The Bus Episode – Reimagined

The Bus Episode – Reimagined (by Mafisto)

[This story is based on and a variant of ‘The Bus Episode’ whose original author (“Unknown”) I could not find. See original at the NCMC. Fantasy casting: Chaosmen model Carter as Lance, Chaosmen model Wayde as Scotty. If you enjoy the sampling of pictures for this story, do visit Chaosmen to see more and express your gratitude.]

The doctor looked at the bruises all over my face, concern casting a pall over his handsome visage. “How did this happen to you?” he asked.

“Care to hear a story?” I rejoined.

I had just had the most amazing experience of my life. Everything had started that morning. I went to my allergist for some shots to help me with my sneezing (I’m allergic to dogs big time). My old medication had lost its effectiveness, so Dr. Michaels gave me a new drug. Normally, of course, I’m not thrilled to take new drugs, but after he told me there was nothing in the drug that wasn’t in bananas and milk, I thought “What the hey,” and proffered my arm. “Sorry,” Doc M. chuckled, “this goes in your thigh, in the front.” Well, this was an odd place for a shot, but who am I to argue? I shucked down my 501s and boxers. “Hold your penis to one side please,” said the doctor, and I pulled my soft 5-inch tubesteak to the side. Doc M. bent down, rubbed my thigh very near my balls with alcohol, letting me feel his hot breath tingle. I started to get a little hard, then he jabbed me with the needle, injected the shot, and stood up. “There shouldn’t be any side-effects with this drug,” he intoned, “but just to be safe, no drugs or alcohol for 12 hours.” “Sure thing doc,” I replied as I pulled up my jeans, rearranging my heavy balls and dick in my pants. They made a nice lump in my pants that I was pretty damn proud of! When I looked down, I could see a nice outline. I flexed my cum muscles and saw my dick shift in my pants.

I left the doctor’s office feeling pretty good, especially about the no side-effects part, ’cause the stuff I was on before always gave me stomachaches. Spying the bus I wanted nearing the bus stop at the corner, I sprinted to make it and clambered on board. As usual, the bus was almost empty. Except for the fat old crone driving, there was only one other passenger, a man sitting against a window near the back of the bus; he looked to be asleep, ‘tho I couldn’t quite tell on account of his sunglasses. As I sat across the aisle from him, I deduced he was a marine, and probably on the way to the beach . His shiny red hair was cut short, and he had a fuzzy two-day beard and the nicely muscled body of I would guess a 22-year-old who worked out a lot. He wore a purple tank top that showed a sprinkle of red hair over a great hard chest along with olive camo boarding shorts, a little tight. I thought I could see a nice cock outlined in his shorts, and wanted to stare a bit more, but I was suddenly sleepy, (“No side-effects my eye!!”) and I drifted off into zone land.

Suddenly, I heard someone’s voice saying, “That guy’ll be pretty embarrassed when he wakes up with that bulge is in his jeans. Must be some dream!” My eyes snapped open. I was still on the bus, and the man across from me was looking at me uncomfortably, his sunglasses gone. I realized my cock was at full 8″ mast, snaking down my pants, and that the bulge was plainly visible to the marine. Whose voice had I heard? I shifted in my seat, trying to get my cock to shrink, when I heard the voice again, “Good he’s awake. Let’s hope he moves so nobody can see his dick.” A flash of realization hit me. I could hear the stud’s thoughts! Blushing, I glanced over at him, gave him a weak smile, grunted out a “Hi” and successfully maneuvered my cock away from my leg and back down the front of my crotch. Discreetly, of course! “That settles it,” came the words again, “now back to sleep.” I watched across the aisle as the redheaded marine put his glasses back on his head, folded his arms over his chest, and appeared to go back to sleep. I snuck a peak at the well-packed crotch. The stud’s legs were tight together, so I couldn’t see it properly. I wondered to myself, “Can I give thoughts as well as receive them?” Concentrating, I thought to myself, “Take off your glasses. You are getting horny. Close your eyes and stroke your chest.” I heard the voice again, “Why am I horny all of a sudden?” and watched with anticipation as the stud removed his glasses and then moved his trembling hand over his purple tank top. He opened his eyes briefly to peek at me, but I turned away in time so that he didn’t see me stare. His eyes closed again, he moved one hand up under his shirt, then the other. I saw his hands linger at his nipples and saw him pinch himself. He spread his legs apart, and I saw a slight bulge emerging in his board shorts.

“Ignore me, the bus, everyone. Take off your shirt. Rub your genitals,” I thought, concentrating. Without any hesitation, the marine pulled his tank top from his shorts and off it came, revealing a untanned rippled abdomen with a hint of red fur, with a ridge of a black underwear waistband just above the shorts . At the end of rock-solid pectorals stood two erect nipples. He pinched them, rolling them around his fingers. I heard him gasping for breath, and sweat started rolling down his forehead (I was feeling kinda warm too!!). I watched intently as his hand moved over his shorts to caress his dick discreetly for a minute, then moved on to grope his genitals blatantly through the camo material.

I couldn’t believe I had the ability to make this straight stud, a trained marine, do something he would normally never do in public. How far could this go? In my mind, I could hear his struggle to regain control, to stop ignoring where he was and who was watching. I decided to strike again.

“You cannot resist the urge to feel the naked skin of your cock in your hand,” I thought at him, and I felt the new urge I had implanted wash over his previous resistance. He slipped his hand under his shorts and underwear’s waistbands to play with his cock. “What’s happening to me?” I could hear a weak part of his will enquire. “I can’t do this in public! But it feels so good.”

“Lower your shorts!” I next commanded, and I felt him trying to gather all his willpower to avoid obeying, but his hands acted on their own, sliding the camo board shorts down around his knees. He was wearing grey boxer-briefs with black trim, bulging nicely, with spots of wetness from pre-cum. The driver gave a look in her mirror and furrowed her brow, but the next moment she was back at looking at the road. My eyes were fixed, unblinking, on the nearly naked straight marine beside me, overpowered by lust. My own lust made me more daring, and I sent him the thought: “Slide down your underwear.”

Immediately his hands peeled the briefs’ waistband down a couple inches, exposing the top of his red pubes , but then I heard a mental scream, a powerful but silent “No!”, and he managed to stall obeying the command.

“Get a hold of yourself, soldier,” he said to himself, and I felt my control of him slipping away. For a moment, I feared I had reached the limit of my powers. He was using his military training to bolster his willpower. An idea struck me, and I quickly sent his mind the thought: “I said boxers down, boy!” His mind shifted gears, reacting to someone in authority giving him an order. The order overrode his willpower, his own military training betraying him.

Soon after, he slipped his grey briefs down in a flash, but then he held his hands over his crotch, completely hiding it . “God oh god,” I heard in his mind, “I’m naked in a bus…”

My cock was rock hard, struggling to bust the buttons of my 501s, and while I stared at the exposed marine at my side, my own hands trailed absent-mindedly over my chest, circling my own erect nipples. “You’re completely comfortable being nude,” I sent to his mind, “as if you were in a locker room.” After some hesitation, he crossed his arms, giving me a most scrumptious view of a thick, long (about 6-1/2 inches, I would guess) alabaster white cock, cut, sprouting from a sparse batch of orange pubes .

“The urge to masturbate overpowers you,” I thought, focusing my thoughts towards the marine stud. “You cannot think of anything but your horniness.” One of his freckled hands started to pump away at his cock while the other caressed his chest. He blushed with shame as his cock grew hard in his jerking hand, but he couldn’t stop himself .

He was naked, erect and jerking off on a public bus, completely exposed to me, and he couldn’t do anything but satisfy his lust. It was so hot to have this straight soldier give me such a show. I was close to cumming in my jeans right there.

Suddenly I felt the bus slowing, and pulling over to the side. I quickly focused my thoughts on the marine: “Stop masturbating. Make yourself presentable and close your eyes.” I heard the shorts come up — peaking out at across the aisle, I noticed there could be no mistaking the rock-hard cock even under the thick shorts. I watched with a mixture of dread and anticipation as the bus slowed and another passenger boarded.

“Jackpot!!” I thought, as a cute young twink, toting rollerblades, got on the bus .

He was dressed in black lycra bike shorts and a polo shirt thinly striped in red and grey, loose across his young frame. He had brown wavy hair and long lashes. Smiling to myself, I looked at the back of the bus-driver’s head, and, concentrating, thought, “Drive somewhere secluded.”

I was rewarded by the bus making a U-turn, much to the consternation of the kid who had just boarded. I could see a look of puzzlement in his face as he gave the now stone-faced driver his fare, but presently he shrugged his shoulders and walked towards the back of the bus, where I sat.

I then listened for the twink’s thoughts, and they came through loud and clear! “Wonder where this bus is going… not that it matters, I’m just here to cool off. God it’s hot outside, I’ll sit in the back, maybe take a snooze. Not many people, why is that shirtless redhead sweating so much?”

I proceeded to test my powers on the dude. “Lift your shirt up,” I mentally commanded him. As he approached our row of seats, the young man grabbed the bottom of his polo with his two fists and raised it up to his pecs .

His lycra shorts came up to his belly button, so only the middle third of his chest was exposed. I heard him silently gasp. “Holy shit the redhead has a hard-on. it’s gonna burst through his board shorts he must be having a wet dream he’s asleep. I have to give the guy some respect and look away. What? That guy in jeans looks like he’s got a hard on, too. What the fuck is going on?”

The youngster let go of his shirt. I nodded to him as he passed me. We glanced at each other. He took the seat behind me then looked out the window.

I looked at the marine stud across the aisle, cock pulsing beneath his board shorts, breath coming in short spurts. Closing my eyes again, I thought, “Introduce yourself to the rollerblader across the aisle, and ignore me.” Concentrating on the rollerblader, I thought, “Ignore me.”

I now watched as the marine stood up, chest bare and erect cock plain beneath his camo board shorts . The rollerblader almost popped his eyes. I also stood up, moving where I could better see the action.

I could hear the rollerblader’s thoughts: “Holy shit, the shirtless dude got up. How can he not know his cock is tenting his fuckin’ shorts? God this is making me uncomfortable! Ohmygod he’s gonna sit down next to me!” Sure enough, the marine took the seat next to the rollerblader.

“Howzit goin’?” asked the marine. “My name’s Lance. I’m a marine, but I’m on leave and I decided to check out the beaches over here. Can you tell me which beach has the hottest women?”

“Uh–m, uh, sure. And, um, well, ah, my name is, um Scotty” stammered the rollerblader, extending his hand for a shake. I felt the relief in his mind when Lance mentioned women. “I would avoid Long Beach,” the youngster said. “It’s full of tourists. Brighton Beach is close to the college, so there’s a lot of fine student chicks there.”

It was time for some action. “Scotty,” I thought at the rollerblader, “you want to go to Brighton Beach with Lance. But you don’t have any sunscreen. You’d like for you and Lance to apply sunscreen to each other’s chest and back.” There was a moment of awkward silence, as Scotty gathered his courage.

When Lance made as if to go back to his seat, Scotty asked: “Hey, I could go to Brighton Beach with you. I’ve nothing to do for the next three hours. Would that be cool?” Lance was surprised, and sat back next to Scotty, considering the young man’s offer. “I guess he’d be nice to have company,” he said. “But the minute women are around, you have to split. Deal?” “Deal,” said Scotty, smiling. “Hey, do you have sunscreen? We should put some on, the sun’s burning.”

Lance retrieved his backpack from his old seat, extracting a small bottle of sunscreen. “I have enough for us both,” Lance said. “Did you want to wait till the beach or put some on right now?” Scotty hesitated. A little push from me made him answer: “I guess right now. I don’t know what weird way this bus is taking to the beach, but it’s close anyway.”

Lance squeeze some lotion in his hand and then gave the bottle to Scotty, who was taking off his polo . The rollerblader was thin but toned, although without clearly delineated muscles. His two tiny nipples and outie belly button seemed lost on his smooth torso, a sparse treasure trail the only sign of hair.

“Touching your bare skin arouses you,” I suggested to my two targets as they started to rub lotion on their naked chests. I heard the occasional sigh, then they both started to breathe deeper. Their hands moved considerably slower over their bare skin; sometimes their eyes closed briefly, sometimes they let escape a moan.

Lance’s erection went back to full-mast, and Scotty’s lycra-covered crotch was expanding. “What am I doing?” the youngster thought. “God I am horny! Shit, I’m getting a boner, no way to hide this in those shorts.” When they were finished with their fronts, there was a pause, during which Scotty contorted his body to try to hide the bulge in his cycling shorts.

“I guess we could do each other’s backs…” he said unconvincingly. Lance frowned, but then he shrugged. “I guess.” He turned his back to Scotty, who thought: “Good, this way he can’t see my hard-on and I can try to get rid of it.” He squeezed some lotion in his hands, and started to rub it on Lance’s back.

I was totally out of their thoughts, as I had suggested to them. They acted as if I didn’t exist even though I was standing right in front of them, staring at their shirtless bodies. “Scotty’s touch on your skin pleasures you sexually,” I suggested to Lance. “His hands radiate a warmth that extends to your cock, making it quiver.” Lance squirmed in his seat, and started to sweat again. He started to squeeze and unsqueeze his thighs together, stimulating his genitals. “Your turn,” said Scotty, throwing the bottle on Lance’s thighs and turning his back to the marine.

I sent Scotty the same suggestion I had given Lance. I watched the shirtless marine compose himself. He squeezed some lotion directly on Scotty’s back and started to spread it over. The moment his hands touched Scotty, the rollerblader started to tremble. As the marine massaged lotion on his back, the youngster’s breathing was coming in shorter and shorter gasps. I could hear him thinking, “Ohmanohmanohmanohman… GOD! this feels great. Shit my cock is getting hard again, what is Lance gonna say?” By the time Lance was finished, a thick bulge in his lycra shorts ran across one of his legs. They each did their own legs, and with the earlier suggestion, it kept them both aroused. They had turned at an angle from each other, each trying to hide his horniness to the other.

The situation was stretching those two straight men’s perception of reality, yet still it made sense to them: they were two men who got acquainted on a bus, decided to go together to the beach, and put on sunscreen. The bus was taking a strange route, and they were getting aroused by things that usually didn’t arouse them, but all that was within the realm of the possible, if improbable. Even Lance’s earlier exposure and masturbation could be explained by an uncontrollable urge, brought on by the lack of sex while on duty. If this were to go any further, though, they would have to behave in ways that were not only improbable, but also impossible to them given their personality. I had no idea if my powers would be able to make them cross that threshold, but I was so turned on by the whole spectacle that I could not resist pushing for more. I figured that trying to make them act completely contrary to their personality would be extremely difficult, so I thought that altering how they perceived reality, while maintaining their personality, would be easier. Besides, I enjoyed the whole clueless aspect of their actions.

As they finished applying lotion to their legs and feet, I mentally planted the following ideas in their minds: “Brighton Beach is a nude beach. Even if normally you would never consider being nude at a beach, you cannot stop thinking of all the young nude female students parading on that beach. The only way to feast your eyes on them is to be nude too. Nobody there will be shocked by your nudity, since they’ll all be nude too. So you must put on sunscreen to the rest of your bodies, because you don’t want to get a sunburn in your private parts. You want to do that right away. Even if you’re on a bus, it’s empty and the driver never looks at what’s going on inside. Even if you’re strangers, showing yourselves naked to each other doesn’t bother you because you’re both straight and you’ll both have to be nude on the beach anyway.”

It was a lot to force into those two minds, and I proceeded slowly, repeating each idea until I heard their thoughts had assimilated it. They stayed motionless during the whole process, their eyes vacant, all their attention focused on those new thoughts. When I was done, they took some time to re-awaken, and I could sense that although the new thoughts had become part of their reality, they were nervous in anticipation of what they now felt they had to do.

“I just remembered that Brighton Beach is a nude beach,” said Lance, fidgeting. “Is that true?” Scotty tried not to look Lance in the eyes while he answered: “Yeah… It is… I just thought about that. I really don’t like the idea of showing my junk in public, I’m so not an exhibitionist, but I can’t stop thinking of all these college girls walking around nude. Today is such a nice day, I’m sure the beach is gonna be full of them. It that’s the price to pay, I guess…”

Lance’s eyes brightened: “Hey, even if I’m in the army, I don’t expose myself more than necessary, you know. Going to a nude beach is something I’d never thought I’d do, but I’ve been bunked up with guys only for such a while, I really need to see lots of naked college girls.” They laughed, trying to hide how uncomfortable they were. After a slight pause, Lance said: “We’ll have to put sunblock on our… private parts too, I guess. If we’re going to help each other out doing that, I think I prefer we take care of it right now, in an empty bus with a driver who minds her own business, and not on the beach. If the girls see us touch each other, they might get the wrong idea.”

Scotty did not respond right away. I could sense that he really was shy about his body, and that it was a real struggle for him. “You feel a strong connection with Lance,” I insinuated into his mind. “As if you had been best friends all your life. His presence comforts you, calms you, and it gives you the nerves to do things you’d never do.”

Scotty took a deep breath, then stood up. “All right,” he said, “let’s do this. I’ll do you first, if you don’t mind. You’re a soldier, you’re supposed to be the brave one.” Lance stood up and turned his back to the rollerblader. “Let’s get this over with then.”

Lance detached his cargo board shorts and lowered them to his knees, then snatched his grey boxerbriefs by the waistband, paused a moment, and exposed his butt . He pushed his underwear down to his knees too, then stood straight . I took in the sight of his bare backside. His butt had nice dimples on each side, the muscles there made firmer through physical training, I imagined. There was some ginger peach fuzz near his crack and over the bottom crease, but aside from that his backside was completely smooth.

As Scotty squatted behind the marine, squirting some lotion in his hands, I suggested to him: “You find Lance’s body beautiful, the type of body you wish you’d have yourself. Your admiration for it somehow makes you desire it sexually, and touching it makes you horny.” Scott’s hands started to tremble as he rubbed them all over the back of Lance’s thighs, then up his sides, then onto the cheeks proper.

Lance grunted and moaned, affected by earlier suggestions. Scott sighed, then moved his thumbs inside Lance’s butt crack, massaging every millimeter of nether skin, spreading the cheeks wide and exposing Lance’s anus. By the time he stopped, both men were trembling and sweating, and their thoughts were only sensual, wordless ones. After a moment, Lance turned around, his hands trying to hide a too obvious erection , and said: “OK, I’ll do you now.” Scotty kept staring at Lance’s crotch, which was an inch from his face.

“The dude got hard from this… I did too… He has such a nice, muscular body… I never thought of another man’s body that way, but I so wish mine was like this.” The rollerblader stood up and turned his back to Lance. “I guess it’s just normal instinctive reactions,” I heard him think. “Throwing boners like that just by touching each other, even though we’re two dudes. The only thing to do is not to talk about it.”

Lance squatted behind the young man. “You feel a strong connection with Scotty,” I insinuated in turn into his mind. “As if he was your younger brother. You want to impress him with your courage, calm him by hiding your fear when doing things you’d never do. You find Scotty’s body beautiful, because your own body overpowers his. You desire to protect it, take control of it, a desire growing more and more sexual, the sight and the touch of Scotty’s skin making you horny.” Lance became impatient. “Drop those shorts, we don’t have all day,” he said. Scotty obliged by lowering his lycra shorts to just underneath his butt . He didn’t wear any underwear, so his tight young ass was completely exposed to Lance. At that sight, Lance grew visibly excited, and losing control for a moment, he grabbed Scott’s shorts and pulled them strongly down the youngster’s legs to his ankles. Scotty didn’t seem to mind, he was trembling all over and swallowing a lot. I saw sweat dripping off his chin, and his nipples were erect. He stood up straight and spread his legs more, his hands over his crotch and his back arched . He had a blue and red tattoo over his left shoulder blade. His butt was snug and compact, with fuzz close to the crack and down his inner thighs. His tan lines surrounded the exact region where his biking shorts had been, the whole region a pinkish white, never having seen the sun.

I saw Lance’s eyes brighten as he stared at the rollerblader’s lower backside. He clumsily squirted lotion in his palms and then his hands were all over the pale skin, massaging it in Scotty’s two milky white bun cheeks and the legs area below. He then put some lotion on the tip of his fingers, and inserted them inside Scotty’s crack, sliding up and down each side. At this point, the youngster had his eyes almost closed, and was mumbling “Mmmmm”.

I could hear his thoughts: “God, his touch on my ass feels so good. I am so hard now” — I moved so I could see what seemed like an impressively sized cock he was failing to hide with his hands. I heard him think: “God, rub my ass, oh yeah, stroke it.”

When Lance finally stopped rubbing Scotty’s butt and legs, both men were panting and shining with sweat. “What’s happening to me,” I heard in Lance’s mind. “I’m butt naked with a butt naked dude, and I get turned on by rubbing lotion on his ass! From the looks of it, he gets turned on too. I can’t believe the driver’s not noticing any of this. We’re lucky no one else is getting on the bus.” Scotty turned around .

His hands, covering as much of his erection as he could, brushed against Lance’s face. The rollerblader said: “Since you still have lotion on your hands and you have the bottle, would you mind doing my front?” As I probed the youngster’s mind, I realized that he was slightly addicted to the way Lance’s hands made him feel, enough to ask a perfect stranger, to whom he would not normally be attracted, to touch the most private parts of his body.

It was a miracle I was able to keep myself from cumming right then and there. I stripped from my clothes, leaned back against a seat, and jerked myself off openly, careful not to get too near the edge. The two performers in my fantasy entertainment were completely unaware of their audience of one, even though they were less than a yard away from him.

I had missed part of the action though, but it seemed that Lance had agreed to rub Scotty’s front because there he was, massaging the youngster’s upper thigh, his thumbs very close to the throbbing erect cock beneath Scotty’s hands. I scanned their minds and Scotty’s was awash in the sensual pleasure I had made him feel at Lance’s touch, and Lance’s was filled with the sexual enjoyment at seeing and touching Scotty’s naked body.

Despite all this, they had no doubt they were still both straight, and even if they found it a bit weird, they accepted that it was possible for two straight men to meet on a bus, decide to go to a nude beach, stripping naked to rub sunblock lotion all over each other before arriving at the beach, and being turned on by the whole process.

Still, despite all my suggestions to date, each young man was reluctant to let the other see his erection, subconsciously ashamed of their arousal, the way they would feel if sprouting a boner in the locker room showers. So Lance stopped short of touching Scotty’s genitalia, and although he let the rollerblader do his front, which he could have done himself, he too covered his hard-on with his hands the whole time.

When Scotty finished lotioning all of Lance’s front except for his dick and balls, he stood up. The two men naturally moved back to back. They were panting once more, still sweaty, and so aroused their hands were caressing every part of their own bodies. Soon, they were jerking off, neither one seeing the other, each in his own private space . Each was aware of what the other was doing, and of the fact that the other knew about what he himself was doing, and both were deeply embarrassed about it, yet unable to control their lust.

After a minute or two, however, their arousal waned. Lance started pulling his boxerbriefs back on. Once again, we were on a threshold. Although what these two straight young men had done, they never would have done had I not rearranged their perceptions slightly, in their minds they had done nothing overly sexual with each other. They believed their arousal was incidental, some instinctive reaction unrelated to their true sexual identity. But after all this foreplay, I was ready for some real action. But how to justify it to their minds so their natural defenses wouldn’t get in the way? I had a sudden idea.

Scotty had slid his biker shorts back on, and Lance his boxerbriefs, the marine now pulling up his board shorts. “You don’t want to get dressed right now,” I pushed into their minds. Lance let his shorts fall back down, and Scotty let his shirt drop back to the floor. “You both want to go to the nude beach more than ever, the thought of these college girls walking in the sand completely naked drives you insane. But with the way you each got hot and bothered just by touching another naked man, something that would normally repulse you sexually, you are now terrified that in the presence of normal straight sexual stimulation, like naked women, you won’t be able to control your urges. At best, you’ll walk around with boners oozing pre-cum, the women mocking you; you might even start to jerk off despite yourselves, unable to control your urges; at worst, you can attack and even rape a woman, and the guilt would ruin the rest of your life.”

I made sure that going to the nude beach felt so compelling, and the fear of losing sexual control so terrifying, that these nice young men would be completely torn between the two scenarios. I was then ready for the master move: “The only way you can keep your cool on the nude beach is to get all the sex out of your system before getting there. To do that, you must help each other out. Instead of repressing those weird sexual feelings you had for each other, you must take advantage of them, really let them loose. Doing that will rid you of your excess sexual urges, and you’ll be cool as cucumbers when you get to the beach. Because you both know that the ultimate goal is to get laid with some gorgeous college girls, you won’t feel any embarrassment behaving in a sexual way with each other. You’ll feel comfortable enough to really let yourselves loose.”

It was a hard sell, and I met a lot of resistance from each of them. This was a shy young student and a disciplined marine, each of them completely straight to the core, who had to believe that having sex together was absolutely necessary. Eventually, I was able to sneak past their strongest inhibitions, I guess because I was getting better at controlling those powers and they had no clue their minds were invaded. I was exhausted and sat sideways on a seat, watching as the half-naked men I had enslaved became conscious again, their eyes no longer glazed, their minds abuzz with all those new thoughts I had filled them with.

They both sat and stayed silent for a little while. Then Lance said: “I have a confession to make. While we were putting on lotion on each other, I got kind of… kind of turned on by the whole thing… even though I’m totally straight… I think it’s because I haven’t have sex in six months and I’ve only been around guys during that time…” Scotty sighed, looking relieved. “It happened to me too! I mean the getting turned on… And I’m completely straight for sure… I’m not a virgin, but I have trouble meeting girls, I’m too nervous around them… Not a lot of sex for me either, and I guess that’s why… I mean why I got a bit excited when we… touched each other.” Lance furrowed his brow. “There’s no way I’m able to go to that nude beach like this. I’ll make a complete fool of myself the moment I see boob skin.” “Same thing here,” said Scotty, “but I have a crazy idea: why not get it out of our system before we get there?”

Lance looked at him with sudden interest. “You mean,” he said, “let ourselves loose on each other, right here and now? I was thinking the same thing.” Then it happened: I felt that their minds let go of all their guilt and shame and inhibitions all at once, and all the tension in their faces and bodies vanished. I reinforced all my previous suggestions about how comfortable they felt together, how sensitive they were to each other’s touch, and how they were turned on by each other’s body.

Lance started to clumsily stroke Scotty’s bare chest with one hand. Scotty slid closer to him, put his arm around the back of Lance’s neck, and started to play around with Lance’s nipples with the fingers of his free hand. “I can’t believe what I’m doing, but it sure feels good,” whispered Lance, more confident in his caressing the rollerblader’s pecs and abs. He moved his hand down from Scotty’s belly button and over the bulge in Scotty’s shorts. “It’s a shame it’s covered up by the lycra again,” he said. “I have to say again at this point that I’m 100% heterosexual. But heck, we said we had to let loose” and with this Lance gripped Scott’s shorts with both hands and slid them completely off .

He took off the rollerblader’s sandals leaving Scotty completely naked, his semi-hard cock lying on one thigh. “Oh God,” Scotty was thinking, “I’m stark naked on a bus and the only thing on my mind is that I want this dude to put his hands back on me. I really need to get this all out of my system.” He stopped Lance as the marine was getting back to his seat. “Wait,” he said. “It doesn’t seem fair I’m buck naked and you’re not, does it?” Lance did not answer, but he kept still while the rollerblader pulled down his boxerbriefs, exposing completely for the first time his rock hard dick. It startled Scotty for a moment, and he could not get his eyes off the marine’s huge cock poking almost straight up from his ginger pubes.

Lance took over, sitting down and getting rid of his sneakers, half-socks, board shorts and boxerbriefs in succession. The marine and the rollerblader were now both completely exposed to me and to each other, sitting one beside the other. For a moment, they just laid there, stretched over their seats, Lance propped on his elbows, Scotty’s hands under his head. The student was staring straight at Lance’s cock which, steel-rigid, pointed straight up, and Scotty’s own dick started to float up from his thigh and gradually became thicker, longer and stiffer until he was fully hard, his cock going up but curving slightly towards his chest. I took a moment to let sink in that it was because of me that these two straight guys were completely nude and hard before me, unaware that the only reason that were going through these humiliating situations was that I, a perfect stranger, was getting off on it.

Lance looked for the bottle of sunblock and squirted some lotion on his hands. “There’s still one zone to protect, unless you want your dick to burn,” he said, kneeling at the rollerblader’s feet. “I sure as hell wouldn’t want that,” said Scotty. He gasped as soon as Lance’s hand wrapped around his hard-on . “That lotion feels great… Nice and cool…”

He closed his eyes as the marine stroked his pole all the way up, then all the way down, making sure it was all covered in sunblock, then continued with long, slow strokes as the student started to moan softly. Drops of pre-cum came out and rolled down the penis’ head, until Lance’s hand caught them and mixed them up with the lotion. “Don’t forget my balls,” said Scotty drowsily, and Lance squirted some lotion in his palm and wrapped his hand around the student’s ball sack, fondling it through his fingers, while Scotty fidgeted and repeatedly gasped.

“My turn, I guess,” suddenly said Scotty, his eyes now wide open. They exchanged position, and he covered the marine’s balls and hard cock with lotion, then started to jerk him off, three times faster than his own cock had been stroked. Lance seemed to melt inside his hand, trembling, squirming and twisting, letting out loud moans.

“That’s it, boy,” he said, “stroke my huge hard cock, yeah, feels so good…” Not so long later, he whispered: “Stop, dude, or I’ll cum now.” The rollerblader let go of Lance’s dick, rubbed his thighs a few times, and sat back next to the marine. “That was close,” Lance said. “Why don’t you kneel on the bus seat and point your feet towards the aisle? I think that’ll make things easiest,” suggested Lance, as Scotty willingly complied.

The rollerblader was now on all fours, his white ass and upper legs facing Lance, his butt up and cracked open, his balls loosely sagging between his thighs . He twisted his face and body towards the marine, his hard dick pointing directly at me.

“This feels great, dude,” he said with a smile, as he pulled Lance up to his lips for a kiss that left the two weak in the knees and shaking. As they kissed, I saw Lance’s hands kneading Scotty’s cheeks, then stroking the deep cleft between them. “Oh yeah,” Scott purred. “Stroke my ass.”

“Where was I going with this?” I heard Lance thinking as he fondled the student’s butt with one hand while jerking off with the other. “I got a dude’s asshole almost in my face, shouldn’t it be disgusting? The pale skin, the dark fuzz in the crack and on the legs, the red ballsack just sagging there, I’m completely turned on by it, by having this weakling of a student on all fours in front of me. This is serious, I must purge it out of my system.” He started to kiss the student’s white butt cheeks, then licking the hanging ball sack, then sucking the balls, one at a time. The rollerblader twitched and gasped with absolute delight, these already sensitive zones now ultra-sensitive because of my suggestions.

God this was a hot scene. I put both hands around the base, and squeezing them together, brought them up along my pole, shuddering from the intensity of the feeling. Lance just needed a little push. I focused on his mind and thought: “Between Scotty’s ass cheeks lies the most private part of a man’s body. You want to invade it, to conquer it, in any way possible. This kind of power over another man can send you in a sexual frenzy.”

The marine reacted right away, licking his fingers and playing around the rollerblader’s anus. He then slid one finger in Scotty’s asshole, making the student squirm around frantically. Two fingers. Three fingers. He then put his tongue at the bottom of Scotty’s crack and licked him all over between the cheeks .

His tongue then played around the rollerblader’s anus, then penetrated it. Scotty was out of control, contorting his body, shivering with pleasure, grunting like an animal, screaming “that’s it, eat my manhole, soldier, I’m all yours, your tongue feels so fucking great in my ass I want it there forever, I’ll do whatever you want if you just keep my butt in ecstasy like that.”

The scene would have been hot between two gay men, but between two straight men, it was freakishly hot. Since they were unaware of my presence, I decided to look at my two improvised porn stars a little more closely. I squatted next to Lance, and with a quick mental command, made him let go of it so I could see better. It was thick, close to two inches in diameter, and extended straight as a lead pipe for eight inches, with a nice circumcised mushroom head . Drops of pre-cum dangled briefly from its gaping piss-slit before they dripped to the ground. With another mental command, Lance let go of Scott’s cock which he had been stroking while his face was busy in the youngster’s ass, and resumed stroking his own cock instead.

Scott’s cock was thin but long, close to ten inches although it was hard to say because of the slight curve, but definitely longer than mine. It was leaking pre-cum copiously, and kept twitching even if nothing touched it. I stood up again, and watched Scott kneeled on the bus seat, his ass hanging over the aisle, Lance’s face pressed to Scotty’s crack, licking and nipping around Scott’s hole, and I listened to the series of moans, growls, and shimmies from Scott. Ecstasy was all over his face as he murmured, “Oh yeah, eat my ass. Stick that tongue up, unngh, yeah, oh God yes, lick me out slurp away, oh God this is so soooo, God, yes lick my ass, unh unggh Yea Oh my God yes lick me stroke me. I wanna feel your tongue in me. Fill me up. Yes yes yes oh my oh god.”

This pushed me over the edge. I had a fantastic orgasm, but my jism ended up all over Lance’s face and Scott’s butt. They stopped what they were doing right away and looked up, confused. “Is that cum on my butt?” asked Scotty. “I think so,” said Lance, “it’s all over my face. Where the hell did it come from?” I needed to deal with this right away before this crack in their carefully constructed reality spread any further. I focused on their minds and sent them these suggestions: “Lance, lick the cum on Scott’s butt. Then Scott, lick the cum on Lance’s face. It will taste like honey. Once the cum is gone, you will forget it ever was there.” I was surprised at how little resistance I met. Lance just slurped away my warm cum, then the two men stood face to face and Scott licked Lance’s face clean. By probing their minds, I saw not a single trace of a memory about the cum.

They stood facing each other, their hard cocks pointed forward, then they pressed their hard bodies together as they explored each other with their hands. They grew increasingly turned out by the sight of each other naked, and by the feeling of the other’s skin on their own. They found each other’s nipples, which they were pinching and licking and sucking with abandonment. Then they were all over each other with their hands, their mouths, their tongues, from top to bottom, front and back, as if every inch of the other’s skin was a new delight to savor. They also took pleasure in rubbing their throbbing hard-ons everywhere on the other’s skin, and since both were leaking pre-cum, they became spotted with shiny patches of jizz.

Then as the rollerblader was exploring the marine’s legs with his hands and tongue, his head bumped a few times against Lance’s thick and reddened cock, and without a second thought, Scotty put it in his mouth . Lance tensed and arched his back, letting the wet, warm ecstasy spread from his cock to his entire body. “Did I just put a hard cock in my mouth?” Scotty thought, slightly alarmed. “And the salty taste in my mouth, is that cum? Oh God, I’m sucking another dude’s penis. Am I so sex-deprived that I’m actually enjoying this? He has such a beautiful body, just muscular enough, strong, and I wish I’d be strong like him. And this cock is so big, I can’t fit it all in my mouth. Geez, he’s really leaking pre-cum. I’m so turned on by having this strong marine in my hand, in my mouth, knowing he’s enjoying what I’m doing to him.”

He suddenly snatched Lance’s butt cheeks with both hands, pushing the marine’s cock as far in his mouth as it could go. He sucked on it, while his tongue moved frantically all over it, and he felt Lance’s muscular buttocks tense and his whole body shiver in pleasure. It was as if he was drinking the marine’s strength, and his whole body filled with sexual energy. Lance got very close to losing it, and he pushed Scotty away forcefully. The student ended up sprawled on his back on the bus’ ground , still savoring the taste of pre-cum in his mouth, already feeling the effects of withdrawal.

“What’s wrong with me,” Lance thought, “the poor guy is all over the floor. Having my cock sucked, even by a dude, felt so good, too good in fact. There’s also the fact that he was kneeling at my feet, servicing me, and I could shove him without him protesting. This turns me on so much. I still haven’t gotten everything out of my system.”

Meanwhile, Scott crawled to the seat directly in front of Lance, and climbed on it on all fours. He was stroking himself furiously, and he dangled his pale ass up at Lance. “I want you in my ass,” he suddenly gasped. A grin lit up on Lance’s face as he placed a single finger right at Scott’s ass opening. Scott backed up, his hole puckering as he pleaded, “Fuck me fuck me fuck me.” Lance slowly inserted his finger, then two more, into Scott’s hole as Scott writhed about in delirious ecstasy. “Oh God yes, fuck me split me apart I want to feel your strength in me.”

Lance pushed in past two joints, then up to his knuckles as he probed the inner reaches of Scott’s ass. Scott reached back and started fondling Lance’s rock hard flushed tower of power and his heavy red-fuzz-covered balls. Presently, Scott grabbed the fat cock and aimed it right at his hole. Taking the hint, Lance removed his fingers with a squelchy slurpy noise, coated his cock with the liquid thereon, and aimed his love arrow at Scott’s winking, pulsing hole. Lance ever so slowly eased his throbbing dick into Scott’s ass, stopping after every inch to let Scott’s ass accommodate him. Soon, he was in up to the hilt, and started a gentle rocking motion that shook Scott’s body to its core.

Scott whimpered out, “Oh GOD yes fuck me with your dick oh yes oh yes oh yes right there, God you feel so great, split me in two with your cock I love it I love you fuck me fuck me hard.” Lance slowly eased his throbbing near-the-edge cock out of Scott’s ass, then quickly plunged back into the hot steamy hole, pushing Scott’s head against the side of the bus. Scott raised his head, and circled it around, moaning from the special feeling centered in his gut. Lance’s dick had found his prostate, just as his fingers had, and his cock responded, arching high and hard onto his stomach. “Oh God yes, there it is, Fuck me with that cock, stick it in me, do me harder harder faster, let me feel it.”

Now Scott started rocking his body back and forth, forcing Lance to speed up the fucking. I watched raptly as I saw Lance’s balls pull up into his body, his fingers grasping Scott’s back, muscles standing out, nipples erect, as he let out a shuddering moan, and I saw and heard his cock pump load after load into Scott’s quaking ass. Scott tensed and straightened, his cock hard against his stomach shot wad after wad of stringy white sperm through the air, splattering against the bus window and dribbling down onto the seat. After seven or eight spurts, he collapsed back onto his hands and knees, rocking slowly back and forth, his cock throbbing, then Lance collapsed on top of Scott, kissing his back.

“Start licking all of your cum until there is no trace of it.” The two exhausted young men clambered away from each other. “Look at this mess we made!” said Scotty. “We have to clean this right away.” He started to lick his cum off the seat and the window, while Lance crawled behind him to lick the cum in the student’s butt cheeks. Then they licked all the patches of cum on each other’s body. Finally they fell back on some seats, completely wiped.

I came into the full realization that I had made two straight men who didn’t know each other have wild sex together just for my enjoyment. I had broken them — I felt a rush of power.

“Stand up at attention facing the front of the bus,” I mentally commanded. The two exhausted young men immediately clambered around until they stood in front of me, their cocks at half-mast, hands behind their backs . They were still looking past me as if I was invisible.

“You cannot move your arms and legs.” I continued. “You are now aware of my presence, and that I’ve always been here this whole time.”

The marine and the rollerblader looked completely shocked to see me, and as they realized that I had seen everything they had done, they were completely humiliated.

“What’s happening?” asked Lance, starting to get angry. “I’d never have done what I did, especially if I knew you were watching the whole time… Yet somehow I knew and did it anyway.” Scotty blushed and said: “Never mind that, why are we both standing like that, buck naked in front of that guy? Shouldn’t we try to put some clothes on at least?”

I kept silent but sent them mental instructions: “You will now be able to move, but you’ll immediately resume your position in front of me. The touch of my skin on yours will feel intensely sexual and overwhelming.”

When I moved my hands toward them, they shook their heads. “Hey dude, no touching!” Lance said: “Get your hand away from me you pervert!”

Yet the moment they felt my palm on their pecs, they started to tremble and moan. They both moved their head back and closed their eyes, and I finally could enjoy the fruits of my victory.

I felt the whole of their chests and by the time I was finished, their cocks had both grown rock hard and achingly pointing forward. With a swift mental command, I had them turn around, and my hands explored what my eyes had only been feasting on. As I fingered their holes I could sense they were awash with sensual pleasure.

“You are now completely addicted to my touch. You’ll do anything to feel my touch on your bodies as often as possible. Now, bend over and spread…”

That’s when I felt a familiar tingle in my nose. I looked out the window. Holy Shit! The bus driver had found a secluded spot all right. It was a kennel in the middle of the woods. I looked through the fence. Dogs. Shepherds. Mutts. Spaniels. Dalmatians. I felt a sneeze building. Building. I tried to stop it. But it was coming, coming just as assuredly as I had just come. This sneeze could not be avoided, just as my previous orgasm would not be denied. I breathed in shortly. Another snort. Then an explosive sneeze.

I stared at the nude backsides of the two men before me. My eyes paused on their fit butts. They were dead quiet, and from the way they now stood, I realized something was wrong. I heard Lance say, “What the fuck…?”

My hold on him, Scott, and the bus driver was ebbing! Lance turned around to face me, but then realized his erection was aimed straight at me and tried to hide it as best as he could with his hands. Only then did he seem to notice the naked Scott to his side.

“Who are you?” he asked Scott, grabbing the student’s shoulders to turn him around and look at his face. As Scott did so, trembling, the rollerblader’s stiff cock managed to rub and bounce against Lance’s thigh. Lance said “What the fuck…?” again, louder this time. “The last thing I remember was… YOU!”

He turned back to me, and I swallowed. “You made us do this somehow…” Angrily, he grabbed me by the shirt, and backhanded me across the face.

I now was the one who trembled. Well actually I was shaking violently, staring at the confused Scott and the wrathful Lance, dreading the violence to come. Then I felt a rush of adrenaline pump up in me…

Lance backed away one step and slowly released his hold on my shirt. I saw his and Scott’s eyes go vacant, their nude bodies relax. Their arms floated gently to their sides. Their cocks started to deflate. I had to be the one who had done this to them, but if I did, it was not consciously. There were whispers in my head — I had temporarily regained a fragile link with their minds.

I had to act fast.

I bombarded them with some final thoughts. “Your minds will not be able to even start to suspect I had anything to do with what just happened. You cannot harm me or think about harming me in any way. You will always address me as Sir. Otherwise, your minds are now totally your own.”

Their first reaction was to grab their clothes on the floor and each crawl back on a window seat, sitting in a fetal position and covering themselves as they could. Their whispers of confusion, “What the fuck just happened!”, “What the fuck did I do?”, slowly faded in my mind as I collapsed back into my seat, thoroughly spent.

Their natural inhibitions quickly came back to them and they hurried to get dressed again. I heard the driver shift in her seat as she awoke. With every piece of clothing they put back on, the two amateur porn stars went back to be a straight soldier and a straight student again.

Back to the seats they had taken took when they first got in, Scotty started to listen to his iPod and Lance put back his sunglasses then tried to return to sleep. It looked as if they were determined to forget everything that had happened, but now I had no way to know for sure. The bus shook roughly as it started to roll back to its usual route. I still felt flush with power, but nothing psychic, just confidence and a little but of pride.

As I got off the bus at my stop though, I got a bit blue. When my power had started to fade, I was just about to fuck the firm butts of my clueless sex slaves. I sighed and tried to imagine what it would have been like.

A man brushed roughly against me as he moved ahead and snapped my thoughts back to the current moment. Brown wavy hair. Roller blades. Striped polo shirt. One of those firm butts I had just been thinking about, tightly wrapped in lycra. It was Scotty.

He suddenly slowed down, then halted. He turned towards me as I caught up to him. He looked flustered.

“Sir,” he said when I stood next to him, “I’m not feeling so good…” He then fell into my arms, completely limp. As much as I enjoyed the warmth of his young body, still smelling like sweat and cum, I grew worried. Had I unwittingly harmed him? He was writhing against me, mumbling, groaning, … Moaning?

I pushed him up so that he stood on his own. His face showed a strange mix of puzzlement, lust and embarrassment. Soon after, my eyes fell on the enormous bulge in his lycra pants.

“God, I’m so sorry sir. I did that on purpose… But I’m not even gay.” He giggled nervously. “Something is happening to me today, I had this weird experience in the bus… And just now, when I came in contact with you…” He briefly closed his eyes as he took a deep breath.

“That sensation… I’m more turned on than I’ve ever been in my life. I can’t believe I’m asking this, but… What would I have to do, sir, for you to touch me again, even for just a minute. I believe I’d do anything.”

As he looked to me, eager and humiliated, I remembered the last suggestion I had given them before I had felt the tingle of that sneeze. Addicted to my touch.

“You do seem to have a hard problem,” I said, smiling. He looked taken aback somewhat by my response — he had expected me to reject him. As I gently slid my fingers over the bulge in his lycra however, he melted in place. Gone was the puzzlement. Gone was the embarrassment. Only the lust remained. He licked his lips. My fingers came across a damp spot in his shorts.

“Your behavior is reprehensible young man,” I said in mock indignation.

“I know Sir,” he said. “I think I need to be punished.” He turned around. The lycra tightly revealed the attractive shape of his ass, which he now swiveled shamelessly. “You now know how you must treat my ass.”

For a brief moment, he went out of character — he looked completely appalled at what he had just said. I then squeezed his butt cheeks strongly with both my hands. He screamed and went absolutely wild! He pressed his entire backside over my body and struggled to slide his lycra shorts down. Still no underwear of course. Finally! His perky bare butt beckoned, inches away and ready!

We heard a car approaching. We had both forgotten we were right by the road.

“What’s say we find a place in the woods?” Scott asked. He gave me a mischievous look and darted towards the trees. When the car passed, I had almost caught up with his polo, bare ass and bare legs.

The handsome doctor waited a little, expecting me to continue. “That’s quite a story,” he then said patronizingly. “I’ll prescribe you some medication myself… You didn’t explain how you got these bruises.”

I winced as he applied some betadine. “I haven’t got to that part yet. Any permanent damage?” I asked nervously.

“Oh no, you’ll be good as new after a few days. No teeth loose, no broken bones.”

But then I already knew that, didn’t I? As I did know what he wanted to prescribe to me and why. There had been ample time for me to thoroughly scan the mind of this young doctor. Ambition. Arrogance. Ardor. I had to do something about that. It would be satisfying on many levels.

When the doctor stood back up, he looked baffled for a moment. Meanwhile, I stared hungrily at his jade eyes and at his shiny black hair so fashionably gelled in place. His confidence soon returned.

“I have one more test to run,” he said. He then stated in a very professional way: “I apologize about this, Sir, but I’m afraid I must be completely nude to perform it properly.”

He immediately proceeded to take off his tie, then, as he started to unbutton his shirt, I glanced at his crotch. There was quite a mouth-watering bulge in his expensive trousers…

Almost 12 Years

Hi guys!

I haven’t published a story online since the third part of The Berries, in August 2002. I have fought a major illness during that time, but now that I survived, I got that bug again. I made this whole new site in the modern way, quite a change from the old Mafisto’s Web Manor… I have lots of story fragments as well as fresh new ideas. I hope I will be able to write often. I have included all my stories and my collages in here, and dated the posts by the time the story or chapter was first submitted. I miss your feedback and encouragement more than ever. I’m trying a new thing with occasionally becoming an affiliate of the source of the pictures for a particular story. Go check these sites out, especially to find videos and pictures of the models used or similar models. Consider that if you become a member of those sites, you’ll be making a contribution to my work.