The Game Ch. 5

The Game: A Domination Prequel (by Mafisto)

Chapter 5
[Fantasy Casting: Michael J. Fox as Michael, Matthew Broderick as Matthew]

Michael paced the plain conference room nervously. Matthew and he had been waiting for over an hour for their clients to show, and they had no idea how long they would take to show up. Still, for business deal of that magnitude, one could wait a bit. Their commission on the deal would be close to half a million dollars each, not bad for about a week’s work. They had only spoken to their clients on the phone, and they sounded peculiar to say the least. Having never heard of “Tests Inc.”, Matthew did some background research on them –he could not find any information, except that they were legit, and that they were huge. It was not their client’s secrecy which was disturbing them as much as the way they had been brought to this room –a secret meeting in a park, during which they had been blindfolded and led inside a car. Neither of them knew how long the trip took, because they had both fallen asleep during, and they had woken up in this conference room. Not a very impressive beginning for a pitch, getting there asleep… Yet, they suspected their mysterious host had planned their slumber.

They heard a voice coming from speakers inside the ceiling. It reverberated through the almost empty room. “Greetings, gentlemen. Tests Inc. is interested in marketing a new line of products and services, and ‘Prowlan & Graham’, your company, provided this interview goes well, has been chosen to represent us. You have fifteen minutes to tell us about the advantages of using your agency. Be concise and to the point.”

“Could we have an idea of which field you operate in?” asked Matthew. “It would give some direction to our pitch.”

The voice answered immediately, with a trace of impatience in its otherwise cold tone: “At this stage, we only wish a general view of your company.” Michael scowled at Matthew. Not knowing the main business of their client made the pitch a lot harder. They used their fifteen minutes well, concentrating on the flexibility of the agency, on their wide range of clientele. They managed to keep all options open. But, in the end, they had no idea if they were right on target or totally off. Both were sweating in their business suits, waiting for feedback.

“Excellent,” said the voice after a few minutes, which brought instant smiles on their faces. “You passed the first test.” The smiles disappeared.

A woman entered the room, pushing a cart full of unlabeled bottles and electronic equipment. She was about forty, red-haired, and sour looking. Her pink lab coat had a nametag identifying her as “Georgia Winters, Lab Assistant”.

“Ms. Winters will now have you try on a few of our products, after which I will ask you some questions. The more precise you will be in describing our products, the more chances you will have to awarded our account.”

“Thank you, sir,” said Michael, sincerely. At last, they would know what they had to market. “I must say we are quite curious at this stage.”

He turned towards the stern assistant, scanning the contents of the cart. “So, Ms. Winters, what do we have to do?”

“Take off your shirts,” she said in an austere voice, “and put some of this body lotion.” She held out a green bottle in front of them. It startled them, and they looked at each other, confused.

“Go on,” she ordered, “we don’t have all day.”

“Well, all right,” said Matthew. Both slowly proceeded to remove their ties, which they laid neatly on the table. Next were the jackets, carefully wrapped on the back of conference chairs. The stressed situation had made them sweat, and they both had wet circles on their shirts’ underarms. They unbuttoned their shirts, and placed them, folded, on the table. Finally, they slid off their T-shirts, baring their smooth chests, and also placed them on the table. They both had light tans on swimmer’s builds. Grabbing the green bottle offered by Mrs. Winters, Michael put some lotion in his hands –it was milky green with a eerily spicy, musky smell –and gave the bottle to Matthew to do the same. They studied the smell attentively before they rubbed the lotion on their faces and chests.

Matthew was the first to dare express an opinion. “The odor, of hot spices and strong musk, is very masculine. It is soothing and comfortable.”

“I feel like a ton of bricks has been removed from my shoulders,” said Michael, sincerely. “I sense muscles I never knew I had, relaxing. This is great. I feel like it penetrates every pore of body, and massages inside the skin. That would be a great idea for an animation in a TV commercial!” he exclaimed.

“True,” approved Matthew. “I can see it, little green masseuses working their fingers on tensed muscles under a layer of skin… Good idea.”

“You have to put some on your legs too,” interrupted Ms. Winters, without a smile.

“I don’t really think it’s necessary,” countered Michael, uneasily. The thought of stripping before that woman, who looked like his fourth grade teacher, was making him shiver.

“You have to put some on your legs too,” repeated Ms. Winters, unmoved. The two managers looked at each other, but did not dare contradict her. Hell, for such a big account, they could fuck her for all they cared. They detached their belts, unzipped their pants and dropped them to the floor, after taking off their shoes and socks. When Matthew had stripped down to his purple boxers and Michael to his gray briefs, they rubbed more lotion on their legs and feet. They felt the cold stare of Mrs. Winters on their bodies, and it made them feel helpless.

“It tingles,” said Michael. “It really removes every sign of stress. And the smell,” he said, inhaling deeply from his hands, “is just so stimulating, so invigorating.”

“You’re right,” said Matthew, sniffing his body, “the smell really makes one feel sexy… alive. We’ll have no trouble selling that product.”

“No, not at all,” said Michael. “I think it has some aphrodisiac qualities too. I feel horny as hell…” he blurted out, then blushed when he looked at Mrs. Winters. “Sorry.”

“No apologies necessary,” she said icily. “Do not censor yourselves, we are all adults here. The lotion does contain a new chemical which stimulates libido.”

“Well, it works,” approved Michael. He turned his back at Matthew. “Eh, Matthew, could you do my back? I want the full treatment. I have some tense muscles in there.”

“No problem, as long as you do mine afterwards.”


Matthew massaged Michael’s back with the lotion, starting with the shoulders, and working his way down. When he reached Michael’s lower back, Michael repeated Mrs. Winters words: “We are all adults here? No censoring?” Mrs. Winters nodded. Michael routinely stepped out of his briefs, apparently not self-conscious at all to face her completely naked. Matthew gave him a good buttock massage, during which Michael gradually got a hard-on.

“My turn now,” said Matthew, taking off his boxers.

“This is a very exciting product. I feel hot and horny,” said Michael. He started Matthew’s back massage, but stopped periodically to jerk off for a few seconds. His cock was oozing pre-cum. When he finished Matthew’s ass, Michael continued rubbing lotion on Matthew’s balls and dick, stroking the latter until it was long and hard.

“My turn now,” whispered Michael to Matthew’s ear. Matthew grabbed Michael’s body, sat him on the conference table, making him lean his back on it. He rubbed some lotion on Michael’s genitalia, jerking him off.

Then, he swallowed his cock, sucking on it, all the while breathing the spicy smell of the lotion on Michael’s belly. Ms. Winters watched the scene with limited interest.

Matthew then started to lick Michael’s chest all over, working his way up to Michael’s mouth. He then leaned on Michael, rubbing the length of his body on his, while kissing Michael, invading Michael’s mouth with his tongue, his hands playing with Michael’s hair. They were now completely oblivious to Mrs. Winters, and had lost all self-control.

“Now, is that a way to behave?” she asked, with a parental tone. “Stand up and face me.”

The two managers stopped immediately and fumbled to their feet. They stood there, red with embarrassment, their erections pointing towards her. She circled them, and ordered: “Bend over, both of you, you will get what you deserve.” They obeyed her, not because they recognized her authority, but because they were so turned on that they enjoyed the role-playing. In a way, they sensed that their clients were watching the developments with interest. Slam! Her dry, rigid opened palm hit Matthew’s butt square. He yelled: “Oww… I apologize Mrs. Winters…” Slam! “…for our unforgivable public display…” Slam! She moved to Michael. Slam! “Yow!” the shorter one yelled in turn, “We will try to establish a company policy…” Slam! “…preventing managers from having sex in front of clients.” Slam! She stared at their darkened asses, which they were rubbing slowly.

Suddenly, the voice in the speakers could be heard: “Thank you for your presentation. We enjoyed it immensely. We still have some other products for you to test, so Mrs. Winters will accompany you to your quarters, where you will shower and wait for further instructions.”

“But we are not guinea pigs,” dared to protest Matthew, “we’re account managers.”

The voice from the speakers was clear. “If you want our account, you will obey our orders.”

Michael was picking up his gray briefs on the floor, when he felt a painful grip on his arm. “We will supply you with proper clothes. Leave your belongings here, they will be returned to you later.”

Mrs. Winters pushed the cart out of the room, and the two naked managers followed behind pathetically, into a long, white corridor.

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