Vignette 6: Magnificent Malibu

Vignette 6: Magnificent Malibu (by Mafisto)

[Fantasy casting: Trevor Merszei as Scott Meyers.]

You can rarely track down perfect employees, so most often you’ll settle with less-than-perfect ones and strive to shape them into what you need. Two employees at my ‘Magnificent Malibu’ resort needed their attitude reshaped: Scott Meyers, a mischievous waiter, brown-haired, short but densely muscled, and Derek Coleman, a tall, dark-haired hunk lifeguard with sensual dark green eyes. Both were excellent in their respective jobs, but recently, they had started to gang up to undermine my authority.

I booked them for a full $3000 program at a new firm called “Better Employees Inc.”, who guaranteed they could do something about the problem. They grumbled of course (“No way I’m going there!”, “This is hardly necessary…”) but I was fed up: “Don’t give me grounds to fire you both. You’re paid much more than you’d get elsewhere, so do what’s necessary to keep your jobs.”

I was surprised at how fast their attitude towards the program changed after the first sessions. They became eager to go, and even went so far as thanking me for enrolling them in the first place. Yet their attitude, although it had slightly improved, was still less than perfect. I was displeased, and I complained vehemently.

“We’ll switch them to an experimental program,” said the nervous salesman. “You’ll see better results soon.”

The next day, an enthusiastic Scott explained to me how the new program worked: “Just say: ‘Scott, focus on my words’ when I need to improve my behavior, and then tell me exactly what you want me to do. Most of the time, behavioral problems are only caused by inattention.”

His straight-out-of-the-manual tone surprised me: it was very unlike him to just adopt someone else’s point of view. I tried the technique with each of them, and the keywords actually made them stop and listen to me attentively. Yet, although they initially agreed to the orders I gave them, they would forget them or resist them ten minutes later. The attention I got when I used the keywords aroused me. I had long fantasized about both of these cuties, and to have them concentrate on my words and be receptive to them, even if it didn’t last long… well, it’s hard to describe the satisfaction you get when your most troublesome employees show so much submission.

I complained again though, explaining the problem, and the salesman told me that he’d personally see to it that the intensity of the program be increased. After their next session, I noticed that the keywords had more of an effect on them: they would close their eyes while I talked, and it would take a while for them to start moving again after I finished talking. One session later, the salesman called me in a panic: “Something went wrong,” he said. “I must ask you to refrain from using the keywords for a few days.”

That same night, while our private beach was teeming with people, I could not find Derek anywhere. When he finally showed up and I asked him where he was, he just brushed me off. Furious, I said: “Derek, focus on my words” and he immediately froze and closed his eyes. “Where were you? What were you doing?” I asked again.

“I was jerking off in the bathroom,” he said softly.

How sincere that answer was! I was further shocked when he opened his eyes and acted as if he had not said anything. Only then did I remember the weird restriction.

I could not sleep that night, and wondered what exactly the program had done to them. It worked perfectly well to my taste! The next morning, I tested Scott with something he had always resisted: showing off his body. As he was waiting tables next to the pool, I asked innocently: “Why don’t you show a little skin to entertain the ladies?”

“You want me to entertain the ladies?” he said angrily. “I’ll entertain the ladies. Can I have your book, miss?” He sat down next to a guest and started reading to her.

“Scott, focus on my words. Show off your bare chest.”

He immediately stood up, and said: “Ladies, for your enjoyment…” and stripped from his T-shirt, to much applause. His finely chiseled torso was magnificent.

Ironically, he also looked at me in defiance, forgetting that it had been what I wanted him to do all along. I was stunned. How far would the program let me go?

We close the restaurant, pool and beach between 3 PM and 5 PM to prepare for dinner, so at 3 I met Scott next to the pool as he was sweeping. He was very much attached to the hair between his pecs, so I decided to test him further. “Scott,” I said, “focus on my words.” His head immediately dropped and his eyes closed. “You want me to shave your chest.” A few seconds later, he woke up and continued sweeping, yet something seemed to bother him.

“Could I ask you a favor?” he asked me, embarrassed. “Could you shave my chest? I’d really like it if you did.”

“That’s weird. Don’t you like the hair on your chest?”

“Yes… But I want you to shave it.”

He was not aware of the contradiction, which made me suspect the extent of how the program had messed him up. No wonder they asked me not to use the keywords! Scott and Derek were now completely vulnerable to me. We had some shaving cream and a razor in the bathroom, so five minutes later Scott was walking around with a smooth chest, something he had always dreaded. I was afraid to lose control, yet I felt more daring. I made him fall back into trance and said: “Between 3 and 5 PM, employees are only allowed to wear their underwear.”

The next moment, he was apologizing to me! “I completely forgot about the rule. Sorry.” And without any reluctance, he stripped from his shorts and continued cleaning up in a tiny pair of black briefs.

Watching him strut around half-naked with his buns and package so obviously displayed aroused me to the point of forgetting about consequences. I hurriedly said: “Scott, focus on my words… You have an uncontrollable urge to swim in the nude, which will make you very horny.” I was nervous when he opened his eyes, but he did not appear angry, only uncomfortable. He fumbled with his briefs, then suddenly pulled them off, ran to the pool and dove in. I saw only a flash of his muscular buns.

“I can’t control myself,” he said, his face red with shame. He did a few laps, then he sat on the pool’s ladder and started to masturbate, avoiding my gaze and often seized by spasms of pure pleasure. I then made him completely comfortable with his nudity, and he came dripping out of the pool, chatting about baseball, his erection pointing straight at me. He followed me to the beach, where we walked up to a disturbed Derek. “What the hell?” Derek said. He wore only a pair of blue swim trunks, a rebel Adonis with a tall and lean body, and a tattoo wrapped around his bicep. “Derek, focus on my words. This is a nude beach and you’re overdressed. Take off these trunks right away.”

When he opened his eyes, he ran his fingers through his hair and said, smiling nervously, “I guess these have to go.” He slowly slid his trunks down his lean legs, exposing first his trimmed pubic hair, then a fair-sized uncut cock.

“Guys,” I finally said, “focus on my words.” My nude employees both lowered their heads, eyes closed. “You have lost all your sexual inhibitions, and you feel incredibly aroused. Your only concern is to do everything you can to satisfy my sexual urges. Call me master.”

They opened their eyes and said: “Yes, master.”

I squeezed their asses and they smiled. They stripped me from my clothes, and we ran to the waves. We then rolled around in the sand, exploring each other’s bodies. Derek was the last to get an erection, but then he looked at me proud and content. I wiped away the sand on it, and then sucked it as he raked the sand with his hands and feet. At my signal, Scott straddled his face and Derek started to suck him. Then I stood and asked Scott to suck me. “Yes, master,” he said then his mouth was around my cock. Derek rimmed Scott’s ass, then mine. Finally, both kneeled before me on the warm sand and offered me their tight muscular asses like the good employees they had become. They felt hard and hot and sweaty and I rejoiced in their moans. I came over Derek’s back and Scott licked it clean.

We spent a wild night at my apartment, but the next day, the keywords special effects had faded, and so did their memories of the events. “Better Employees Inc.” disappeared without a trace within the next week, and although I never again could get Scott and Derek in the same state, they became my most docile employees.

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