The Game Ch. 10

The Game: A Domination Prequel (by Mafisto)

Chapter 10
[Fantasy Casting: Chris Demetral as Chris, Mark-Paul Gosselar (young) as Mark, Mario Lopez as Mario, Joey Lawrence as Joey]

A short while ago, Mario came out of Chris’s room, and suddenly a door opened in front of him. Carter panicked and pressed the door switch, closing the door between Mario and him. Mario stood there, trapped, as he saw a guy with curly dark hair come out of the door in front of him, startled at his sight. He was wearing a black T-shirt, jeans and a white shirt. “Who are you?” Joey asked. “Are you a friend of Chris? And why are you dressed in football gear?”

“No… I mean yes… I mean,” he said, catching his breath, “I mean I don’t know him, so I don’t know if we’d be friends.”

“You’re not supposed to be here, are you?”

“I was kidnapped and brought here against my will. Maybe you know why?” asked Mario, getting a bit aggressive.

“Kidnapped? With what just happened to me, I’ll believe anything. I have nothing to do with it, however. If you don’t mind, I’m getting out of here.” He walked towards the door.

 “You mean you know a way out? I’m going with you,” Mario said, forgetting Carter in his excitement. They came out of the room. After a few turns in the corridor, they met two teenagers coming towards them. One was dark-haired, with jeans, T-shirt and dark purple shirt like Joey; the other was a blonde wearing pastel- colored gym shorts and a white T-shirt.

 “It’s blocked that way,” said Chris. “A dead end.”

“What do you mean a dead end?” shouted Joey. “That’s the way I took on Monday. It was not a dead end on Monday.”

 “It was not a dead end ten minutes ago but it became one,” said Mark, impatiently. “Sorry.”

 “Well, how are we gonna get out of here?” panicked Joey.

“Let’s go back to the room,” said Mario, “and join your friend Chris and my friend Carter. They’ll know what to do.”

“Eh Mario!” said Mark enthusiastically. “Don’t you remember me? We’re in the same Biology class.”

“Yeah,” said Mario, “you’re Mark, right. What are you doing here? Were you kidnapped like me?”

 “Yeah, right during Mr. Finley’s class. I think he has something
to do with that.” The four of them started walking back to the room, chatting about their experiences. They passed a room that they had not seen before, from behind which door they could hear music.

“Should we go in?” asked Chris. “Maybe someone in there knows a way out.”

“Why not,” sighed Joey. “I don’t like this at all.”

They entered the room. It was a living room, with blue carpet and a large black sofa. Large potted plants were on ach side of that sofa. A distinguished woman of about fifty sat on the sofa, dressed in an expensive dress.

“Four! I did not ask for four. Well, you can stay, but I’m not paying a penny more. Close the door, please.”

Mark, who was the last in, obliged her. The music became louder. It was dance music of some sort, cheap and cheesy.

“We’re not who you’re looking for. Do you know a way out of here?” yelled Joey.

“What?” yelled the woman back.

 “Do you know a way out of here?” repeated Joey.

“I can’t hear you either. Now, start dancing, I don’t have all night.” To his surprise, J y felt compelled to obey the woman’s orders and he started to dance. “What’s going on?” he asked worriedly.

 “You too. All of you.” she continued. “Feel the music . . . ” she added, tapping her foot. The three others joined Joey, all sporting amazed looks.

 “I hate this *&^#$ place!” cursed Mario, as he went down and
up again, twisting his hips. “This is the second time I get fooled.” he add , forgetting his recent experience with Carter.

“That’s good,” the woman said. “Now, show me some skin.”

Chris was the first to respond to the command. He unbuttoned his shirt sleeves, then removed the shirt, throwing it on the floor. Mark lifted his T-shirt slowly, revealing inch by inch of his belly. Joey took off his shirt too, and started on the T-shirt. Mario bared his torso completely. The woman watched, as she spread her legs open. They saw that she was not wearing any underpants.

“Four of you, that’s so good. Now, be good boys and give me your pants…” Mark who had not finished removing his T-shirt, yanked down his gym shorts and threw them at the woman. He was not wearing anything underneath, and his soft cock bumped from side to side as he pursued  his dancing half-naked. Chris and Joey unzipped their jeans and let them slip down with their moves, then stepped out of them. Chris was wearing light blue boxers, while Joey wore black jockeys. Finally Mario stripped down to his jockstrap; he gave her a full view of his ass before throwing his football pants at her. One of the woman’s hand played with the young men’s pants beside her, while the other started to caress her pussy. She motioned for them to get closer to her, which they did, forming a half-circle around the sofa. Facing her was Mark, who had finally gotten rid of his T-shirt, and was now completely naked. She fondled his thighs, then his buttocks, and got him rock hard without even touching his dick. “Get on all fours,” she ordered Mario. “This young man here wants to fuck that young footballer’s ass of yours.”

 “Yeah,” said Mark, entranced, “I want to fuck your ass Mario.
Give it to me!”

Mario got on all fours and said: “Fuck it good Mark. This is live Biology!” Mark swiftly penetrated Mario’s ass, rubbing Mario’s back as he started to fuck him. Chris and Joey, still dressed in their black T- shirt and their underpants, danced on each side of the anal duo. The woman got up and kissed Joey, as her hands found their way under his shirt. She removed it, then licked her way down to the jockeys. She appraised his cock inside the briefs, as he pursued his dance. She cast a glance at Chris, who walked next to Joey, then resumed dancing. She repeated the moves she had done with Joey, but this time, she got a taste of the real thing through the slit in the  boxers. When she was finished with Chris, his fully erect penis peeked out of his boxers through the slit.

“Now your turn,” she said, as she removed her dress and sat back on the sofa naked, legs wide open. Joey and Chris kneeled next to her and started licking her cunt avidly, while she watched Mark ejaculate all over Mario’s back. “Lick it!” she commanded, and he licked his own hot cum off his friend’s back, his tongue lapping down his friend’s ass crack. “Now, it’s your turn to fuck him. You really want to fuck him, and he really wants you to.”

“Yeah, I’m gonn fuck his soft round ass,” whispered Mario, taking off his jock.

“Please fuck it,” said Mark, as he bent over and wiggled his ass in his friend’s face. “It needs a good fuck.” Mario played with Mark’s ass, preparing for his intrusion. He spat on his cock tip, and slowly got inside Mark, who wiggled and yelled: “Goooood! Niiiice!”

Meanwhile, the woman tore off Chris and Joey’s underpants, and smelled them as they continued their attentions. “Why don’t you give some head to your friend here?” she asked Chris. “He seems not to enjoy himself as much as you.”

“All righty.” Chris turn his head towards Joey’s still soft cock, and licked it, cupping his balls in his palm. Joey’s face showed he was enjoying it. Chris’s other hand went to his own dick, which he jerked off. Soon, hris was licking a hard stick, and he sucked on it as Joey’s body contorted with delight. Chris increased his jerking off speed gradually. “I’m gonna cum,” warned Joey, but Chris maintained his liplock on his dick, swallowing every drop of sperm spurting out of Joey’s cock. He came a little while later, spraying Joey’s legs with his own hot stuff. Both of them got up and continued to dance in the nude, frequently rubbing against each other, while Mario continued to pump Mark’s ass. When Mario finally covered Mark’s ass with his creamy stuff, the four of them crashed to the floo completely spent. They fell asleep on the carpet, four babies in the buff, while the distinguished woman left the room, not without having her own share of orgasms.

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