Domination Ch. 4

Domination (by Mafisto)

Chapter 4: Wet and Dry

Gary sat on the edge of the bed, frightened, with only a naked John standing between him and two angry half-naked students. Paul was oblivious to the whole scene, and stood close to John, hard in his briefs, taking advantage of John’s distraction to discreetly feel his shoulders and flanks.

“What’s happening, Jeff?” asked Sean. “Why are these two acting so strange?”

“This guy has some way of controlling us, making us do what he says.”

“What do you mean? Like hypnosis or something?”

“I guess… But he did not make us sleepy or anything.”

Gary was panicking on John’s bed. There was no way out of the room –Jeff guarded the front door and Sean the back door. And how did Jeff get out of the drugged state anyway? And why wasn’t Sean affected? Was the powder in the shower head all spent? He had left the drug flask in his room, having brought only the drug-filled tissue and the two water glasses. But now, the tissue was in the shower, and the water from the glasses were on Paul and John’s bodies. Their wet chests glistened in the bit of Florida sun coming into the room from the top of the tacky curtains.

Then it struck him –those two were still wet, while Sean and Paul were dry! Sean had dried himself off after his shower, and Jeff had done the same with the bed sheets. For some reason, the drug had effect only when the skin was still wet with drugged water. It gave him an idea…

“Paul, John,” he said. “Hug Jeff and Sean! Hug them close, rub your wet chests on them.”

John took Sean in his grip, while Paul squeezed behind Jeff, and both started rubbing against their targets despite their struggling.

“Get your hands off me!” said Sean.

“Fuck, man, what are you doing?” yelled Jeff, as the bed sheets he wore dropped to the floor, and he found himself naked with Paul’s erection rubbing against his ass. “Get your thing off my ass!”

“That’s enough. Paul, John, sit down on your beds,” said Gary. He needed to see if his plan was working… “OK, now Sean, kneel before Jeff and suck his cock. Jeff, you will find Sean’s sucking extremely arousing, you will lose yourself totally in the pleasure he’ll bring you.”

Gary breathed with relief when he saw Sean drop to his knees before his blond friend and engulfed the soft cock before him despite himself. As he was rolling it inside his mouth, his eyes were locked on Gary, who moved back a step from the hate they projected.

“Don’t look at me, Sean,” Gary said, his voice faltering a bit. “Look at Jeff, concentrate on Jeff.”

The eyes shifted away. Sean grabbed Jeff’s ass with both hands, and pumped his now hard cock as Jeff writhed in pleasure. A few seconds later, Jeff trembled in a powerful orgasm, and Gary deduced from Sean’s look of disgust where the cum had gone.

“Swallow it, Sean,” said Gary, coldly. “Swallow it all. Every drop. Then all of you stay put.”

It would only do temporarily, Gary thought. They would all be dry soon. He briefly thought about having them all take a shower, but there probably was no drug left in the shower head. He did not want to risk being stuck with the four of them undrugged. Who knew what’d they do to him? No matter how much he wanted to have them, it would have to wait until later.

“John and Jeff, put your underwear back on,” he said reluctantly. “All of you, go back to your beds and go to sleep. In ten minutes, you’ll wake up and believe this is the first time you opened your eyes today. Forget that you have seen me; forget everything that happened this morning.”

They complied to his wishes. He stayed in the room as they slipped within their beds, until he could tell they were asleep from their breathing. As he was about to leave, he saw a Blue Sparrow note pad next to the computer, and was intrigued by what was written on it:

“spank girls streaming video girl locker room peep show”

He tore the page off the pad and left the room through the fire escape door. As he was walking to his door, he froze as he felt he was being watched. He turned and saw a man looking at him from the field behind the motel, a few yards away. He was middle-aged, with a bald head that shone in the morning sun. He was dressed completely in black: suit, pants and shirt, except for a teal tie; he carried a thin black leather briefcase.

Gary opened the door to his room, then turned back to check on the man. He was gone. Gary entered his room, wondering how the man could have gone away so fast. Was it the man he saw the night before? Was he connected to the strange ‘mages are onto us’ warning? Gary’s heart went numb until he forced himself to forget about the incident.

He had to find out how to use the number to contact Domination. Those numbers on the pad. They were a sequence of 4 numbers, like those given to him by the green man. Were they internet numbers? Gary didn’t know anything about the internet; he used his computer only for the bookstore’s accounting. He’d have to ask around. He took the note with the green man numbers and put it in his pocket together with the students’ note.

He sat on his bed, took the flask from the night table and opened it. He had already used almost one third of its contents. The flask was made of a copper-like metal, engraved with intricate patterns, and was probably an antique. Gary noticed a subtle vibration when he held it between his fingers. He brought it to his ears. It had a faint buzz. Or maybe he was just imagining the vibration and the sound… What was it the man had said? Something about using the drug if necessary. Within the flask, the drug wasn’t too useful. Gary had an idea…

An hour later, Gary entered his room carrying a brown bag. He emptied its contents on the bed: it was a trumpet-sized water gun, in gaudy yellow and green, the smallest one he could find. It had been quite a revelation to find out that the small translucent water pistols of his youth were impossible to find now. Kids today, an aloof clerk told him, they want the Super Soakers, Mega Wet Machine Gun, and Power Pumps: the bigger the better. Well, Gary thought, so much for discretion –he’d have to hide the Snug Splasher inside his canvas beach bag.

He went to the bathroom to fill the gun’s reservoir. With this gun, he was now in complete control. No more need to clumsily carry glasses of water. No more intimidation by defiant students. If anyone dared oppose him, he’d splash him into submission.

Had it come to this? Wasn’t he supposed to use the gun only to defend himself? And where were his plans to use the drug for doing some good? Walking to the store and back, all he had been able to think about was how he could enslave that blond guy with the bandana, or that tall teen with the cowboy hat, or that Adonis with the blue eyes dragging a scrawny woman by the arm. He added a few pinches of drug in the reservoir, acutely aware of having used more than a third of the contents already.

As he came out of his room, he came face to face with John, wearing tan shorts and a loose white shirt. The student narrowed his eyes briefly, as if trying to remember something, then he just nodded, scratched the back of his neck, and walked to the stairs. Gary realized his hand was stroking the gun in the beach bag, but he saw Jeff and Paul at the bottom of the stairs, waiting for John. The students ran towards the street, cursing about being extremely late for the conference. Soon he would have another go at them…

Gary did not have any plan in mind; he was just looking for an experience that would not go awry this time. Someone to test the gun with, he told himself. Make sure it would work in time of need. As he walked out of the almost deserted motel grounds, he crossed two jocks with a basketball who were headed for the court next to the pool. They were quite cute, but he did not dare do something so close to his room. The street was filled with potential victims; his cock was half-hard with anticipation. It was too crowded, however, for him to risk a move – too many chances that something would go wrong. Better look for someplace less crowded. Looking around, he thought he again briefly saw the bald man in black in the crowd, but when he searched for him, he was gone. As usual. Maybe he was just personifying his guilt…

The sky was soaked with a rich blue as if it came straight from the painting of a child. There were stores and motels on each side of the street for a long while, then the ocean side cleared up because of a huge parking lot; beyond the lot, Gary saw hundreds of people on the beach, compartmented by the equally-spaced palm trees lining the road between lot and beach.

After the lot came a series of huge private residences. Gary saw a red Porsche convertible down the street, heading towards him. Just as it was about to pass him, it stopped. The driver was a gorgeous blond man with sunglasses. He was shirtless. Gary stopped too, studying the young man’s sharply carved chest, waiting for him to talk.

“Are you gonna get the fuck out of the way?” the man said rudely.

Gary turned around and saw he was standing right in the middle of the driveway of a huge mint green and peach mansion, where the man probably lived. He staggered out of the way. The man raced down the driveway, groaning: “Jerk!” Gary got angry. How dared he talk to him like that? He wasn’t that shy bookstore owner anymore; he was a dangerous man now. There was no one nearby. He grabbed his gun and walked down the driveway behind the Porsche.

The man did not notice him –he was getting out of the car, his back to him. Gary splashed the blonde’s naked loins. He sprung a few inches off the ground; a large spot darkened the seat of his jeans. He whirled around, his face flushed with anger.

“What’s this all about?” he yelled, marching towards Gary. “You want me to fucking kill you, is that it?”

“Stop and don’t move,” said Gary in a commanding voice.

The guy instantly froze, almost stumbling down. “What’s going on? I can’t move.”

He really is gorgeous, with those short blond curls, thought Gary. He must be a model or something… “Answer all my questions truthfully. Are you alone in this house?”

“There’s the guy cleaning the pool. He’s a tough guy. Guess you’re out of luck…” He smiled smugly. His perfect teeth were sparkling white.

“I wouldn’t be so sure,” said Gary, who wouldn’t let go of his catch. “What’s your name?”

“I’m Nick Tyler. Why do I tell you things even if I don’t want to?” He had lost his smile; he was tense.

“Because I’m your friend Gary from Boston,” said Gary. “I’m your best buddy. There’s nothing you wouldn’t do for me. You’re so glad to see me here; we haven’t seen each other in ages. You can’t wait to make me tour your home, now that you can move again.”

Gary watched with amazement as the tension in Nick’s face faded into a beaming smile, this time of genuine happiness. He put his sunglasses in a jeans pocket and stepped towards Gary. He hugged him lightly, probably his warmest expression of affection, and said:

“Gary! I can’t believe you’re here. It’s been so long… Come on in, I’ll show you the place.”

Gary followed his new best friend inside the mansion. The hall was huge and bare, except for a grand staircase at the other end twisting around in a half-circle. Parts of the roof were made of stained-glass with pastel-colored abstract patterns which were magnified and echoed on the floor. Gary enjoyed acting as a friend of the blond hunk, and learning how he lived. They reached a room with dark green walls which he called his office. It was filled with computer equipment: screens, keyboards, cases, wires, and what he recognized as a scanner. A series of framed charcoal drawings on the walls highlighted the evolution of the personal computer.

“So you’re still playing with those?” Gary asked.

“Yeah, that’s how I earn my living. With some success, as you can see…”

“I’d say so.”

After visiting the first floor, they took a door leading to the pool. It was an indoor pool, but with a glass roof, and surrounded by exotic plants and trees. The pool guy was there. He had brown hair in a crew-cut, and wore cut-off jeans and running shoes without a shirt. He had a serious look on his face, and Gary was almost sure he was or had once been in the army.

“He Pete! This is my friend Gary from Boston.”

Pete looked at him strangely. “Why does he carry a water gun?” he asked.

“That?” said Gary, lifting the gun loosely. He innocently pulled the trigger and splashed Pete on the chest. “Oh, I’m so sorry, Pete. Don’t wipe it off. I’ve always been a bit of a joker, I’m afraid, haven’t I Nick?”

“Yeah Gary,” asked Nick, smiling arrogantly at Pete, “you’re always trying to be the clown.”

Pete did not seem to like the joke. “What’s your problem? That’s not funny.”

“Oh, it is Pete. You see, it’s already making you relax. So much, that as soon as we leave, you won’t be able to stop thinking about sex. You’ll get really aroused, and you will lose all self-control. Even now, it’s hard for you to think of something other than sex.”

“What the …?” said Pete, but then he lost his train of thought, and he looked dazed. A stupid grin appeared on his face.

They left him there, and Nick asked, giggling: “How did you do that, man? You think he’ll start to jerk off or something when we’re gone?”

“Look behind you.”

Pete was rubbing a huge bulge which stretched his cut-offs. He was squirming, staring at them as if he couldn’t wait for them to be gone.

“You’re good, dude,” said Nick with avowed admiration.

They went up to the second floor, and visited a few bedrooms and bathrooms, until they came to his. A king-sized bed dominated the room, its bedspread patterned with muted blue and purple triangles. The furniture was simple and modern, with a lot of metal, and two walls had been textured with sponge strokes of gold, bronze and silver glossy paint. The other two walls were a dark purple.

Gary walked to the bay window. It had a magnificent view of the beach and ocean, as well as the pool and conservatory below through the glass roof. Pete was lying on the edge of the pool, his cut-offs around his ankles, jerking off like crazy. There were already a few blobs of cum on his chest. Good, he wouldn’t trouble them for a while. Now, he needed to make sure Nick would stay under control.

“Let me refresh you a bit,” he said, as he splashed Nick on the chest with the gun. “Doesn’t it feel good?”

“Yeah, it does,” said Nick, his smoothly tanned chest beaded with water.

“Now, Nick,” said Gary, sitting on the small round couch in the bay window, “I have something to tell you. I noticed the last few times we were together that you enjoyed showing off your body to me. I don’t mind, you know. It doesn’t make you gay or anything. Just a bit of an exhibitionist. The more skin you expose to me, the more horny it makes you. We’re such great friends, Nick, so close, so intimate; it’s normal that you lose your inhibitions with me. I rather enjoy it, in fact.”

“You do? That’s such a relief. I was worried you’d think I was a faggot or something.”

“No, not at all. He! It’s been such a long time since I’ve contemplated your body… Why don’t you strip for me?”

“Great idea.”

Gary watched with anticipation as this rich and gorgeous blond computer expert, who had acted like such a spoiled jerk before, was now preparing to take off his clothes just for his enjoyment, while, down in the glassed-in conservatory, his pool guy was wildly beating off.

Domination Ch. 5

Domination (by Mafisto)

Chapter 5: Mallory
[Fantasy guest stars: Ryan Gosling as Ryan, Kyle Alisharan as Kyle, and Scott Vickaryous as Scott]

At exactly 2 PM, Mallory entered the Blue Sparrow Motel grounds with an assured smile and his thin black leather briefcase. He paused right in the center of the lot, adjusted a device in his right ear, and the sounds around him intensified to extreme limpidity. He focused on the loudest. A ball being dribbled. Feet shuffling on asphalt. He reckoned it was two young men playing basketball next to the pool. He had seen the small court last night. Someone typing on a computer. Behind him. From the office. What else? Only the hum of electric equipment, water flowing through pipes, and other background noises. Good. He had anticipated that the motel would be almost deserted at this hour. He walked to the office, and opened the creaking door.

He came into a small cramped room. The large wooden counter left barely enough space for three people to stand before it. Behind and perpendicular to the counter, a desk filled the remaining length of the wall, cluttered with a brand X computer. Fortunately, there was a tiny door in the back wall which allowed escape into a larger back room beyond. The walls were covered with faded notices and posters, except for a tiny window next to the entrance door. A blond nineteen-year-old with a tropical shirt sat at the computer, peering at the picture of a nurse with unnaturally huge breasts and very little clothing.

The teen did not even glance at Mallory. He just said: “Yes?” while he clicked to download another dirty picture.

“It seems quiet here this afternoon,” said Mallory.

“I guess,” mumbled the boy, taking a look at Mallory, whose appearance startled him. Mallory was used to this reaction — the black-suited, middle-aged bald man had an intimidating presence. The boy stuttered as he added: “Those who are not at the competitions or the conferences are at the beach. It’s a beautiful day for the beach.”

“And you’re working inside?”

“Someone must watch the fort.”

“What’s your name?”


“Well, Ryan, I need a room.”

Ryan stood up and picked up a large black book from behind the counter. He had a long face and a pointy chin, which added a bit of character to his attractiveness. His hair was parted off-center, in long blond strands falling just above his ears on each side. Good, Mallory thought. I need a little action.

“You’re lucky,” Ryan said as he opened the register on the counter. “We only have one room left, with all these conventions this week. Sign here.”

Mallory scanned the list of names as Ryan grabbed the only key left on the board above the desk. There it was: room 31. Gary Bloom.

“Here you go,” Ryan said, putting the key on the counter, as Mallory signed the register as “Mel Smith”.

Before he took the key, Mallory extended the palm of his right hand towards Ryan, and gave it a little shake. A faint click could be heard.

“What’s that wave for?” asked Ryan, with a sneer.

“It’s just my watch, it stopped.”

Mallory looked at his watch. The display indicated: GR.

“Well, is there anything else I can do for you?” asked Ryan, his attention focused on his computer screen again.

Mallory pointed to the computer. “Is that Netscape on the computer?”


“Would you mind if I used it for a minute or two? I need to access something private urgently.”

Ryan was uneasy. “We don’t usually do that.”

“Come on! It’s not like you were using it for something crucial?”

“I don’t know.”

“How about you let me use the computer, and I don’t talk to your manager about the dirty pictures?”

Ryan frowned. “Alright, but no more than five minutes.”

Mallory sat at the desk, Ryan hovering around him.

“This is private. Is there anything else you can do?”

Ryan was disappointed. “I guess I can go in the back and fold some towels.”

“Why don’t you do that then.”

Ryan disappeared and Mallory entered a cryptic address in Netscape. After identifying himself, the following appeared on the screen:

MINDSCAPE. Enter MIP address:

He typed GR.

The screen filled with apparent garbage. Mallory swiftly worked the keyboard like a concert pianist, the screen before him constantly spurting out new information. Then he smiled. There was the entry door he had suspected. Among the chaotic data, a phrase briefly flashed:

I hope it won’t take too long this guy sure is what’s that gross creepy

A few more measures of keyboard playing, and now the data looked like computer code in a weird language. This should be simple, Mallory thought, just insert a simple security bypass here, then link these two existing behavior patterns, and bingo.

“So, are you finished?” said Ryan, from behind him. “What’s that for?”

Mallory was startled. He quickly closed the browser window and got up.

“It’s all yours,” he said. “I’ll just sit here for a minute and write some notes.”

“Suit yourself,” said Ryan.

He opened a new browser window, and entered the address of his porn site. Mallory shuffled a few useless papers while watching him from the corner of the eye. Soon, another picture of a woman appeared. For some reason, Ryan started to unbutton his shirt. After another picture was downloaded, he removed the flowery shirt, his eyes never away from the screen, and he let it fall to the floor.

Mallory extended his hand and grabbed the shirt. He smelled it, a mixture of sweat and CK One. Ryan was too engrossed by the screen to even care. He had now taken off his running shoes and socks, and clicked on the thumbnail of a close-up of a vagina. Mallory stood up and approached Ryan, watching him watch the screen. The image flashed in his eyes as it was downloaded. As soon as it was complete, Ryan, oblivious to Mallory, detached and unzipped his shorts. He lifted his butt off the chair and pulled the shorts off, his eyes always on the screen. He wore dark purple boxers with a black flowery pattern.

Mallory went behind him and started to rub his shoulders. Ryan, unconcerned, started another download. Mallory’s hands went down the boy’s chest, stopping a bit to stimulate his nipples. Then that other picture was done, and Ryan lifted himself up a bit again, pulling down his underwear. As he was about to discard it, Mallory snatched it from his hands. Ryan was now completely nude on his chair, his soft uncut dick resting plumply between his thighs.

Mallory smelled the slightly damp boxers. This time, the smell of sweat was mixed with a touch of feces. Mallory then kneeled on the right side of Ryan, rubbing his thighs, then cupping his balls. As another download concluded, Ryan started to fondle his dick. It swiftly grew erect.

When the next download concluded, Ryan started to masturbate more intently. Mallory got up, kissed him on the lips, then went back to his seat to enjoy. The next download was of two naked women doing a 69, and when it was complete, Ryan came instantly, spurting thick strings of white cum all over his chest.

“What the fuck?” he said, regaining the full use of his mind. He jumped up to his feet, knocking his chair back. “Gross. How the hell did this happen?” He turned towards the room, then was stunned to see Mallory there. He stood there for two seconds, completely naked, his dick more and more affected by gravity, cum oozing down his chest, then backed to the wall, grabbing the computer monitor and holding it in front of his middle body.

“You… You’re still… still here…” he said, growing red with embarrassment.

“Don’t mind me,” Mallory said, putting his papers back in his briefcase. “I’m going now. I’ll let you have your little fun privately.”

Ryan could only babble. “No… It’s not what you think… I lost it for a moment… I have no idea what came over me…”

“I think I do,” said Mallory, winking at him before he exited the office.

This is going to be fun, thought Mallory as he walked towards the two who were playing basketball. He heard their conversation long before he reached the tiny court.

“‘ told you I’m not interested in her…”

Hoop. Ball hitting the ground.

“I’m not so sure, Kyle…”

Dribble. Dribble.

“Come on… Scott! There’s tons of women who interest me more than her…”

Dribble. Dribble.

“So you do admit being interested in her…”


Mallory opened the gate to the court and the two students stopped talking. The ball fell to the ground and rolled towards his feet.

“Hi!” he said. Now these ones were two good looking jocks: smooth chiseled chests and refined faces.

“Hi…” said the shortest one, which Mallory deduced was Scott from his voice. He wore a white T-shirt with sleeves rolled up to show his shoulders and his tattoo on the right one.

Mallory picked up the ball and offered it to him. When Scott grabbed it, Mallory discreetly shook his hand to get his MIP address.

“Is there something we can do for you?” asked Kyle, as Scott made the ball spin on the tip of his finger.

Mallory discreetly clicked a button on his watch to save the collected address. “As a matter of fact, yes. I’m a scout for Harvard University Athletics. I’m staying here during the convention. I couldn’t help hearing you two play and I was wondering if I could watch you for a little while.”

Scott tried another hoop. Kyle eyed Mallory suspiciously. “I guess so, it’s a free country.” He wore a black tank top and red shorts. His skin was well tanned, and contrasted significantly with Scott’s pale pinkish skin.

“Good,” he said, picking the ball which had rolled to him again. He handed it to Kyle this time, picking up the second jock’s MIP skillfully.

As they resumed playing, Mallory sat on a bench next to the gate and opened his briefcase on his lap. He awoke his PowerBook, then activated his cellular link to the internet. Within a minute, he was in Mindscape in two side by side windows, peering at the mechanics of Kyle’s mind on the left, and Scott’s mind on the right.

For jocks, their minds were unexpectedly complex. There were no overpowering addictions to clamp his own algorithms onto. He managed after five or six minutes to give Scott the urge to take off his T-shirt. Unfortunately, he instantly took a blue shirt from his pack which he put right back on. At least, he didn’t button it, and Mallory could see flashes of bare torso skin as they played on.

It took him a good ten more minutes before he discovered a lead: they were both highly competitive of each other. It would not lead to miracles, but with a little skill, he could at least not have wasted his time.

He quickly typed the necessary subroutines, then sent them almost simultaneously to each jock. They had sat down on beach chairs at the end of the court on his right. For a moment, they stopped moving and closed their eyes, as they downloaded the new information which Mallory had sent through Mindspace. Then Kyle sat on the edge of Scott’s chair, massaged his shoulder a bit and said: “Not too sore, I hope. How about a little motivation? Suppose we make it interesting?”

Mallory smiled.

“Go on.”

“We have an audience here,” Kyle said, nodding towards Mallory. “We’re both… modest guys, let’s say. How about strip basketball? The loser gets to be embarrassingly exposed to our scout over there.”

“What about the winner?”

“Hmm… I know! The winner gets a massage from the loser.”

“I’m game… But we stop at our underwear. We don’t want to be arrested for indecent exposure, do we?”

This was not part of the programming, Mallory thought. Fuck. Scott must have an emergency prudery interrupt. The two jocks went back to the court as Mallory started to trace his algorithm, eyeing them from time to time.