The Game Ch. 2

The Game: A Domination Prequel (by Mafisto)

Chapter 2
[Fantasy Casting: Noah Wyle as Dr. Carter, Paul Gross as Fraser]

Carter suddenly sat as he woke up. His eyes were instantly open. He looked around, trying to find a clock somewhere, but could not. Instead, he saw someone lying next to him. He jumped out of the bed. There was a man dressed as a Mountie still sleeping on the bed. He checked himself: he was dressed in his doctor’s clothes, as he was when he went to bed in room 206 at the ER. But this wasn’t Room 206, although it looked like a hospital room, all white walls, a bed with white sheets, and a small alcove with a bathroom. The only thing missing was a door. He walked around the room to try to find a way out, but there did not seem to be any. He walked next to the Mountie and shook him to wake him up.

“What?” the Mountie said. He jumped up when he saw Carter. “Who are you? Where are we?”

“I was about to ask you the same thing.”

“Where is my gun?”

“I don’t know. Ouch!”

“What is it?” Carter looked at his arms: they were covered with purple rashes. “What are those? They hurt like hell!” he said. The Mountie looked at his arms – they were covered with the same rashes. “I’ve got them too. Ouch…. They seem to be all over my body. Oooh it hurts.”

“I thought this was a prank from my friends, but I don’t think they would go as far as making us sick.”

“Well, what are those rashes? You’re the doc, aren’t you? Doc Carter,” he said, reading Carter’s badge. “I’m Fraser, by the way.”

“Pleased to meet you. I have never seen this kind of rash before. I’ll look in the bathroom to see if there’s any ointment or anything.” Carter went in the bathroom. There was a large metal cabinet, in which he found all types of medicines. He took out one glass container, in which there seemed to be a balm of some sorts. He read the label: “For rashes of all kinds, apply to skin. Do not cover skin for at least half an hour after applying. Possible side effects: May cause…” The label was torn out at that point. He looked again in the cabinet to see if there was anything else, but it seemed to be the only balm or ointment.

“I’ve found something…” He grimaced as another pang of pain came from his legs. “I’ll try it on a small surface of my skin to see if it works.”

“I’ve looked around and there doesn’t seem to be any other door,” said Fraser. “How are we going to get out of here?”

“Let’s take care of the rashes first.” He opened the container: the balm looked like Vaseline with a yellow tint. It smelled a bit like fruits and spices. Carter applied a bit of it to one of the rashes on his arm. Fraser watched, squirming with pain. Within a minute of two, the rash was gone.

“It looks like it’s working,” Carter said. “I’ll start with you. Take off your uniform.” Fraser nodded. He removed his shirt and the white T-shirt underneath, revealing his well-defined torso, covered with the purple rashes. “O.K.” said Carter. He moved towards him and started to rub some balm all over Fraser’s upper body. Within a few minutes, all of the rashes vanished. “I feel much better,” said Fraser. He was about to put his T-shirt back on, when Carter said, “Don’t. You need to let the stuff dry for half an hour, otherwise the rashes may come back.”

“All right, now your turn.” Carter removed his doctor’s coat, his tie and white shirt. While Fraser applied the balm to Carter’s torso and back, watching the rashes disappear, Carter noticed that the Mountie’s breathing had become slower and deeper. “Now, we do our legs,” he said. They stripped down to their underwear. They both were wearing boxers, white for Carter, and black for Fraser. They sat next to each other of the side of the bed, and took their time applying the balm to their legs. Carter noticed that his breathing was also slower and deeper. In fact, he felt completely relaxed. He breathed in the smell of the balm, and it made him feel tingly.

“Now, the rest,” said Carter shyly. He got up and slid off his underwear, to apply the balm to his buttocks and genitals, and he had to stop midway: suddenly his legs were extremely sensitive –he felt each contact of his boxers on his legs. “What is it?” asked Fraser, as he was starting to take off his own boxers. Carter did not have to answer. He saw Fraser’s face as he threw his black boxers on the floor. “Woo… It actually feels good,” said Fraser. “Is it supposed to do that?”

“I guess…” answered Carter, very unscientifically. He finally took off his boxers, and started to rub his ass and pubic region. Fraser started to do the same thing, but suddenly looked uneasy. His face became red instantly, as if he was embarrassed. “What is it?” asked Carter. Then he saw. Fraser’s penis had instantly grown erect at the touch of the balm, and Carter’s cock was doing the same too. “I guess that’s the side effect,” he said, and laughed uneasily.

“I’m putting a bit more everywhere,” said Fraser, “to make sure it’s OK. Then, let’s find a way out of here.” He grabbed the container and started to apply another layer over his torso and legs. Carter said “Why not?” and he started to do the same. But as his hand touched his torso, he felt a wave of intense pleasure surging through his body. Fraser seemed to feel that way too. His hand were all over his body, and he looked dazed. As Carter continued to apply the second layer, he too became groggy with pleasure, and he let a moan or two escape. Fraser reached out to grab the container again, and he accidentally rubbed against Carter’s body. Both instantly shivered with delight. Carter, without thinking, put his arms around Fraser and pulled him over himself on the bed. He felt humiliated but the pleasure created by every inch of skin coming in contact with Fraser’s own was so great, he could not help himself. Fortunately, Fraser felt the same way. He rubbed his body against Carter’s, his hands massaging Carter’s shoulders. He suddenly grabbed Carter’s crotch, which caused Carter to shake and yell for five seconds, his fingers snatched around Fraser’s buttocks.

“I’m sorry,” said Fraser. But then he leaned over Carter and kissed his torso.

Carter said, “We must stop. This is addictive. Oh God! It feels so good. It’s just overpowering.”

Fraser suddenly grabbed Carter’s face and forcefully brought it towards his hard rock cock. “Please suck it! I’ll give you anything you want, but please … “

“I can’t,” said Carter. “We should not do this.”

“Suck my cock, I said, or I’ll hurt you,” Fraser shouted rudely. Carter swallowed Fraser’s penis uneasily. Fraser writhed and moaned, totally out of control. He came without warning and Carter’ mouth was instantly filled with hot sperm. “Turn around,” Fraser ordered Carter, who swallowed the semen. Carter rolled from under Fraser, who turned towards Carter’s white buttocks. Fraser spanked him, and it felt as if electricity was coursing through his body. “Again,” yelled Carter. Fraser obliged him. Then, he grabbed some balm, spread Carter’s buttocks wide open, and inserted his finger in Carter’s ass, carefully lubricating it.

“No,” begged Carter. “This has gone far enough. Think of who you are. You’re not yourself. It’s the balm. We’re not even gay.”

“I know,” said Fraser, suddenly himself again. “I apologize. I’ve never behaved that way before.” Both of them stopped, too ashamed to move further. But as Carter tried to get on all fours under Fraser, he bumped into him, and the contact made them lose their minds again. Fraser got behind Carter, and inserted his penis inside Carter’s ass. He then had to stop, biting his lip with the excitement while Carter moaned. Then Fraser started to pump Carter’s ass, while Carter jerked off like crazy. It lasted a few seconds, then both of them ejaculated, Carter’s sperm soiling the white sheets. Carter then jumped out of the bed, and ran to the shower. “I’m taking this stuff off,” he said as he shook his head. Then, shyly, “I’m sorry, sir.” He got in the shower, and did not close the door. The experience was pleasurable, but when he got out, avoiding Fraser’s gaze, the balm’s effects had worn off. Fraser did the same quietly, and returned to the room to get dressed silently.

They were too embarrassed to talk or look at each other for forty minutes. It was Carter who finally broke the silence when he saw a door to another room. He walked to it.

“That door wasn’t there before….” he said.

“I don’t think so either, but with what just happened, we might just be going crazy. Where are we, anyway?”

“Let’s find out,” said Carter, opening the door on a long white corridor.

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