The Game Ch. 7

The Game: A Domination Prequel (by Mafisto)

Chapter 7
[Fantasy Casting: Paul Gross as Fraser, Brad Pitt as Brad, Jonathan Brandis as Jonathan, Scott Wolf as Scott]

“Oww, it hurts… It hurts but I like it… Continue…”

“But we are not guinea pigs, we’re account managers.”

“Well, now to the showers, my boys. The van will leave in an hour. Have a good weekend, and see you on Monday.”

The voices merged into a loud buzz, without losing their coherence. The small room was lighted only by the flickering glow of the twelve TV screens on the wall, in a 3 tall by 4 wide array. The room’s occupant was masturbating slowly, watching the screens intently. He checked Monitor 5: Brad and Fraser had just crashed in a corner, tired from their futile exploration. He pressed a button in the console in front of him, and checked Monitor 8. A wall closed behind Scott and Jonathan, separating them from Mark and Chris. Both pairs of teenagers banged on the wall, but they could not hear each other. The noise attracted Brad and Fraser, who walked towards Scott and Jonathan.

“Stop that,” said Fraser, as soon as they reached the desperate teens. “You’re wasting your time and energy. Are you trapped here like us?”

“What’s it look like, bozo?” asked Jonathan. “And what are you supposed to be? The Canadian police? Where the hell’s your horse? Get us out of here.”

“Shut up, you little asshole,” said Brad. “We’re stuck here too.”

“Yeah, Jon, shut up!” approved Scott. “It’s no time to play tough guy. These guys can help us get out of here… “

“As if,” said Jonathan, with a conceited smirk. “They’re probably some friends of Finley.”

He jumped towards the wall, striking it with both feet, and yelled: “Open that!” He then paced the area nervously, making sudden impatient jerks with his arms, blowing off steam.

“Don’t listen to him,” said Scott to Fraser. “We were brought here by a teacher of ours, and we don’t really know where he is now. I think he took advantage of us, you know… sexually.” He paused for a moment, then whispered: “I think Jonathan is not taking it too well. It was humiliating, and Jon is used to be the leader, always in control.” He was looking at the floor, visibly embarrassed. Jonathan had stopped his frantic moves, and was now staring at the wall, silent.

“I think it is this place that’s taking advantage of us,” offered Brad. “It happened to us too… we won’t get in the details. I feel like someone is playing a game with us.”

“That’s all very nice, but…” said Jonathan, turning to face the others. He instantly stopped, walked towards them, pushed Fraser away as he went past them. They turned around to look at where he was going. A door had appeared once again, this time leading into a small room where the walls were covered with controls, monitors and lights. Jonathan entered it, looking frenetically around.

“It looks like a lab, or a control room,” said Scott, as he entered with the other two.

“Don’t touch anything kids,” said Fraser. “It can be dangerous.”

“We’re not kids,” spouted Jonathan arrogantly. “We’ll do what we want to do.”

They wandered around, trying to understand the purpose of the knobs, buttons and dials. There was not a word written anywhere, not even pictures or icons that could give a clue as to what if anything in the room was for. Lights were flickering all over, and a loud electrical drone could be heard from everywhere. A section of the floor was covered with white plastic panels instead of concrete, like it was in the corridors and the other rooms. Jonathan wandered away from the others, and studied the controls attentively. He checked the others, and when he was certain they were not looking, he pressed a few buttons. Nothing happened. He checked again, then turned a large dial. Nothing happened, or so he thought until he heard Scott ask in panic: “What did you do? Turn it back.” Jon turned around and saw that Fraser and Brad, who were standing on the white-paneled section of the room, had frozen in place. The panels themselves glowed – they were translucent, and light came from under them. “Wait, I’m trying something here,” said Jonathan, trying to appear calm and in control, slowly turning a smaller dial next to the large one. Something was happening to the immobile men. An aura of greenish light surrounded them, or part of them. Jonathan stopped turning the dial midway, and the glow faded; but the appearance of the men had changed. Fraser’s uniform and boots were gone, and he stood in white boxers and T-shirt, and black socks; Brad had lost his jeans, T-shirt and sneakers, and he stood also in white boxers, but his torso was bare

“Wow, this is fun,” said Jonathan, excited.

“Jon, I mean it,” warned Scott. “Put them back like they were.”

“Scott,” argued Jon, “these two may be responsible for what happened to us. Don’t you want to get some revenge?”

“We don’t know that, Jon.” Scott’s tone was becoming firmer. “Turn it back.”

“All right,” said Jonathan. He turned the large dial back, dimming the floor panels. The two men moved, and looked confused. “Go check if they’re OK … “

Scott approached the semi-clad men, but as soon as his feet were on the panels, Jonathan turned the large dial back, freezing Scott with the others. Scott first layer of clothing also vanished in a green glow, leaving him with only a T-shirt and dark patterned boxers. Jonathan looked at his three victims in underwear. They looked so pathetic. Now, he was back in control, like it was meant to be. He noticed briefly that he had a hard-on, but focused on the many dials and buttons before wondering at the reason for his arousal. There was an array of small dials just below the ones he had played with, and he tried playing with these. The first one he turned brought a reaction in Brad –he moved his hand towards his crotch, and started feeling his genitals through his boxers. Jon tried a second dial, which made Scott’s cock grow hard and push against the fabric of his underwear. Another dial had Fraser kneel, then put his hands on the floor, waving his ass back and forth as if waiting to be fucked. To reduce these three men to mere puppets satisfied Jonathan’s ego, which had been so severely wounded a few hours ago. He wanted to humiliate them as he had been humiliated.

Studying the dials again, he concluded that each row controlled a different person, while each column had a different effect. He tried the fourth dial on Brad’s row, and watched Brad approach Scott, kneel before him, and start licking Scott’s boxers where the fabric was stretched by Scott’s erection. He turned it back, and tried the fifth one. Brad stood up, moved behind Fraser, kneeled, then started to lick Fraser’s boxers in the crack. He turned that dial a bit more, and Brad pulled down Fraser’s boxers, and inserted his finger in Fraser’s ass, untightening it. A bit more and Brad was pulling down his own boxers, placing his soft dick on Fraser’s ass. The second dial made Brad’s dick harden, and he gently inserted it in Fraser’s ass, pumping slowly.

Jonathan watched Brad fucking Fraser for a while, then turned the fourth dial on Fraser’s row. It resulted in him crawling towards Scott’s crotch–Brad crawling behind him not missing a beat–grabbing Scott’s boxers, pulling them down, and starting to suck on the rock-hard stick, as if it was a lollipop.

Suddenly, an idea popped in Jonathan’s head. He turned back the large dial on top almost to its original position. He watched his victims carefully as they regained consciousness, but stayed under the machine’s control.

“Hard to give commands when your mouth is full?” Jonathan shouted to Fraser. “You enjoy my good friend’s teenage cock, don’t you Mountie? It tastes great. And you,” he switched to Brad, “do you still think I’m a little asshole? Well, you seem to like assholes, don’t you?”

“What are you doing to us?” yelled Brad back. “Stop this nonsense! Let us go.” “Jon,” pleaded Scott. “I’m your friend, remember. Let me go.”

Fraser turned angry eyes at Jon, grumbled indecipherable obscenities, but continued sucking on Scott’s dick. Jonathan ignored them, curious of the other dials. He turned one on Scott’s row, which seemed to have no effect…

“Jon, let me go, please,” Scott repeated, “I… I want you to suck my hard dick, Mountie. Suck it real hard. Yeah, this is good. Stick it down your throat.”

Jonathan was startled, but he liked that dial. “So, you were saying?” he said to Brad.

“You little asshole, I’m gonna kill you when this is over,” raged Brad. Meanwhile, Jonathan was turning the same dial on his row. “I’m gonna make you… I’m gonna fuck you little asshole… I’m gonna fuck your asshole real hard, like I’m doing to this guy. Yeah, it’s gonna be great, so great.”

“That’s better, much better.” He turned the Undressing Dial, removing all trace of clothing on the three guys, and adjusted Fraser’s dick, which was still soft. He felt like an artist, tuning finer details of his work. The first dial on Fraser’s row made him start to stroke his dick wildly. It was then that he noticed a column of buttons at the end of the rows of dials. “I think I know what these do… If I’m right, we’re gonna have a masterpiece here!”

He placed one hand on the large Freeze Dial, and the other close to the top of the button column.

“That’s it, Mountie Man,” said Scott, “Suck on my young dick! I love it. Faster… Deeper….”

“Oooo, this is great, fucking that rough ass,” said Brad.

Jonathan suddenly pressed all three buttons, and watched Brad and Scott jerk out their dicks out of their respective holes, and explode in a steady jet of hot white cum all over Fraser’s face and back, while Fraser himself was spraying his belly with spurts of his own sperm. At that exact moment, Jon turned the large dial completely, freezing the scene, cum still in mid-air, in a very life-like erotic sculpture.

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