Camera Ch. 1

Camera (by Mafisto)

Chapter 1
[Fantasy Casting: Keanu Reeves as Keanu, and Michael Easton as Duncan]

Jane Franklin hurried out of the classroom, her books properly embraced. She knew that Gloria and Pat were following her, but when she reached their usual parking spot she moved on, past the oblivious students flooding the corridor.

“Jane,” she heard Gloria shout behind her, “where are you going?”

Jane ignored her. It felt good. Jane liked Gloria and Pat a lot, they had always been loyal to her, and she had always been nice to them in return. But today, she was breaking the pattern. Today, Jane would be naughty. She had to.

Just before reaching the exit doors, she crossed Robert. He was calculatingly looking away from her, and it confirmed her decision. She rushed out of the school, and headed downtown.

Jane turned a corner on Orchard Street, and proceeded quickly down. She looked carefully at the building numbers. 535, 539, 541, 547. 547? Puzzled, she stopped and looked at the carefully folded note she was carrying.

Chang’s 543 Orchard Street

She looked up and away at the other side of the street, scanning the numbers. 538, 542, 544. Tears instantly began to form in her eyes. She hated herself for hoping. How could she not accept that Aunt Karen was confused when she wrote the note? Jane remembered when she had told Aunt Karen last night about the boys. She had the sparkle of lucidity in her eyes, or at least Jane thought she saw it at the time. Sparkles are easy to see when you’re hoping.

She walked back, routinely scanning the numbers. 547, 543, 541, 539, 535. Stop. She turned around and looked for the 543, hoping again. There it was, above a narrow door frame. It was obvious now, and she wondered how she could have missed it in the first place.

The narrow door frame gave onto a narrow corridor, which Jane followed through many turns and a few stairs. Finally, she saw a doorway without a door and entered the tiny boutique called “Chang’s”.

She carefully squeezed herself through crowded shelves. She indulged in scrutinizing the always vulgar items on display: a variety of leather and metal artifacts, many jars of which a few were actually labeled, statues portraying every obscene act or position imaginable. An ancient Chinese man was behind the counter, his skin paper thin. He was intently looking at her.

“I have what you want,” he suddenly said, making Jane back up a step in shock. How could he know what she wanted? She had not even spoken yet. He slowly crouched behind the counter, and reappeared long seconds later, holding a camera.

It was as large and unwieldy as it could, equipped with an accordion nose and spotted with rust. She took it, and found it even heavier than she expected.

“How much?” she asked.

“Forty-two dollars,” he answered.

Jane stared at him in bewilderment. It was the exact amount of money she had carried with her, all the money she had saved from baby-sitting at the Walton’s.

She silently took out the sum, and paid the man. In response to her expectations, he explained:

“It encourages people to make pretty pictures. The more pictures you take, the prettier people will get.”

She headed out of the store, pondering the cryptic instructions she had not dared to ask the old man to clarify. How could it be what she wanted? She wanted revenge. She wanted power over those who had humiliated her. How could she achieve that by taking “pretty pictures” of the boys?

She was still absorbed by that question a few hours later, as she was finishing the page layout of the school paper with Duncan and Keanu, her two assistants.

She had never thought that those two gorgeous “beach dudes” would one day become her most trusted helpers; but she quickly saw that behind the looks were the journalistic instincts. That made her lust for them even more. However, as a few attempts confirmed to her, they were not at all attracted to her nice plain girl image.

“Guys,” she said, “I bought a new camera. Well, not exactly new, more like an antique. Look.”

She took out the camera from her school bag, and held it up so that they could see.

“Wow! Cool!” exclaimed Duncan. “Does it work?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t tried it. Do you want to pose for me?” she asked half-jokingly, determined to test the dawn thing.

“Sure,” said Duncan. “Keanu, come here.”

They stood a few feet before her, smiling rigidly.

She pointed the camera at them, and clicked. She heard a clanking noise that worried her for a moment, but it seemed to work properly.

“Let’s take another,” proposed Keanu, putting his arm around Duncan. They took a more relaxed pose, and she took another picture.

“This is fun!” said Duncan. Jane looked at them carefully. They were acting a bit weird. They were too enthusiastic, as if they were a bit drunk. She was about to put the camera away, when she saw Duncan take his shirt off!

“Another one now,” he said. “Come on Keanu, don’t be shy. Show some skin!”

Jane could not believe what she saw. She observed them carefully as Keanu was unbuttoning his shirt. They were actually stripping for her. Not for her, she realized then. FOR THE CAMERA!

Keanu threw his shirt on the floor, and put his arm back around Duncan. They took a pose. Duncan had long dirty blond hair, which he let flow freely. He looked like one of the Baldwin brothers. Keanu had short black hair and a slightly built androgynous body.

Jane was shaking as she took a picture of those two shirtless hunks. She wondered how far this would go.

As she started to advance the film for the next picture, she saw both of them detaching their pants. She thought she was dreaming. They had both made very clear to her in the first few days she had known them that they had no social interests with her, much less any romantic interests. In her work with them, they had always been very pragmatic, avoiding any intimacy. And now this!

Both young men had removed their pants, shoes and socks now. Duncan had a pair of tight gray contour boxers, while Keanu was wearing looser black boxers. They were standing very close to each other, Keanu’s arm still around Duncan’s neck, but now Duncan’s hand was rubbing Keanu’s chest. They were looking at each other intently.

Jane hurried to take the picture, just to see what would happen next. This time, they did not remove any more clothing, but they turned towards each other. Their faces met in a warm, deep kiss.

Another picture, after which Jane felt her first orgasm. The hunks turned back towards the camera, and she saw the bulges in their respective underwear. Even in her fantasies, she had not imagined they were so well endowed. Duncan kneeled before Keanu, his hands locked on Keanu’s butt, his face rubbing against Keanu’s stretched boxers. Keanu’s eyes were closed, and his face expressed perfect delight. They stood in that position, expecting Jane’s picture.

Jane could not take it just yet. She had her finger rubbing her clit, as she stared at the two men under her camera’s spell. They were under her power, she realized. A few orgasms later, she managed to take the picture.

They came out of their frozen state instantly.

“I feel so hot,” said Duncan, as he stood up and removed his underwear, finally freeing his rock hard cock.

“I don’t know what’s happening to me,” said Keanu as he stroked himself through the fabric of his boxers, “but I sure love it. Duncan, I think I want to put your dick in my mouth. Is that OK?”

“Sure,” agreed Duncan. “I thought you’d never ask.”

Keanu kneeled before Duncan, and slowly inserted his long erection inside his mouth. Duncan put his hands around Keanu’s head, prompting him to swallow more. He started to moan as Keanu’s right hand fumbled with his balls, while his other hand was around his own package. They froze again in that position.

Jane could not wait any longer. She had to touch. She approached them and squeezed her breasts on Duncan’s body. They remained motionless, oblivious to her actions. She kneeled next to Keanu, and she touched their entire bodies, slowly, while masturbating. She moved her hand on Keanu’s cheek, feeling Duncan’s cock inside. She moved her hand inside Keanu’s boxers, feeling his erection. Her finger went to the tip of it, spreading his pre- cum. She placed a finger of each hand in each of their asses. She had never felt so powerful.

She went back to her desk, and took that picture, releasing them for a better one.

Keanu sucked Duncan for a while, then stood up and slid out of his boxers. They both faced her, and started to masturbate wildly. She hurriedly pointed the camera towards them again, and took a picture just as both exploded with cum.

After their orgasm, they looked a bit dazed. They dressed, absent- mindedly, as she carefully wiped all traces of cum from the room. They returned to their work, and acted as if nothing special has happened in the last quarter of an hour.

Jane had the answer to her question now though. And she knew exactly what she’d do for revenge on Robert’s gang.

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