The Game Ch. 4

The Game: A Domination Prequel (by Mafisto)

Chapter 4
[Fantasy Casting: Mario Lopez as Mario, Noah Wyle as Dr. Carter]

Brad and Mario explored corridor after corridor of their prison. They soon discovered that its walls moved, creating openings where there was none a minute before, or blocking their way back behind them. They did not find any doors, and could not go back to their previous cell, the path having been cut off by a new wall.

“Man, I’m starting to be a bit scared,” said Mario.

“What if there is no way out of here, and we starve to death?”

“Don’t start thinking like that, it’ll get you nowhere,” said Brad, focusing on the way ahead. “With these walls appearing and disappearing, we have to find the way out… Wait! Are you hearing voices?”

“Yeah, I think so,” said Mario, listening carefully. “Let’s hide behind this corner…” They quickly hid in the shadows and waited patiently. Soon, they could make out what the male voices were saying: “I’m sorry sir, but I believe we already went in that direction, and there was no exit.” “So what? Maybe there is one now. We’re running out of options.”

Brad and Mario nodded to each other, and turned the corner to face their fellow prisoners. One was dressed in a doctor’s garb, the other as a Canadian Mountie.

“Hi!” Brad said.

“Hello,” said Fraser. “Would you explain to us where we are, and how to get out of here? We’re completely lost.”

“I’m sorry,” answered Mario, “but we are lost too. We also have no idea where we are, only that this is the weirdest place ever. We’ve been wandering around during the last hour trying to find a door, but haven’t been lucky.”

“What about this one?” asked Carter, pointing behind Brad and Mario.

“What?” said Mario as both of them turned around. They saw a metal door where wasn’t one before, with a plate next to it. The four of them ran to it. Brad pressed the plate, and the metal panel slid up. Behind the door was a rather large room, with a dinner table and eight chairs. The table was set, and plates with warm, delicious-looking food covered its center. The rest of the room was blank, and there were no other doors. The four of them entered the room, and the door slid back shut behind them.

“I guess one of us should have stayed behind,” said Brad. They circled the table, looking at the food and the wine bottles.

“I don’t know about you,” said Mario, “but I’m hungry.” He sat down and started to fill his plate with the food.

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea,” said Fraser. “Although it looks O.K., we’ve just had a bad experience with some product we found here. Maybe it’s poisonous.”

“If they wanted to kill us, they’d have done it while we were asleep,” said Carter, sitting down. “This looks delicious.” He opened a bottle of white wine, and poured himself a drink. He tasted it. “Wow, this is excellent wine. Do you want some?” he asked Mario.

“Why not?” said Mario, presenting his glass to Carter so he could fill it. Meanwhile, Brad was studying the door. He pressed a plate next to it that was similar to the one on the outside, and the metal panel slid up again.

“We’re not stuck here,” he said. “I’m not hungry for anything that comes from here, so I’m going to explore a bit more.”

“I’m going with you,” said Fraser.

They went out, and the door closed behind them. Carter and Mario finished their dinner quietly.

“This was great,” finally said Carter. “But I’m full now. And sleepy,” he said, yawning.

“I’m tired too,” said Mario. “Let’s look around for some place to crash.” They checked around the room, and found a plate on one wall, similar to the one next to the door. Carter pressed it, and part of the wall disappeared, creating an opening on a room similar to the one each was in earlier.

“Good, I can use some sleep,” said Mario, approaching the bed. He stripped from his football gear down to his pants. Carter stood there, looking at him as he got on the bed.

“So?” Mario asked him. He was lying down over the covers. “Are you coming or what? I don’t mind if you sleep next to me, as long as you don’t touch me.”

“Oh!” said Carter. “Actually, I was worried about you doing that.” He moved to the other side of the bed, took off his clothes down to his pants, and lied next to Mario. Mario quickly went to sleep. But Carter was feeling a bit dizzy from the wine, and had trouble getting to sleep. He eyed Mario’s chest next to him, listened to his deep breathing. He slid a bit closer to him, smelled Mario’s sweat. He suddenly realized he had a hard-on.

“It must be that damned balm acting up again,” he rationalized. But he could not get his eyes away from Mario’s warm body next to him. He extended his hand towards Mario’s chest, touched it with the tips of his fingers, and then quickly took it back when he heard Mario grunt. “This can’t be possible,” he thought. “I can’t believe I’m doing that to a guy.” Mario, still sleeping, moved his hands to his hips and grabbed his football tights. He slid them down to his knees. He then turned around on his side, giving Carter a full view of his ass through his jockstrap. Carter stared at it gingerly, then moved a hand on it. It felt warm and soft. Carter took off his own pants, and moved even closer to Mario.

“Oh God, if he wakes up I’m gonna die of embarrassment,” he thought, just as he hugged Mario from behind, his arm around Mario’s chest, his hand playing with Mario’s nipples. Mario did not seem notice, and it encouraged Carter. He moved his hand down to Mario’s hot belly, then further down, and was shocked to find out that Mario’s dick was rock hard. He felt Mario’s erection in his jockstrap.

“Suck it!” Carter froze. Did he actually hear Mario whisper that? He moved away from him, and acted as if he had been sleeping. He heard Mario move next to him, and kept his eyes closed, his heart pounding in his chest. “Suck it!” he heard Mario whisper again. He dared open his eyes. Mario was on his back, his eyes closed. Yet, he had removed his tights and jockstrap, and was fully naked, his long erection pointing towards the ceiling, beckoning Carter.

“This is ridiculous!” thought Carter. “I’m not going to suck a guy’s cock. That’s disgusting…” But he moved his head closer to Mario, and rested it on Mario’s belly, his eyes on Mario’s erection his hand moving up and down Mario’s legs. He stared at the monster for a long while, felt Mario’s hand stroking his head. Then, without any more hesitation, he swallowed Mario’s cock whole, the sucked on it slowly. He took off his boxers, and started to masturbate. He had completely forgotten about his earlier doubt. For some reason, this felt like paradise, and he planned to enjoy it. Mario’s hand pushed his head at the right rhythm, and he whispered: “Good… this feels so good… hmm… suck on it…”

After a while, Carter stopped and looked at Mario, who was still asleep apparently. He turned him over on his belly, straddled him, and started massaging the muscled shoulders and back. He eventually reached Mario’s slightly hairy ass, which he squeezed and opened up. He spat on it, and lubricated it thoroughly, as if he had done that all his life. Mario lifted his ass up in response, and Carter heard him whisper: “Come on, fuck me! I want you inside me… I want your hard cock in me…” Carter awkwardly inserted his cock inside Mario’s ass.

Mario yelled: “Oww, it hurts… It hurts but I like it… Continue…” This felt so strange. Carter had always been so conservative in his sex with women. He never gave oral sex, and certainly not anal sex. And here he was, with his penis between a man’s butt cheeks, pumping away. It felt so good. He pumped for a while, then came all “over Mario’s back. He spread his hot cum, then put his boxers and pants back on. He put Mario’s jockstrap and tights back on, then moved him on his back again. He then went to sleep. A few hours later, they awoke when they heard the door to the dining room open…

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