Vignette 5: Private Riley

Vignette 5: Private Riley (by Mafisto)

[Fantasy casting: Marc Blucas as Private Mark Riley.]

When Major Frennay asked me to his office, I feared he was displeased with how I was treating the pneumonia of Captain Gore, a decent, moral man popular with his troops. Instead, the Major had special instructions for me.

“I have received strict orders from the Colonel,” said the Major. He pointed to a box on his desk filled with pill bottles. “These medications are substitutes for common ones, and must now be used in their place. In addition to the medication itself, they contain an experimental drug called ABSOBED-94, which we want to test discretely.”

“What does ABSOBED-94 do?” I asked, as I checked the bottles: there were painkillers, antibiotics, barbiturates…

“Classified. Do not inform Captain Gore: we don’t want to deal with his ‘opinions’. Report on results directly to me.”

The following days, I dispensed the ABSOBED drugs to my patients, with no noticeable side effects. I concluded I had been assigned placebo drugs: ordinary substitutes.

One morning, a week after my visit to Major Frennay, I found a cute soldier waiting for me in the infirmary, seated on the edge of a bench, arms on his knees. I was immediately taken in by his boyish clean looks, his thick crop of reddish blond hair parted on the side, and his innocent hazel eyes. He sprang up as soon as I came in and then staggered towards me. After a few steps, he cringed and put his hand on his flank over his wine-red sweater.

“Private Mark Riley,” he said, offering me his free hand.

His smile warmed me up instantly. He explained that, while playing football, he had been hit in the flank by the helmeted head of Private Werber, a huge fellow. I had him remove his shirt and palpated around the wide purple mark on the lower left of his smooth, shapely chest. By his sharp reactions, I concluded he had two broken ribs. I bandaged him, and then gave him a bottle of ABSOBED painkillers. He took one right then. He was about to leave, when he suddenly felt dizzy. I had him lie down on the infirmary bed. He fell asleep, and I caught myself studying his every twitch, scratch, mumble, and brief snore.

After two weeks, I noticed that most patients I had treated with ABSOBED drugs insisted on being prescribed more. Private Riley, although his ribs were healed, still complained of major pain. I sent the Major an official request to use regular drugs instead of the addictive ones. Yet, until I got I response from him, I continued dispensing the ABSOBED drugs to my patients who needed medication.

One day, I happened to meet Private Riley on campgrounds. Immediately, he asked for more painkillers. When I gently replied that he certainly didn’t need then anymore, he pounced on me like a wild animal, enraged.

“Private Riley,” I said, “contain yourself. Now.”

My words altered his attitude diametrically: he stood, calm and motionless, and said “Yes, sir,” with an impassive face. Both extremes of behavior struck me as obvious psychological side effects of the drug, which I soon reported.

The next time I met Private Riley was, of all places, in the locker room of the camp’s sports facilities. I had just treated a broken leg of one of the players, and there came the wet Private, wearing nothing but a towel and a smile.

“Hi Doc. I would really need painkillers. It still hurts.”

“Private Riley,” I said. “Your ribs are long healed. To prescribe you more pills, I’ll have to reexamine your entire body to find some other part of it that requires treatment.”

“Yes, sir,’ he said, as he tugged on his towel and let it drop. Before my surprise let me register the sight of him standing nude before me, he snatched the towel from the floor, rewrapped it around his waist, mumbled an apology for his confusion, and then hurried away to his locker.

I eventually got a letter from the Major, ordering me to continue the tests, stay quiet about my findings, make no mention of him or the Colonel in my reports, and meticulously study the dependency and the increased compliance to orders caused by ABSOBED. Were those the side effects the Colonel and the Major were really studying?

After I released Captain Gore from the infirmary, his loyal troops organized a brief celebration for his recovery. During the Captain’s speech, I overheard Private Thompson, whose chronic insomnia I was treating with ABSOBED sleeping pills, whisper to Private Riley something about going AWOL during that night to meet some girls.

That night, I waited for them in Storage Area 36. They had forced a door in it that gave access to outside the camp. When they came back, around 3:20 AM, I understood why they had been able to bypass the alarm system: Private Werber, an electronic engineer, accompanied them. I was treating his serious ear infection with an ABSOBED version of the antibiotic Cipro. I turned on the lights, and the three men jumped in alarm. “What the fuck?” said Private Thompson. Private Riley looked around frantically, and his eyes flared when he saw me. They had obviously run back to camp: Private Riley’s hair and T-shirt, as well as his colleagues’ tank tops, were drenched with sweat.

“So you guys had fun tonight…” I said. “Now, unless you obey my orders to the letter, I will report you. Attention.”

They immediately lined up at attention, surprised by their own eagerness to obey. Then Riley folded his arms in defiance and said: “That will depend on the orders.”

I glared sharply at him. Thompson lowered his gaze, intimidated. “Do you think I’m kidding?” I asked him. “Just watch. Privates Thompson and Werber: strip down to your underwear.” They looked up in panic. “Now,” I added.

They hurriedly stripped from their tank tops, baring their smooth sweaty chests. Riley moved to the side; he was nervous, but he just stood there, watching. His friends were more athletic than he was, Werber, a tall bald black, and Thompson, a thin, muscled hunk. They took off their boots and socks, and then hesitated again. “Drop those fatigues now,” I said with authority, and within two seconds, the fatigues had slid down both men’s sturdy legs. They stepped out of them, and stood in only loose white boxers. They looked puzzled and ashamed by their extreme docility, obviously induced by the ABSOBED. I moved closer and rubbed their chests. I squeezed their ass cheeks, to which they dared not react. “Do I own your asses, boys?”

“Yes, sir,” they answered, as Riley’s eyes opened wide.

“Private Riley, why don’t you strip as well?” I asked.

Riley lifted off his T-shirt impulsively, but stopped, resisting. I remembered that he had only half as much ABSOBED in him as his two friends had Disappointed, I told them “Take those boxers off,” and watched as they struggled to resist as well, but ultimately failed and went back to attention completely nude. Their cocks hung, long and soft, under full bushes of hair. They avoided my gaze, aware of their submissive state but humiliated by it. I moved behind them and stared at their bare pumped-up asses, which I then fondled with my fingers.

“Drop to your knees,” I ordered Riley, and instantly his legs gave, and the young man was down. “Grab your friends’ cocks and jerk them until they’re hard and ready.” His arms moved slowly against his will. His entire body strained with resistance, but finally his hands were sliding up and down his friends’ fast-hardening cocks. “Now, suck Werber’s hard dick.” Riley’s head moved close to the engineer’s erection, his mouth open, but it snapped back, and he dropped to the floor, exhausted.

“Such a waste. Thompson, drop on all fours and suck Werber’s cock like you’d like a girl to suck yours.” The nude muscular soldier approached Werber’s crotch like a dog, and started to lick and suckle his cock and balls. I came behind him, spit on my fingers and lubricated his virgin ass. “No, please,” he muttered with his mouth full, but soon my own hard cock was inside him, pumping like crazy. The three of us came shortly afterwards, unloading thick white globs of cum on Riley’s disgusted face.

Despite this humiliation, all of them obeyed my orders not to talk about the experience. Riley confronted me the next day, but I manage to order him away. Everything looked fine until one night I entered the infirmary and surprised him going through my files. He pointed a gun at me and said: “If you open your mouth even a bit, you’re dead!”

Private Riley was furious, swinging the gun in front of my face. “So it’s the medications we’ve been taking that made us act like we did. Those fucking drugs I was hooked on.” In his free hand, he was shaking a full bottle of ABSOBED painkillers. “Jesus, you fucked Thompson in the ass. You had him suck Werber’s cock. You had me jerk them off. That’s so perverted it makes me sick. You’re gonna pay.” He put the pill bottle down and took the phone off the hook, all the while watching me attentively. He signaled a number, and then put the phone to his ear. “Captain, could you come to the infirmary right away?”

A few minutes later, Captain Gore came in. The grizzled, amiable officer said: “What’s going on here, Private Riley? Are you crazy? Put that gun down.” Riley, unable to resist the Captain’s order, put the gun on the desk. “I guess he won’t try anything now,” Riley said, still wary.

Proving him wrong, I said, “Freeze, both of you.” They stopped to move instantly. “Private Riley, you forgot I treated the Captain’s pneumonia for a long while… Captain, come here and suck my cock.” The mature man was at my feet at once, unzipping my pants. He took my dick out and sucked it dutifully, to the shock of Private Riley.

“Now, Private Riley, it was a mistake for me to wean you out of pills. I’ll correct it now. A new prescription.” I fetched a bottle of pure ABSOBED pills (twenty times stronger than those combined with medication) from the cabinet, and took a pill out of it. “Swallow this, now.”

Private Riley could not help himself. He took the pill from my palm, popped it in his mouth and swallowed. Meanwhile, I came in Captain Gore’s mouth, who swallowed as well. “Captain, go back to your quarters, and forget everything about tonight.” The Captain left without a word.

“Now, Private Riley, let’s have some fun. Take off this jacket. And say ‘Yes, sir’ each time I give you an order.”

“Yes, sir,” he said, as he removed his jacket hesitantly.


His desire to obey was becoming so strong, he stood back at perfect attention, not blinking, his face impassive.

“Now, you will be my sexual plaything tonight. My little toy soldier. Your body is mine to play with. Understand?”

“Yes, sir. I’m your toy soldier, yours to play with.”

“Good. Now strip down to your underwear, and then take another of those pills.”

“Yes, sir.” His eagerness to obey was gradually replacing his resistance. He ripped his T-shirt as he hurried to take it off. His boots, socks, and fatigues were off in a flash. Then he swallowed the other pill I offered him and stood at attention again wearing nothing but regulation white boxers. He wasn’t extremely muscular, extremely thin or extremely hunky, but there was a noble innocence in this young private who had been so hard to conquer. It made the power I had over him, as well as the sight of his near naked body standing ready to serve, mightily arousing.

“Good. Good. Now, tell me how long your cock is.”

“About eight inches, sir. And every inch is yours, sir,” he added, to my surprise. The new pill was already kicking in – he knew what I’d like to hear and he volunteered it.

“Show me that big weapon of yours, and ready it, soldier.” He keenly slipped off the boxers with pride. Already half hard from anticipation, his cock grew huge within seconds. I sucked his impressive, juicy barrel, while I squeezed and kneaded his chunky ass. He stripped me, and then kissed me with a frantic tongue, which he then used to tease my balls and rim my ass. I whispered a command, and immediately his hot mouth was around my cock.

“Fuck my ass, sir,” he later said, swaying it for me. I love initiative in a soldier, and I proved it to him by fucking his pristine ass until it shone red and dripped with my cum. He spent the night with me, and didn’t get much sleep…

The next day, the Captain ordered mandatory ‘vitamin’ supplements and weekly medical checkups for all soldiers. Now, morning exercises are done in the nude, just outside my bedroom window, while I am served breakfast by Private Riley, who has been permanently assigned to me.

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