The Game Ch. 12

The Game: A Domination Prequel (by Mafisto)

Chapter 12
[Fantasy Casting: Brad Pitt as Brad Perkins, Mario Lopez as Mario Lama, Noah Wyle as Dr. Carter, Paul Gross as Fraser, Chris Demetral as Chris D., Jonathan Brandis as Jon, Mark-Paul Gosselaar (young) as Mark G., Scott Wolf as Scott, Michael J. Fox as Michael, Matthew Broderick as Matthew, Joey Lawrence as Joey, Chris O’Donnell as Chris O., Marky Mark as Mark M., Costas Mandylor as Kenny, Antonio Sabato Jr. as Tony, Matt Blanc as Matt, Dean Cain as Clark, Michael Landes as Jimmy, Sean Patrick Flannery as Indiana]

Mrs. Winters pushed naked Michael and Matthew inside a bedroom and left, closing the door behind her. On the bed were clean suits and shirts, as well as socks and underwear. Michael chose the purple briefs, Matthew, the black boxers. They dressed quickly, eager to dispel their uneasiness. Once they were dressed, they sat on the bed and waited. It took more than an hour for Mrs. Winters to come back in the room. “Follow me,” she said simply, “your host awaits.”

“Finally we get to meet him… or her…” said Michael. The two of them followed Mrs. Winters to another large room, completely empty except for several men asleep on the floor. “Wait here!” she said. As soon as they were inside, she turned around and left. Michael and Matthew moved towards the men. Three of them were policemen, while the other four were teenagers. Michael and Matthew pushed them a bit to awake them, and they did, looking around confused. “Who are you?” asked one of the policemen, Kenny. His hand went to his gun, only to find that his weapon was gone. “My gun! It’s gone.”

[The policemen will eventually find themselves outside with amnesia, as told in Chapter 8, but the following events take place way before then.]

“Are those the teenagers who were kidnapped?” asked another policeman, Tony, as he got up and helped Matt to do the same. He pointed towards the four teens on floor, the ones who had danced for the distinguished lady. Someone had put their clothes back on. Chris D. answered them: “I was kidnapped, as well as Mark here, and I suppose Mario was too. There were two others with us. Joey, I don’t know.”

“Well, I was hired as a mechanic,” explained Joey, “but they won’t let me out of here, so I suppose I was kidnapped too.”

“Were any of you sexually harassed?” asked Matt. The teens looked at one another; Michael and Matthew did the same.

Brad, Scott and Fraser unfroze suddenly, and their clothes reappeared with a green flash of light. “Wait till I get my hands on the little smartass!” said Brad.

“Let’s get out of here before something else happens,” said Scott. The three men found the door, although it was not on the same side as they remembered it. However, it was the only door. Fraser opened it, and the door gave into a large room instead of a corridor. No furniture, but many men were inside, apparently waiting for something. When the three men entered the room, the door closed behind them, then disappeared, leaving the wall free of openings.

“Were any of you sexually harassed?” they heard. “We were,” said a young man in the room. He was dressed in a suit, and stood next to one similarly dressed. He was addressing three policemen.

“We were too,” said a teenager, part of a group of four also in the room.

“We were also, I’m afraid,” said Fraser. The nine other men in the room turned towards the new group.

“A mountie?” asked Kenny. “What are you doing here?”

“It’s a long story, but I was kidnapped, well as these two others, and used in devious sexual experiments.”

Chris O. and Dr. Carter came out of Chris’s room. Inside the dining room, Mark M. was eating, his hair still wet.

“Hi Mark !”

“Hi Chris! I really enjoyed that shower. How about you?”

“So did I, I think…” said Chris. “In fact, I don’t remember much about it.”

Carter looked away.

“Are you ready to leave? And who is your friend?” asked Mark.

“Yeah, we are. My friend here got lost in the building.”

“Those things happen. Let’s go then. I’m finished.” They escaped their quarters, and circulated around the corridors. Along the way, they met Jon, who looked annoyed.

“Do any of you guys know the way out?” he asked. “I want to get out of here.”

“I have no idea anymore,” said Mark. “I swear they added and moved walls during our shower. I don’t remember any of these corridors.”

“I think this is the door, though,” said Chris, pressing a panel. It opened a door on a large room, empty of furniture but full of at least a dozen persons. “Hi!” said Carter uneasily, as the four of them walked into the room. Jon recognized Fraser, Brad and Scott inside, and tried to stay behind Mark to hide.

After they had dressed, Indiana, Jimmy and Clark sat back at their respective chairs around the conference table. The low humming sound stopped abruptly, and the three men remembered the intimate events of the last half-hour with a clear head. They avoided each other’s gaze.

“I cannot believe I just did what I did!” exclaimed Clark. “Is this some kind of sick joke? Are you their accomplice” he asked Indy.

“I am as much a victim as you are,” said Indiana. “I hope whoever is behind this had their fun and will let us go now.” He stood up. “I’m getting out of here.”

As he walked towards the door, Jimmy and Clark stood up and followed him. The three of them walked the length of the corridor, and after many twists and turns, came to a door.

“This is not the way we came in,” said Jimmy.

“It’s the only way.” Indy opened the door. A large room was beyond, filled with people they did not know. They came in and before they could say anything to the others, the door close behind them, and a booming voice from speakers in the ceiling greeted them: “Welcome. I am your host for tonight. It is now midnight, time for the Game.”

“What game?” asked Brad. “Didn’t you play with us enough yet?”

“What you are doing is against the law,” said Kenny. “You are keeping us here against our wills. Let us go.”

“We are above the law, you fool,” boomed the voice. “You have no idea of the power at our disposal. If you ever get out of here, none of you will remember anything about tonight.”

“Who are you?” asked Jon. “Some kind of gay pervert? Is Mr. Finley with you?”

“Our identity and motivation are beyond your feeble brains,” answered the voice. “Do not ask for that information again.”

“Don’t tell me what to say!” yelled Jon towards the ceiling. Jon began to shake violently, accompanied by a loud buzz. He screamed in pain and collapsed on the floor, crying like a baby.

“I’m sorry… Please don’t hurt me . . . “

“Now that we’ve taken care of demonstrating what rebellion against our orders will lead to, we will proceed with the Game.”

No one dared comment, afraid to suffer the same fate as Jon.

“The object of the Game is to gain sexual power over the other men,” the voice continued, “by manipulating them into performing sexual acts for you or between each other for your voyeuristic pleasure. For that purpose, the entire complex is filled with rooms, objects and traps which will enable any of you to take sexual advantage of any other. Several interesting weapons can be found along the way: paralysers, sexual uninhibitors, libido stimulators, clothes disintegrators, hypnotisers, etc . . . They are all properly labelled, although you might find a surprise weapon or two. All these weapons have temporary effects only, or limited charges. Although all of you are heterosexuals, you’ve all been injected with a special drug which allows you to experience intense sexual pleasure when you have sexual control over another man, and shame and embarassment when another man has sexual control over you. Some of you have already experienced its effects. The Game is about sex for power, not for love or mutual satisfaction. In all the sexual acts that will be performed tonight because of the Game, there will always be a clear winner: the one in control, the only one who will feel permanent satisfaction from the act. The urge to play the Game is another effect of the drug: you will not be able to fight it, so you might as well enjoy it. Some of you already experienced this urge at a limited degree, but the drug has a delayed reaction which will make it reach its peak in a few minutes. The walls of this room will disappear in thirty seconds. In their place, you will find a score of corridors. I advise each of you to take a different one, and try to find weapons before you go and seek the others. You will also find men roaming the corridors who are not inside this room presently. They are not player of the Game, but they are potential targets. Feel free to use them.”

The walls of the room slid up, as the voice had foretold. “Let the Game begin!” yelled the voice, as the men scurried away to the corridors surrounding the room, motivated by the drug starting to kick in.