The Berries Ch. 2

The Berries (by Mafisto)

Chapter 2 of 3
[Non-celebrity pictures inspired this story. Alternate fantasy celebrity casting: Matt Keeslar as Mark, Paul Walker as Kevin, Nick Stahl as Keith, Marcus Schenkenberg as Dayton, Jeremy London as Jeremy, Rick Shroeder as Rick, Shane West as Jim, James Franco as Gary.]

Feldon was already halfway to the lake, clutching the bag of mind-altering berries, when he became conscious of the impulse that was drawing him towards that destination. He had automatically assigned the five berries in the bag to the five leftover students and was now scheming to keep his assistant Mark out of his way. The awareness of the immorality of his plan did not even slow down his pace. The long-rehearsed fantasies were now driving him, and the fear of long-term repercussions was fading like a dream.

Even if the effect of those berries was not strong enough to completely overcome the students’ basic inhibitions, to have them react with arousal at everything he said, to have them expose themselves shamelessly, to have them agree to almost everything he asked, all these gave him such a rush it was almost as if he was on drugs himself. His half-hard cock was leaking pre-cum all over his boxers. As he heard the voices of the students near the lake, he almost prayed in thanks. Rick and Jeremy were one thing, but the anticipation of having Keith, Dayton and Kevin — the cynic, the model and the jock– under his control gave him such a hard-on that he had to pause and wait a while for it to go away, so as not to compromise his plan.

Keith was studying the edge of the lake close to the falls. The falls created waves that were thwarting his attempts at collecting what he wanted from the water without getting his white shirt and black pants too wet. Dayton, who had come to the trip dressed much too warmly, had at least removed his jacket, but was still defying the rising heat by keeping a red cotton shirt over his white T-shirt. He knelt at the forest’s edge, rummaging through the high grass. Kevin had taken off the green plaid shirt that so well emphasized his eyes; he wore it around his waist over his khaki shorts. He had found a large branch and used it as a walking stick. He was exploring a clearing close to the falls where a wide variety of flowers grew. When he saw Feldon, he put his hands around his mouth and yelled: “Hi Professor! We’ve found a lot of interesting things.” The other two briefly looked at the teacher, and then returned to their tasks without a word.

“I’ll be glad to take a look at them, but first, I have a little surprise for you three.” Feldon’s words managed to attract Dayton and Keith’s attention. They and Kevin approached him. Feldon could not avoid staring at Kevin’s glistening torso. Chiseled not by a strict gym regimen, but by healthy exercise and sports, it was just as muscular as nature intended. Feldon struggled to stop trembling as he took the berries out. He had to remain calm. When the three students were in front of him, he said:

“Rick and Jeremy found these. They are unique to this area, but their taste is exquisite. I only have one for each of you, so don’t eat them too fast.”

Their eyes brightened at the sight of the plump blue berries.

“Are you sure they’re not poisonous?” said Keith.

“I remember reading about them,” Feldon lied. “They’re rare but perfectly harmless.”

“They look like a cross between grapes and blackberries,” said Kevin.

Feldon distributed the berries, and the three young men cautiously put them in their mouths. Kevin was immediately thrilled, but he chewed on his berry for a long while before speaking. Even Keith and Dayton could not prevent the enjoyment from showing in their eyes.

“Delicious,” said Kevin. “Too bad you don’t have more.”

One each is all I need, Feldon thought.

“Excellent,” said Dayton, without emotion. He walked back to the forest’s edge.

“Yeah, delicious,” said Keith. “A bit too sweet for my taste though.” He returned to the water’s edge.

Before Kevin could also leave, Feldon motioned towards the bags he was holding and said: “Come with me. I want to see what you collected.” He took Kevin out of the sight of the others. Feldon feigned interest in the rather plain findings the athlete proudly displayed while he actually scrutinized the student’s naked skin, the nuances of his tan, the reddish tint of the hair on his forearm, the tiny speck of green lint in his belly button, the tiny bumps on his nipples, one of which was erect, the other still limp. After five minutes, he could not contain himself any longer. The berries had to have taken effect by then.

“Kevin,” he said, “give me your walking stick.”

What a joy to see Kevin’s little squirm of pleasure at his words. “OK, professor. No problem.”

Feldon took the stick Kevin handed to him. Ever since Kevin had become his student, Feldon had attended every school soccer game. He had become obsessed with watching Kevin run with the ball across the field so determined that the other players instinctively moved out of his way, watching him get sweaty and muddy, imagining him washing himself in the showers afterwards, watching him even when he wasn’t directly part of the action, poised, each gesture communicating self-confidence. Now the noble jock with wheat-colored hair stood before him, and his forest green eyes conveyed that same self-confidence. Feldon let the stick fall by his side, breathed in deeply and said: “Kevin, strip down to your underwear, right now.”

The athlete had a brief look of surprise, but excitement quickly replaced it. He said, “OK, professor, no problem,” and went into a focused state, as if he was about to score a goal in soccer. He dropped his backpack at his feet, and detached the shirt at his waist. He unzipped and unbuttoned his shorts cautiously as if it was part of some tactic, then bent down to untie his running shoes. Once he had removed his shoes and socks, he stood up again, and let his shorts slide down his legs. As he stepped out of them, Feldon noticed that the tight white fabric of his briefs shaped the beginning of an erection. The athlete stood up straight and proud before Feldon, breathing deeply, oblivious to the fact that he was almost nude.

“Do you want me to go find more specimens?” Kevin asked, matter-of-factly.

“In a few seconds. First, I want you to turn around and bend over.”

Kevin trembled for a moment; the hair on his arms stood on end, and his limp nipple popped erect. He answered: “OK, professor. No problem.”

As Kevin turned around, Feldon was pleasantly surprised to discover that the briefs the soccer player was wearing had only straps in the back, like a jockstrap. An unexpectedly kinky choice for someone with usually rustic tastes. Kevin’s exposed ass, a tone lighter than the rest of his skin, jutted out as the athlete bent over. The cheeks, shaped like a rough rock carving, had a velvety texture just longing to be stroked; they were open just enough to give a glimpse of his pinkish anus.

Feldon moved to Kevin’s side and stroked his back as if he were an obedient dog. When he saw that Kevin did not mind, he moved his hand over the athlete’s ass. Kevin started, and sprung back to his feet.

“Is everything ok?” asked Feldon, nervous.

“Yes, but your hand on my ass was making me feel uncomfortable. I’m sorry.”

Feldon studied the student’s face attentively. There was no sign of anger or unease. Only remorse.

“Don’t worry,” Feldon gently said. “Stay here and collect some more specimens.”

As Kevin’s entire body shook with pleasure at the order, Feldon noticed the huge hard-on barely contained in his briefs. It stretched the waistband forward, exposing part of his wheat-like pubic hair.

“OK, professor. No problem.”

Feldon left Kevin, frustrated that the berries’ effect was so limited. Peep shows were fun, but now he was hornier than ever. He walked up to Keith, who was still fidgeting around the shore.

“I haven’t found a way to collect these algae yet,” Keith said.

“Let me guide you through it then,” said Feldon, irritated. “Start by opening your shirt.”

Keith bit his lip, and stared strangely at Feldon. “No way, Feldon,” he said.

Feldon was instantly worried. Why wasn’t Keith reacting like the others? Feldon glared back at the dark-haired student who was always undermining his authority. Keith enjoyed exposing weaknesses in everything, and he had slyly succeeded more than once at making Feldon look like a fool. Feldon was always wary when dealing with him. If the berry he ate did not affect him, he would not hesitate to…

Despite his words, however, Keith proceeded to unbutton his shirt, gradually exposing his chest. He then stood with his hands behind his back, teeth clenched, with a defiant attitude. It was as if Keith knew he had no choice but to obey, but was trying to express his rebellion, to somehow show that it made him angry.

Feldon calmed down, then said: “Now, let me examine your chest to see if everything is in order.”

Keith winced either from pleasure or from fighting the command. “No way, Feldon.”

Ignoring Keith’s words, Feldon moved close enough to him to sense his warmth and smell his sweat. He placed his hand on the student’s right pectoral; it felt hot and tender. Keith shrank slightly from the touch, but did not try to move away. Feldon felt the tension in Keith’s breathing. With barely a touch of his finger, he aroused Keith’s nipples. He stroked Keith’s chest slowly, feeling every nook and cranny, and Keith breathed short, nervous breaths. “Seems okay to me. Let me help you take off the rest,” Feldon whispered.

Keith let out a grunt, then whispered back: “No way, Feldon.” His cold eyes made Feldon shiver.

Feldon started by removing the shirt, baring Keith’s freckled shoulders. He squeezed them like fruit. He then knelt before Keith and grabbed his pants by the waistband. As he did so, the tip of his fingers grazed Keith’s pubic hair, which made his heart beat like crazy. To have his head so close to the youth’s crotch, to unlock the latch of his pants, to slide down his zipper, every little detail was a delight in itself. As Feldon lowered the pants, he gradually revealed the loose brown boxers underneath, with their rectangle of light-colored patterns on each leg, then Keith’s thin knees, calves and ankles. No matter how strongly Keith was resisting Feldon, the huge erection in his boxers betrayed his arousal. Feldon untied the running shoes, and then removed them; a faint rank odor came out. After pulling off the socks and the pants, Feldon slipped again into his fantasies, and he suddenly grabbed Keith’s boxers and pulled down on them, but Keith’s hand was instantly there, grabbing them tight. “No way, Feldon!” he warned, this time meaning it.

Feldon stood up and stared at Keith. Keith’s brown shorts, his flushed flesh, his intense eyes, his sharp tension reminded him of a boxer. Feldon smiled mischievously and said: “Now, jump in the water.”

Keith’s eyes widened in surprise, while the rest of his body shivered in pleasure. “No way, Feldon,” he said in a faltering voice, but he turned around right away, ran up to the lake and jumped in.

Feldon walked confidently to the water’s edge, and said: “Throw me your underwear.”

As he had correctly guessed, since Keith knew the water would hide him, there were no basic inhibitions helping him resist Feldon’s order. Within seconds, Feldon held the youth’s dripping boxers in his hands. “Now, collect as many algae and water plants as you can,” he said to the nude and furious student.

Leaving Keith to his task, he walked towards Dayton, who had drifted further away along the forest’s edge. Feldon came behind the kneeling Dayton who, absorbed in examining some redosier dogwood, took no notice of him. “Dayton,” Feldon said, startling the attractive hunk. “Take off your shirts, right now.”

Dayton reacted strongly to the firm surprise command. He let out a deep moan of pleasure, then said: “Right away, sir.” His shirt literally flew off, and then he tore off his T-shirt in his haste to execute the order.

Feldon watched Dayton’s impeccable chest as the tall hunk panted heavily. Interesting development. The more strongly the order was given, the greater the submission. “Did it feel good?” asked Feldon, rudely.

“Yes,” admitted Dayton, although his face was as impassive as ever.

Although Dayton was clearly the most gorgeous of Feldon’s students, it was not because of this flawless beauty that Feldon thought of him as a future model, but because of his peculiar detachment. He belonged to the world of ideals, and his thoughts and emotions were not to be soiled by exposing them to the mundane. Or maybe to become a god on the surface, he once had to sacrifice all thoughts and emotions.

“Strip down to your underwear immediately. No delay. No excuses.”

Dayton closed his eyes and moaned loudly. “Right away, sir.” His boots and socks were off in a flash, then he squeezed himself out of his jeans so fast that his boxers half came down with them, exposing his entire ass and a patch of pubic hair. Fully erect in his boxers, he stretched down on his side on the grass.

Feldon lay down behind him, and said: “Stay still while I feel your body. Don’t dare move a muscle.”

After Dayton responded as usual, Feldon massaged his shoulders, and then his hands slowly worked their way down his back until he squeezed the hunk’s exposed ass. Unlike Kevin, Dayton did not react when Feldon’s hands touched his ass. Feldon felt as if he was handling an idol. He rubbed the thighs, often coming close to Dayton’s hard-on. Feldon was mesmerized by Dayton’s hard-on, the unambiguous symbol of Dayton’s pleasure. He moved his way up to Dayton’s pectorals, brushing his pubic hair along the way.

Suddenly, a rush of images assailed the teacher’s mind: Rick standing at attention in his white briefs, Jeremy licking the penis-shaped mushroom, Kevin bent over with his ass cracked open, Keith jumping in the lake in his boxers, Dayton tearing off his T-shirt. Feldon hugged Dayton tightly against his body, his hard-on firmly against Dayton’s bare butt. As Feldon came in his pants, kissing Dayton sensually on the neck, he saw a glare between two trees, as if the sun had hit a metallic object. He immediately forgot about it.

Within the compound, in a small room lighted only by the flickering glow of the twelve TV screens on the wall, a man was masturbating slowly, staring at the screens. On Monitor 4, a shirtless Rick was lying on a rock, sleeping; on Monitor 7, Kevin was examining the bark of a tree, his bare ass neatly framed within the straps of his jock-like briefs; on Monitor 10, Feldon and Dayton were getting up; on Monitor 11, Mark was doing push-ups beside one of the minivans. The mysterious Host typed a command on the keyboard in front of him, and a cracking noise could be heard from Monitor 11. Mark got up and walked towards the woods, apparently to investigate. On Monitor 10, Feldon rearranged Dayton’s boxers, and ordered him to continue his assignment. When Feldon left, the Host typed another command. The image on Monitor 6 switched to another view of Feldon, following him as he walked back to the minivans.

Feldon reached the minivans thinking that even if the berries didn’t work on Gary and Jim, his adventures at the lake with the sexy trio had made his decade. Mark was gone. Good. Maybe he would have time to have his fun with Gary and Jim before he came back. The entire area at the top of the hill was bright and hot with sunshine, except for some shadows over the hood of one of the minivans. Wanting to escape the heat, Feldon walked there, propped his side against the vehicle, and placed the bag of berries on the hood before him. He took out the last two berries from the bag, and examined them carefully. Who would have thought that nature could produce such a perfect drug? He looked at his watch, yawning. Lunch was in one hour. Feeling thirsty, he put the berries over the bag and went to fetch something to drink from the cooler at the rear of the minivan. He found a single Heineken among the soda cans; he sat at the back of the vehicle to drink it. He was exhausted. He reclined to rest his head against the floor, and fell asleep within seconds.

When Feldon opened his eyes, Mark stood in front of him, smiling.

“Hello, Xavier. The heat got to you, it seems. Lunch is in half an hour.”

“Mark… Hi. The students did some very interesting finds.”

“Great. Oh, thanks for the two berries you left for me. Delicious. Rubus or vaccinium, you think?”

Feldon was crushed. “Neither. You ate the two berries I left on the hood?”

“Yes… They weren’t for me? Don’t tell me they were the only two left!”

“They were the only two left.”

Mark was really distraught. “I had no idea. I thought you had lots… I thought those were for me!”

Feldon sighed. Now, he’d never get his way with Gary and Jim. How could he have been so careless with the most precious and irreplaceable find he had ever made? Did Mark really have to eat two? Feldon stared at his assistant; Mark looked away. To his surprise, Feldon realized that at that very moment, he found Mark attractive. The blond TA had never entered his fantasies before, but Feldon saw him in a different way now. At twenty-six, Mark was actually quite sexy: his blond hair was thin, short and neatly combed; he wore a faded jeans shirt and faded jeans. Why hadn’t Feldon noticed his sexiness before? Mark had eaten berries and was vulnerable right now. Was that the reason why Feldon suddenly found him attractive?

Feldon stretched back on his elbows and said: “Well, you brought this on yourself. Strip for me.”

Mark’s hands contracted into fists as a wave of ecstasy coursed through him. “Yes, Xavier. It will be a pleasure.” A rather strong reaction for such a simple order, Feldon remarked with surprise.

Mark instantly became a professional stripper. He teased Feldon by flashing his tanned chest and the patch of hair between his pecs, before finally losing his shirt altogether. This was a real man’s chest, muscular and moderately hairy. After baring his feet, he moved one foot up Feldon’s leg, until he almost reached the crotch. He then unzipped his pants and teased Feldon by showing more and more of his tight boxerbriefs, white with bright yellow patches. Finally, he kicked his jeans off and stood back in his boxers.

The last berry-induced peep show was over. Not bad, though. His TA’s robust body pleasantly surprised Feldon. He was about ready to give him another command when Mark started to rub his crotch through his boxers, then slid one hand between his underwear and his pubes and then stretched the waistband out, revealing his upper groin. He turned his back to Feldon, and inserted the other hand in his boxers. He finally slid his hands and boxers down his sturdy legs, and then threw his underwear away.

Feldon could not believe his TA stood in front of him with his backside completely naked. Did the berries have more effect on him because he was slightly older than the other students?

Mark turned around slowly, his hands crossed in front of his crotch. He took on a naughty look and lifted his arms behind his neck, exposing his semi-hard cock fully. He smiled genuinely.

Feldon almost broke into applause, but stared silently instead. He eventually said: “Great, Mark.”

“Thanks, Xavier. I really wanted to please you. I’ve never stripped for anyone before.”

“Well, you’re a natural. You don’t mind my seeing you nude like that?”

“Not at all,” he said, comfortingly. “As long as it makes you happy. I’m your assistant, am I not?”

“Yes you are, Mark. Now, jerk off for me.”

A wave of ecstasy coursed through Mark again. “Yes, Xavier. It will be a pleasure.” Feldon watched with amazement as Mark’s cock rose to full attention within seconds.

Mark stroked himself, the tip of his thick cock shining with pre-cum. Feldon took his own dick out and started to do the same. He followed Mark’s rhythm; their strokes gradually became shorter and faster. Mark smiled with contentment, as if the simple act he was doing made him happy beyond measure.

After a while, Feldon decided to take it to the next step. “Mark, suck my cock.”

After the usual ecstasy wave, Mark said: “Yes, Xavier. It will be a pleasure.”

He knelt between Feldon’s legs, and his mouth approached Feldon’s cock. He stopped. “I can’t.”

Feldon threw his head back in frustration. This was pure torture! Worse, he heard voices coming closer. Gary and Jim! And no berries to feed them! He stood up and got dressed.

“Hide in the minivan,” he told Mark, throwing him his scattered clothes as Mark writhed with pleasure. “There’s no time for convulsions! Hurry!” The words sent Mark into another pleasure seizure. Feldon was finally able to close the door, just as Gary and Jim appeared from the side of the minivan.

“Where are the others?” asked Jim. His white T-shirt was soiled with dirt.

“They’re not finished yet. Found anything interesting?”

“Not that much,” said Gary, softly. He lifted his purple T-shirt to wipe his brow.

Feldon discreetly looked at Gary’s bronze abdomen and belly button. He sighed. Despite Mark’s surprise full monty, despite the peep shows of Rick, Jeremy and the sexy trio, Feldon could not help but wish, now that Jim and Gary stood before him, that he had a few more berries. Jeremy had not found more. There could be more, but it might take forever to find them. He could at least try this afternoon.

Jim and Gary knelt down to open their backpacks. They both wore jeans, but Jim’s were faded and worn. This was just like him. Although Jim often overdid his whole I-don’t-act-rich attitude, it contributed a lot to his charisma. In class, he was often the one who imposed silence, or put his fellow students in their place when they were disrespectful. They listened to him not because he was rich, but because he was noble. Gary was his best friend, and Jim was overprotective of him.

The students took out the plastic bags with their findings. Feldon did not know much about Gary, except that he was chronically quiet. He had a thin rectangular face, with a tall nose that gave him a Greek look. He had short sideburns and cat-like, amber eyes. He talked gently and calmly, and Feldon had never seen him angry or even just slightly irritated. Gary was also an accomplished swimmer.

“You’re too hard with yourselves,” said Feldon, examining the bags. “These are great specimens.”

“Well, we would have found more if we had not collected all those berries,” said Jim.

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