Vignette 3: Grocery Boy

Vignette 3: Grocery Boy (by Mafisto)

[Fantasy casting: Jesse Spencer.]

I opened the door and half-closed my eyes from the combination of Jesse’s golden hair, orange T-shirt and radiant smile. I nodded towards the kitchen and he brought my two grocery bags in there. He placed them on the table and waited for his tip, his hands in the pockets of his khakis.

“So, do you like it here, with the ocean in your backyard?”

“Yeah, I guess. Would you like to take a swim?”

“Not really. I don’t have a bathing suit or anything.”

“Here’s the usual,” I said, giving him five bucks. “But I have a special gift for you today.” I opened a drawer.

“What do you mean, a gift?” He looked puzzled.

I fetched a small silver box from the drawer, opened it, and extended it towards him. It was full of chocolates.

“These are delicious, exotic and expensive. Try one.”

“Wow, these seem really cool.” He took a double caramel one and tasted it. “Gee, these are excellent.”

“Take another, Jesse.”

“Thanks, but I must go, I have another delivery.”

I took one out from the box myself, gave it to him and said: “Those are the best.” He reluctantly put it in his mouth, and as he was sucking on it, I could see his eyes lose their sparkle. It was already numbing his willpower.

“Thanks for the chocolates. But now I really must go.”

“Oh, your boss called. He said the other deliveries were cancelled and asked that you spend time with me instead.”

“He said that?” He tried hard not to believe me, but the drugged chocolates were baffling him. “That’s strange…”

“It’s really hot today,” I said. “Your shirt makes you uncomfortable, doesn’t it? You’d feel cooler without it.”

His brow started to sweat. “You wouldn’t mind?”

“Go ahead.”

He pulled it off; his chest was buffed and speckled with golden hair. He fidgeted with the orange bunch in his hand. “Did my boss say what to do while I was here?”

“He asked that you entertain me. Dance for me.”

He looked at me confused. “Dance? But I don’t know…”

“Eat another chocolate.” He could not resist simple orders now; he brought the chocolate to his mouth mechanically. I put on the radio. ‘Let’s Get Physical’ was playing. He immediately started to shake his hips and clap his hands, then did some awkward dance moves. He shook his ass. He was not a good dancer, but the context made it sexy.

“Nice Jesse. Now take off the shoes.” He snapped off his running shoes without a second thought, then moonwalked in his socks. “Slowly strip from your pants in a sexy way.”

His eyes lit up in alarm, but there was no way he could resist now. He popped his pants button open and flashed his dark green boxers. He turned around, let his pants slide down and showed me his boxers from behind. He pulled the pants up, turned around again, and played with his zipper. He shook his hips until the pants fell to the ground and he was left with only his boxers. He went on dancing, and pulled his boxers down an inch on the sides, just teasing. I had him take his socks off and then said:

“Great, Jesse. You want to take a swim now, don’t you?”

“Yeah, that’d be great. The dance made me sweat a bit.” Without waiting for my confirmation, he ran out the backdoor onto the beach, then right into the ocean, howling.

I grabbed a towel and walked to the beach. He came back out of the ocean and slowly made his way towards me, dripping, his wet green boxers tightened around his crotch. He wrapped the towel around his waist, beaming dumbly.

“Give me your boxers, we’ll let them dry on the patio.”

He pulled them out from under his towel with some clumsy gymnastics, then walked with me to the house. I spread the boxers over the patio, and we came in. I was well aware that only a towel stood between Jesse and me.

“You deserve another chocolate,” I said, eager to get him under control. “Even two. Go ahead and enjoy them now.”

He hurried to the box, and stuffed a couple of chocolates in his mouth. “Am they making me act weird? I…” He stopped as the jolt of drug stunned him. His head drooped. By now, I could see he had not much resistance left.

“Drop the towel, Jesse,” I said with authority.

“No,” he whispered. “I don’t want you to see me naked.”

Impatient, I grabbed it myself. He swiftly regained his senses and snatched an old hat from a coat hanger to cover himself. I caught only a glimpse of his genitalia. He bit his lip coyly; I found that the game amused and aroused me.

“You’re getting a hard-on, Jesse. Tell me.”

“No… Wait a minute, yes I am. I don’t know why.”

“Raise up your hands now!” I said, and he obeyed me, knowing the hat would stay hung on his hard dick. I took a chocolate from the box and walked toward him. He backed away from me, the hat wobbling precariously, until he was blocked by a wall. I put the chocolate in his mouth.

“Open your mouth,” I said, and he did. “Extend your tongue,” I said, and he did. I put the chocolate on his shiny tongue, then said: “Eat it.” He chewed it, then swallowed it, and from his eyes, I knew he was now mine. I took off the hat, and stared at his now naked body. The golden hair made a nice happy trail to his patch of pubic hair, and speckled his legs too. His cock was uncut and pointed upwards at an angle, rock hard and enthusiastic.

“I am now your master, Jesse. You will obey me without question, do you understand?”

“Yes,” he said groggily. “My master. I will obey you.”

“Kiss me,” I asked, and he moved his head towards mine. I dove in, tightly hugging his body, feeling his warm bare backside while invading his chocolaty mouth.

“Turn around,” I asked, and he immediately rotated in place. His tight ass was smooth, with just a hint of golden hair at the top of his crack. He finally faced me again.

“Let me suck your cock and be turned on by it.” I kneeled before his meaty 6″ dick. My first taste was delicious: it was coated with pre-cum. I licked it all over, licked each ball, and then swallowed it. He fidgeted nervously and moaned loudly. When I sensed he was on the brink, I stopped and stood up. “Strip me naked and suck my cock.”

“Yes, Master,” he said, and almost tore my shirt apart in his zeal. As he proceeded to suck my cock, I looked down at the nude grocery boy, kneeling and completely under my control. His hot mouth tickled my hard shaft delightfully. Then I had the sudden urge to fuck his ass. “I will now fuck you; you will enjoy it a lot, and tell me so.” I moved behind him and gently fingered his anus into opening up. As soon as I entered his still taut ass, he said: “This feels great, Master. Excellent.” He twisted around as I pumped his ass more and more rapidly. “Yes, Master, yes, fuck my ass!” I came all over his back, screaming.

Now, each time he comes to deliver my groceries, I just put on some music and he starts doing a strip tease for me. He always lets me take off the hat in the end, and then falls into complete submission for a few hours.

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