The Game Ch. 8

The Game: A Domination Prequel (by Mafisto)

Chapter 8
[Fantasy Casting: Costas Mandylor as Kenny, Antonio Sabato Jr. as Tony and Matt Leblanc as Matt]

Officer Kenny Mandylor stared at the large steel door in the white concrete wall, waiting for it to open. Officer Antonio Minelli and Officer Matt White, who shared his silence, flanked him on either side. It was an anxious silence, as the three men had heard frequent rumors about the building facing them, the “Tests Inc.” complex at the edge of the town of Harriston. No one in Harriston knew what tests were performed at “Tests Inc.”; no one in Harriston had ever seen the owner of the building or the company. The land had been bought by lawyers, and the construction itself was done by foreign contractors; and no one in Harriston knew what the inside of the complex looked like, because only vehicles came in and out of the site, and they never stopped in the town. The door slid open with a grind, revealing a wide corridor with white concrete floor and shiny metal walls. As the three men slowly walked past the threshold, they felt a vague queasiness, a disorientation that made the walls appear to close in on them. Trying to look confident, they strolled down the corridor, looking for a human being. A few hundred feet later, they heard the main steel door close behind them. “Hello?” shouted Matt. “Is anybody here? This is the police.” There was no answer.

“This place gives me the creeps,” said Kenny.

“Do you think this will lead to a receptionist or something? “

“The voice at the gate did say to enter from this door,” answered Tony.

“Can I help you?” a female voice said from behind them. The three policemen jumped around and saw a petite dark-haired woman in a beige business suit who stood impatiently, waiting for their answer. “How did you get here?” asked Matt. “There’s no…”

“I believe that your reason for coming here has nothing to do with my comings and goings,” the woman said sharply. “We are busy, a have no time for small talk. Get to the point.”

A frown appeared on Kenny’s face. His hand went instinctively to his gun, as if he felt threatened. “First things first, what is your name?” he asked.

“Dreyfuss. Julia Dreyfuss.”

“Well, Ms. Dreyfuss, four high school kids were kidnapped yesterday, and we have reason to believe that they were brought here.”

Ms. Dreyfuss laughed. “And what makes you think that? “

“Someone spotted one of your company vans just outside the school yesterday.”

“We were collecting some data in the area,” explained Ms. Dreyfuss. She scratched her head, looking annoyed. “I don’t see what interest we could have in kidnapping teenagers.”

“What kind of tests do you perform here?” asked Tony, a question that was burning his lips.

“I don’t think that is relevant,” she snapped.

“Well, I happen to think it can be pretty relevant,” said Matt.

“Look, we don’t use teenagers in twisted weird science experiments, if that’s what you mean.” Julia’s voice was even sharper. “Now, if you will excuse me, I have work to do.”

“Can we take a look around, Ms. Dreyfuss?” asked Kenny. His tone made certain he would not accept a negative answer.

“All right,” said Ms. Dreyfuss, “but do not touch anything. When you are finished, just come back here and I’ll see you out. Now, if you’ll excuse me…” She left without further ado, through a door which they had not seen before.

They continued along the corridor, trying to get a feel of the layout of the place. Of course, they didn’t expect the kids to pop out of a closet, or to cover the entire grounds (the place was huge!), but it gave them an occasion to snoop, and they were curious men. It took them four hours to accept that they were lost. They had not met a single human being during their exploration, and they had seen only corridors after corridors of doors after doors of dark laboratories. They yelled in vain for another half-hour, and tried to radio out, but the abundance of metal and concrete interfered with their walkie-talkies. Kenny looked at his watch: 10:13 PM. “I don’t believe this. We’re stuck in here. We’ve been walking in circles.”

“I’m supposed to meet a girl tonight after my shift,” said Matt. “I need to get out.”

“It’s HOT in here,” said Tony, wiping sweat off his forehead with the back of his hand.

“That’s true,” said Matt. The three men had been perspiring heavily; their black hair was completely wet; pearls of sweat rolled over their skin; and their police uniforms had large dark patches under their arms and on their backs. They walked around for another while, until they found a room they had never seen before. It led into a small corridor with three doors and smelled strongly of chlorine. The doors on each side of them led to locker rooms, male and female, both empty, while the third one led to a large swimming pool. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” said Tony to the others.

“We can’t,” said Kenny, “We did not get permission. And we don’t have anything to wear.”

“Come on, there doesn’t seem to be anybody here,” said Matt. “We’ll just swim in our boxers. If someone finds out, they’ll tell us how to get out!”

“I don’t know.”

“Well, I’m going,” said Tony.

They watched him as he stripped his uniform off down to his white boxers. He had the better looking body of the three, and they were bit jealous to see it so obviously in display: the chiseled chest just hairy enough, the tall stature, the firm butt, well-outlined in his tight boxers. He dove in the pool, made a few laps, and came out. His boxers clung to his body, and had become almost transparent, leaving not much to the imagination. They could not help but look at his magnificent long cock, almost 8 inches. “It’s good,” he said, “and quite relaxing. You should give it a try.”

“Well, why not,” said Kenny. Both Matt and Kenny stripped down to their boxers. Kenny was wearing loose light-blue boxers, and Matt had black CK button fly boxerbriefs. They both jumped in the water, and enjoyed its coolness. Tony joined them, and soon they were splashing each other, playing like kids.

“I think I lost my boxers,” said Matt. He dove in, trying to look for them at the bottom of the pool, but couldn’t. On the way up, he saw that both his colleagues had lost their underwear too. Their soft cocks were floating loose in the water. When he surfaced, Tony told him: “Our uniforms are gone too, as well as our guns.” Matt looked at the spot where they had left their clothes just a short while ago. They had disappeared. “That’s impossible,” Kenny said. “They were right next to the pool. No one came in.”

“We’ll look for them later,” said Matt, strangely. For some reason, he was happy that the uniforms were gone. They were an encumbrance. In the water, he felt so free! It was just the right temperature, and it was soft, almost airy. He also enjoyed swimming in the nude, his dick and balls free to move around without any constraints. “Yeah, later,” said Kenny. Something was wrong. He should care about the clothes, the gun, their being trapped in here, but he didn’t. All he could think about was the water, the airy water, the way it was gliding on his skin. He felt all his muscles loosen, especially his anus. Tony did not add anything. He just floated away on his back, his soft cock lying on his thighs, lost in his pubic hair. Matt dove in, and circled around Kenny. He waved the water around Kenny’s legs, watching Kenny’s cock follow the flow back and forth. It was also getting hard. Matt came out of the water, and saw that Kenny’s eyes were closed. “That felt good,” said Kenny without opening them, “real good. Come closer,” he whispered. Matt swam to him, bringing his body so very close to him, but avoided any contact. He somehow felt the heat of Kenny’s body through the water. He felt also the electricity, the life, in Kenny’s body, and it tickled his own.

“What’s happening?” he whispered to Kenny. “What are we doing? Oh God! This feels like heaven. Do you feel me?”

“Yes I do,” answered Kenny. He moved his hands behind Matt’s ass, without touching it. He moved them in little circles, and Matt felt his ass open up. He was also getting quite aroused, and his penis, growing erect, touched Kenny’s, sending an intense wave of joy through both.

“Don’t mind me,” said Tony, smiling, floating around and jerking off as he watched his colleagues have some fun. Matt moved his hands around both penises, and found the perfect way to stimulate them without touching. It was a degree over jerking off, as if they had reached the point of no return but stayed there, enjoying an orgasm that didn’t come yet. Finally exhausted, both men embraced, their bodies rubbing against each other, and they released their orgasm, their cocks spurting hot cum in the water.

“Well, well, well…” said a female voice that all three knew. The three naked officers looked in the direction of the door, too ashamed to let more than their heads stick out of the water. Ms. Dreyfuss walked to the edge of the pool. “If it isn’t the three macho officers fooling around in our pool…” she said, rubbing it in. “I told you not to touch anything… You should have listened. This is not really water, you see. It is a new chemical compound, which enters the body through physical contact and has some interesting effects on the brains. Right now, you are drugged, and since you will not remember anything in a few hours, I might as well enjoy myself.”

“What do you mean?” asked Tony. He and the others were feeling groggy, but they still were conscious of the events.

“This pool is one of our many experiments on art acts controlling and orienting sexual desire. At the top intensities, sexual desire becomes sexless, which is why you were enjoying yourselves even though none of you is gay. I guess, anyway, judging from your attitude. It also lowers mental defenses, making all of you extremely sensitive to suggestion. For example, I can tell you the following: ‘Come out of this pool right now, and stand up. I am now your superior officer, and you must obey my orders…'”

In an instant, the three policemen perceived Julia as their boss, and hurried out of the pool to stand before her. Yet, they were still aware of their nakedness, and they tried to hide their genitals with their hands. Julia rather enjoyed having these three at her command. They were all handsome, and quite hung. These were men, not teenagers like the three mechanics she enjoyed a few hours ago.

“I have to make my inspection,” she said. She started with Matt, whose innocent eyes were pleading her not to abuse her authority over him. She rubbed the hair on his chest, then spread his hands open to get a closer look at his equipment. His cock was uncut, a full seven inches coming out of thick pubic hair. She grabbed it and looked Matt in the eyes, intimidating him. She then moved over to Tony, the tallest and most hung, and kissed him, rubbing his ass. Finally, she moved to Kenny, whom she manacled with cuffs taken out of her blouse. His hands securely behind his back, she was free to go down on him and use her tongue on his cock, until it grew hard and shiny with pre-cum. She moved back and said to Kenny: “I want those thick lips of yours locked around the tall one’s cock. As for you,” she said to Matt, “come here and…” She removed her skirt (she wasn’t wearing anything under) “… satisfy me.”

“Yes, sir,” said both men, almost in unison. Matt kneeled in front of her and used his tongue in ways she had never felt before, while she rinsed her eyes by watching Kenny, on his knees, his handcuffed hands just above his firm round ass, give head to a delighted Tony. After a while, she sat down on the floor, and asked Tony: “Fuck me!” She then turned to the others and commanded: “You two come to each side of me. I want to have my hands full.” Matt and Kenny placed themselves on each side of her, and she grabbed their cocks, jerking them off to the same beat as the one Tony used to fuck her. The beat increased exponentially, until the three of them reached orgasm simultaneously, Matt and Kenny creaming her face, while Tony filled her up with his manly fluid.

When the three policemen woke up, fully dressed in their uniforms, a few hundred yards from the compound, they remembered nothing of their experiences within. The only thing they knew was that they did not want to go back in again.

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