The Berries Ch. 3

The Berries (by Mafisto)

Chapter 3 of 3
[Non-celebrity pictures inspired this story. Alternate fantasy celebrity casting: Matt Keeslar as Mark, Paul Walker as Kevin, Nick Stahl as Keith, Marcus Schenkenberg as Dayton, Jeremy London as Jeremy, Rick Shroeder as Rick, Shane West as Jim, James Franco as Gary.]

“Come on, Jim, the berries will be a great dessert,” said Gary. “Better than PB&J sandwiches.”

“What kind of berries?” asked Feldon, trying not to get too excited.

“You tell us,” said Jim. “They’re really weird.”

They each took out a large bag from their backpacks. Feldon could not believe his eyes. Both bags were full of the special berries! They had dozens of them! They stood up, holding the bags before them.

“They’re delicious,” said Gary, quietly. “We have enough for everybody for lunch.”

“How… how many… of… of these did… did you two eat already?” asked Feldon, trembling.

“About four each, I guess,” said Jim. “Are they poisonous? My head is buzzing like crazy.”

“They’re not poisonous,” said Feldon. “At least not in small quantities. Give me those bags.”

Their behavior changed drastically the moment he uttered the demand. They twisted and rubbed their hands over themselves as if overcome with powerful urges. They then bowed their heads in submission and said: “Yes, Master.” They handed Feldon their bags.

Why were their reactions so extreme, compared to those of the others? Feldon’s demand had been simple and not expressed that assertively. Had they found a more potent species? Feldon had a sudden revelation. Could it be that the more berries they ate, the stronger the effect was? That made brutal sense. There was only one way to find out. “I want you two to have sex together right in front of me. Make it hot.”

After writhing and moaning and touching themselves, they said: “Yes, Master.”

They lifted their heads, and turned face to face to each other. They looked awkward, as if they had no idea how to begin. They finally started by touching their lips, and gradually making it a long, deep kiss. They wrapped their arms around each other’s waists, then moved their hands under each other’s T-shirts. During the next kiss, they explored each other’s upper bodies, and their T-shirts went up and up until they broke their kiss just long enough to pull them off. Now shirtless, they kissed again, this time their bare chests rubbing against each other.

“Jim, how does it feel to kiss your best friend?” asked Feldon.

They stopped kissing long enough for Jim to answer. “It’s not something I would have thought I’d do,” he said, pensive, “but Gary’s a great guy, and doing what you ask me to do makes me really hot.”

They went back to their kissing. Feldon opened the minivan’s rear door, and asked Mark to come out. He was still nude, and although the students glanced in his direction briefly, they did not appear to mind.

“Here, Mark, two more berries for you,” Feldon said, innocently. “You can eat those.”

“Thanks, Xavier,” said Mark, who put them in his mouth instinctively. “I didn’t know Gary and Jim were lovers,” he added, nodding towards them. “Look at them. They’re really enjoying themselves.”

Still kissing, the students detached each other’s pants. Jim moved his hands inside Gary’s boxers, and started to fondle his privates. Feldon could not believe his eyes. He lowered his pants and started to jerk off.

Gary knelt before Jim and slid his friend’s jeans and boxers down. Jim’s hard cock bounced before Gary’s face. Without hesitation, Gary swallowed it and started to suck slowly on it.

Feldon could no longer stay passive. He pushed down on Mark’s shoulders and said: “Suck my cock.”

Mark fell to the ground and had some passionate convulsions, then he said: “Yes, Master.” He knelt before Feldon and this time, he did not even flinch as he put Feldon’s cock in his mouth. His mouth felt fantastic around Feldon’s hard-on, and Feldon had to control himself not to come right then. He looked away from the two students until his balls cooled down, then when he looked back, it was now Jim who was kneeling before Gary, sucking him while jerking himself off.

All of a sudden, Jim clenched Gary’s waist and whirled him around. Feldon watched, intrigued, as he continued to slide Mark’s mouth back and forth on his cock. Jim extended his tongue, spread Gary’s ass cheeks wide open, and started rimming his best friend’s ass with passion and astonishing diligence.

Feldon instantly longed to have a tongue in his ass, to enhance the voyeuristic experience. He looked down. Mark would do. “Mark, lick my asshole clean,” said Feldon.

Pleasure shudders. “Yes, Master.” Five seconds later, Feldon’s ass was invaded by Mark’s rough tongue. He jerked himself off and continued to watch the show.

Eventually, Jim switched from tongue to finger, and Feldon instructed Mark to do the same.

“Jim, how do you know so much about gay sex?” Feldon shouted.

“My mom,” he said. He spit. “She read everything about sex. She writes straight and gay porn under a pseudonym in addition to her romance novels. She made sure I had a complete sexual education. Gary, relax a little and let me get further in. I know about this spot. There.” He stimulated that spot for about a minute. Gary contracted his ass, and then howled. “Prostate orgasm,” said Jim, matter-of-factly. He stood up.

Jim stroked himself hard again, and then cautiously inserted his rigid cock inside Gary’s ass.

Feldon, a bit annoyed that Mark was not as skillful with his finger, decided to take an active role. “Mark,” he said, “stand up and put your hands on the roof. Let me fuck your ass.” Feldon waited impatiently for Mark’s wave of pleasure to pass. When after a “yes, master,” Mark assumed the position, he was horny and ready to be fucked. Feldon’s cock sliced his ass open like butter. For a long while, there was only the regular beat of fucking, the teachers on one minivan, and the students on the other.

Eventually, Jim opened the door to the minivan and stretched his back on the seat. Gary took the hint, pulled Jim’s legs around his waist, and entered his ass. Jim masturbated wildly, saying things like: “Come on Gary, give it to me. I want your big cock in my ass. Beat it into my hole. Yeah, dude.”

Feldon echoed the action. He stretched himself on the minivan’s seat and said: “Mark, fuck me.”

For another long while, Mark fucked Feldon while Gary fucked Jim. As Feldon came close to coming, he yelled really loud: “I want all of you to come right now!” Mark, Gary and Jim’s pleasure seizures grew into orgasms, and as they said, “yes, master,” in unison, they and Feldon spurted thick wads of cum all over Feldon and Jim’s chests.

“Mark and Gary, lick our chests clean,” said Feldon loudly. “Then I want you all to put your underwear back on. We’re going to the lake. It’s time for lunch.”

On a dark green shadowed expanse of short grass, surrounded by exceptionally tall trees and a lake with a shiny, undulating surface, Feldon, his teaching assistant and seven of his students enjoyed their sandwiches and sodas while chatting casually, listening to the prodigious rush of the falls. The scene would have seemed perfectly normal to anyone, if not for the fact that everyone, including Feldon, was only wearing their underwear (except for Keith, who wore a white towel around his waist) and the fact that the scene was much too touchy-feely and the conversations definitely too intimate for an academic field trip.

“I’m still angry at my parents for having me circumcised,” said Gary, one hand rubbing his royal blue Joe Boxers. “It’s like they mutilated me while I was defenseless.” He took another bite of his sandwich.

“Are you for real?” said Keith, precariously balancing himself on rocks. “I hate the foreskin on my cock. The only thing it’s useful for is to hold my cum after I jerk off until I get to the bathroom.”

Kevin was stretched on the ground, his head resting on Feldon’s lap, his chest caressed by Feldon’s hand. He said: “Well, I love my circumcised dick. I can stare at it for the longest time.”

“I do the same thing with my butt,” said Jim, laughing. “I stand with my back to the mirror and my head turned, and twist it around. I spend a lot of time at the gym working on it.” He briefly pulled down his plaid boxers to moon everyone. His butt was firm, dimpled and bulging.

“Wow!” said Jeremy, who had a woody bouncing in his white boxers-briefs during the entire lunchtime. “I wish I had an ass like that. Mine is just so plain.”

Mark was massaging Feldon’s feet. “I’m not too ashamed of my ass either, but I do four sets of different exercises just for the butt. It’s worth it, though.”

Dayton, wearing only his striped boxers, danced suggestively and silently in front of Feldon.

“Is there anything else than peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for dessert?” asked Rick, after finishing his soda. He sat on the grass next to Jeremy.

Feldon fetched one of the two bags of berries he had brought with him. “Actually, yes. Thanks to Jim and Gary, we have a huge quantity of those special berries you all love so much. Bon appetit!”

Ten minutes later, Mark and the students stood next to each other in a row facing Feldon. Their heads were bowed in submission. Feldon moved behind them, and began to remove their underwear and expose their butts, one at a time: he first pulled off Keith’s towel, then pulled down Rick’s white briefs, Jim’s plaid boxers, Jeremy’s white boxer briefs, Kevin’s jock-like briefs, Mark’s yellow and white boxer-briefs, Gary’s royal blue Joe Boxers, and finally Dayton’s striped boxers. A row of bare backs, butts, and legs. Feldon discarded his own underwear and started to jerk off at the sight before him.

“When I say your name, you will turn around to face me.”

They trembled; their nude asses wiggled. “Yes, Master,” they all said.


The blond teaching assistant turned slowly. His nude body was still a stimulating sight for Feldon.


The dark-haired overeager student faced Feldon with his raging hard-on pointing at the sky.


The blond comic turned around evenly, standing at perfect attention. His cut cock was only half-hard. His balls hung low.


Gary’s hairless swimmer’s body appeared in full frontal nudity, his thin cock like an iron bar.


The rich and noble young man spun around. His rigid cock pointed straight towards Feldon.


The cynic took his time to turn. His uncut cock was thick and still soft under a dark patch of hair.


The impassive future model struck a pose; his soft cut cock was slender and almost ten inches long!


The athlete from Nebraska whirled around, making his half-hard cock jiggle. It was cut, and well-proportioned, not as long as Dayton’s, but thicker. His balls hung heavy and full.

Feldon stared at the row of nude young students before him. He was no longer in the real world; he was completely immersed in some fantasy. They had eaten between six and eight berries each; by now, obeying the slightest suggestion from Feldon gave them such intense pleasure that they had no willpower left to oppose him. Moreover, their inhibitions had completely disappeared: there was nothing that could surprise them, nothing that was morally unacceptable to them. Feldon basked in the knowledge that with a single phrase, he could make Keith eat dirt, or punch Kevin until he bled and asked for more; however it was only the fact that he could exert absolute control over these young men that was arousing to him — his own desires were not that extreme, and there was enough moral fiber left in him not to defile his own students. He wanted to have fun with them in a carefree and uninhibited way, to live an experience where everyone is attracted to everyone, no rejection, no disappointment. So he explained the rules:

“This afternoon, we’re going to forget about biology and entertain ourselves. I want us all to participate in a fantastic orgy on the shores of this lake, in the lake, and under the falls. Two by two, three by three, any sexual activity between yourselves and me. I want you to be imaginative, to be hot, to be sexy, but mostly to enjoy yourselves. Let’s start.”

His orders had been so long and precise that their pleasure shakes lasted a good five seconds. The yes-master’s came in disorderly fashion, but when the young men looked up, they were smiling, even Keith and Dayton. The eight nude berry-enthralled students briefly looked at each other, and split in groups of two. Rick and Mark lay down on the grass to 69; Jeremy and Gary jumped in the lake and kissed; Jim bent Keith over and inserted his finger in his ass; and Kevin proceeded to carefully penetrate Dayton’s ass with his cock.

Feldon wanted to watch his students have hot sex together. He wanted to explore every inch of their bodies. He wanted his cock sucked by all those mouths; he wanted to taste all those cocks. He wanted his ass to be rimmed, fingered, and fucked by all; he wanted to rim, finger and fuck them all. He wanted to be immersed in scene after scene of his best fantasies.

Ms. Dreyfuss was watching the action, recorded the previous summer, on the screens from behind the Host. She did not care that her superior was masturbating; he could have been fucking a goat for all she cared. By then, all twelve camera probes had floated to the edge of the forest around the lake, and had been sending pictures from different angles and zoom levels. The phone rang, and she picked it up before the Host grew irritated by the disturbance.

“Julia Dreyfuss here… Hello Mallory. Did you find Gary Bloom? Does he have it?… About the Redfield branch… They detected an Incident at the home of a chemical engineer. They have footage of him having sex with the straight teenager cutting his lawn and his straight muscleman neighbor. Unless these two realized they were gay on the same day, and it also turned out the engineer was their type… If it’s a Coinage, it’s probably not his. The day before the incident, he had just come back from Canada… I do remember a Mountie, but his name wasn’t Frank… Yeah, Fraser. He’s one of our Canadian Thralls… No news from O’Shea for the last two days. I haven’t been able to reach him… I don’t like this at all. He was close to a breakthrough. Could you check?… Thanks, Mallory.”

Feldon floated in the middle of the lake, gazing at Kevin, Keith and Dayton who were showering under the falls as per his instructions. The water jetted over Kevin’s head; he was shaking his wet hair wildly about like a dog. Keith cracked his butt open, and bent over so that the water streamed in it. Dayton was caressing his flawless body slowly and dreamily.

“Now, jerk off,” said Feldon.

Shakes. “Yes, Master.” Their hands went instantly to their genitals, all soft by now, Kevin’s heavy and cut dick, Keith’s thick uncut sausage, and Dayton’s lengthy tube. They swiftly became hard again, and their eyes half-closed, they got lost in their own private fantasies, mesmerized by the slow stroking rhythm.

After a while, Feldon said: “Now, jerk each other off.”

Shakes. “Yes, Master.” They moved to form a circle where the water came halfway up their thighs. They grabbed the erections on either side of them, and resumed the stroking motions. Feldon moved closer to get a better look. Both Keith’s and Kevin’s hands fit on Dayton’s cock without even touching! Feldon swam around the circle, squeezed the boys’ butt cheeks, and kissed the boys’ necks. He swam between their legs to the interior of the circle. “Now, go faster and faster, and prepare yourselves to cum.”

Shakes. “Yes, Master.” They beat each other’s meat with increasing speed. Feldon waited until the frequency and loudness of their moans and pants showed they were on the edge and yelled: “Cum, now.”

They howled “yes, master” like madmen and squirted long streams of hot creamy sperm all over Feldon’s body. Then they laughed genuinely and group-hugged their teacher; they rubbed their hot nude bodies, lubricated by their freshly squeezed cum, over his.

Later, Feldon lay down on all fours on the grass, his head in between Jeremy’s legs. He was sucking on Jeremy’s eager boner. It was constantly leaking pre-cum; it tasted salty and metallic in his mouth. Behind him, Jim had inserted his magic finger in his teacher’s anus, and twisted it skillfully to stimulate areas inside Feldon he never knew existed. Jeremy encouraged Feldon verbally: “This feels so good, master. Your mouth is so hot; your tongue knows just the right spots. Oooohhhh. It’s so hard not to come. Please continue, master. My cock is all yours.” Eventually, Feldon felt his ass burst with intense pleasure; he fingered Jeremy’s balls and blew him faster and deeper. Jeremy abruptly sat up and grabbed Feldon’s head. “I’m sorry,” he said, as Feldon’s mouth filled with his warm, salty cum.

Later, Feldon was straddling Rick’s nude body, massaging his neck, shoulders and back. He sensed Rick’s tension melting under his fingers. Rick no longer felt the need to play comedian; he was just enjoying the sensuality of his teacher’s hands and fingers on his body. Feldon tenderized every muscle, gradually moving down to Rick’s ass, which he skipped to move directly to Rick’s feet. He fondled each toe, the soles, the ankles, and went up the legs and thighs. He kneaded Rick’s ass forcefully, using his thumbs and also his tongue to relax Rick’s anus. Then he turned Rick around, and massaged his chest with the same passion and care. Rick’s cock stayed half-hard throughout, as if it was both relaxed and aroused at the same time. Finally, Feldon began to lick Rick’s cock, and rotated his body so that Rick could lick his. They sucked each other for a long time, Rick rewarding Feldon’s massage by being extremely thorough with his tongue.

Later, Jim was on all fours before Feldon, who knelt before Gary. The teacher was sandwiched between those two warm bodies, the three of them sweating heavily under the sun. Feldon was fucking Jim’s masterpiece of an ass, while being fucked by Gary from behind. Jim’s ass was firm but flexible, and Gary’s hot cock filled Feldon’s ass just right and rubbed against highly sensitive areas.

Later, the stretched bodies of Keith, Dayton and Feldon sprawled on the grass in a triangle. Keith was sucking Feldon with a crude and hungry technique that was driving the teacher wild, and Feldon had Dayton’s long hard pole in his mouth at last. The tube was impossible to deep throat; he barely could fit two thirds of it in his mouth. Feldon alternated between licking its length on the outside and sliding it in and out of his mouth while gently suckling on it. Dayton moaned and twisted with delight, occasionally letting out a drop of yummy pre-cum. Feldon gradually increased the intensity of his oral action, and tickled Dayton’s scrotum with the tip of his fingers until Dayton could no longer contain himself. Writhing and groaning, the usually aloof hunk ejaculated a high-pressured cum stream in Feldon’s mouth. Keith let go of Feldon’s cock just at the wrong moment, and got his teacher’s load right in the face.

Feldon concluded the afternoon with half an hour exclusively with Kevin. They jumped in the lake and swam to a spot far from the others. There, they kissed for a long time, their tired bodies tight against each other. Feldon sat on a large rock jutting out of the water. He gazed longingly at Kevin’s smiling face and sparkling green eyes. Kevin started to lick Feldon’s erection, more gently than Keith, less mechanically than Rick, and Feldon fell into a trance-like state of contentment. Then they switched place, and Feldon gulped Kevin’s hearty genitalia. He deep-throated it and Kevin closed his eyes, breathing deeply. He stopped when Kevin came too close to the edge. Then Feldon stretched his back on the rock and Kevin gently entered him. The student fucked his teacher with slow, tender thrusts for a long time. He took his cock out in a hurry, and spurted rope after rope of rich white cum all over Feldon’s chest. The soccer player then bent over Feldon chest, and diligently licked off every drop of his own juices. Feldon pulled Kevin towards him, kissed him, and whispered: “I want to fuck you, Kevin. I wanted to fuck you since the moment I met you.” Kevin smiled at him. He knelt on all fours on the rock, extended his ass with a little wiggle, and said: “Go ahead, master. Fuck me. I’m all yours.” Feldon slowly penetrated Kevin’s naturally fit ass. He pumped it gently at first, then increased his rhythm, imagining Kevin showering, Kevin jerking off, Kevin running on the field, dirty, sweaty and breathless, Kevin approaching the goal with the ball, Kevin scoring for Newbury, throwing his arms in the air, the crowd going wild. Feldon had his best and last orgasm of the day, his semen trickling down the athlete’s ass. They rested on the rock, snuggled comfortably together.

It had been a glorious afternoon of uninhibited sex that Feldon would never forget.

“We have to find out whatever O’Shea is working on before the Mages suspect anything,” said the Host, wiping off his cum with a towel. “What about the extra bag of berries that the teacher kept?”

“The berries’ effects last only for six hours after they are plucked. They were harmless by the time he got home. The students all forgot what happened. How fulfilling had that experiment been for you?”

“Not too bad, Ms. Dreyfuss. I’ll have to review the tapes a few times… I think we have our man.”

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