch and brought themselves to orgasm, exploding all over their torsos. I used their own underwear to clean them up.

As they lay haphazardly on the sofa, spent, I asked: “So Karl and Kevin, did you expect this when you came in my office today?”

“No Master,” said Kevin. “I didn’t expect my teacher to become my sexual master, Master.”

“I didn’t either, Master,” said Karl. “I had no idea I’d become your playtoy, Master.”

“Master, are we on our way to an A+? What do you say?” said Kevin, almost innocently.

I smiled but didn’t answer. With a finger, I collected a drop of fresh pre-cum from each of their dicks, then licked it. “This tastes like you enjoyed yourselves, boys. I will release you for now, but when you get dressed, you won’t put your underwear back on. Instead, before leaving my office, you’ll offer it to me as a gift. RINSE GEL.”

I sat back at my desk while I watched the two boys put their clothes back on. The moment they had done so, they forgot everything that took place after watching the ad the first time, and returned to their former selves.

“So you have my permission to develop a counter-argument for your assignment,” I said.

Their confused looks soon changed into smiles. “Great!” said Kevin, as he picked up his cum-soaked underwear from the floor.

“I’m glad we finally managed to convince you,” said Karl. “Here,” he said, putting his black boxer briefs on my desk. “My underwear. Just a little gift. They’re a bit wet and sticky.”

“Thank you Karl, I appreciate it.”

“Here’s mine,” said Kevin. “They’re my favorite too.”

“It’s an honor, Kevin,” I said, as I sniffed both pair of underwear in turn. For a moment, they looked puzzled by my actions, then they just left my office. I stopped the recording of all that steamy action and prepared myself for a good wank watching it all over again.

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