The Game Ch. 1

The Game: A Domination Prequel (by Mafisto)

Chapter 1
[Fantasy Casting: Brad Pitt as Brad, Mario Lopez as Mario Lama]

Darkness. Brad felt the cold hard floor under him. Where was he? The last thing he remembered was walking home from the convenience store at 2 AM. Then, suddenly, a flash of light. Some time passed, impossible to know how long. Now, he was lying down in total darkness, groping about. He checked his clothing by touch. It seemed as though he was still wearing his T-shirt, jeans and sneakers. But his wallet, watch and grocery bag were gone. He got up, and tried to walk. After a few steps, he bumped into some large piece of furniture. He moved his hands upon it, and determined it was a bed. However, he felt something on the bed, wrapped in some kind of cloth. It was warm… It was a leg. Startled, he recoiled.

“Who is that? What do you want?” he heard.

“Turn on the lights.”

“I’m as lost as you are, man. I just woke up here too. Help me find a switch or something.”

“What’s going on? Is this a joke? Come on, guys. I’m tired. The game lasted too long. I want to go home.”

“I don’t know if this is a joke from your friends, but I’m certainly not part of it. Help me find a switch.”

“All right.”

They felt the walls until the stranger finally found a switch. It was a small white plastic square, touch-sensitive. The room came into view. It was totally bare, white, and cold. The only piece of furniture was the bed, a large white plastic box upon which a thick mattress was laid out, covered with white sheets. There seemed to be no doors, although a small cubicle next to the bed contained a shower, toilet and sink.

Brad’s companion was dressed in dirty football gear. He had curly black hair. “Where are we?” he asked.

“I have no idea. My name is Brad Perkins, I come from Redfield, Illinois.”

“I’m Mario Lama. I’m from around here, actually Boston, Mass. What was your business in Boston?”

“Hmm… Actually, last time I remember, I was still in Redfield. In fact, I was walking home.”

“Wow… One of us must have traveled hundreds of miles. This means we must have slept for hours. God! I had an exam the next day. I probably missed it already.”

“And I must be late for work. Better get out of here quick. Who would do such a thing?”

“You think we’re hostages or something?”

“I don’t know. What do you suggest we do?”

Mario sat down on the edge of the bed, thinking. He took off his running shoes and socks and placed them next to the bed. He started to massage his feet.

“Well…” he started to say. He stopped and looked at the wall behind Brad.

“What?” said Brad, turning around to see.

An opening no larger than a pea had appeared on the wall. They both ran towards it. Brad was the first to take a peek. A long white corridor was on the other side of the opening.

“How can we pry it open?” asked Mario. “Wait, I’ll take my shoulder pads off first, this feels a bit uncomfortable.”

He took off his shirt and shoulder pads, revealing a well-defined torso. Meanwhile, Brad was looking at the opening. It grew a bit larger –he could stick his little finger in it. “What happened?” asked Mario.

“I cannot tell for sure, but something made the hole grow bigger… I know! The hole first appeared when you took off your socks, and it enlarged when you took off your shirt…”

“That’s ridiculous! You mean…?”

“Let me try.” Brad took off his T-shirt. Instantly, the hole grew wider by a few millimeters.

“This weirds me out, but anything to get out of here,” said Mario. Both men started to take their pants off. Mario was now wearing only a jockstrap, while Brad, after taking his sneakers and socks off, threw his jeans on the floor and walked towards the opening, with only his white boxers on. The hole was now as big as a coconut. The men looked disappointed.

“You think if we go all the way, the hole will be big enough for us to get out?” asked Brad.

“Only one way to find out,” Mario said, sliding his jockstrap down his legs. Brad did the same with his boxers. He could not help but check out Mario’s long rod, a few inches longer than his own, which was already a little more than average length. Length is not that important, he thought. Mine is well proportioned. Mario was more interested by the hole, through which he could pass his head.

“No way we can pass through here.”

“Let me look,” said Brad, coming behind Mario. As he put his hand on Mario’s shoulder to take him out of the hole, the hole grew a bit wider.

“Take your hands off me,” said Mario, moving out of the way quickly.

“I feel real uneasy about this. It’s already bad enough that we’re two guys, strangers, who have to be naked together. Just don’t touch me.”

“All right. Don’t you think I’m uneasy about this too?”

“Eh, the hole grew again. When did that happen?”

“Actually … “

“What? Oh no. That is far enough, you’re not touching me. I’m taking a shower, and I want some privacy, understand?” He walked to his pile of clothing, and grabbed his jockstrap. He put it back o again. The hole became a bit smaller. Brad also put his boxers back.

“It’s not like I have this incredible desire to touch you either,” he said, rudely.

Mario went into the cubicle, and when the hole grew larger, Brad assumed he was now naked again. He heard the noise of the water and went to the bed. For some reason, the whole situation made him horny. He slid off his boxers, closed his eyes, and started to play with himself. A few strokes later, he was hard. He continued slowly, savoring the pleasure. He briefly opened his eyes, and saw that the hole was much larger now. He jumped out of bed, put on his boxers, and walked to the cubicle’s archway. There were no shower curtains, and he saw Mario, his eyes closed, carefully massaging a long erection full of soapsuds. He turned away and said: “Mario, come look. The hole has grown.” Mario quickly opened his eyes. He grabbed a towel and wrapped it around himself. They both ran to the hole, which had again shrunk a bit, but was still big enough for Brad to stick a shoulder out with his head.

“How come?” asked Mario.

“Maybe because of this,” said Brad, pointing to Mario’s erection, quite obvious under his towel. “And this,” he added quickly, pointing to the bump in his own boxers, as Mario was blushing.

“Well…” said Mario after a long silence. “I guess there is no way for us to get out of this weird place unless we … do it.”

“Uh uh… Listen, man, I don’t want to as much as you don’t want to. But we have to get out. I hate to play their game, but we have not got much choice.”

“I know. Let’s go gradually, so we don’t do more than we need to.” He let his towel fall to the floor, while Brad removed his boxers once again. Their erections were now half gone. They started to masturbate again, slowly, avoiding each other’s gaze. The hole grew slowly as their hard-ons returned to their full glories.

“OK, now, rub my shoulders,” said Mario, as he turned around. Brad complied. “Sorry,” he said, when his erection accidentally rubbed against Mario’s backside.

“It’s OK, I guess it’s hard to avoid.” Brad went on with Mario’s massage, while Mario was stroking himself so as not to lose his erection. It had an effect on the hole, which had never been as large. Mario then switched sides with Brad. After a few seconds of clumsily massaging Brad’s shoulders and sides, he moved his hand on Brad’s hard cock.

“Do you think if I do it to you, it will make the hole larger?”

“I don’t know, but it’s alright, man. I don’t mind.”

“I guess you can do mine too.”

They moved to the bed, sitting next to each other on its edge, then they uneasily clutched each other’s dicks, and started to jerk off, staring away at the hole. Soon, they noticed that the more they got into it, the larger the opening became, and so, encouraged by the feedback, they laid back on the bed and jerked off each other like crazy. Mario moaned and cupped his balls with his free hand; Brad pinched his nipples with his. They reached orgasm simultaneously, their semen flying to their bellies. It took them a second after that to remember the hole, but when they looked, they were pleased to see that it was wide open. Hurriedly, they jumped to their feet, grabbed their clothes on the floor, and climbed out of the room through the hole. “What next?” asked Mario, as they were both using their undies to wipe the sperm off their chests. Brad looked out. A long corridor stretched out in front of them.

“We explore,” he answered simply. They got dressed, and started to walk the length of the corridor.

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