The Game Ch. 11

The Game: A Domination Prequel (by Mafisto)

Chapter 11
[Fantasy Casting: Dean Cain as Clark, Michael Landes as Jimmy, Sean Patrick Flannery as Indiana]

“You two come to each side of me. I want to have my hands full.”

“Boy, I just lost it for a moment. I must be exhausted from this weird week. Are you ready?”

“Why don’t you give some head to your friend here?”

The mysterious Host let his attention wander from the action on the other monitors to check Monitor 2: the journalist and his photographer had just entered the conference room, the one occupied by the two account managers just an hour ago. Indiana, another journalist, had been waiting there too for the last quarter of an hour.

“Good,” the Host thought, “I need the extra strength. Let’s hurry those ones a bit. What to do now? … Variety, variety, the one way to ascertain the quality of the vintage. Now, let’s see… What would be appropriate in this case?” He leaned back on his chair, thinking. A sudden thought came to him: “Curiosity! That’s the key. A virtue of any good journalist.” He typed a few commands on the keyboard in front of him, and waited as the complex’s computer made some minor adjustments to the room . . .

Indiana removed his feet from the conference table as the two black- haired men were shown in. Others. Damn. He wanted to get an exclusive, after all the work it took to snatch this one. They sat own, the youngest of them taking out his camera from his case, preparing to photograph the room. They seemed equally annoyed at seeing him, but the one in glasses spoke politely: “Hi! I’m Clark Kent and this is my photographer Jimmy Olson, from ‘The Daily Planet’.”

“Well, greetings to you two! I’m Indiana Patrick from ‘The Beholder’. Nice to meet you.” They shook hands. That Clark Kent fellow sure had a good grip . . .

“How did you hear about this place?” asked Clark as he sat down, readjusting his tie. The question was more to tease than anything else – he did not really expect Indiana to reveal his source. Suddenly, a dull low humming sound arose. They all heard it and looked at each other in confusion.

“I hope they’re not experimentingon us,” laughed Indiana. He tried hide his fear, but the truth was that he was scared of this place. He felt vulnerable in this labyrinth of large rooms and corridors of cold concrete. He took Kent’s question as a joke, and thought of an appropriate comeback: “To answer your question, I would have to break my…” He stopped and blocked his ears with his hands, twisting in pain. “Oww! What’s that sound. I feel as if the inside of my body is vibrating. This noise is awful.” It took him a few seconds to recover, during which he noted that his friends had been similarly inconvenienced. His head cleared, but he still felt a vibration in his brain. “What was I saying?” he said. He remembered Clark Kent’s question about his source, and it struck him as legitimate curiosity. Why not answer him truthfully? If everyone satisfied everyone else’s curiosity, wouldn’t there be less pain in the world? “Yes, my source.” He paused, then finally blurted out: “It is George Popoulos, a man who sold them some mini-vans a while ago. He said he spotted one of them at the site where a kidnapping took place, but he was too afraid to tell the police.” Indiana winced. Why had he told them that? The words had just flowed out of his mouth, without his control. Clark seemed to relish the information too. So much in fact, that he asked for more: “That’s interesting. Which kidnapping?”

“Some guy from Redfield, llinois named Brad Perkins.” This time, Indiana’s wince was interior. “Popoulos comes from there too. He spotted the mini-van parked on a street, and was about to go talk to the driver when he saw Perkins walk by the van with some groceries and not come out from the other side. He heard the van’s side door open, and then it left quickly.”

“Good,” said Clark, now concerned about Indiana’s utter lack of journalistic principles. Indiana too was concerned, and angry. Yet he felt something else, something totally inappropriate. He had a sudden but intense desire to know everything about these two guys, an overwhelming curiosity about their most intimate secrets. Their relationship together, for example. Surely there was some tension in it. Why not let it out in the open?

“Tell me, Clark,” Indiana asked, out of the blue, “how do you feel about Jimmy?” The question surprised the two men. Clark, stared at him in confusion. He looked as if he was fighting some mental inner battle, then the struggle ended. “Well, I like him,” he started. “He’s a great kid, but… he annoys me with his constant pestering. And he hovers around Lois Lane, the woman I love, and I noticed her interest in him, so he makes me jealous.” Jimmy looked too stunned to comment. “That’s… unexpected,” Indiana said, a bit shocked too at Clark’s honesty. Why not test Jimmy now? “And you, Jimmy, how do you feel about Clark?” Jimmy looked at Clark for a few seconds, then turned towards Indy. “He’s like my role-model. I would like to be like him. Look at him: he is intelligent, nice, and he looks great. He’s perfect. I would love to see some flaws.”

He got up and looked at Clark. “Clark, take off your shirt, please. I have a point to make,” he explained. Clark frowned at the sudden command, but strangely did not protest. He took off his vest, tie and unbuttoned his shirt. (It’s a good thing his superhero costume was in his briefcase.)

Jimmy was all over him. “Look at those pecs.” Jimmy outlined them with his finger. “And these abs, so well-defined.” He tugged at the shirt, taking it off Clark’s, who unbuttoned his sleeves quickly and let it go. “Those shoulders, those biceps, those triceps! Now look at mine.” Jimmy quickly stripped down to his naked torso, displaying more of a swimmer’s build than Clark’s muscular build. “I’m thin, with no muscles . How can I beat perfection? Lois will never like me more than you, Clark.” Jimmy’s face was red with emotion. He sat down, then played with his camera, not looking at either of them.

Indiana was enjoying the situation. There was something in this place that had some effect on their minds, and he was going to take advantage of it. He scanned the two shirtless journalists, then asked: “Clark, can you think of some flaw that might convince Jimmy that you’re not perfect?” “Hmm…” thought Clark. “I don’t know. Well, I’m shy about one body part of mine.” “Which one?” asked Jimmy, thinking him insincere. “Well, it’s… my penis.” He turned red at saying the word. “Look at it,” he said, as he stood up and unzipped his pants. “There’s nothing embarassing about a small penis,” said Jimmy, obviously thinking there was, and anxious to see Clark’s fatal flaw. Clark slid his boxers down and displayed a full ten-inches of soft cut meat, perfectly proportioned. Jimmy’s face turned green. Indiana could not believe his eyes. “You bastard!” yelled Jimmy. “How can you do this to me? It’s a PERFECT penis. Now I KNOW you have no flaws. Thanks.”

“It’s too big!” complained Clark,sincerely. “It is a challenge every day to make sure it does not attract notice.” He slid the boxers up again and sat down, not at all self-conscious. “Jimmy,” asked Indiana with a grin, “now that Clark has shown us what embarasses him, why don’t you tell us about a secret shame of yours?” Jimmy took a few seconds to answer. “I have this hobby… it has grown into an obsession I think now. I like to take photographs of naked men.”

“I was not aware that you were gay,” said Clark. “There is nothing wrong with that.”

“I’m not gay,” protested Jimmy, “but I enjoy seeing other men naked, to compare myself to them. Like, for example, from the moment I entered this room, I could not help but be curious about what Mr. Patrick here looks like when he’s naked. I’d love to take some nude pictures of him.” This was not going according to plan. Indiana felt his head buzz again, and he sensed an abnormal urge to satisfy Jimmy’s curiosity. Indy was a private guy – he did not even shower in public, but this new urge was so strong, it took over. He stood up and said: “I don’t mind giving you a peek.” Indiana started to undress. His torso had a flurry of blond hair, which could also be found on his legs. Jimmy instantly rose up and started to take pictures of him. Jimmy’s crotch started to bulge – he really was getting aroused by this. Indy stopped when he was down to his white boxers. His natural shyness and pride took over, and he said: “I’m sorry. I can’t go further. But Jimmy, I’m really curious about the bulge in your pants. Could you show me what causing it?”

Jimmy wastaken by surprise, just as Indy wanted. “Sure,” answered Jimmy, “I just enjoy watching your body a lot, and I got a hard-on.”

“Would you mind showing it to me?”

“Not at all. Wait!”

Indy watched as Jimmy stripped from his pants, and then his briefs. His long hard dick came into view, glistening from pre-cum. After stripping his clothes completely, he stroked his dick a few times, and took back his camera from the table. “I’ll just be more comfortable like that,” he explained. He took pictures of Indy for a while, than asked: “CK, would you join Mr. Patrick? You two look good in your underwear.”

“Well, alright,” said Clark, as he moved next to Indiana.

“Move to the left a bit. Yeah, now a tiny bit to the right. Turn around. Good. Now, CK, don’t be afraid to touch Mr. Patrick. Hug him from behind. That’s right. Good. Now, move your hand down. Now, feel his crotch through his boxers. Wonderful.”

Jimmy stopped taking pictures to jerk off a bit.

“I can’t stand it!” he said. “CK, take Mr. Patrick’s boxers off. I need to see.”

“What?” objected Indy.

“Well, if you really want to see it,” said Clark. He lifted Indy off the floor with one arm, while grabbing Indy’s boxers from the other. He tore them off his body, then discarded them on the floor. Indy’s long cut cock was in full view of Jimmy, and he went on to take pictures as Clark replaced Indiana in front of him. “Good, turn him around. I want to see his naked ass,” asked Jimmy. Clark obliged and the helpless Indy was flung around.

“Clark,” asked Indy,panting from all the struggling. “I think Jimmy’s curiosity is satisfied enough for now. Mine isn’t, though. Show me how far you can insert that dick of yours inside Jimmy’s ass.”

“No!” said Jimmy. But he realized the tables were turned on him, as Clark took off his boxers and moved towards him to obey Indy’s request.

“You can’t do it! You’re not even hard!” protested Jimmy to Clark. “Mr. Patrick should help you a bit if he’s that curious.”

“Yeah,” said Clark. “I’ll need some help. Perhaps if you sucked it, I could close my eyes and imagine Lois. I’ve always been curious to know if that works. ” The last words he uttered sealed Indy’s cooperation. He moved towards Clark, kneeled in front of him, and filled his mouth with Clark’s enormous cock. He could not take it all at once, but he started sucking it slowly, his hands firmly on Clark’s butt. Clark closed his eyes and started to moan. “Oh wow, Lois. That feels so good. Yeah.” After a minute or so of fondling, Clark quickly took it out of Indy’s mouth, as he was just about to come. His cock, now fully hard, had managed to pick up two more inches. “I think I’m ready for Jimmy now,” he said. Jimmy moved towards the table, and bent over it, offering his ass to Clark. Indy spat on his fingers, and lubricated Jimmy’s ass properly. He help Clark insert his cock in Jimmy’s ass, who yelled in pain: “Oww! This hurts. It’s too big. Stop!”

Clark paused and said: “I think that’s all that will go. About six inches, I’ll say.”

“You have to pump it in,” said Indy. “It will go further with each stroke.”

“No!” yelle Jimmy. “I cannot take it!” But Clark started to fuck Jimmy’s ass slowly. For at least three minutes, Jimmy’s cries filled the room. Then Clark passed the point of no return, and sprayed Jimmy’s back with white, creamy cum.

“Wow,” said Indy. “What a load!”

“Yeah, Indy,” said Jimmy. “I’d like to know if you can lick it up. Can you eat it all?”

Indy winced. He had been trapped again. He kn led beside Jimmy and started to lick Clark’s cum from Jimmy’s back. When he was finished, Jimmy stood up, and grabbed Indy’s head.

“You did it! Now, let’s see if you can take all of mine too!” Indy took Jimmy’s cock in and sucked it until Jimmy came, which did not take a long time. He swallowed all of it.

“Wow, man. That’s great,” continued Jimmy. “Now, another thing I’m curious about.. I would love to see Clark being fucked by another man. That would make a wonderful picture.” He went for his camera while Clark bent over the table. Indy spread Clark’s butt-cheeks open, and pushed his rod inside the ass of steel. It was hard at first, but then he felt Clark relax, and take it all like a pro. Jimmy took pictures from all angles, especially when Indy ejaculated between Clark’s cheeks, both bodies covered with sweat. After a pause, the three men started to dress. As he stowed away his camera, Jimmy remarked: “I bet Lois will be really curious about those pictures.”