The Game Ch. 9

The Game: A Domination Prequel (by Mafisto)

Chapter 9
[Fantasy Casting: Mario Lopez as Mario, Noah Wyle as Dr. Carter, Chris O’Donnell as Chris]

Carter and Mario awoke when they heard the door to the dining room open… “Who is that whispered Mario. “Boy, my ass hurts. This bed is not too comfortable.”

“I have no idea,” whispered back Carter, glad that Mario did not remember their experience together. They both jumped off the bed and dressed hurriedly. Some male voices could be heard from the dining room. “I am not coming back here on Monday, whatever they pay me,” said one. “Come on, it’s not that bad,” said another. “Just do it for a month or two, and save the money. Then you can take a year off or something.”

“Chris, what do you think?” asked the first voice.

“I’m not sure… I have to absorb what happened I guess,” Chris said. “For now, I’ll just take a shower.”

Carter and Mario hid under the bed and watched as a young man dressed in overalls came in the bedroom. He closed the door behind and then unzipped his overalls. He stepped out of them, wearing only gray sweatshorts, which were all sweaty. He had short blond hair and bright blue eyes. Chris walked towards the bathroom, stratching his ass with his left hand. Carter and Mario saw him disappear within, and waited to hear the sound of water running before coming out of hiding. They walked towards the door, and opened it.

The dining room was empty. Mario came out of the room first, but suddenly another door opened in front of him. Carter panicked and pressed the door switch, closing the door between him and Mario . “Who is that?” Carter heard from the bathroom. He whirled around, and paced the room nervously, looking for some escape. Chris came out of the bathroom, wearing only a white towel. “Who are you?” he asked as he saw Carter, who froze instantly.

“I’m… I’m… lost. I’m sorry,” he stuttered. “We’ve been trapped in this building for a while and cannot find a way out.”

“Who’s we?”

“There’re four of us. The other three are out there looking for an exit. I stayed here, and used your bed. I was pretty tired.”

“Well, I never figured the way out myself. I only know the way to the garage. I am leaving in an hour, you’re welcome to leave with me.”

“Great! I’ll do that. Thanks.”

Chris examined Carter briefly. His clothes were all sweaty and wrinkled, his hair disheveled. “Do you want to take a shower?” Chris asked. “You certainly need one. I can lend you some clean clothes too, if you want.”

“That’d be great. Thanks.”

“Well, come in, I’m in a hurry to leave this place.” Chris went back in the bathroom. Carter stood there, not so sure what to do, until he heard Chris yell from the bathroom: “Are you coming or not?” Carter undressed quickly, leaving his clothes in a pile. He walked, naked, to the bathroom. There were three showers, without any dividers. Chris was soaping himself in the furthest one, his back to Carter. Carter made sure to leave one shower nozzle between them, and turned the water on. It was just hot enough, and felt so good on his body. He plunged his face in the jet, enjoying the pressure on his shoulders. He pumped some soap out of the soap dispenser on the wall, and smelled it. It smelled like hot spices and strong musk. A few whiffs and Carter felt intoxicated, as the wine had made him feel. For some reason, he liked the feeling, and felt no urge to snap out of it.

He rubbed soap on his chest, down his legs, and lathered his balls and dick well. He turned on his side, and got a glimpse of Chris, who was now facing him. Carter watched, amazed, as Chris, his eyes closed, was jerking off his soapy erect penis, apparently oblivious to Carter’s presence. Carter was embarrassed, but could not help but stare. After a few seconds, Chris opened his eyes, but he looked dazed. Carter turned away, washing away the soap on his body. The smell went to his head, and he suddenly became very aware of Chris’ presence, naked, so close to him. As he was rinsing his cock, he felt a hand on his ass.

“What are you doing?” he asked, shyly. Silence. He turned around slowly, and saw that Chris was kneeling next to him. Chris’s gaze was blank, and he moved his head towards Carter’s dick.

“Eh!” cried Carter. “Don’t!” The sensation of Chris’s hot mouth around his penis made him forget the awkwardness of the situation. Chris grabbed his ass firmly, and sucked Carter’s cock slowly and intensely, yet with a mechanical precision. With one hand, Carter guided Chris’s head, while with the other, rubbed Chris’s chest, pinching his hardened nipples. Carter quickly became hard himself.

The water sprayed over Chris’s head as he diligently gave pleasure to Carter. After a while, he stopped sucking and started licking Carter’s balls. “That tickles!” said Carter, smiling. Then Chris turned Carter around, and started to lick Carter’s ass, then his asshole. He used his hands to spread Carter’s ass open while Carter put both his hands on the wall to keep his balance.

The feeling of Chris’s tongue in his ass drove him wild. He gyrated while Chris substituted his finger to his tongue, and then got up and inserted his hard dick within Carter’s ass. Chris embraced Carter from behind, and started to fuck him slowly, silently. Carter moved his hand to his dick and jerked himself off. Chris’s body felt so warm; his dick was so hard inside of him. After a while, he felt Chris swiftly come out of him, and then felt hot cum sprayed over his back. That was enough to set him off too, and he ejaculated over the wall in front of him, his sperm dripping down to the drain under him.

Carter took a few moments to regain his thoughts. The water had washed away his cum, and turned around to clean his back. Chris was drying himself with his white towel, his cock now soft, his gaze back to normal.

“Don’t take too long,” he said, as he walked out of the bathroom. “We’ll be leaving in five minutes.”

Carter watched Chris’s bare butt leave with a touch of sadness. It was round and firm, and he was now covering it with a new pair of underwear, black Calvin Klein briefs. He stopped the water running, then dried himself off. With a sudden thought, he pumped some soap in his hands and walked out towards Chris, who was putting a black T-shirt on.

“Smell the soap! Doesn’t it smell great?” Carter said, as he put his hand right in front of Chris’s nose. Chris wanted to protest, but as soon as he took a breath in, he stopped moving. Carter rubbed some soap just below Chris’s nose, and watched his gaze go blank again. Carter took a few breaths too, and started to undress Chris, who did not oppose him at all. As soon as he started to slide the Calvin’s off Chris’s hips, Carter could not resist taking a mouthful of Chris’s soft, thick cock, dangling daringly in front of his face. He sensed it harden in his mouth, and it made him the more horny.

“Do you like that?” he asked Chris.

“Yeah,” growled Chris monotonously. “It feels great.”

“Well, lie down on the bed on all fours, you’ll feel even greater.”

Chris obeyed slowly, finally ojecting his ass right in front of Carter, who, after preparing it with a wet finger, did not lose any time inserting his cock inside the dazed one’s firm ass. Carter found it even more enjoyabl than he had imagined. He knew that his desire for that young man’s body was an effect of the soap, and that he would have been repulsed by this very act had he not been under its influence. Yet, ith the intense desire came the intense joy of satisfying it, and his pleasure centers were overwhelmed. He came rapidly, and hurried to clean the mess with his towel. He urged Chris to dress, and did so himself, using clothes from Chris’s closet next to the bed. He stole a kiss from Chris’s lips just a moment before Chris regained his senses.

“Boy, I just lost it for a moment,” Chris said holding his head. “I must be exhausted from this weird week. Are you ready?”

“Yeah,” said Carter, with a smile. “Let’s go.” He opened the door, and the two young men came out of the room.