Vignette 2: Lawn Boy

Vignette 2: Lawn Boy (by Mafisto)

[Fantasy casting: Jensen Ackles.]

The gentle chimes of the doorbell interrupted my Krahmic meditation. Was it already 8 AM? I wrapped myself up in a kimono and answered the door. Jensen the lawn boy, a devilishly cute blonde in his late teens, greeted me with one of his ambiguous smiles. He stood one shoulder against the wall, one hand in his jeans pocket, and the sun shone on his white polo shirt with blue stripes around the neck, pocket and sleeves.

“Hi, sir,” he said, with his rugged baritone voice. “Do you want me to start with cutting the grass today?”

“Why not?” I said, and he shrugged. “Do you want some herbal tea, or a whole wheat toast with honey?”

“No, I hate that stuff, but thanks. My girlfriend made me some bacon and eggs before I left. I’ll go check the mower.”

As he went out the door, my eyes focused on his firm globular ass, tightly hugged by his jeans. Oh well! Can’t have everything you want… I returned to my meditation. The loud rumbling of the mower, far from distracting me, lulled me deeper and deeper into my trance. I had been meditating for years, and I knew I was a natural at it. My guru was impressed by how fast I was going through all the stages, perhaps even a little jealous.

I hovered around the 4th Krahmon for a while, in a peaceful state, when I had a sudden intense spiritual experience. I must have jumped three or four Krahmon, for this was like nothing I had ever felt before. I felt my center shift from inside me to everywhere around – I became the mat, the walls, the house, the lawn, the trees, and even Jensen. In a non-instant, I was and had always been all the surroundings, and I learned and had always known everything about Jensen, how he broke his arm at 6, how he was scared of churches as a boy, how he lost his virginity with Patricia Rowe at 13, how he was hiding to his girlfriend that he didn’t really love her, and how he suspected I was gay, and disliked me because of it. It was all too brief, and I kept only a vague recollection of what I had been and seen and known. Exhilarated, I jumped up, put a pair of khakis on, and went out in the yard.

Jensen had finished his mowing, and was now watering the grass with the hose. I sat on the patio and watched him for a few minutes, then for a brief moment my consciousness expanded again, and the hose became a part of me I could control like my own limbs. It was amazing! I managed to wiggle it free of Jensen’s hands and sprayed him – astonished, he tried to catch hold of it, then quit and ran to turn off the knob. He took off his drenched polo shirt and wrung it out, then he saw me and yelled: “Did you see that? That hose was alive, man!” He was laughing nervously. I concentrated on the knob to twist it on, then on the hose to spray him again. He kept laughing out of confusion, then dropped his shirt to the ground. My mind focused on his laugh, and I instantly became the one who was laughing. Now I could control his voluntary movements.

I/He decided to unbutton my/his jeans, and I/he did, one button of the 501’s at a time. I/he slid them down my/his legs. Once they were off, I was myself again. The hose fell to the ground, and a confused Jensen, his jeans down to his ankles, above which only a clingy wet pair of white boxer-briefs covered his body. He was embarrassed to be seen that way, of course, and proceeded to pull up his jeans, when another wave of mind-expansion gave me control over part of his mind again, this time the subconscious – what hypnosis has effect upon. I could now manipulate his inner being as well as I could control that hose! For example, I could make him think he wanted me to dry his clothes, and didn’t mind to continue his work naked. There. Just in time, for I snapped back to my own body. I couldn’t believe what happened next: Jensen took off his running shoes, jeans, socks and shirt, then walked up to me. He offered me the lot and said: “Say, would you mind putting these in your dryer? I had a little accident. Oh, and these too!” he said, stripping from his wet boxers. My eyes opened wide, and I had to control myself not to stare too much at his soft long uncut dick swaying around between his legs. He ran back to the lawn, offering me a perfect view of that long desired ass, and pursued his work in the buff.

The next mental expansion gave me total control over him; his body, thoughts, and subconscious briefly became my playground. I hurried to make him extremely aroused by me, as well as submissive to me. When the wave subsided, he strolled towards me with lust on his face, his cock growing to extreme rigidity. “I know you want me,” he said, “and for some reason, now I want you too. Do to me what you want. I am yours.” He grabbed me and carried me to my bedroom, kissed me without restraint, and threw me on my bed. He removed my clothes, then roughly sucked my cock. Afterwards, my mouth found its way around his salty, tasty dick; I pumped it until he leaked pre-cum and I sensed he was on the brink. “I want to fuck that ass,” I then said. He lay on the bed on his back and offered it to me, pulling it wide open for me. “It’s yours, sir,” he said in a whisper. He jerked himself off while I fucked that tight virgin hole of his until I could no longer contain myself. We came together, our juices mixing on his chest; at my bidding, he brought the melange to his mouth with his fingers and swallowed it. We fell asleep in my bed, our bodies huddled together.

I awoke when Jensen sat up in the bed in a sudden. “What am I doing here?” he said. He looked under the sheets. “Shit, I’m naked. God, now I remember… But why did I…?” He jumped out of bed and said: “Sir, this never happened, alright. Don’t expect it to happen ever again. I have a girlfriend, you know.”

But I do expect it to happen again. As often as I like.

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